The New Teacher Comes To Play

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My wife Sally and I have been married now for twenty two years and I am still discovering new things about her. The true story that I am about to tell you is how my dear Sally first brought Lynda into our lives and what happened the first time that she visited our house. If you find lesbian sex and cream pies offensive then please do not waste your time by reading on.

We live in a medium sized village somewhere in the south of England. I am manager of the local bank, and for the last ten years Sally has been the headmistress of the small village junior school. The children that she teaches and most of the staff do not use her Christian name, but affectionately call her ‘Mrs ‘B’. We do not have any children as Sally has never felt the urge to have any. I think that she regards all of the youngsters in her care at the school as her own children. Sally for all of her forty four years looks great. She has dark brown hair which she wears in a short style cut into the nape of her neck. She has only put on a couple of pounds in weight since we married all those years ago, and her figure is still very shapely. She has breasts which according to the label in her bra are a size 36 B, which are tipped by deep mauve nipples which become very long and engorged when she is aroused. Sally does not believe in shaving her pubic hair but she does keep it tidy and in shape by neatly manicuring it with an electric trimmer. She has a marvellous pussy. I would call it a ‘meaty’ pussy as her love lips are thick and very long. When she is aroused her clitoris becomes very enlarged and pokes out a long way from its protective hood of skin. I could spend ages between her open legs licking her to orgasm.

We are happily married and despite the odd up and down like all couples get along well. We have lived in the village for over ten years now and because of our high profile jobs most of the local people know us. We have what I consider to be a good sex life, and generally make love with each other at least once a week, sometimes more. We have a nice house with large garden, good responsible jobs, and could not really want for anything else. I suppose most would call us solid English middle class.

Recently Sally took on a new teacher for the start of the new academic year as a replacement for a teacher that had recently retired after spending most of her working life at the school. Sally told me that she had not had a problem deciding which person to appoint from the three that she had interviewed for the job. She told me that she had appointed a young newly qualified teacher as she was full of new ideas and enthusiasm for the post. The young, just out of university, twenty four year old teacher was Lynda.

As the weeks of the new term progressed Sally talked more and more of Lynda. She told me about how well she was settling in, how good she was at her job and how all the children loved her. One night after we had made love and were lying in bed together Sally confessed to me that she quite fancied Lynda. She told me that she knew it was irrational as she was Lynda’s boss, as well as being old enough to be her mother but her feelings were becoming stronger as the weeks went on. I was mildly surprised at Sally’s confession. I knew that while Sally was at university some twenty five years ago, she had participated in a few drunken lesbian liasons with her room-mate Cathy, but since we had been married Sally had not mentioned any feelings towards other women.

About a week later we had made love again and Sally brought up the subject of Lynda. She explained to me that she was still developing really strong sexual feelings towards the younger girl. She told me that sometimes at school she lost concentration in what she was doing and day dreamed and fantasised about her. She did not know whether her feelings were reciprocated, although Sally did say that on the occasions that they were alone together in the staff room there did seem to be a tension between them, and that she definitely felt some sort of connection with her. Sally asked me how I felt about this situation and how I would feel in the unlikely event that something did happen between them. I thought about it but replied that it would not affect me as anything that made Sally happy would also make me happy. I also knew that Sally would not do anything without my knowledge behind my back as we shared everything together.

Halfway through the term the teachers and pupils get a short break. During this holiday from work Sally told me that Lynda would be driving over from the local town where she lived on the Wednesday afternoon to go over some teaching plans and child assessment sheets with her. Sally said that she hoped that I didn’t mind but to make it seem less like spending time working in the holiday’s she had invited Lynda to stay for the evening afterwards and have a drink with us when I got in from work, and also watch a video gaziantep escort if she wanted to.

On the Wednesday that Lynda was due to come over I left for work as usual. Sally said that she would pop out to the village shops in the morning and get some food and wine, and also rent a video. She said that Lynda was coming over just after lunchtime and they hopefully should be finished up with their paperwork about the same time that I was due home.

I drove home as usual and noticed an ancient pink mini car parked in the drive, which I presumed must be Lynda’s. As I entered our house it was apparent that the women were still in the downstairs study working so I went upstairs to our bedroom and changed out of my smart work suit into some more casual clothes. I returned back downstairs and found that Sally and Lynda had heard me come in and had stopped their paper work and were both sitting comfortably on the large settee in the lounge.

‘Hi darling,’ said Sally. ‘This is my new work colleague Lynda.’

‘Hi, I’ve heard an awful lot about you’ I replied in somewhat of a cliché! ‘I’m very pleased to meet you.’

Lynda appeared very relaxed and I’m not sure what I was expecting but she looked very young, but then I suppose at my age most twenty – four year old girls look young! She was wearing a faded ‘T’ shirt and a pair of tight fitting bleached jeans. It looked like she had a good figure although the ‘T’ shirt that was stretched over her breasts revealed that they were not as large as Sally’s. Lynda was also a natural redhead. Her hair was scooped back into a small ponytail and she also had an abundance of cute light brown freckles on her cheeks.

‘Will you go into the kitchen and open a bottle of wine for us.’ Sally asked me.

As I went to get it she shouted after me ‘bring the nibbles and snacks from the worktop as well.’

I did as Sally asked and brought some trays of food that she had prepared earlier that morning back into the living room, followed by some chilled chablis and three glasses. For the next half and hour or so we all enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and ate some food. Lynda was good company and quite witty. As we talked I found myself warming to her and could see why my wife was so attracted to her. Both girls were sitting next to each other on the settee and I was sitting in an armchair to the side of them. As we talked I could not help notice that Sally and Lynda held abnormally long periods of eye contact with each other. There was definitely some sort of connection going on between them.

‘Shall we watch the film now?’ Sally asked. Both Lynda and I nodded our heads in agreement. ‘I rented one this morning, it’s a romantic comedy.’ Sally and Lynda both grinned at each other as she said this.

I went and got another bottle of white wine from the fridge and topped all of our glasses up. I pulled the curtains and turned off the main room light just leaving the table lamp on. Finally I put on the film and settled back in my chair to watch it.

As the film progressed and the plot developed I was aware to my side that the girls were spending more time gazing at each other than actually watching the film. I tried to watch the film but spent more time glancing to my side watching the girls sitting next to each other on the settee eying each other up. Again I tried to concentrate on the film which seemed to revolve around a handsome young man trying to seduce a young girl who he fancied, however there were many twists in the plot which prevented him from actually getting her into his bedroom.

The film must have been about half way through when I glanced over towards the settee again and saw that my wife and Lynda were entwined together deeply kissing each other. I had missed the beginning of the kiss so was not aware whether it was Sally, or Lynda that had instigated it. The women appeared oblivious to me and their lips were locked together. They both had their eyes closed and were working their tongues into each others mouths. I watched closely as they kissed and found it very sensuous. Women kissing each other seem to be very passionate in a gentle kind of way. As I watched them I could feel my cock begin to stiffen.

I continued to watch as the women kissed. Sally opened her eyes and stared directly at me over the side of Lynda’s cheek. I smiled back at her which seemed to wordlessly offer my approval of the situation. I watched as Lynda began to move her hand over the front of my wife’s blouse and massage her breasts through the material. Sally closed her eyes again returning the long wet kiss and was clearly enjoying the sensations of having a woman’s hands gently touch her breasts through the thin material of her blouse.

Lynda broke from the kiss and I watched as she slowly undid the buttons down the front of my wife’s white blouse. When all konya escort the buttons were undone I heard her whisper ‘slip it off Mrs B.’ Sally followed the younger girl’s instruction and slipped the blouse from her shoulders. Lynda gazed into my wife’s eyes and I watched as she reached behind and unclipped the sensible firm white bra and pulled it free from Sally’s large breasts. It was abundantly clear to me who was in control of this situation. Lynda bent her head and sucked one of sally’s nipples into her mouth. As she did a small moan escaped from between my wife’s lips. Lynda lovingly caressed both of my wife’s nipples with her tongue, gently teasing them and sucking them into her mouth. As she did this Sally’s hands brushed the side of her face and gently stroked her red hair and casually pulled at her ponytail. As she sucked on them sally’s nipples became very engorged and deep purple in colour. After a couple of minutes of sucking they must have protruded from her breasts by at least three quarters of an inch.

After a while Lynda stopped worshipping sally’s breasts and pulled her own faded ‘T’ shirt off above her head. In doing this she revealed her own smaller pert breasts. Her own nipples were stiff though certainly not standing out as much as my wife’s. Lynda resumed kissing my wife and in doing so the naked flesh of their breasts rubbed together.

Watching the two women together was exciting for me. I enjoyed the exhilaration of watching my wife doing something which I had never seen her do before. Her obvious excitement at being physical with another woman was really turning me on. My cock was nearly fully erect and I could not resist undoing the buckle of my trousers letting them fall around my knees. Slipping my underpants down I wrapped my hand round my stiff cock and gently teased myself as I watched the women loving each other only feet away from me.

Lynda was now alternating between nibbling and biting sally’s neck and playing with her long hard nipples. Her head was thrown back as she let the younger girl stimulate her. Lynda licked and nuzzled her way downwards and lightly caressed sally’s tummy area. I watched as Lynda unclipped at the side the sensible black skirt that Sally was wearing and pulled it down to her knees revealing the white lace of her Marks and Spencer panties. Sally seemed to keep her knees together not allowing the younger girl to see between her legs. I guess Sally must have been hesitant to go so far that momentarily she seemed unsure what to do.

Lynda gently slipped herself from the settee and positioned herself on the floor between my wife’s legs. Quickly she eased the skirt that was around Sally’s knees all the way off and discarded it to the side. I watched as she put a hand on each of Sally’s knees and gently pushed her legs apart. I could see the shape of sally’s thick pussy lips as the thin lacy material stretched over her pubic region. Lynda ran her hand up the inside of Sally thighs stimulating the sensitive flesh with her nails.

Lynda seemed to sense Sally’s nervousness and quietly asked ‘Can I slip your panties down Mrs B?’

Sally did not really answer her, but the little moan that escaped from her lips answered Lynda’s question and gave her the encouragement that she needed. Lynda hooked her thumbs into both sides of the waistband of sally’s lacy panties and rolled them down her. Sally lifted her bottom up from the settee so that her panties could easily come all the way off. Lynda once again placed her hands on Sally’s knees and pushed her legs wider apart she then moved forward and looked directly at my wife’s meaty pussy.

Lynda looked up from between my wife’s legs and said to her ‘Your pussy looks really wet and juicy Mrs B’

Sally whispered back to her ‘you’ve turned me on so much I’m absolutely dripping down there.’

Lynda then manoeuvred Sally right to the edge of the settee moved forward and plunged her tongue deeply into her pussy. As she did so my wife let out a very long low moan. My cock was so hard it was aching and I moved sideways a little so that I could clearly watch what was going on. I placed my hand round my thick cock and started to wank myself as I watched Lynda gorge herself on my wife’s open and very wet pussy.

Sally placed her hands on the back of Lynda’s head and pulled her into closer contact with her hairy pussy. I could hear wet slurping sounds as Lynda lashed at her pussy with her tongue. I could smell Sally’s musky arousal heavy on the air and knew that the younger girl must have made her really wet. Sally was moving her head from side to side and was moaning softly as Lynda had obviously made contact with her clitoris.

After a while Lynda needed to come up for some air. As she did so she looked over to me and saw me stroking my hard cock. Her lips, mouth and chin were all shiny with the wetness from Sally’s kayseri escort leaking pussy juices. Sally looked over to me and saw my hardness; she then looked down at Lynda between her legs and said ‘do you want Alan to fuck you?’

‘Oh yes please,’ was the rapid reply from Lynda. ‘I’d love to feel his cock fill my pussy up.’

‘Slip the rest of your clothes off so that he can get to your pussy then,’ Sally told her.

We both watched as Lynda slipped her tight jeans down. She was wearing a small pink thong which she quickly rolled down her legs, which as she did so revealed the small ginger bush that was covering her young pussy. I also slipped my trousers and underpants completely off. As Lynda and I were getting totally undressed Sally threw the large cushions from the chair and settee onto the floor and lay down with her legs lewdly splayed open

‘Come here and finish me off then lover.’ Sally confidently said to Lynda.

Lynda once again positioned herself between my wife’s wide open legs on the floor and knelt down and started to lick at her pussy. As she did so her ass was high in the air in front of me and I could see the pinkness of her wet slit framed by her ginger curls of pubic hair. I traced my finger over her pussy lips and felt that they were slick with her wetness. I moved myself behind her and let my cock nudge its way along the deep crack of her ass to her wet pussy lips. Lynda moved back against me and my cock slipped effortlessly into her very wet young pussy.

‘I can feel your husbands cock pushing all the way inside me.’ She told Sally in between licking her pussy.

I moved into her and Lynda thrust herself rhythmically back onto my cock. She was so wet I moved very easily inside her tight young ginger pussy. All I could hear was our heavy breathing and my wife’s increasing moans as Lynda licked and sucked on her pussy. Lynda seemed to enjoy telling my wife what was going on and in between ramming her tongue deep inside her told her how big my cock was inside her and how I was filling her pussy up. My wife moaned and howled as she obviously had a large orgasm on Lynda’s tongue. At this point I also reached the point of no return and grunted as I pumped spurt after spurt of my sticky come deep inside Lynda’s tight wet pussy.

I pulled my softening cock out from Lynda’s pussy and she rolled over onto her side. Sally moved round and kissed her deeply. Lynda’s lips and mouth were glistening wet and were sticky with the juices my wife had dribbled onto her when she came. I knew that she was tasting herself as she kissed the younger woman.

After a while of kissing Sally pushed Lynda onto her back and bent over her and took each of her nipples into her mouth in turn. She sucked and nibbled each one. Sally then trailed her tongue down over Lynda’s flat stomach until it reached the top of her short ginger pubes. I sat back in the chair and watched the women stretched out on the floor in front of me. Lynda’s legs were open and I could clearly see her pussy. It was gaping open from the fucking that I had just given her and our combined juices were just starting to seep out from the bottom of her crack.

Sally moved in between Lynda’s open legs and pushed her knees upwards. This opened Lynda completely up and I watched as a trickle of my white sperm left her open hole and ran down towards the puckered little star of her ass. I wasn’t sure what Sally was going to do. She just gazed at Lynda’s open pussy seeming to savour the sights and smells of the young girl. Suddenly she moved forward and lapped with her tongue from Lynda’s ass hole up her gaping pussy opening towards her little clitoris. In doing so she scooped up a big wad of my sticky sperm into her mouth and swallowed it down. As my wife’s tongue made contact with her sensitive just fucked flesh Lynda let out a deep moan. Sally poked her tongue deeply inside of Lynda’s pussy and sucked up great globules of the sperm that I had only just deposited there. Sally lashed Lynda’s pussy with her tongue and I watched as the young girl massaged her own breasts and pinched her hard little nipples. I think Sally had sucked all of my sperm out from inside Lynda’s pussy as she now concentrated on her clit, massaging it with circular movements of her tongue. It did not take long before Lynda let out a long wail, which was bordering on a scream. She shuddered clamping her legs round Sally’s head as a large orgasm washed over her.

When Lynda had recovered we were all so weary that we went straight upstairs to our bed. Lynda fell asleep with us in out marital bed spooning herself next to my wife. In the morning we all had showers and after some breakfast and a talk about the events of the night before went back to bed again for another exploration of our bodies.

During the last few weeks Lynda has stopped over at our house on a couple more occasions. Our sex life has improved dramatically and we have all experimented with new things and become much kinkier. Sally has well and truly found the lesbian side to her personality and enjoyed being submissive to the more dominant Lynda. If I get some time between enjoying the two women in my life I may write again and share some of our recent times together……

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