He Never Stood a Chance

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A Cane Do Attitude

My legs ached with fatigue. I was bent at the waist over the back of a short chair with hands resting on the seat. My wrists and ankles were tied to the four legs of the chair. The ropes had enough slack to allow me to move my arms slightly, but enough to allow me to straighten my posture and find any relief from the ache developing in my back. The back of the chair over which I was bent, was unpadded and just high enough to discourage me from bending my knees. If I relaxed my legs at all and tried to rest my hips against the back of the chair it, it would dig painfully into my hips.

I had no way of knowing how long I had been standing there tied to that cursed chair but it had been long enough to put me in a considerable amount of discomfort. I was now going through a vicious and ineffective cycle of bending my knees slightly to rest my legs only to have the pain from the chair digging into my hips force me straighten my legs before I had rested them long enough to recover. Eventually the exhaustion and ache in my back would force me to rest against the back of the chair once more and the cycle started all over again.

The little bit of slack in the ropes on my wrists only allowed enough movement to give me a false hope that I might be able to find relief by switching the position of my hands on the seat. I went back and forth between resting my palms on the seat of the chair and using my fingers to prop myself up slightly. But it was no use. The slight change in position provided no real respite from my predicament and only resulted in my hands aching along with the rest of my body.

The constant cycle of slight movement that never resulted in any significant interlude from my discomfort was almost unbearable. So, it was with great relief that I listened to my Goddess and her girlfriend enter the small bedroom where Goddess had left me some time before. I only caught the end of their conversation, but it seemed like the sort of casual discussion one might have over dinner or watching a tv show. Something about plans for the weekend and a party at someone’s house.

I was facing away from the door and couldn’t watch them as they entered since that half of the room was a blind spot because of my position. The first one to enter my field of view was Goddess. She was wearing high heeled leather boots that stopped just below her knees and accentuated her slender and athletic calves. She also wore a short latex dress with a skirt that flared out slightly. I wasn’t used to seeing her in anything but her typical day to day clothes and the sight of her dressed like a fetishists wet dream dropped my jaw. In spite of my discomfort and exhaustion I felt my cock begin to swell in its chastity cage and quickly reach the end of its limited confines.

There was an evil yet playful smile on her face as she put her hands on her hips and looked me up and down. I was totally naked except for my small metal chastity cage and was starting to sweat from the exertion of constantly, and unsuccessfully trying to shift my position over the chair.

“Awe. Poor Mutt. Are you uncomfortable?”

Although I knew the question was likely rhetorical I knew it was proper etiquette to answer anyway.

“Yes Goddess. Very uncomfortable.”

She laughed and simply said, “Good.”

From behind me, Goddess’ girlfriend spoke up

“If you think this is bad, you’re in trouble because it’s about to get a whole lot worse.”

She stepped into my view and I finally got to see what she looked like. She was slightly shorter that Goddess was at about 5’5” but was much more muscular. She had broad shoulders and combined with her muscular build she was an intimidating figure especially considering my present position.

Goddess spoke. “Mutt. This is Master. I expect you to obey her in the same way you abbey me and treat her with the same level of reverence and respect that you show me. Consider any order from her a direct order from me. Understood?”

“Yes Goddess.”

Unlike Goddess, Master didn’t smile at me. I withered under her gaze and looked down and away, unable to keep eye contact. Then Goddess giggled and I looked up once more to see the two of them looking at each other for a moment. Goddess bit her lower lip and put her hands behind her back as she rocked back and forth slightly from the balls of her feet to her heels looking almost giddy. This brought a slight smile to Master’s face and she turned her attention back to me.

Master’s smile gave her dimples and combined with her alluring eyes and beautiful skin she was quite mesmerizing. If not for the evil smile kuşadası escort on her lips I could almost have smiled back. But something in her eyes gave me pause. She looked at me like a wolf eyeing her prey and felt my cock shrivel slightly with fear.

“He’s even more pitiful looking than I imagined.” Master said as I looked away once more.

“Yeah he is. But he’s been very loyal and eager to please. Almost makes up for how pathetic he is.” Goddess replied.

Goddess stepped forward and put her hand under my chin, gently lifting my face until I met her eyes. Considering how I was bent over it wasn’t easy to lift my head to meet her for very long. But I knew what a privilege even this little bit of contact with her was so I arched my back and strained to keep my head where her elegant fingers had guided it.

“I was thinking that I might let you out of chastity Mutt. Would you like that?’

This I had not expected. It had been month since my last release and I certainly hadn’t expected to be unlocked when Goddess had told me she was bringing her girlfriend with her to stay at my house for the weekend.

“Yes Goddess.” I replied. “I would love be let out of chastity Goddess. Please Goddess I’ll do anything!”

I knew how pathetic I must look. Awkwardly tied and bent over a chair. Sweat on my forehead and my cock straining against its metal prison. But the knowledge that I was only reinforcing my inferior status to these two powerful women by begging to be allowed to have an erection only made my cock swell even more and press painfully against the bars on my chastity cage.

“I thought you might Mutt. I think we should play a game. Make a bet. If you win, I will unlock you and let you jerk yourself silly for a whole week. No strings attached. If you lose…. Well. You’ll see. What do you think? Want to play a game with Master and me?”

Between my exhaustion, arousal, and discomfort I wasn’t really capable of thinking clearly. But it wasn’t as though I had any choice really. I was at their mercy and in the end Goddess and Master could anything they wanted whether I agreed or not. I figured I might as well play along, especially if there was even a slight chance I could earn a whole week out of chastity. I hadn’t had more than 15 minutes without my cage on for months and the prospect of a whole week of unsupervised masturbation was a prize worth almost anything I could think of.

“Yes Goddess. I would love to play a game with you and Master.”

“Good!” Goddess’ smile widened and she release my chin and took a few steps back so I could see her face without having to strain my neck upward so much.

“The game is this. Master and I are going to take turns whipping, caning and spanking your ass for the next 30 minutes or until you beg to stay in chastity and convince us that we should stop. If you can last the whole 30 minutes without begging for us to keep you in chastity then you win, and we will untie you and leave you to your weeklong jerk-a-thon. If you ask us to stop and beg to stay locked up, then we win, and you stay in chastity and get to spend the week serving us in person while we use your house and car to enjoy ourselves.”

As Goddess spoke, Master walked behind me where I couldn’t see her and returned with two heavy looking wooden hairbrushes. She handed them both to Goddess and then went to retrieve a cushioned chair that she placed a few feet in front of me. She also had a kitchen timer in her hands that she set for thirty minutes. The timer was set behind me somewhere so that they could see it, but I could not. Apparently I would not be allowed to know how much longer I had to endure to win the game.

“Would you like the go first dear or should I.” Master said as Goddess handed her one of the hairbrushes.

“Me first. Definitely!” Goddess said with glee.

With that she disappeared behind me and Master took a seat in the padded chair to enjoy the show. I heard a beep as the timer was started and a few seconds later the first blow from the hairbrush landed on my left cheek. I had been trying to prepare myself for the pain since I was first told what was about to happen. But it made no difference. The pain took my breath away. There was a moment’s pause like Goddess was trying to relish every moment of my agony, and then the blows started raining down with no break in between.

My face contorted with pain. At first my body went rigid, but after a few strikes I fell back into the cycle of trying to rest my hips on the back of the chair and then straightening back up as the pain became to great. After awhile the kuşadası escort bayan blows stopped and Goddess changed places with Master and took a seat on the chair in front of me as Master took up position behind me.

She didn’t speak but gave me a sadistic smile as I looked at her, pleading with my eyes for mercy or pity. I found neither in her face. I saw only delight in her expression as her muscular girlfriend took up position behind me and prepared to take her turn blistering my ass.

Master didn’t hesitate after the first blow. Her strikes came with increasing speed and ferocity after each blow. By the end of her turn she was landing several strikes a second and I was cursing and starting to cry. When Mater finished, I again looked up at Goddess hoping to see some small bit of sympathy in her expression. But to my despair, I found only glee.

As they changed places, Master handed Goddess a long thin cane. It was then that I realized that the wooden hairbrush was only a warmup tool. That with each round of punishment the implements used would get more sever. I hung my head in defeat. I knew that I wasn’t likely to last the whole half hour.

The hairbrushes were painful to be sure, but I had been confident that for a prize as grand as a whole week out of chastity I could endure the pain. The thought of spending hours a day with my hard cock in my hand stroking and repeatedly edging before exploding over and over again was enough to make me want to hold out and win the game. No matter how painful it would be.

But the sight of the cane sapped my hope and strength from me. How could I possibly last a full 30 minutes? How long had it been so far? 5 minutes? Definitely less than ten. And the worst was yet to come. I took a deep breath and tried to still my thoughts. I focused on the prize and the end of the tunnel. The pride I would feel at having won the bet. I did my best to disconnect my mind from my body. To build a wall between my mind and the physical word. Then the first blow from the cane landed.

I was pulled right back into the reality of my present situation. Unlike the first round, Goddess did not seem to take any time to savor the moment and it occurred to me that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to win the bet. Goddess did not like to lose. She also took great pleasure in keeping me sexually frustrated and in a state of extreme arousal for as long as possible. Goddess was a slender woman. She had athletic legs and an amazing body, but she did not have a lot of upper body strength. Even so, the blows from the cane were almost more than I could bare. As Goddess’ turn ended, I looked up long enough to take in the sight of Master’s muscular arms and deviant smile across her face and I knew I was doomed.

By the time Master had landed her fifth blow, I was screaming in pain and thrashing against y restraints, but to no avail. For the first time during the onslaught on my defenseless ass, Goddess spoke to me.

“You can end this at any point Mutt. All you have to do is say, ‘Goddess please keep me locked in chastity’ and it can all be over.”

For a moment I tried one last push to hold out. Surely the time must be almost up. If I could just somehow hold on I would be able to have mire orgasms in a single week than I would likely be permitted in the next decade. No eating my cum afterwards. No red light greenlight on my knees. No ruined orgasms. Just the pure heavenly and almost forgotten joy of stroking and cuming any way I wanted to. Then Master got serious.

Apparently Master had been holding back, but now she began putting her whole strength into each blow. The pain reached a whole new level I didn’t even know was possible. Surely my ass must be blistered and bleeding by now. My whole world was fire that centered around my exposed and helpless ass. I couldn’t think straight. All I could do was thrash around and strain against the ropes that held me in place. But the ropes were strong, the knots were tied with care and my efforts to escape were in vain.

As Master stopped her barrage and I was given a brief moment to rest and collect myself, I glanced up at Goddess sitting back in her comfortable chair with her legs and arms crossed. She was beaming with a wide smile on her face as she watched the tears stream down mine. As she got up to take her turn, Master handed her yet another implement to strike me with. I recognized it immediately and my spirit finally broke completely. It was a Scottish Tawse. Before she took up position behind me and while her and Mater stood shoulder to shoulder, Goddess leaned in close to me and spoke escort kuşadası in her most mocking and superior tone.

“By the way, we haven’t even passed the 15-minute mark.”

With that she laughed and took up position behind me. I knew I was beaten and this time I didn’t try to recover. This time I didn’t find one last bit of strength or defiance that would let me hold out just a little longer. Instead I yelled as loudly and clearly as I could before Goddess even started her turn.

“Goddess please keep me in chastity!”

Master and Goddess laughed together. I looked at Master’s face and I could tell she was sharing a knowing smile with Goddess. At that point I finally relaxed. Not physically because the bondage and chair still prevented it, but mentally I sighed with relief that it was over. I may have lost the bet but at least the pain had ended. Especially now that I had a moment to reflect, I knew I had made the right choice. There was no way I could have held out any longer especially against the leather tawse that was supposedly even worse than a cane from what I had read.

I expected Goddess to appear before me; to gloat about winning the bet and probably tease me about losing so easily and then untie me. Instead she remains behind me and spoke.

“Interesting. So. You want to stay in chastity after all?”

“Umm. Yes Goddess.” I said. Uncertainty creeping into my voice

“For how long Mutt?”

My mind was still swimming from the pain, but it was beginning to clear. Goddess was unforgiving and at times harsh, but she had always been fair. She was always honest and followed through with her promises. So why wasn’t this over? Why wasn’t she untying me and letting me kiss her feet and thank her for her mercy. I thought back to what she had said when explaining the game and then I realized, she hadn’t said that she would stop simply because I begged to stay in chastity. She had said that I needed to convince her and Master to stop. I had already lost the bet but if I wanted the pain to stop, I needed to convince her and Master to end it early. But how?

“For a month Goddess. Please keep me in chastity for another month.”

Again, Master and Goddess laughed.

“I was going to do that anyway Mutt. You’ll have to do better than that.”

Then I got my first taste of the tawse. It was worse than I had imagined. Maybe it was because of the fact that I was already beaten raw by the hairbrushes and canes, but the tawse was beyond painful. I struggled to maintain my grip on reality. I begged and pleaded for two months, then three and six. When that had no effect, I begged to stay locked for a full year. I’m not sure how Goddess even understood me between all the sobbing and blubbering but she finally stopped and walked in front of me.

“That’s more like it Mutt. Congratulations. You get to spend the next 12 months in chastity, and I won’t beat your ass anymore tonight. You have convinced me to take pity on you. How about you Master? Are you convinced?”

“Hell no!”

My head jerked up and I looked at Master in disbelief and horror. My face was soaked in tears and snot streamed down my face. I was quite sure I had never looked so terrified and pitiful in my whole life. But there was no trace of sympathy on master’s face. She simply took the tawse from Goddess and moved into position behind me.

“Last chance bitch! Tell me how long you’re willing to be locked for to convince me not to keep strapping you ass.”

At that point my survival instincts took hold. I was totally and completely broken and I knew what Master wanted to hear. I also understood with a clarity I had never know what my true place was. My cock didn’t belong to me anymore. It belonged to Master and Goddess. What I wanted was irrelevant and for the first time I truly believed that and embraced it.

“Please Master keep me locked forever.”

I spoke with my head down still sobbing softly.

“Please never let me out of my chastity cage again, never let me touch my cock again, and never let me cum again.”

“Good bitch! See I told he would come around before the time ran out.”

Mater gave me a couple of playful slaps on the ass as he spoke. Soft slaps that I knew meant she was happy with me and deep down a part of me swelled with pride.

“Take off your panties dear and put them in his mouth.”

Goddess obeyed immediately and I was treated to the taste of her worm panties in my mouth. At first I thought it was a reward for good behavior but the Master spoke again.

“There’s four minutes left on the clock and I still want my turn with the tawes. Hopefully those skimpy panties of yours will keep the neighbors from hearing this bitch scream.”

I looked at Goddess. Eyes wide, my mouth filled with her panties and once again pleaded with my eyes for mercy. But she only shrugged and sat down in the chair to enjoy the show.

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