Teacher’s Pet Ch. 01

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It was last period of history class at Franklin High School. Jennifer Robbins was the history teacher giving a lecture as she walked around the classroom. At 26 she was relatively new to the school having only been there for a year. She had long golden blond hair and beautiful green eyes. She wore a red blouse showing her C cup breasts and a black skirt going almost to her knees. She was liked by most of the students and staff. She helped out kids in trouble with school work or who had problems at home. She had one peeve about her though, she hated kids being on their cellphones during class. She was notorious for yanking phones out of students hands and reading what they were texting or looking at. She would always walk around the class to check for phones.

Amy Ling was an 18 year old asian girl with raven black hair almost reaching her shoulders and dark brown eyes. She tried her best to pay attention to the class, but her mind recently could only focus on one thing. Bondage, specifically lesbian bondage. Even before the 50 shades of grey craze she had known about it and it really turned her on. She often masturbated to the fantasy being a slave to a domme and she would clean her boots with her tongue or drinking her piss. She knew from the day she was born she was gay and she even lost her virginity to a girl, though she kept it a secret from everyone. She was on her phone looking at various pictures of women tied up or being fucked with strapons. She also fantasized about Ms. Robbins a lot. The idea of worship her lovely feet or even her ass made her soaking wet. She was in such a daydream she didn’t even realize Ms. Robbins was right behind her.

“I will take that, thank you Ms. Ling.” She said snatching the phone out of Amy’s hand. Amy’s heart sank as she knew she was going to read out loud to the class the bondage pictures on her phone.

“Let’s see what was so important it couldn’t wait till after class.” She said looking at the phone.

“I think asking your friends where they want to eat tonight hardly has anything to do with the fall of the soviet union Ms. Ling. I would like to talk to you after class before you get this back.” She explained walking to her desk and putting the phone in a drawer.

Amy was shocked she lied. rize escort For the rest of the class she sweated bullets wondering what would happen. Would she call her parents? How would they react to finding out their daughter was a lesbian? Finally the bell rang allowing everyone to go home. Amy sat at her desk waiting for everyone else to clear out. Once everyone had left Ms. Robbins closed the door and pulled the blind over the window so no one could see in. She then went to her desk and got the phone out and walked to Amy’s desk.

“I must say I am really disappointed in you Amy. Looking at pornography in the middle of my class? What were you thinking?” She asked her with her arms crossed.

“I’m really sorry Ms. Robbins, it will never happen again. Please don’t tell my parents!” Amy pleaded.

“I expected something like this from one of the boys, but a girl? Also this type of porn, are you really into this bondage stuff?” She asked.

“Not really I was just curious.” Amy muttered, her face red with embarrassment. Ms. Robbins slammed her hands on Amy’s desk and looked her in the eyes.

“Don’t you dare lie to me little girl.” She growled.

“Okay yes I really like it.” Amy explained. Ms. Robbins stood up and looked down on Amy.

“So I guess you like girls then?” Ms. Robbins asked.

“What?” Amy asked embarrassingly.

“You heard me.” She replied

“Y-Yes I like girls Ms. Robbins.” Amy said stuttering. Ms. Robbins grabbed Amy’s chin and tilted her head up. She moved one of her bangs out of her face. Amy’s heart was racing.

“I know you have been sneaking looks at me Amy.” She said.

“You have?” Amy asked.

“Yes I know you always try to get quick glances of my ass or my breasts whenever you get a chance. You try to be sneaky, but I always catch it.” Ms. Robbins explained.

“Amy you have been a very, very bad girl and I think you need to be taught a lesson.” She said with grin. Amy swallowed hard.

Ms. Robbins then grabbed Amy by the ear and pulled her up from her desk. Tugging her by the ear up to the front of the class before reaching Ms. Robbins desk.

“Bend over bitch.” She said forcing her to bend over her desk. Amy wondered to herself why she hadn’t called out for bostnews.com help, or tried to fight her off. Just then she felt Ms. Robbins undo Amy’s belt and then pulls down her jeans and panties. She felt so exposed as Ms. Robbins began to slowly rub and squeeze her ass.

“You have been a very naughty girl Amy, and naughty girls need to get punished!” She exclaimed before bringing her hand hard on Amy’s ass cheek. Amy yelped in surprise and pain. Before she could recover Ms. Robbins brought her hand down on Amy’s other cheek, then another right after that, and then another. Soon began a barrage of hard smacks turning Amy’s pale rear, bright red. It was very painful to Amy, she even had to bite her fist to keep herself from screaming to loud, still she had never been more turned on in her life.

The spanking continued for what seemed like an eternity. Blow after blow Ms. Robbins beat her students ass, hitting each cheek with as much strength as she could. Amy was on the brink of tears when finally the spanking stopped. Before she could figure out what was happening, Ms. Robbins grabbed her by the ear again and pulled her away from the desk.

“Follow me bad girl.” She said tugging her ear.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Amy said wincing, she didn’t know what was worse, her cherry red ass or her ear practically being tugged off her head. She couldn’t even pull her pants or panties up and had to walk with them around her ankles. Ms. Robbins pulls her over to the corner of the room and puts her facing the corner.

“Now you are going to stand here with your hands crossed behind your back and think about what you did. If you move or talk I will beat your ass twice as hard, understood?” She asked before giving her rear a quick smack again.

“Yes Ms. Robbins.” Amy squeaked.

“From now on you are to address me as ma’am and I will be looking at what other smut you have on your phone while you’re in the corner.” She stated.

“Yes ma’am.” Amy said submissively.

“Good girl.” Ms. Robbins replied with a grin and gave her a quick head pat before walking back to her desk and began looking through Amy’s phone. Amy still wondered to herself why she didn’t scream for help or tried to run away or fight off her teacher. Ms. Robbins has the tone in her voice and look in her eyes that made her do what she said. For what seemed like an eternity Amy simply stood there, arms behind her back, pants around her ankles, ass burning, and dripping wet. She could hear her teacher footsteps coming up behind her. Just then she grabs a fistful of Amy’s hair and pulls her head back to look her in the face.

“Is this what you wanted you sick pervert?” Ms. Robbins asked. She then reaches down with her other hand and pinches Amy’s clit. Amy gasps in response and begin hyperventilating from the pleasure and excitement.

“To be treated like some filthy whore?” She asked while continuing to play with Amy’s clit.

“Yes ma’am, it’s all I’ve ever wanted!” She exclaimed. Ms. Robbins grinned and began to slowly finger Amy. First with one finger and then two. Amy had to break discipline and put her hands against the wall to keep herself balanced as she was being fingered.

Soon Ms. Robbins was fucking her with three fingers.

“Oh god it feels so good!” She yelled. Just then Ms. Robbins pulled her fingers out of Amy.

“Why did you,” But before she could finish her sentence Ms. Robbins put her fingers in Amy’s mouth with her juices all over them.

“Clean off my fingers bitch.” She ordered. Amy licked and sucked her own juices off of her teachers fingers. After cleaning her fingers Ms. Robbins pulls them out of her mouth and leans in close to whisper in her ear.

“I didn’t let you cum because of your misbehavior in my classroom today. However in the future I can make you cum a lot, and do you know why?” She asked her.

“No ma’am.” Amy replied.

“It’s because from this day forward you are my little pet. You will come here every day after school and I will play with you like a doll, and I know you will enjoy every moment of it.” She explained and with that she then locked lips with Amy. The two women kissed passionately as their tongues explored each others mouths. Ms. Robbins pulls away and lets go of Amy’s hair.

“Also I want you to shave that little bush you have, I like hairless girls better. Now get going you have homework young lady!” She said before giving a final smack of Amy’s sore rear.

“Yes ma’am.” Amy answered before pulling up her panties and jeans, grabbing her phone and books and running out of the classroom. When she got home she masturbated for over two hours straight. She would shave in the morning.

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