The Nude World Pt. 02

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I never thought I’d make this story. Honestly, I said almost everything I wanted to say in the original. But as time went on, I realized that more can be done in this nude world I had created. Enjoy.

The characters in this story are all over 18 years old.

Monday. A day that Hannah hadn’t been anticipating. Since waking up in this nude world, Hannah had adjusted rather well. She didn’t care that everyone could see her naked body, walking around barefoot everywhere didn’t hurt nearly as bad as one might think, and no matter where she walked, her feet remained as clean and soft as if she had just taken a shower. Masturbating and fucking anywhere at any time felt incredibly liberating, orgasms felt ten times more intense than they used to, she felt like a kid in a toy shop whenever she entered a sex shop, and to top it all off, incest was a social norm. If ever she needed a good pounding she could always slip into her brother’s room, and Robert was always happy to comply. These past two days had been amazing!

As fun as everything was, all that she had done was done in the privacy of her own home or out in public surrounded by strangers. As soon as she awoke on that Monday morning, she knew what was next.


Walking around naked in a building full of people she knew and grew up with. Friends who know more about her than her own family. Teachers whom she admired. Girls who hated her guts. Guys who loved her body. Everything in between. It almost felt like this sexual nudist rollercoaster was about to come to an end.

The thought quickly got away from Hannah when she suddenly caught the smell of toast coming from downstairs. Breakfast.

Hannah stretched herself awake in her bed before throwing off the blanket. She made her way towards her bathroom to take a quick shower before eating. Soaking and washing her naked body, she began to imagine what school would even be like in this world. The teachers would be naked, masturbating in class would be totally acceptable, and Hannah couldn’t even begin to imagine what Sex Ed would be like!

By the time she finished her shower, applied her make-up, brushed her teeh, and put on her glasses, Hannah was ready to get the day started. Making her way out of her bedroom, she walked past Robert’s room. Porn played loudly inside as she passed. The thought of her brother ferociously beating his cock to porn made her chuckle slightly. Where Hannah was once shocked at the image of him doing such a thing, she now saw it as Robert being a typical boy.

Hannah hopped down the stairs and headed into the kitchen where her mother was sat at the counter, watching what looked like a daytime TV version of porn, slowly bouncing on a dildo that was stuck on her seat, and eating a bowl of cereal with two slices of toast next to her.

“Morning Han!” Christine said with a smile, gently moving her hips against the dildo.

“Morning mom.” Hannah replied, grabbing a glass and filling it with orange juice from the fridge.

“Well you’re up already. I wish that boy would stop pulling his cock for one moment and get ready.” Christine said in a somewhat irritated tone. “Come on Robert! You’ve got work!” She shouted towards the stairs.

“I’m coming!” Robert shouted from upstairs.

“We know you are, but she meant come downstairs!” Hannah yelled back with a chuckle.

Christine laughed at that too. Robert had a job at Gamer-Town in the same mall that Hannah and Christine visited just two days ago. While Robert worked, Hannah was finishing up her final year at high school, after that, who knows where she would end up. Most likely working in the same mall. It seemed that almost everyone she knew had a part-time job there. Maybe she could work at The Dungeon since her mother seemed friendly with the girl behind the counter.

Hannah grabbed herself a slice of toast, spread some butter on it, and joined Christine. Bending over and resting her elbows on the counter, she watched what was on TV. As far as porn goes, the one that Christine was watching seemed pretty tame; no music, average looking guy having sex with an average looking girl in some park, no close ups or different camera angles, just a wide-shot. Just two people having doggy style sex with the same camera angle all through-out. Typical boring daytime TV.

A few minutes had passed and Robert was still masturbating in his room. At this rate, everyone would be late, so Hannah decided to take matters into her own hands. Leaving the kitchen, Hannah headed upstairs towards her brother’s room. Opening the door, she saw Robert laying on his back, cock in hand, staring at the TV screen. He was watching hardcore lesbian porn and pulling on his dick like there was no tomorrow.

“Come on, we’re gonna be late!” Hannah exclaimed.

“Hang on, I want this orgasm to be a good on.” Robert replied.

Hannah looked at the screen and back at her brother. His cock wasn’t even fully hard. The head flopped around as he stroked up and down urfa escort his shaft as if it had a mind of it’s own.

Waiting for a few more seconds, Hannah finally decided that enough was enough.

“Fuck this.” She whispered to herself. “You want a good orgasm, I’ll give you a good orgasm.” Hannah told her brother.

Walking over to Robert, Hannah got on her knees, positioned herself between his legs, and taking his cock in her hand.

“Hey! I was-” Robert tried to protest.

Before he could say anymore, Hannah slipped his cock into her mouth. She had some work too do. It really wasn’t that hard.

Doing her best to get her brother’s cock as hard as possible, Hannah swirled her tongue around his head while using her hand to stroke up and down the shaft. Occasionally, she would pull it out and slap it against her pouted lips, breathing her hot breath on it, kissing it, licking up the underside of the shaft, and then engulfing it once more. In mere moments, Robert’s cock was as hard as it could get.

Due to the saliva Hannah had covered his cock in, it made it easier to swallow more and more of it, eventually getting almost to the base

Glancing to the clock on the wall, Hannah realized that she only had a few more minutes before they all had to leave the house. Pulling Robert’s cock out of her mouth again, Hannah stroked it as fast as her hands could move.

“Come on! Cum! Cum for meeeee! Cum in my mouth!” Hannah begged her brother to finish.

After a few more seconds of intense jerking, Robert’s head fell back and his cock began to pulse as spurts of cum exploded from the tip, covering Hannah’s face and landing in her open mouth. Spurt after spurt, Hannah was drenched.

Getting up to her feet, Hannah turned off the TV and looked at her exhausted brother.

“Now come on, you need to get to work and I need to get to school.” Hannah said, placing her hands on her hips as a drop of cum fell from her chin.

Slowly, Robert got himself up and stumbled behind her as the two went back downstairs.

Christine had popped off her dildo and everyone was ready to start their day. Christine worked as an accountant and her office was past the mall, so she was willing to give Robert a ride to work whenever they had to leave at the same time, whereas Hannah would have to get the bus to school most days. It wasn’t an issue for Hannah since the bus stop was just a short walk from the house.

“Oh guys don’t forget, my swimming lesson is tonight so I’ll be gone from around 6pm until around 8pm okay?” Christine told Robert and Hannah.

“Okay mom, let’s go.” Robert responded, making his way to the front door.

“Hope you have fun.” Hannah said, giving her mom a hug and a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek.

Christine grabbed her purse, Robert made sure his hair looked good, Hannah wiped the cum off herself and slipped her black and orange backpack on, and the trio set out together. Christine and Robert jumped in the car together as Hannah made her way towards the bus stop. She waved to the car as it passes her and carried on her way.

Hannah stepped out on to the sidewalk and began walking to the bus stop. The freeing feeling of walking down the street naked didn’t seem to go away. How could she have lived her entire life wearing clothes? Why didn’t she become a nudist in the other world? The feeling of the warm sun on her bare skin felt amazing!

It seemed that in this world, the liberating, sensual, and wonderful feeling of walking 100% naked out in the open would never go away.

Hannah reached the corner of the road which housed a pole with the words ‘Bus Stop’ at the top of it. It only took a minute or two for the yellow school bus to finally arrive. As the doors swung open, she was greeted by Mr. Helm, the bus driver, though everyone simply called him ‘Driver’, mainly due to the fact that he always wore an old 60’s taxi driver hat. He didn’t seem to mind. He was an elderly gentleman, one of the kindest in the area, around 60 or so, and never without a smile on his face.

“Morning Driver!” Hannah greeted him.

“Mornin’ Miss Jones!” Driver responded, tipping his hat as Hannah made her way inside the bus.

There were plenty of empty seats inside, so Hannah had no trouble finding a spot. The occupied spaces were full of other students. some of them having sex, others were masturbating, and the rest where sitting either on their own or chatting with friends sitting next to them. Hannah sat down next to a window on the second to last row from the back. Once she was seated, the bus took off.

On Hannah’s left, a few rows of seats down, Julie and her boyfriend Brad were fucking. Brad was sat in his seat while Julie was bouncing on his cock, her back to him. The two of them were by far the loudest people in the bus. In the seat in front of Hannah was Steven. He was one of the shy kids. Blonde hair, a little chubby, with a small group of friends. He was watching balıkesir escort Brad and Julie while gently stroking his cock. He tried to mimic Brad and move his body like he did, clearly trying to imagine Julie bouncing on his cock instead.

As the bus drove past houses and buildings, Hannah looked out the window at all of the naked people going about their day to day lives. Business people on phones, the tired eyes of retail workers going in to start another tiresome day, elderly people slowly walking around with their walking sticks. This wasn’t a sex obsessed world per se, it was a nude world. A world where nudity and sex wasn’t a taboo, and everyone could experience and enjoy it at any time.

The whole ride to school, Hannah gently played with her nipples and gently ran her soft hands over her breasts. With her nipples out and on display, it’s hard not to touch them every now and then. After 15 minutes, the bus finally arrived. Outside the window, Hannah could see countless naked teens arriving at the school. Some were being dropped off by their parents, others drove themselves, and the rest simply walked to school.

As Hannah got off the bus, she looked around at the campus. In the parking lot, she spotted a blue minivan with a familiar face nearby; it was her best friend Kim.

“Han!” Kim shouted while waving at Hannah, making her way towards her.

Kim was about a head shorter than Hannah, and was much curvier. She had deep, dark, wavy brown hair in a bob-like style. Her hair swept to the left of her round, bubbly face, and bounced with every step she took. She had rather boy-ish features and mouth that, thanks to her somewhat big teeth, was in a constant smile. Her body was rather full, mostly around her hips and thighs, and her breasts were gorgeous 36DD cup.

“Hey Kim!” Hannah replied smiling.

The two came together in a big, tight hug, initiated by Kim. Hannah could feel her best friends bare nipples pressing against her, and could smell her strawberry scented hair. The embrace lasted for roughly a minute, during which Kim ran her hands gently across Hannah’s back, letting her fingertips brush against her soft skin, and down to her backside.

Eventually, the hug was broken and the two made their way towards the school building.

“Have a good weekend?” Kim asked.

“Yeah it was pretty good actually. My mom and I went to the mall to do some shopping on Saturday. I had a three-way with some guys while I was there. Went to the cinema afterwards to see the new Karl Urban cop movie, and then I just spent all of Sunday masturbating and fucking Rob.” Hannah told Kim.

“Sounds like a good weekend!” Kim replied. “I went to the zoo with dad yesterday. We fucked in front of the lions, the monkeys, and even in that tunnel where the fish swim around you. Then I spent the rest of the night watching TV.”

“Did your dad fuck you good?” Hannah asked, eagerly awaiting the answer. It was somewhat awkward to ask Kim such a question, yet it also felt natural.

“Meh, same as usual. It’s not bad, though I do wish I had someone else to fuck from time to time.” Kim responded. She sounded a little sad in her answer. “I don’t know, being single sucks, but at least I have my daddy.” She finished her sentence with a small smile, trying to sound optimistic.

Hannah put her arm around Kim’s shoulder and squeezed her a little.

“Don’t worry Kim, I’m sure we wont be single forever. One day, we’re both going to find people to love and hold. We can go on double dates too! I’ll fuck your man, you fuck mine!” Hannah joked. Kim couldn’t help but laugh with Hannah at that.

The two girls talked about their erotica adventures as openly and nonchalantly as possible as they walked to their first class.

The inside of the school building was pretty much the same as the outside student wise. Groups of friend of varying sizes filled the halls and the chatter filled the air. Hannah and Kim walked side by side through it all, passing by the hoard of horny teenagers.

Hannah’s first class was Math, whereas Kim’s was Biology. The two parted ways as Hannah stepped inside the classroom. She took her seat, resting her bare bottom on the plastic chair as the rest of the class piled in. 18 other students arrived and filled the seats of the classroom before the teacher, Mr. Kens entered the room at 9am sharp.

Mr. Kens was an older, skinny man, no younger than 55, with big round glasses, a fuzzy white moustache, and a typical fuzzy monk-like hairstyle; bald on top with hair around the edges and back of his head. His passion for mathematics was un-matched as well as his gentle nature.

When everyone was in there seats, the lesson began. Hannah thought that in this world, lessons would be 100% sexual. With math, she imagined she would have to determine the angle of a semi erect penis, or the circumference of a woman’s breast, the trajectory of a spurt of cum, but no, Mr. Kens lesson trabzon escort was actually… normal. Nothing sexual about it. They were learning about Pi.

The only thing sexual in the room were the students. a handful of them casually masturbated and touched themselves through-out the lesson, while the rest, including Hannah, got on with their work. It was the longest hour of Hannah’s life in this new world so far. Apparently, being naked and watching people you’ve known for years pleasure themselves isn’t enough to make mathematics anymore interesting.

At 9:55am, the bell rang and everyone got up to leave and head to their next lesson. For Hannah, the next lesson was GYM. If that math lesson was anything to go by, this next class would be pretty standard too.

She couldn’t be more wrong.

Hannah and 15 other girls of all different shapes and sizes lined up outside the gymnasium awaiting their teacher. After about two minutes, Miss Lendan showed up with nothing but a whistle hanging around her neck. Miss Lendan, the school’s GYM teacher, was a 6’5″ stack of muscles. Her body was toned and defined. It was almost as if she were made of rocks, or chiseled marble. Much like Hannah’s mother, Miss Lendan had short blonde hair, though much lighter and neater. Her breasts were a C-cup, and her thighs were thick with muscle.

“Alright ladies, inside.” Miss Lendan ordered.

One by one, the girls walked into the large gymnasium. After entering, they all headed straight for the locker room to drop off their backpacks and things. Before they entered, Hannah quickly wondered what a locker room in this world would even look like. Students don’t have to change into their GYM clothes, or change back once their done. So why even have a locker room?

Hannah quickly discovered the answer as she walked in. The so called ‘locker room’ might as well be called the ‘shower room’. There were maybe five lockers, while the rest of the room was full of shower heads. It was like the whole room was one big shower.

All the girls dropped off their bags and headed back out into the main gymnasium, lining up side by side against each other, facing their teacher. Miss Lendan was standing in the middle off the room on top of a big, blue mat with her hands on her hips, ready to teach.

“Right then ladies!” Miss Lendadn called out to the group. “Today we’re going to be wrestling. Not only that, but we’re going to have a tournament! Two of you are going to wrestle on this mat here, and the first person to orgasms, loses. Understand?!”

“Yes ma’am!” The students replied.

Miss Lendan had a tendency to treat GYM like boot camp. Everyone must call her ‘ma’am’ and show her respect. Those are the only rules allowed during her lessons.

“Now, over the next few lessons, two girls will wrestle until one of them cums. Once the match is over, two more girls will do the same. We’ll have four matches today, and four matches next week. The losers this week will run laps around the gymnasium next week, while the winners will continue to wrestle. Understand?!”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Alright. Danvers! Collins! You’re up!” Miss Lendan called out before stepping off the mat.

Sarah Danvers and Bailey Collins stepped up to the mat.

Sarah was a petite girl standing at only 5 foot. Small, pale, with beautiful blonde flowing hair. She was the ‘girl next door’ type, in the way that she would keep to herself, she was shy, and she loved to read. Outside of the classrooms, it was rare to see her without a book in her hand. In the other world, Sarah would wear plaid skirts, smart shirts under plain sweaters, and smart and respectful dresses and skirts. But in this world, her petite frame was on display. Her cute and perfectly shaped A-cup breasts were out for everyone to see, as well as the cute pink nipples that sat atop them. Her beautiful pussy showed no labia, and was perfectly smooth. Overall, she was a 100% cutie, and was definitely going to lose this match.

Bailey was different. 5’9″, jet black hair, tanned skin, confident, popular. She was one of the girls that all the boys chased after. The type to go out on weekends, get drunk, and fuck any and every guy around. Her breasts were a C-cup and her pussy was far different from Sarah’s; Her labia stuck out like a messy ham sandwich and her clit was on full display.

The two girls got on the mat, faced each other, and both got ready to wrestle.

“Ready girl?!” Miss Lendan called out, “Three! Two! One! Go!” With that, Miss Lendan blew her whistle, and the match was on.

Immediately, Bailey launched towards Sarah, her arms outstretched. Sarah was so stunned by the sudden attack that she was helpless as Bailey grabbed one of her shoulders and her lower back and threw her on to her back. Without wasting a single moment, Bailey pressed her pussy against Sarah’s, twisting her own body so that they were in a scissoring position, and she began to grind her hips, rubbing their pussies together.

Sarah began to pant. In a futile effort to get Bailey off of her, she reached out and began to push, but it was to no avail. Bailey had one hand holding Sarah’s leg in the air, and the other began to rub one of her nipples. Stimulation. That was her game. Make Sarah feel as much pleasure all over her body, not just her vagina.

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