Her Dom Ch. 01

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**This is just the beginning of a hopefully several-part story – please let me know what you think and if it needs more development and installments, lol!**

She tried to remember when she had first met Him. It seemed like He’d been forever in the background…sitting at the corner of the counter as she and her friends dominated the center, laughing and posing for the fans…standing against the wall at the gallery opening while she danced with the latest, newly-minted film or rock royalty, feeling His eyes upon her…sitting at the front row of the fashion shows, watching her and the other models twirling and strutting the catwalk. It just seemed like she’d been around Him forever…and He was so comfortable, so friendly, always willing to talk and, more importantly, to listen…she never even knew He was a Master, He seemed so laid-back and casual. When they partied at His house (and she’d got the shock of her life when she’d seen her art sculpture “VW Bus in Suburbia” in His front yard), she simply considered it coincidence that He managed to be at her side frequently, discussing topics that she found interesting with her and her companions. In fact, He was often better-informed and far more interesting than the people surrounding her, and she would often find herself hanging on His every word.

It was one night at a party very like any party that had gone on before that she found herself waking up to what was really going on. The theme of the party had been Leather (the hostess being of unfortunately unimaginative mind), and the ensuing discussion had been livelier than usual, as if to make up for the regrettable lack of originality in the theme. The talk had, of course, worked its way around to BDSM and two would-be doms were playing a game of one-upsmanship. She wandered away, feeling tense and bored, wondering why she felt so irritable, when a deep baritone voice spoke softly at her side.

“So…are you finding this so fascinating you must walk away or explode from excitement?” and she turned and looked up slightly to see Him, smiling a slightly mocking smile as He tilted His head back toward the rest of the party-goers. She smiled and turned toward Him…she enjoyed His verbal wit and realized that she’d been hoping He’d come over and enliven her rather dull evening. “How did You guess?” she responded, tossing her hair back flirtatiously and putting her hand on His arm; feeling wickedly bold kuşadası escort for some reason that night, she leaned into Him, letting her breasts brush up against Him and bending forward slightly so He’d get a fairly good look down the front of her dress.

He smiled back down at her, letting His eyes linger a little long at her neckline…then back up to her eyes, making her shiver slightly. Had she just imagined the look in His eyes? But something reckless in her kept pressing her on, and she flirted with Him, finding His charm irresistible. He kept her laughing with His pithy, incisive commentary on some of the other attendees, and she found herself getting even more daring, pressing her body into His as they danced to the music playing in the background, allowing His hands to roam freely over her body…then pulling away with a giggle and saying, “Oh no, can’t get too intimate in front of the others!” She even let Him feed her hors d’oeuvres and she fed Him some as well, enjoying licking His fingers and playing her fingers all around His mouth and tongue. She knew she was having an effect on Him…but what kind of effect, she didn’t know until after they’d played the “oh no, please, don’t, stop, don’t stop,” game for the eighth or ninth time that night.

Suddenly, she found herself being drawn into a darkened room, and His voice dropped to a growl. “So…all this time, and you want to play, do you?” He said in a tone more menacing than before. She shivered. What caused this turn-around? “What do you mean?” she asked, confused.

She could almost feel His eyes focusing on her in the dark. “Do you really think you can flirt and flirt with Me endlessly and not eventually have to pay the price?”

The room suddenly felt colder, and she felt vulnerable in a way she hadn’t felt in years. The genial, kind, interesting man that she’d only thought of as a friend – and, yes, a flirt-buddy – was now something new and dangerous. The really strange thing, though, was how her body was responding to the situation. She actually felt her nether lips getting wet and an ache spreading through her groin area. It frightened at the same time it excited her…but the fright gained the uppermost hand. She tried to push past him, twisting her arm to break His grip on it.

He chuckled and tightened His grip, having obviously anticipated her move. “Oh no, my dear,” He murmured in her ear, causing kuşadası escort bayan her to shiver, her breasts rubbing against His arm as she faced Him, her breath coming in ragged gasps. “You don’t get away that easily. No, it’s time you faced up to what you’ve been doing all this time…the dangerous game you’ve been playing.”

“Please,” she whispered, almost unable to speak for the fear she felt…or at least, it felt like fear; she wasn’t sure what exactly she was experiencing; all she knew was that her body was trembling so badly she thought it would shake apart. “Please, just let me go and I swear – I swear I won’t say anything to anyone!”

He laughed again and she felt her hopes plummet to the ground. It was not a kind laugh. He pulled her out of the room and down the hallway, avoiding the party-goers in the main room, out to His car, so quickly she simply trailed along like a puppy. By the time she had collected her scattered wits, He had shoved her into the passenger seat and shut the door. She tried to get the door open, but He was quicker, and was revving the car engine and pulling out before she could even get her hands around the door handle. “Please let me out!” she shrieked, realizing how precarious her situation was — no one knew where she was, and she had no idea where she was going. She didn’t even have her purse — her cell phone was in it – and so she had no way of getting help.

“Oh you’ll get out,” He taunted her, “but not until we get to our destination.” She stared at Him, mouth agape. Was He…was He seriously kidnapping her? At the look on her face, He chuckled again and reached over to caress her breast through the thin material of her dress. She jumped, and He grabbed her breast hard enough to make her cringe and beg for mercy. “Then…get over here closer to me – the next time you move away, it’ll go that much worse for you.” He let up on the pressure, and she moved back over to Him. His hand caressed her breast again, and she shivered and a moan escaped her lips before she could stop it. He continued to stroke her, pinching her nipple and keeping her in a state of constant arousal, until they arrived at a large modern house set in among the hills and canyons – isolated and fairly inaccessible. She realized that she also had no idea how they had got there…the playing around He had done with her breast had kept her from noticing any of their surroundings. escort kuşadası Her heart plummeted even further. She was well and truly caught.

He got out of the car and came around to her side, opening the door and pulling her out. For a fleeting instance, she thought of resisting, but then decided she’d rather be on her feet for what was about to happen. He pushed her back up against the car and looked down at her dress, a silky button-up-the-front dress – it buttoned all the way from the neckline to the hem. “I think this dress is too buttoned-up…,” He murmured as He began to unbutton her dress from the neck down.

She struggled, but His grip on her throat kept her quiet enough that He was able to get her dress unbuttoned down to the waist. He then unbuttoned the skirt part from the waist to the hem, so that when He was done, her dress was only held in front by one button – at the waist. He pulled the dress open and then stepped back slightly to look at her. “Delicious,” He whispered, then trailed His finger along the openings, making her shake – she had nothing on under her dress but panties, garter and stockings.

Beckoning her to follow Him – “after all, you have nowhere to run, do you?” – He walked up the front walk into the house; she had no option but to follow Him. The howls of the coyotes in the distance didn’t exactly convince her that defiance would be the best choice. She trailed after Him, wondering if she even dared say anything at this late date, if there was anything to say to convince Him to change His mind. He pulled her into the living room, to a fur rug in front of a huge fireplace, and pushed her down onto it. She decided, it was now or never. “M-Marc…,” she began tentatively, then more boldly, “You can’t mean to do this! It’s criminal – kidnapping is a federal offense! Please let me go and I promise – I won’t say anything!”

He looked at her, her clothing disarrayed, hair wild, her breasts all but completely exposed, the skirt pulled back so that her legs could be seen almost all the way to the juncture of her thighs, and shook His head. “Rhiannon – or should I say, Katt?” using her childhood nickname and eliciting a gasp from her – how had He known that? How had He found out her REAL name?? Her mind was even more in turmoil as He continued, “You know you wanted to come with Me…deep down inside…you’ve been asking Me to take you in hand for a while now – and I think now is the time to do it.”

She moaned as her pulse quickened. She had, in fact, been having disturbing dreams – her way of ‘speaking’ to herself – about Him, and things that even now she couldn’t admit to dreaming about. How did He know…? And what did all this mean?

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