I should have Kept My Mouth Shut

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This is a story that takes place years after the events of “Ramona Changed Me”.


Sometimes I have a big mouth and don’t know when to not say something. This got me into trouble.

I was 26, this was like 2005 and working at a job where I was assisting in the repair of plumbing damages. A vendor or someone goes into work on a home, they damage the sprinkler pipes or something, and we get called out to do the repairs. My lead was fired after I had been there for like six months or so, and I was left doing to repairs by myself.

Finally a guy is hired to be my lead. I was happy. Finally I was helping someone do the work instead of me doing all the work, plus I was going getting paid as a helper even though I was both lead and helper. At least what was expected of me was fitting my paycheck.

It was my lead and I driving around the area repairing damaged property. I was trying to open up as best I could. But sometimes with the wrong person, I just can’t find much to say. Eventually we hit up upon a topic and we talked as we drove from job site to job site. It was our third job site that morning, a quick repair and he asked if I thought the home owner at the house we were repairing was gay or straight. And I had to open my mouth. I said, without thinking, “Of the three of us, I think he’s gay, and this is coming from the guy who’s fuck shemales.”

I should not have said that.

Suddenly he had questions like what was it like, how did it happen. I really didn’t want to continue the conversation. I also realized that I was the youngest tech in the company, and now I was going to be known as that one who fucks shemales.

I should NOT have said that.

To make matters worse, I wasn’t working with a professional. I was working with a lead who had the mentality of a frat boy. I fucked up.

We that small job was finished and we were back in the truck I said “Okay, what I said back there, please keep it between the two of us.”


“Because I want to be know here for my work and not for my sexual exploits.”

He mersin escort said “Dude, you had sex with a fully passable tranny. That is awesome.”

“Yes, it was. However, that has to stay between the two of us. I don’t need that getting out.”

The day continued on, he asked a question here and there about it. He also said “Man, this is so hot. I never thought about ever fucking one, but damn, I can’t keep that out of my mind. Do you still have her number?”

I shook my head no. “We broke up and moved on.”

“Broke up? You had a relationship with her?”

“More friends with benefits?”

His eyes widened. “That is hot.” Then he said “So, you think she was having sex with other people while she was with you?”

“Isn’t that what a friend with benefit is? Free to fuck who ever you want while not getting upset that the other person is doing the same?”

“Even hotter.” He said, “My man…”

I said “Look, we are out of assignment said the boss hasn’t called us with anything else. If we head back now we’re going to be sent home early.”

“What do you normally do to pad out the time.”

“We don’t normally talk about it, but it’s known that we’ll duck into one of our homes for an hour, hour a half then arrive at the shop.”

“Sounds like a plan.” he said. “I’ve got some cold beers back at my place.”

We got to his place, a small one bedroom apartment. We talked as we walked to his kitchen where he grabbed a couple of beer bottles, popped the cap and handed me one. I turned to the living room expecting to watch television or play some video games. You know, the stuff we normally did while pretending to work or to be caught in traffic.

No, he went to his computer. He went to a porn site and did a search for tranny porn. “Man, this shit is hot.” he said, watching it.

There was no point in trying to avoid the topic now. I said “It was, I won’t lie.”

He searched and asked “Did you ever take it up the ass from one like he’s doing?”

I shook my head, “No.” kocaeli escort

He said, “I don’t believe you.”

Yes, I was lying, but honestly I think he would have said that even if I wasn’t.

He pulled up a chair and said, “Sit down, enjoy this.” and then he unzipped his pants and pulled out an impressively long and thick cock. I had to avoid looking at it. I had to exercise the will not to grab it.

He clicked the link and watched the movie. I mindlessly undid my pants and pulled out my cock.

He was really getting into it. Then suddenly, he paused the movie, got up, let his pants fall and took off his shoes and pants. He walked away. I asked “Where are you going?” he answered “I’ll be right back.”

I rubbed my dick, not jacking off, just rubbing it.

He returned with a satin night gown with spaghetti straps and completely naked. “Put this on.” he said, throwing it to me.

I looked at it. “Excuse me?”

“Do it and I won’t tell everyone tomorrow about this tranny stuff.”

I looked him in the eye, he gave me a look that told me he wasn’t kidding around.

I stood up and removed my clothes. I asked “Why do you have this?”

“Exgirlfriend left it behind.” he answered.

Once I was in it he looked at me, stroking his hard dick. “Nice.” He said.

The nightie didn’t even cover up my cock. She must have been a short woman.

He came up to me, “I think you need to be on your knees…BITCH.”

“Fuck.” I thought, “This can’t be happening.”

He looked down, noticed I was still stroking my dick. I am not turning back from this.

I lowered myself down, looked his dick head on. I stroked it. He took it and slapped it against my cheek. “Suck it.” he ordered.

I did as I was told. I ran my tongue over the head, licked it from the base up the shaft to the head and then I put it, little by little, into my mouth. Once in I wrapped my lips around it and bobbed my head.

He moaned.

I continued.

“You suck better than samsun escort some women I’ve been with.”

He noticed that I was still rubbing my dick as I gave him head.

He pulled out of my mouth and said “I need to get off.”

I said “Okay, want to cum on me?” as I stood up.

He shook his head. I was confused, then he spun me around and pressed me against the arm of the couch nearby.

“No.” I said.

He didn’t listen.

And I felt my ass open up, little by little, accepting the head of his dick, then more and more of the shaft. It was clear that this wasn’t his first time having anal sex.

It hurt at first, but soon it began to become enjoyable and I found myself thrusting back into him. I couldn’t hold back my moans as he went in and out of me. His hands were on my hips, he was moaning and panting as well. Between grunts he’s call me a good slut and how tight my ass was.

He didn’t last long and without warning I felt him explode inside my ass.

He rested for a moment, and then slid out of me. He then fell onto the floor, resting on his back.

I turned out, grabbed my hard dick and jerked it off, cumming on his chest and face.

We rested on the floor for a bit before we got back up and got dressed. We got into the work truck and drove back to the shop. We didn’t say anything as we drove back.

We got back around 4 pm, early start, so that put us at about 8 hours for the day. We were the first ones back. We parked and before we got out of the truck he said “See you tomorrow?”

“Yes.” I answered. I wasn’t sure if I was being asked as an employee, or as a date. I was kind of excited. “I’ll see you…right?”

“Yes.” he said, “Maybe we can have some more fun tomorrow.”

I said “Let’s not make that a regular thing.” but I know my facial expressions betrayed that.

We got into our cars and drove off.

The next morning I made my lunch, in a paper sack I hid a tube of lube and put it into my lunch bag. When I got out of the shower I put on a pair of panties under my boxers. I knew what he was going to want and I wanted it also.

I got to the shop and chit chatted with my other coworkers while drinking some coffee. The manager stepped out of his office and told me “You’re back to being alone. That son of a bitch called me last night and quit.” And then handed me my work order list for the day.

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