Surreptitious Love Ch. 127

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Chapter 127 — Tentative Anal Steps with Nguyet

After our insane farewell party for Charlie last week, at which he and his aunt Yen had finally consummated their incest and Nguyet had paraded her pussy around in a prepared one-piece bathing suit that was open in the crotch, we all were completely exhausted. We knew that a new era was drawing near, with Mira and Charlie gone. Our gorgeous mature lady-friend Yen had even announced that she wanted to abstain from sex temporarily, while Vu and my niece Giang sounded like they were planning on getting married, which made me assume that they weren’t going to be part of our debauchery any more. Well, the eight of us had done it eleven times last week. Enough was enough, wasn’t it?

Well, of course, not. Not quite. At the hot springs, there had been one particular moment that had profoundly touched me: While I was standing in the pool, Thuy was lolling outside, close to the edge — first, in her bikini but then naked — offering me a good look between her nimble, cute legs. Over time, a large amount of thick, translucent pussy nectar ran down over her perineum and then into the flat depression of her anus, which caused her little pumping bunny snout to glisten. I’m still not entirely sure what it was, but her rosette had looked so inviting during that half-an-hour that I had conceived the idea of coming inside her rectum, which I only refrained from in the end, because I my Vietnamese wasn’t good enough to charmingly ask Thuy for consent.

An hour later, though, I had begged my long-term affair Nguyet to speak with her colleague Thuy about the project of penetrating the latter’s anus, but Thuy gently refused. At least, she had sounded like we would eventually do it, and so we decided not to rush things and insert a few weeks of gentle preparations beforehand. Unfortunately, Thuy wasn’t working at the model home right now, where we had had countless sensual adventures over the last two-and-a-half years, but had been asked to work at the company’s headquarters, which were close to her home. Nguyet offered, however, that we talk about the rousing prospect some more, practice a bit together — just the two of us — and get her butt ready as well in the meantime. In passing, she also mentioned that there was a ‘charming surprise’ waiting for me at the model home, where she worked.

When I got there on Wednesday, Nguyet was sitting at her desk close to the entrance, while Thuy’s desk chair was empty, of course. Nguyet said that she’d be ready in five minutes, as she had to send two more emails. And so I stepped outside to smoke, asking myself again why I had been so overwhelmed and intrigued by the sight of Thuy’s pumping anus and the thought of penetrating it. Was it perhaps because her sphincter was large and flat, seemed soft and easy to get past? Unlike Nguyet’s, Thuy’s perineum was almost hairless and of light color, like the rest of her skin, and ever since our farewell party at the thermal springs, I had imagined her on the bed upstairs, here in the show home, with two cushions under her butt and holding her knees, with her legs wide spread, ready to receive cock two inches below her pussy.

I doubted, though, that Thuy would drive the eight miles during her lunch-break to involve me in the anal intercourse preparations. Well, Nguyet and I had done so many rousing, wonderfully depraved things together that there was some logic in starting with her ass instead, which was hairy, though, and her sphincter I remembered as leathery, tiny, and tight. But Nguyet was a trooper, and her competitive spirit would probably allow her to overcome any obstacles in the way of finding a new source of sexual fulfillment. It was a bit strange, however, to witness her strikingly professional demeanor here at her desk, when I got back inside from smoking, and to imagine that I would try to push my oily fingers inside her hot little ass in about an hour; something that no one had ever done, as far as I knew.

Yeah, of course, the tip of my tongue had touched her there; I had also taken countless whiffs of her savory ass aroma and kissed her perineum, but never ever had we prepared a sex act so firmly and decidedly. Nguyet looked super spiffy with her glasses and her hair pinned up on the back of her head. She was wearing the salmon-colored light sweater that she had been sporting when Charlie and I had raided her eight weeks back, up here in the master bedroom, where Thuy had deflowered him around Christmas. As Nguyet was sitting behind the desk, I couldn’t see if she was wearing one of her trademark black, knee-length skirts, of which she seemed to have a quiet a few. At some point, she quickly moved her mouse a few times, like she was closing multiple windows on her computer screen, but then she was finished.

“Lunch? We’ll just go around the corner…” she suggested.

I nodded, and she slipped out of her high heels into a pair of comfortable flat sandals. Outside, it was already about 90 degrees; it Beşiktaş escort felt like summer, but the forecast was predicting heavy rain for the weekend, which was unusual this time of the year. Luckily, the benches outside the little restaurant were in the shade, and they had fans blowing. We decided on fried rice with fish and vegetables. Interestingly, today Nguyet ordered a beer, too, like she wanted to relax before the possibly strenuous and slightly awkward anus exploration.

“It’s too bad Thuy isn’t working here anymore…” I began.

“Ben, she’ll be back… don’t worry, that’s only temporarily… and we need about six weeks anyway, I’d say… don’t assume you can just fuck me — or her — in our buttholes…” she laughed, but I could tell she meant it.

“I know… but I’d been looking forward to do the stretching together with her…” I countered. “Or is she widening her sphincter all by herself at home every night, before she goes to sleep?” I asked semi-facetiously.

Nguyet giggled but just said: “That I don’t know… but do you know what?! I’ve talked to her about it, and she admitted that she would have anal sex with her ex-husband from time to time… she even owns a small dildo, apparently…” Nguyet added, smiling.

Wow. Petite, quiet, modest, bashful Thuy was used to anal sex?! It would probably take me some time to assimilate that fact into the image I had of her in my mind. I liked, though, how the cute little real estate queen with her inviting wide, flat, soft anus funnel had promised to cooperate … she would stretch a bit… so, so… alas, without me. Anyway, we postponed further talk about the looming anal adventures but proceeded to eat our lunch, which was actually pretty decent. Nguyet asked me about Charlie and Mira and mentioned that Tina had written to her.

“She’s gotta re-do the last chapter of her thesis but then, she said, she’ll move back here…”

“Oh, a while ago, she told me she’d arrive by the end of March… I thought I could help her with her final project…” I added kinda absentmindedly but with another insane student-teacher role-play in mind. “She probably has to submit it in English, huh?”

“I don’t know…” Nguyet murmured. “But, sure, isn’t she at that Australian university? What’s its name?”

“RMIT… and oh, before I forget: What actually happened to the dude you met around Tet?”

“Oh, Ben… that was a nice one,” she said sarcastically. “No, I mean he was cute and all… and actually not bad in bed… but he’s still living with his wife…or ex-wife, I should say…”

“So, he just wanted an affair… I thought he was looking for a wife… bummer…” I said eventually, as I suspected that Nguyet was actually trying to find a husband.

I mean, she clearly was having enough sex, even though Charlie was gone now.

“Yeah, Huy was quite a charmer… I kinda fell for him… but I don’t wanna get entangled in this situation… he needs to separate properly from his ex, first… and so you don’t get the wrong impression: we only did it twice…” she added quietly.

I liked how she had blushed like a girl when she said that.

“Once pussy, once anal?” I laughed.

“Nonsense… Ben, you’re getting a bit obsessed with the idea, huh?”

“I was just being facetious… anyway, so Thuy has a slim dildo, huh?” I repeated dreamily, steering the conversation back to our main topic. “You never knew that?!” I asked Nguyet.

She shook her head but then warned me that Thuy had mixed experiences with anal intercourse.

“Well, who doesn’t?!” I quipped, before I assured her again that we would take it easy and really go slow. “With lots of lubrication… good things come to those who wait, you know…”

“Well, waiting won’t be enough,” Nguyet countered. “We’d need to do some stretching, I think. Anyway, I already got a bottle of lubricant yesterday… and perhaps I’ll order a small dildo online… or two…” she added.

“Do they sell those here in town?” I asked, just curious.

Nguyet didn’t know but explained that she didn’t want to be seen buying ‘sex toys’, as she put it. Apparently, she wouldn’t have been embarrassed if caught buying lubricant, though.

“I’ll have the dildos delivered here, to the show home, I think…”

“Sure, as you’re by yourself right now…”

“Not quite, Ben,” she laughed. “We got a new intern… a young lady…”

“Oh, Jesus! We just said goodbye to Charlie with the wildest orgy we ever had, and now I’m thinking of anal sex with Thuy and you, and all of a sudden, there’s a pretty trainee…”

“I didn’t say she was pretty… and that’s not what I meant… Truc is 18, Christian, and probably still a virgin…”

“So what? Did that last point deter us from anything with Charlie?!” I asked rhetorically.

In her message a few days back, Nguyet had said something along the lines of ‘enticing’ or ‘charming’, hadn’t she? I didn’t want to argue, though, as I couldn’t have proven my point right Beşiktaş escort bayan there and then, anyway.

“Yeah, but Charlie is a guy…” Nguyet contended. “Truc … I don’t know… we can’t run her into the ground like that…”

That was an odd expression but, true, Charlie had lived it all up during those three months.

“How did we… run Charlie into the ground?!”

“Well, maybe not that, but you partied pretty hard, c’mon: the incest with his aunt, the threesome with me, the foursome with Thuy and me… then the pool party and a bunch of orgies and gangbangs with Mira…”

“There was only one gangbang…” I objected. “The other time was a role-play when we had caught her shoplifting and then blackmailed her into sex…”

“Anyway, Ben: you can’t do that with an 18-year-old girl… so, keep your hands off Truc!”

‘Truc’ was pronounced ‘Chubb’, by the way, with a ‘u’-sound like in ‘cushion’.

“Anyway, how often did the four of you bang Mira that one time?” Nguyet asked suddenly.

“I believe seven… you wanna top that?” I teased her. “But that was all with his consent. And Mira’s,” I insisted. “Well, anyway: Is the new intern… hot?”

“The funny thing is that I haven’t seen her face yet, as she’s been wearing a mask since someone in her family got Covid last week… but, no, I mean, yes, she has shiny long hair, sparkling eyes, and a nice figure… although you might find her chubby…”

Chubby ‘Chubb’?

“Oh… gosh… how ‘big’ is she?”

“She has the body of a woman ten years her senior… she’s at least four inches taller than me, perhaps five. But she also weighs at least twenty-five pounds more than I do. Her breasts seem fairly large, too…”

Well, Nguyet weighed 95 pounds, perhaps. Truc 120 then… hmh, not bad. But she was 5’4″, while my long-term affair sitting across from me was barely 5 foot. Thuy was even shorter.

“Oh, c’mon, that isn’t chubby… womanly, perhaps… or wifely…” I protested on the charming stranger’s behalf. “You are quite small and ultra-slim, Nguyet… anyway, have you talked about men yet? Or sex?” I wanted to know, as I liked that kind of conversation for my post-lunch ciggie.

“Men yes, but not sex… she has a boyfriend…”

“Where’s the damsel, by the way? Having lunch?”

“No, she’s only working half-time. She alternates between mornings and afternoons… she’ll show up around 1:30. We gotta be done by then, Ben. Let’s take off…”

I paid the bill and then asked on the short way back if she had been to the bathroom yet.

Nguyet laughed: “Yes, don’t worry, I went this morning… but I still gotta wash myself back there…”

I presented her my carefully clipped fingernails, to which she nodded and said: “Ok then, we’re all set. But, Ben: today only a fingertip… or half a finger… but not the biggest one…”

After we had gotten back into the house, we locked the door, so that Truc wouldn’t surprise us. We went upstairs, where we undressed unceremoniously, before she went into the bathroom, while I watched her doing her preparations, leaning in the doorframe. As the anal planning was overshadowing everything today, we didn’t even kiss or pondered peeing onto each other. When she was done, she got shaving cream and a razor from the medicine cabinet.

“Cut the hair around my anus, will you?” she asked me in passing and then got me scissors from a drawer in the kitchen.

Nguyet’s perineum and butt crack were actually quite hairy, yes, and so she kneeled on a chair, pushing her butt towards me.

“Enter Truc now!” I laughed.

Nguyet found the thought amusing as well, but then encouraged me to clip the hair in her butt crack. When I was done, I rubbed her butthole a bit with my fingertip. I put the kettle on for some warm water, and while we were waiting, I kissed and licked her prickly anus, which smelled earthy but not bad at all. I liked the savory, hearty smell but, yes, I needed to shave her properly around her sphincter.

“But, Ben, one more thing, while we’re waiting: once you’ve been inside my butt, you can’t come inside my pussy with the same finger…”

“Ok, understood. Of course. Fair enough,” I replied eagerly and then dribbled some warm water around her anus.

I applied some shaving cream and let it soften her skin and wiry curls for a bit, before I slowly and carefully removed all hair that she had had back there for at least 15 years. Nguyet looked kinda clumsy on her knees, the way she was prying her ass cheeks apart, but it was also pretty hot. I playfully rubbed my throbbing glans on her legs and butt crack. But, yes, her anus looked much tighter and smaller than Thuy’s, and also kinda leathery. Similar to Mira’s, it formed a small crater, right down in a fairly deep hole. The way her sphincter was pulsating, though, it seemed to be greeting me, which I took as a good sign. I leaned forward and kissed her little bunny snout and then even pressed my tongue in.

“Oh, Escort beşiktaş Ben, not yet, let me wash once more…” Nguyet protested. “Inside…”

We went to the bathroom together, where I watched her put liquid soap on her fingertip, before she went around the cute little crater and then inside. Eventually, she scooted over to the toilet, where the Southeast-Asian butt-hose proved yet again indispensable. Nguyet rubbed her anus some more, before she rinsed the whole area thoroughly. Yeah, I wouldn’t know what to do without a butt hose.

“Ben, we don’t have much time today… but if you want, I’ll massage and lick your anus next time?!” she offered, which I found moving, actually.

No, seriously. I appreciated it.

“Yeah, you’d better buy two dildos, perhaps…” I laughed. “And look up how to massage a prostate gland…” I added.

Once a young Thai girl had — after a long night of debauchery — gotten my dick up again, using her magic finger inside my anus. I thanked Nguyet for the offer again, perhaps a tad too formally, but then, one couldn’t be too nice when dealing with such delicate, decadent matters, could one?

We went to the bedroom, where she lay down on her side, holding onto the lubricant like a drunk to his bottle of booze. I positioned myself behind her and pulled her back onto my chest. Her head was resting on my outstretched left arm. I buried my nose in her hair, which smelled lovely, and we were just listening to the silence of the whole house, plus our breathing. In anticipation of the things to come, I squeezed her small butt cheeks a bit and then rubbed her crack with my middle finger.

“But, Ben, we’ll also do it properly afterwards, huh?” she sounded concerned.

“Sure, can’t you feel my cock pumping already?” I whispered and then focused on how my glans was pushing itself between her thighs from behind.

In no time, my hand traveled the short distance from her hips up to her small breasts, which I squeezed, before I began to twiddle her nipples between the upper digits of my fingers. After a while, she asked me to lubricate one of them, and so began our journey of discovery. I picked my pinkie, first, to make sure I wouldn’t hurt her. She changed in the recovery position by extending her right knee and elbow, presenting me her butt crack openly. Oh, yes, this all was hot. She giggled and murmured something like ‘I can feel the wind on my perineum’, as the window was open and there was a nice breeze.

“I feel the same on my head every time I cut my hair short,” I replied. “But, hey, do you know what was also really hot last week at the hot springs, before I forget?!” I asked her quietly, exploring her anus with my pinkie.

“Ben, there was so much…” she was smacking her lips with her eyes closed, sounding tired, like she wanted to take a nap. “What was it?”

“Well, just before I fell in love with Thuy’s anus, she had been sitting with open legs, and I watched her pussy nectar roll down her perineum… that, and that she didn’t seem to care at all… she was so nonchalant about everything, at some point even looking at her phone… somehow, that was so stinking cool…”

“Do you want me to sit like that? But my phone’s downstairs on my desk,” she quipped, before she yawned again and giggled.

I loved her sense of humor, which made sex with her so much better.

“Next time,” I quipped back, while I was loading my fingertip with a second round of gel.

“Ben, this feels nice,” she smacked her lips again, like she was truly enjoying herself.

After some more play outside her anus, I carefully pressed my fingertip inside for the first time.

“Yes, if you want…” she nodded encouragingly.

I thought of repositioning myself, so that I could actually watch what I was doing, but that would have required pulling my arm out from under her head. And so I didn’t. Next time. Both of us were panting already; it was amazing what tender anus caresses could trigger in people. I put her head higher up, near my shoulder, though, so that my left hand could pluck her pubic hair a bit, while my right pinkie tip was now inside her rectum, wiggling a bit in the dark. So far, so good. Yes, her anus was pretty tight, but she was a nimble little animal.

As things had been going well with my smallest finger, I replaced it now with a nicely oiled index fingertip. We were lying there absolutely quiet, focusing on what would happen now. Would the bigger finger be as welcome as the smaller one had been?

“Aaahh…” Nguyet moaned quietly, when I was pushing another quarter of an inch in.

She was sucking air past her clenched teeth, which sounded much more satisfied than annoyed, though. But, anyway: had the change been too abrupt, too sudden?

“Hey, sweetie, do you want me to go back to my pinkie? Is it hurting?”

“No, no… it’s all good…” Nguyet murmured.

And so I added another third of an inch of, while my cock was pumping nicely. But just when I wanted to thrust with my index finger for the first time, Nguyet started to push her ass backwards, towards me, like her sphincter was itching. She sucked some more air through her clenched teeth, while she was uttering some extremely satisfied-sounding deep aah-aaahhs, and her whole body started to swing.

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