‘The Everleigh Twins ATF Ch. 03

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Naoma sat at the kitchen table listening to her new friend Marilyn Wollfer as her husband Jack did the morning dishes. The woman became invigorated at the idea she now had a voice in electing the town’s president.

Months away the debate would be a classic set up between the old and the not so old to see who’d become town-council president. It was the difference between worn out ideas and a new fresher perspective that Liz Garcia espoused.

On another level the political battle was between a not so subtle outdated patriarchal system the town always had versus a matriarch that had the slate made up entirely of women in charge ready to make a difference. It would involve disassembling the old boy network for a more inclusive outlook that brought up issues germane to women as well as the LGBTQ community.

If it hadn’t been for Naoma’s involvement it’s likely Marilyn may have stayed the same as she always was…a woman that deferred to her domineering husband demands.

It had been 2 months since Naoma showed her the video that captured Jack’s infidelity by getting a blow job from two women followed by shagging the one while the other fucked his mate Bill Smith.

“We’ll plan having the debate here Naoma and we can live stream it on the net.”

The woman had been taken under the wing of Naoma who was in the process of teaching her the art of how to become a dominant alpha female by unleashing her ‘inner-dominatrix’.

Marilyn went on speaking.

“The man has held office for far too long…the only women working for Bill Smith are secretaries…none are in a position of power…honey we’ll have coffee in the den.”

She turned to look at her husband the apron around his waist seemed out of place. Toweling off the dishes before stacking them Jack looked at the woman he had called his wife for 17 years.

“Yes dear.”

“First though come here I want to show Naoma.”

It was part of the plan Naoma laid out in the head of her new friend…obedience through emasculation.

Sheepishly standing in front of the two he watched Marilyn lift her finger pointing to his apron. Jack held the apron up while Marilyn unzipped his pants.

The day of the confrontation near a couple months earlier there had been lots of shouting and screaming as the threat of a financially devastating divorce for Jack hung in the air. Everything from his bad behavior to his unhealthy diet was put on the table for discussion.

In attempt to shield his money from taxes years before he had put Marilyn’s name as head of the corporation. Technically it meant she had final say as to who was the decision maker at the company.

Always being the doting housewife never challenging him she would simply sign any and all documents put in front of her before he mailed them off to the IRS.

Now it was coming back to haunt Jack as Marilyn no longer had to play the role of an uninformed and unintelligent married woman. The truth was freed from the shackles of his dominance she was quite well educated and had a high IQ that would show itself in the months ahead.

The one thing he didn’t want was to be divorced aware he’d likely be left with nothing.

Marilyn pulled his jeans down to his waist. Thinking it was a good start Naoma saw that except for his pubic region the hair between his upper thighs and lower stomach had been trimmed off. The plain white cotton panties bulged out slipping her fingers in Marilyn lowered them down.

“Here is the new chastity cage I mentioned…honey stop fidgeting…see how it has a self-locking mechanism Naoma…it has those points of intrigue you mentioned around the base so he’d be best off not to try and remove it.”

Jack felt like a piece of meat as the woman hefted his balls as though examining a fresh peach at the farmers market. Heading into his 3rd month under Marilyn’s control the thing was being locked in the chastity cage was having its desired effect.

Her husband was acquiring a level of submissiveness previously absent the longer he wore it. What had once been free now had the restriction of needing Marilyn’s approval before being removed.

Told to bring the fresh laundry to be folded to the den he listened as the two woman continued their conversation.

“He is a typical arrogant male politician…we’re half the population but don’t have half the representation…It’s too bad he doesn’t have a vagina Naoma…then Bill Smith would really know what it’s like for women…you know…if he had his own pussy he wouldn’t be so quick to vote on things that only benefited men.”

“Funny you should say that…these days it can be easily accomplished…they have made great strides in the medical community as to transitioning.”

“Well exactly how would one go about it?…I mean if you were his wife.”

It was the perfect set up for Naoma to lay out a path for Marilyn’s husband Jack.

“First off I’d put him on my birth control pills…one would want a thinner frame so I’d have him on a healthy diet and mingle them in with vitamins…get ısparta escort him used to the feel of estrogen …those things are loaded with plenty of that life force us women enjoy.”

Jack resting at the feet of Marilyn drew back slightly aghast on hearing it as he folded the laundry. Having been put on a diet with plenty of vitamins he couldn’t keep track of the thought occurred to him he just may already be on estrogen.

“Of course she would have to begin his education in the ways of a feminine grooming regimen…lots of lotions, moisturizers and coconut oil…to go with eflora crème he’d have to have laser hair removal treatments and get used to shaving his legs and underarms…to start off hair removal crème would work just fine.”

Jack didn’t like the way Marilyn was looking at him as she glanced down.

“Baby keep the powder-room hand towels separate…make sure you display them neatly arranged.”

Padding his head after she spoke she returned to listening as Naoma continued.

“Meeting with doctors…psychologists…checking blood work things like that…he could soon be put on a proper HRT protocol…estrogen often brings out a lovely submissive and docile personality so it’s best to have a woman guiding the process…”

Marilyn eyed her husband aware he was already on estrogen without him realizing it as Naoma spoke.

“… .as the months move along the breast growth starts to show itself…the ducts under the breast firm up…skin begins to expand in preparation for the milk that follows…if a male already has nice areolas and decent size nipples they too will grow larger and more feminine like.”

The last of the towels having been folded Jack was looking at a collection of bras and panties and camisoles that had been underneath.

“I would start his education in intimate wear…you know the different styles and kinds of bra and pantie sets…camisoles and slips…perhaps the odd corset or two…what women don’t enjoy being drenched in the femininity that comes with wearing lovely lingerie.”

Jack quickly dropped the pair of panties he was folding pretending he hadn’t heard Naoma. Marilyn smiled as she spotted it.

“Honey I shouldn’t have to tell you this by now…put each pair of panties with their correct bra…tuck the bra straps under the cups and keep them together.”

Jack nodded his head thinking he already had fairly large sized nipples and areolas for a man.

“The best way to increase his knowledge Marilyn would be to have her husband help prepare her lingerie and clothing and outfits for the day ahead.”

“Oh you mean like a handmaiden Naoma…serving her queen.”

“Yes I suppose so Marilyn…the sooner he gets used to the delicate fabrics and their purpose the better he’ll acclimate as his body makes the adjustment to a feminine shape and size…”

Naoma took a sip of her coffee.

“In the beginning I’d make a fun game of it…some lighthearted bondage…you know…padded handcuffs and a ball-gag…of course it goes without saying from the start a chastity cage like your subby-hubby already wears would be a necessity …I mean he’ll have to get used to the idea that having a cock is no longer a major concern…besides there are other ways of getting off sexually.”

“As his breasts develop he’ll discover how delightful it can be to have them played with and kissed and fondled…and how lovely they’ll look in a pretty bra…so many things to do…growing his hair out…educating him about makeup and hair styles putting outfits together…learning about manicures and pedicures…like you said a handmaiden’s tale.”

“The dance of female hormones…losing muscle strength in return for beauty…it excites many males once they try it…and often shows up in a changed personality…more docile…more compliant…willing to learn new things…often quite eager to obey.”

Resting on his hips on the carpet Bill Smith looked up at Mistress Janice. Sitting on the couch the woman was working her way through the latest episode of ‘Fleabag’. It looked like he wanted to ask a question yet she quietly shooshed him.

“Shhhh pet 36 once this is over we can talk…What a hoot…This Phoebe Waller-Bridge is so talented…can you believe she is going to shag the local priest…every episode is better than the last…but I can’t figure out why they won’t have a new season.”

2 months earlier the 5th morning in a row he woke up inside the puppy cage he hoped to see the selections of gay porn video on the laptop once more. It was becoming a daily habit he’d go to sleep viewing gay porn and wake to find a new selection programmed to start on the laptop.

The satin mittens preventing him from touching his caged penis with any benefit he discovered he could wiggle his butt to feel the delightful sensations of being plugged.

Bill hadn’t thought it possible yet he knew he had been ‘turned’.

Becoming smitten with the muscled-up man a head taller under Mistress Janice’s direction he found himself enjoying taking on the kastamonu escort role of a beta-boi.

On some level it was the basic animalistic principle that rules the law of the jungle. The alpha male dominates and forces the lesser males into line. 44-212 may have been the pet of his Mistress yet his physical prowess was such that pet-36 as she sometimes called Bill soon discovered he was no match physically to him.

If given the chance any women when told they could dominate a male and order him about would likely pick a chore she wanted completed. Janice was no different in that regard. Instead of spending the entire day one after the next locked to the wall of her dungeon kept naked Bill and p-44 painted the collection of rooms on the 2nd floor of her home.

In the mornings he was assigned to help Sassy with her housecleaning duties designed to break down his bias that cleaning a home was ‘women’s work’.

An element of ‘the Stockholm syndrome’ the ten days proved to be life changing. Bill had been tamed and broken and he knew it.

Regular spankings and paddlings, service work around the home, obedience training led to devotion to his new Mistress. It all combined with the desire to experience the joy that gay male sex can be the longer he was there.

A few days to go in his stay as Mistress Janice supervised the two in their evening shower. Bill fell to his knees ready to suck on a cock for the first time in his life. ‘P-36’ turned his eyes towards his mistress waiting for her approval.

“You’ve made a nice beginning yet much education lies ahead…first oil your body up…spread it all over…then get him hard and keep him hard yet don’t have him release in your mouth…is that clear my pet?”

Nodding his head before spoke he replied

“Yes Ma’am.”

Mistress and pet-44 the two watched him slather the body oil on.

“Fair warning…Once you taste a nice cock like P-44’s you’ll never be the same. By the way you’ll not be totally gay…since you’re married we’ll have you become ‘Bi’…don’t worry about your wife I have an idea that she may find amenable…go ahead you have my permission…suck on that cock beta-boi.”

Bill slipped the semi-flaccid cock in his mouth as the large man looked down at him. His hands on his hips legs spread 44-212 with his muscled physique was the epitome of masculinity.

It felt unusual yet exciting to feel his mouth make the man’s cock expand in size and length. As the piece firmed up Bill found himself naturally bobbing back and forth on it. He felt the urge to lay his hands on the muscled butt cheeks.

Something inside made him look up as if searching for approval from the alpha male. The large hand slipped into Bill’s hair holding his head in place. His staying power impressive p-44 slid his dick in and out of the mouth knowing he’d soon take Bill’s anal virginity.

Bill’s hand held the shaft pointing it straight up as he licked. His tongue slathered the wetness along the stiffness pouting his lips he ran them up and down before he dipped lower and sucked on the balls rolling them around in his mouth. He could feel his own dick pressing against the length of the chastity cage.

Suddenly he stopped just wanting to feel his body against the man’s even though he was still kneeling. He wrapped his arms around his legs and butt as the heat emanating from the cock could be felt on his cheek pressing against it.

That was when Janice really knew he had been made one of the converted.

A glance by her at 44-212 saw the large beefy male lift Bill up into his arms as he carried him off. He felt so small and innocent being held in the grasp. The feeling of dependency made him think he hadn’t felt like that since he was a child.

Some how he felt a connection to his wife Regina as he stood on all fours waiting to receive a cock. How many times had she looked the same? In the short time Bill had grown accustomed to having a hairless body slick with oil he arched his back in anticipation.

Janice chuckled on hearing the slight ‘pop’ as the butt plug was removed. His entryway puckering into a gape of a hole his eyes widened on feeling the meaty 7″ piece slide in.

Cementing the feeling of being a submissive he looked down to see his penis sliding back and forth locked and caged in the metal chastity piece. It turned him on even more to know he was having sex with another man and his own dick wasn’t even a consideration.

In her element Janice bent down to whisper.

“Think how many times you did this to Regina your wife…and now here you are being fucked like a woman by a man with a large cock…yes you are indeed going to make for a lovely submissive gay boi.”

Her hand ran along his slick body.

“You’ll be dieting…month after month you’ll be losing weight until you are down to a nice thin size more commonly seen on a ‘twink’…just as a reminder let’s not forget I still have that video…yet I’d prefer you stay out of jail and learn to be of help to your woman and females kayseri escort as a whole…you can expect your politics to change to a more feminist and lgbtq agenda.”

Her hand slapped his fanny a few times before she looked at 44-212.

“Make it a good one pet…one he’ll always remember.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

P-44 let his natural instincts take over. A fresh dollop of lube put to his prick his hands grasp the sides of Bill’s hips putting almost all the cock inside the man’s anal tract. Running it in and out he could feel his penis pulsating from feeling the moist friction.

Any way you look at it a fucking brings with it a power dynamic. The penetrator often feels the sense of being in control while the receiver takes on a more benign role as the welcoming receptor.

Bill could feel the shift expand within him. His anal canal was bringing pleasure to both 44-212 and himself as the new nerve ending became awakened. Often found in submissive women a certain gentleness overcame Bill the longer the fucking continued.

The new sensations felt amazing as he realized he wanted them to go on forever. It soon dawned on Bill that he hoped p-44 would release the warm cream.

What had once been abhorrent to think about he now took on the feeling most females have that enjoy being ravished…that his boi-pussy was an attraction point …enough that a man would want to come inside it.

The sound of the manly pelvis slapping against his smooth bottom sounded so loud. When p-44 spanked the butt cheek a few times Bill felt a wave of emasculated cuteness flush on his face. In some way his body felt like a rag-doll as the man’s strength easily moved him about.

The hard cock still moving in and out Bill felt his body being lifted up. Turning his head he welcomed the taut muscular frame holding him as the pair of lips touched and the tongue slipped into his mouth.

It was just a kiss…or was it? Maybe it was more…perhaps even much more. The connection two can feel when putting their lips together to express their true feelings.

Not wanting it to end p-44 push him back so Bill held on his hands and knees. Again he felt emasculated almost girlish as his ass remained the receptor of male hardness and aggression.

The large man let his hands and arms and body swarm over pet-36’s frame underneath him. His balls slapped against the butt cheeks as Bill caged orb’s move to and fro in the same motion.

A tiny whimper escaped his head dropped to look between his legs. How could it be? his dick wasn’t hard yet he was oozing out jizz from behind the chastity cage.

That feeling most straight men never feel happened next. The pair of hands laid on his shoulders from behind strong and forceful they readied to conclude the power play of taking a virgin male’s innocence.

He used to make Regina his wife shout out ‘fuck me daddy…fuck me daddy’ yet now he wanted to say the same out of sheer joy at being submissively taken.

It started with a low rumble in the balls of the dominant. It soon moved up the shaft causing it to spontaneously pulsate. As though amassing his troops on the border the sperm collected in the 7″ holding area ready for a life altering assault.

Then it happened that slight moment when time stood still.

1..2..3.. seconds went by all of a sudden the hard cock seized up. It seemed to slightly increase in size. Unable to hold back any longer hot cream burst forth spewing out uncontrollably overloading his sensory pleasure center.

Part of Bill felt more like a woman than a man. The tactile feel of hot fluid filling his anal track overwhelmed him. It seemed to never end spurt after spurt powerfully being released registered in his mind …’I’m gay now…I’m gay now…oh fuck it feels sooo good…why have I always made fun of them…oh to hell with it…I’m one of them now’.

Looking at Janice watch ‘Fleabag’ he was amazed at how the woman had handled the situation with Regina his wife a couple of months earlier. Begging her to remove his chastity cage the two sat in her car in front of his home the day his stay ended.

“Trust me pet…I know what to do…you let her know I’lll be reaching out as your therapist.”

Janice skillfully pivoted letting Regina know she was a trained therapist and Bill had sought her help out when she was out of town. At first meeting Bill Janice let her know he had developed a type of eczema. Part of the solution he would need to be kept smooth shaven as the hair helped retain body sweat aggravating the condition.

Acting as a marriage counsellor Bill and Regina took to meeting Janice one day every week. Slowly Regina came to understand Bill had a gay bi-side he had been trying his best to conceal. Often meeting for latte’s the two women became good friends the longer the sessions went on.

“I had no idea Janice…ever since we’ve taken the marriage counseling he seems much different…more subdued he even is helping around the house more.”

“Well Regina I think he has a gentle nature to him he was repressing by trying to act macho all the time…perhaps there is even a feminine aspect to his male personality. Have him learn to do all the housework it will cultivate a submissive side that will only benefit you…truth be told I think he enjoys taking orders from women.”

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