The Switch Pt. 01

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Author’s Notes:

All characters in the story are 18 and older. This is a story about incest between a brother and a sister. If that’s not what you are here for, I suggest you not read any further.

I would also like to thank cbears52 for his help and 1moeannie for taking extra time out of her hectic schedule to provide valuable feedback and editing.

Happy reading!


Chapter 1

With each blink of the cursor, I found myself getting terribly frustrated. The thoughts of all our friends out partying while I sat unbearably sober in front of the computer screen only made matters worse. I was in my final year of college and was thrilled it would be over soon. My ability to retain the answers and spew them out the following day wasn’t a strong suit. I had to learn it, or I would forget it before I could make it to class. The whole week had been kicking my ass, and trying to write an essay at two in the morning wasn’t how I wanted to finish off my week.

It wasn’t all bad. I had a girlfriend whose sex drive was as high as mine, so getting her to have sex with me wasn’t hard. I had my twin sister Annie to thank for us getting together. Within three weeks of our freshman year, she somehow managed to fall for a guy who also had a twin sister. The chemistry was instant between us, just as it was for them, and we were both still going strong. It was bittersweet for me, I was used to having Annie all to myself, and in the beginning, I had a mixture of emotions. I felt like the friend that somehow ended up in the friend zone, and I was watching my girl being swept off her feet for some strange reason. But eventually, I got over it with the help of Dani, always wanting to fuck or suck me every chance she got.

My love life was basically non-existent before I came to college. Of course, I had a few different girlfriends and had my fair share of blowjobs from the high school sluts, but I only had managed to get two different girls to let me go all the way. My first was her first, and anyone who can relate knows that mixture is like oil and water. It did get a little bit better as time went on, but inexperience was our downfall. She ended up dumping me after the fifth or sixth time we had sex, and my self-esteem went with her.

It would take another year and a half, but I was able to get back into bed with another girl. In that time, I took to watching porn and trying to get an idea of what was expected of the guy, so I was about as ready as I was going to get. It was better, and I knew I still had much to learn, but she knew what she wanted and did most of the work. I definitely don’t miss those days.

“Lovebug, are you done yet? I’m getting horny and fast. I don’t know how much more I can take listening to our siblings fuck like crazy in the next room,” I read Dani’s text after seeing the screen flash a new message.

Renting a house off-campus was the way to go, and with four of us chipping in, it was cheap. But being just downstairs and your girlfriend texting you, she wants to fuck, had its own set of challenges.

Studying to be an electrical engineer was the main reason college was kicking my ass, and several times, I was going to change my major, but Dani and Annie both talked me out of it.

“I haven’t even typed the first word on the screen,” I sent the message with a sigh.

Dani had long grown used to my late nights stuck behind a computer screen studying my ass off. Not only her but Annie and Dylan as well. They would all stay in the nights I couldn’t go out to keep our, ‘Nobody left behind’, rule intact. It wasn’t always me keeping everyone from going out, but I was most likely the source if we didn’t show up for a big party.

“Do you want me to come and help?” I read her text over and over.

I wanted to do it on my own, but I knew when I was beaten. “Please,” I replied to her text and dropped my phone on the desk in defeat.

Dani’s legs came into view first, just as she stopped about halfway down the stairs. Her short satin baby doll robe just covered her most intimate parts. But, at this angle, her smooth pussy was on full display for my viewing pleasure. I leaned back in my chair to watch the show she was putting on for me. Her tiny fingers crawled their way down to the top of her slit, her ability to be such a slut for me had me adjusting my hard-on in my university-branded lounging shorts.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’mmm cumming,” everybody in the next building heard my sister’s orgasm.

“At least someone is getting off tonight,” Dani giggled, having stopped her sultry show and bounced down the stairs, letting her large B cup titties jiggle with each step down the stairs.

My first impression of Dani was one that gave me pause. She resembled my sister in many ways. She stood just over five feet tall with long wavy brown hair. I admired her ass daily and even more during our spring break trips to Cancun when she wore her, ‘Nobody knows me here thong.’ It was just some strings connected to a three-inch triangle of fabric. Her cute button nose, round face, and big brown eyes mirrored Annie’s. The only difference Magosa Escort between the two was their cup size. Annie proudly displayed her two cup sizes on Dani whenever possible. They were repeatedly mislabeled ‘the twins’ throughout our first year of college.

“Please, just take the paper, lovey,” Dani pouted, now sitting on my lap and combing my hair with her fingers.

I didn’t want to cheat and hated the guys that paid Dani to write their essays for them. The paper in question was one she wrote for a guy that was a regular of hers, and he didn’t have the three hundred dollars to pay her for it. Dani didn’t need the money; she came from an extremely well-off family and had never wanted for anything in her whole life. Her father was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, and if you’ve had a headache in your life, I’m sure you’ve used his product. I think she did it to feel normal, and it gave her something to do while I banged away on the keys downstairs.

“I don’t have the three hundred dollars to pay for it,” I muttered, trying to make light of the hatred I had for cheating.

In the last forty-two months, I had only resorted to using her once, and this would be number two.

“I’m sure we can work out a different payment arrangement,” she whispered in my ear, her lips just grazing my ear lobe.

“Ewww, I’m not that desperate,” I said in mock disgust.

“I’ll let you cuuuum in my little pussy,” she moaned between kisses on my ear lobe.

“Fine!” I replied in detestation.

Dani yearned for me to come in her; she had voiced her displeasure early on in our relationship after we stopped using condoms, and I pulled out and ejaculated on her stomach. She said it made her feel like a whore, and I would either trust the contraceptive or put the latex glove back on. There was only one option, in my opinion, and I never pulled out again, whether I was coming in her pussy or mouth.

Using my feet, I pushed back and let the desk chair wheels give me the room needed to stand up without hitting my long legs. At six foot one, our size difference was only a problem when we had our photo taken.

“Get a room, you perverts,” Annie said after popping Dani on her bare round cheeks and startling both of us.

After I stood, Dani rotated in my arms, from being cradled to wrapping her smooth legs around my shirtless torso. I could easily feel the heat radiating from her damp mound.

“Eeeek,” Dani squeaked, rubbing her assaulted exposed bottom.

Dani and Annie had become very close friends, and if they weren’t with us, they were together. Both Dylan and I teased them often of being secret lovers when we weren’t around. Even though it was just a tease, both girls loved being with other girls, and neither Dylan nor I complained when they brought another girl into the bed.

“I told you not to touch me there while Alex is around, dammit,” Dani ridiculed, Annie unwrapping her arms around my neck and putting her hands on her hips.

Quickly turning, scrunching her face, and sticking her tongue out, she shot Dani, the bird, before turning around and heading for the kitchen.

“I’ll remember that,” Dani called out, giggling. “Love, please take me upstairs and fuck me senseless,” her smile was contagious, and I did as I was told.

Making sure I had a good grip on Dani’s backside, I started to climb the stairs. With each step I took, I slid my middle finger deeper into her already wet sex. After finally making it up the stairs, I ran into the wall, the door frame, and the door from her barrage of aggressive kissing.

“There you go,” Annie’s words immediately caused my face to flush and go hot as the bedroom gave way on my back and I stumbled into the room. “Have fun, you two,” was the last thing I heard from her as she closed the door behind us.

Hearing noises and knowing someone is having sex never bothered me, but Annie seeing my finger inside of Dani’s pussy gave me a rush I wasn’t expecting. My shaft, engorged with blood, became harder than ever before. My cock wasn’t anything to brag about, but at seven inches long, it never let me down. I pushed the thoughts of Annie out of my head and slammed Dani down on the bed. I wasted no time pushing my elastic band shorts down and sliding into her tight confines. Dani let out an extra loud moan, it was payback for listening to them torture her while they fucked each other’s brains out.

“Oooooh, Alex, your fat cock feels so good in my tiny pussy,” her screams of satisfaction were surely heard by the same neighbors that listened to Annie just a short while ago, as the walls of her pussy ratcheted down around my cock.

I incessantly slammed hard into her, sending loud wet smacking sounds off the walls and hardwood floors in our room. She wanted me to fuck her senseless, and that’s what I was trying to do. Over and over, I continued my relentless pace without worrying about coming too early, knowing her needs were filled.

“I’m coming,” I growled above her.

“Spray your load all over my face,” Dani shocked me as she cried out the words.

Never Kıbrıs Escort one to back down from a challenge, I yanked my cock out, squeezed the base of my shaft to hold back the thick white contents in my balls, while I hurried toward her face. Waiting until the last possible second to stop from coming was painful, and the moment I released the first sticky rope of cum onto her face, an instant feeling of relief washed over me. After the second blast of cum shot over her head, I grabbed a handful of hair and cranked her neck so she could get her wish. Feverishly, I stroked my shaft and looked on in disbelief as Dani opened her mouth and forced her tongue out to its limits while I bathed her face with my load. Whore, wasn’t the word that came to mind, seeing my cum hanging from the curves of her face. Tastefully slutty, was the term that bounced around in my head as I gazed at her.

“Was saying that out loud, ok?” She whispered nervously.

“Fuck yes!” I smiled, releasing the firm grip I had on her knotted hair.

Honestly, I didn’t know if that was ok or not. Our antics usually only came out after a night of heavy drinking. I didn’t know the state of Dylan and Annie’s alcohol levels, but they rarely drank heavily at home, and a few glasses of wine had never made Annie so vocal in bed. Of course, we heard them a few times a week fucking, but rolling the TV volume up a few notches always did the trick of drowning them out. On the other hand, Dani was more conservative, and she only got out of hand after she was highly intoxicated or had planned a ‘lustful’ weekend, which was her way of saying she wanted another girl to join us.

Reaching over and grabbing a washcloth from the bedside table drawer, I handed it to Dani and headed toward the bathroom to get the shower started.

“Thanks for warming up the shower,” Dani smiled as she entered the bathroom.

“You’re welcome,” I turned to greet her as she walked in.

With only a tiny plugin night light, I could barely make out her face. But in the well-lit bathroom, I could see the total damage I had done. Her hair still had globs of cum in it, and both of her eyes were bloodshot. I felt terrible seeing her this way and wanted to apologize but thought better of it and continued to smile.

“What got into you tonight?” I asked playfully after she had washed the cum out of her hair.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she covered her face with the palms of her hands.

“Don’t be, and I thought it was hot. I was just curious what had you so turned on,” I said as I pulled her hands down, revealing her mischievous smile.

“Can I tell you without you getting freaked out?” she asked.

“Of course,” I said curiously at her sudden need to feel ashamed or embarrassed in front of me.

With a long sigh, she said, “When your sister smacked my ass, she….” Dani paused, shaking her head and taking in another deep breath. “She missed and tips if her fingers went into my pussy,” she stopped and looked for any kind of reassurance from me.

“Seriously?” I questioned, but it mainly was a statement.

“Which part are you referring to, her fingers in my pussy or me getting turned on by it?” Dani asked.

“I guess her fingers in your pussy,” I chuckled quietly.

“Oh, thank god,” she sighed in relief.

“I know you like women, and let’s face it, my sister is an attractive woman. The only thing I ask for is not to ask me to include her in our sex life. You have free rein to bring home any other woman,” I did my best to help her feel better about her sudden insecurity.

“Deal,” she smiled.

I smiled back and watched as she rinsed off and climbed out of the shower. The thoughts of Annie came rushing back into my head with Dani’s confession, and standing here alone in the shower with a raging hard-on, I knew I had a problem.

The following morning, I woke up feeling better about my Sunday and stressing over whether I would finish my essay on time. Dani was still sleeping, and it would take a bomb to wake her up on the weekends. How she was able to switch back and forth from a light sleeper to one that you would think she was dead if you didn’t know any better, was a total mystery. After washing my face, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed, I headed downstairs to grab a bowl of cereal.

“Spray your load all over my face,” Annie laughed after narrating Dani’s words from last night just as I walked into the kitchen.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” I smirked, doing my best to brush off the words moaning from my sister’s mouth.

“I think I’m going to use that line,” she said flatly, trying to get a reaction out of me.

“Quietly, please, I would rather not have that image in my head,” I asked, giving her what she was hoping for.

“Hell no! She started the war, not me, so she better get those pipes of hers ready,” she laughed ominously while she headed for the bottom of the stairs.

“No, your vocal performance got it going, that was before we ever even started,” I responded quickly.

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes Lefkoşa Escort and walked off.

The number of times I saw my sister in a thong at the beach or pool, while either on vacation or spring break, was countless. I had even seen her breast occasionally during a couple of drunken nights we all spent in a balcony hot tub in Cancun. None of those times stimulated me, but watching her plump ass shake in her tiny thong as she walked toward the stairs made my cock stir and harden instantly.

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for Annie or Dani to be walking around the house, in their skimpy undergarments, first thing in the morning. We were all close and had shared plenty of hotel rooms together over the years. Up until last night, it wasn’t a problem for me.

After a hearty smack to my own face, I adjusted my erect cock upwards in my shorts and proceeded to grab my bowl for my cereal.

“Did you not get enough last night?” Annie smirked.

In my stupor, I hadn’t realized that I had smacked myself and adjusted my dick before she was out of view.

“What are you talking about?” I muttered, keeping my back to her and hiding the bright crimson that was surely on my face.

I don’t know whether she felt sorry for me or was just as embarrassed as I was having caught me, and I denied it, but she didn’t push the issue and headed up the stairs.

Mortified was the term that best described the mood for the next twenty minutes. The entire bowl of cereal was soggy when I finally took the first bite. Wasting food was another thing high on my list that I loathed, besides cheating, but just as I did last night, I dumped the contents into the garbage disposal and accepted defeat.

Annie and I had come from an upper-middle-class working family. Our home was moderately sized in a well-known neighborhood, and we had all the latest gadgets, but our parents instilled in us the value of a dollar. Our father was a district manager for a large chain of craft stores, and our Mother was a Bank manager. Needless to say, Mom made sure all the finances were in order when it was time for us to spread our wings and head off to college.

The fact that my sister turned me on by just seeing her in her underwear bothered me for the remainder of the day. That and all the feelings I had when Annie first started dating Dylan came rushing back. I mainly stayed to myself and used the most trusted lie, that I didn’t feel well, in order to keep everyone away from me in fear of getting sick. It worked for the most part, and by dinner time, I felt better and was ready to move forward.

“You ok, dude?” Dylan asked, stretched out on the couch watching Sunday Night Football.

“I think so, this whole week has been kicking my ass. I think I just needed to catch up on sleep,” I said, flopping down on the love seat.

“Hey, love, do you feel better?” Dani asked, not hearing our conversation from in the kitchen.

“Much better,” I smiled.

Annie followed shortly after, letting us know dinner was almost finished. She refrained from looking my way, and it was apparent she was avoiding eye contact with me. Just as Dani sat down next to me, I hopped up.

“Need to take a leak,” I said after kissing her on the top of her head.

Not wanting this to get any more awkward than it already was, I bypassed the powder room and made my way straight for the kitchen, where Annie was.

“Sorry for acting strange earlier,” I said, walking up behind her.

“Don’t be, and it’s my fault for dressing that way in front of you,” she replied in a whisper, not turning to face me.

“It’s most certainly not your fault. Dani was messing with me, before I came down in her sleep, which is why I was up so early,” it was only a small lie as she was really doing it but in the middle of the night.

“Are you sure? I don’t want stuff to change between us,” she asked, turning and looking at me worriedly.

In an effort to reassure her, I pulled her tight into my chest and hugged her as any brother would do for their saddened little sister. Her arms followed suit and wrapped around my torso, ‘Wow, she smells lovely,’ I thought before answering, “Of course I’m sure.”

“Thanks, Alex, I needed that,” she leaned back, looking into my eyes, and smiled.

I watched as her smile faded, her arms slowly slid down the sides of my legs, as we drifted only a foot apart.

“What smells so good?” Dylan asked, walking into the kitchen.

Annie quickly pulled me into her. I was confused as to why she was doing what she was doing until my stiff cock smashed between us. Even though I was mortified, I was happy that she did it before Dylan could see my erect cock pointing straight out.

“Twin time,” Dylan smiled and left the room.

In my experience, twins have always had a different relationship with their twin than most other siblings do throughout life. It wasn’t uncommon for either of us to huddle up with our sibling to watch TV or spend an abundance of time together doing random things. At least that’s how it was for our duo. We had all talked endlessly about our youth and how each of us never wanted to be far from the other. Annie always loved to sit and watch me play in the little band I had. Even though she told me we sucked initially, she always hung around. Dani was the same and went and watched Dylan skateboard at a local park every chance she got.

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