Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 09

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“Happy Halloween,” Fatima Sayyid said cheerfully, as she stood in front of her lover, Raul James. The young Haitian man leaned back in his chair, and paused the television show he’d been watching. Luke Cage could wait, Raul had something much more fascinating to feast his eyes on. The spectacle of his beloved Fatima, attired as he’d never seen her before, for example…

“Well, dammit, babe, how about that?” Raul replied, and he grinned broadly as he looked Fatima up and down. Clad in a black leather jacket over a black tank top which showed plenty of cleavage, a black leather miniskirt and thigh-high black boots, her long dark hair flowing freely instead of hiding under her Hijab, Fatima looked smoking hot. Seriously, Raul’s jaw just about hit the floor, and Fatima winked at him, for this was the effect she was going for.

“Just thought I’d try something different,” Fatima said, smiling, and Raul grinned, and rose to his feet. Pulling his lady love into his arms, Raul gave Fatima a hug and a kiss. He couldn’t resist the urge to give her big round ass a firm slap, for it looked absolutely tempting in that black leather miniskirt. The Arabian Muslim MILF was getting hotter and hotter, and Raul couldn’t get enough of her…

“Well, it’s working, babe, you look gorgeous, I love it,” Raul said, and he took Fatima’s chin in his big hand, and gently stroked it. They kissed again, and then Raul went and got ready. They were going to the Halloween party organized by the Algonquin College Scholar Association. Raul James couldn’t decide between his two favorite superheroes, Blade the Vampire Hunter, and Luke Cage, the crime-fighter from Harlem, NYC. So he decided to go as Blade, since he grew up idolizing Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes.

“Hello handsome, I like this outfit,” Fatima said, and her heart skipped a beat as Raul James stepped out of the bedroom, clad in a black leather duster, tight-fitting black shirt with armor over it, black cargo pants, and black leather boots. There were gauntlets on his wrists, and a realistic-looking katana sword hung at his side. His warm brown eyes were hidden behind a pair of black sunglasses. The mardin escort tall, handsome brother looked sexy and dangerous, and Fatima wanted some of that…

“Glad you like it, babe, if anyone asks, I’m Blade and you’re Nyssa, the vampire chick from the second Blade movie,” Raul James said, as he gave Fatima a peck on the lips. Fatima smiled and playfully smacked Raul’s bum. The Haitian stud had one of the nicest asses that Fatima had ever seen on any man. Hand in hand, they headed outside, and after getting into Raul’s van, they drove out of the East End townhouse where they’d been living these past few months. They drove from Vanier to the Nepean sector, listening to Jay-Z’s White Album as they hit the highway.

“I hope we have fun,” Fatima Sayyid said, smiling at Raul James as they drove toward Nepean. Like the rather unseasonably warm and at times very rainy weather which had plagued the City of Ottawa from mid-September to October, their lives had been somewhat of a rollercoaster. Fatima and Raul loved each other, but they did not exist in a vacuum. Like everyone else, they’re affected by the world around them.

A few days ago, while shopping at the Loblaw’s Market located on McArthur avenue in Vanier, Ontario, Fatima came across a surly Arab man named Salim, an old pal of her late husband Salman Sayyid. The bozo approached Fatima, and voiced his unwanted objections to her relationship with Raul James, simply because of his skin color. Arab men have a serious problem with Black men having relationships with Arab women. Fatima, who was quite passionately in love with Raul, angrily slapped the shit out of Salim. Let the fool and others of his ilk beware…

Now, Fatima sat in the car, with Raul driving, and she felt incredibly nervous. They’d gone out together many times before. To restaurants, shopping malls, museums, concerts, and more. Now they were going to Algonquin College, Raul’s stomping grounds. Fatima would not admit it aloud, but she felt nervous. On a college campus full of gorgeous younger women of all hues, how would a woman her age even compete for the affections van escort of a young Black man as handsome as Raul James?

“This Halloween party is going to be off the hook,” Raul said reassuringly, and he glanced at Fatima with concern in his handsome face, as if sensing her mood. Fatima nodded at Raul and flashed him a fearless smile, even though she couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Fatima recalled the way some younger women, both black and white, looked at her as she walked around with Raul inside the Rideau Shopping Center the other day. Sometimes, she felt like the whole world was against them…

“I sure hope so,” Fatima replied, and Raul grinned, and then kept one hand on the wheel and then laid his other hand on her thigh. Fatima smiled at Raul and said nothing, leaning back in her chair. Raul slid his hand between Fatima’s thighs, and upon noticing that she wasn’t wearing any panties, Raul began fingering her pussy. Fatima sighed happily, loving what Raul was doing to her. The Haitian stud was absolutely shameless, and Fatima loved her man for it…

“You seem tense, Fatima, I’ll take care of that,” Raul James assured his beloved lady, without taking his eyes off the road. They came off the highway, and pulled past Iris Station, and then veered into Baseline Road. Within moments they pulled into the parking lot of the Algonquin College campus, close to a bunch of stores, including a pizza shop, and a McDonald’s restaurant. Once there, they sat in the car.

“Raul, what do you see in me?” Fatima demanded abruptly, as she laid her hand on Raul’s arm, stopping his pleasurable hand job, for lack of a better term. Raul paused, and looked thoughtfully at Fatima. The lovely Arab lady whom he cared so much about looked more worried than he’d ever seen her. This requires careful handling, Raul thought, and he pursed his lips before answering Fatima’s question.

“Fatima Sayyid, you’re an amazing woman, and I cherish every day that I spend with you, I don’t care if there are age, religion and cultural differences between us, I thank heaven for your ass, and I’m ankara escort lucky that you’re in my life,” Raul James said earnestly. There was an intensity in his soulful brown eyes as he said those words, one which gave Fatima pause. This young man loves me just the way I am, Fatima thought, elated.

“Right answer, handsome,” a smiling Fatima said as she took Raul’s face into her hands and kissed him passionately. Without a care in the world, the two of them began making love, right there in the Algonquin College parking lot. Fortunately, Fatima and Raul had plenty of space in his van, and they did the nasty, heedless of the fact that they might be found by campus security.

“I love this ass,” Raul said as he propped Fatima on all fours, face down and ass up, at the back of his van. Fatima grinned and spread her thick ass cheeks for her man. Raul playfully smacked Fatima’s ass, and then slid his tongue into her asshole while fingering her wet, hairy pussy. Fatima’s voluptuous body swayed this way and that as Raul pleasured her. The Haitian brother began eating her asshole like there was no tomorrow, and Fatima’s happy moans filled the van. All of her doubts and fears melted away as her man’s tongue filled her asshole…

“I love this dick,” Fatima said, a few moments later, as she sucked Raul’s dick. The Haitian stud leaned back in his chair, with his lady’s head in his lap. Fatima deep-throated Raul’s long, hard dick, and when he warned her that he was about to cum, she welcomed it. When Raul finally came, Fatima drained every last drop of his manly harvest, as she had taken to call his cum. Sighing happily, Raul winked at Fatima as she looked up and smiled at him. A few minutes later, they adjusted their clothes and exited the van, heading for the Algonquin College Student Center.

“Welcome to my little kingdom,” Raul said to a smiling Fatima, as they headed for the Halloween party. All around them, young men and women of all hues mingled, wearing elaborate costumes inspired by movies, television and pop culture. Everyone took notice of the happy couple’s arrival. A tall young Black man holding hands with a gorgeous, sexy older Arab woman. Fearlessly they went in, and Raul proudly introduced his lady Fatima to friends, classmates and casual acquaintances. Fatima felt elated. As the festivities got underway, the two of them hit the dance floor. Under the shiny lights, Raul and Fatima danced and kissed like it was nobody’s business.

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