Senior Couple’s Discovery

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This is a story about a mature couple who’ve learned something new about themselves.

Obviously everyone is well over the age of eighteen.

I hope you enjoy this story and positive comments are always appreciated.


We’re a mature couple in our sixties. We’ve been married for over thirty years and, naturally, our sex life has changed—changed a lot over the years. I won’t go over all the changes, but really, the important thing is that we accepted the changes as they came along and made the best of it. At least I thought we did. We’re not unique; in fact I’d guess that we’re pretty typical of a lot of mature couples at our age.

We don’t have as much sex as we did when we were in our thirties but, when we do, it’s pretty intense. When we were younger we had sex maybe 3-4 times a week but now we have sex once every two or three weeks, and sometimes that can be pretty frustrating.

A few years ago we went through a short period where our sex life had become strained and almost nonexistent. It was obvious that my wife and I were on different levels of sexual desire. My wife Donna is a very sexual woman and at that time her sexual needs seemed to be increasing while mine were not and something happened that made us realize that we needed to make some serious adjustments in our sex lives. That’s what this is all about.

The most important thing for us, especially at that point in our marriage, was being able to honestly talk with each other about our sexual relationship, and to honestly admit to each other and ourselves, what turns us on, what doesn’t, and what is it that satisfies our private sexual desires. That may not sound like such a big deal but to a lot of couples, especially of our age, but many simply can’t express their sexual desires with their spouses and instead, have to settle for sex that’s just ok. We know lots of couples like that.

Anyway, something happened that really jolted our relationship and made us deal with our growing sexual dissatisfaction at the time.

I have a close friend of mine that I’ve known since grade school, we get together about once a month for dinner at a local steak house and we spend a few hours after dinner talking, catching up on what’s new and generally enjoying each other’s company. On this particular night I was almost to the restaurant when I got a call from him and he had to cancel our dinner so naturally I decided to return home. I didn’t bother to call Donna and when I got home I parked in the driveway instead of opening the garage door. The trash bin was still out so I decided to return it to its place on the side yard before going into the house through the backdoor. When I turned past the corner of the house I could see across the patio and into the glass sliding door of the master bedroom and I was stunned to see Donna and our next door neighbor naked in our bedroom. Not only were they both naked they were having sex on our bed. Donna was on her back with her legs spread and Carl, our bachelor neighbor, was between her legs and fucking her with hard deep looking strokes. I could see his ball sack hitting her ass each time he thrust his cock into her cunt.

I was momentarily shocked and didn’t know what to do.

They were so intent with what they were doing they didn’t know I was there. I stepped back into some large bushes so they wouldn’t see me. I admit at that moment I wasn’t sure of what to do. A series of many different emotions went through me as I stood there. l’ll admit that the strongest emotion I felt was excitement. I was watching my wife in bed with another man fucking her and it was evident she was fucking him back with just as much enjoyment. I noticed that my hands were trembling slightly and I suddenly realized that I had a strong hard on that was trapped in my underwear and pants and very ready to get out and be stroked.

Donna and Carl changed positions. Donna got on her hands and knees çanakkale escort and Carl moved up in a position to fuck her from behind. His cock didn’t look any larger than mine…in fact maybe it was a little smaller…but it didn’t matter…he was the one fucking her at that moment—not me. I watched as he took his time sliding his hard cock into her body. I couldn’t be sure if he was fucking Donna in her cunt or anus. It had been a long time since Donna and I had anal sex and I missed it.

I wanted to move closer so I could see better but I was afraid they might see me so I stayed where I was.

I was so aroused my breathing was a little choppy and my hands were trembling even more than before. An odd feeling came over me that I couldn’t, or perhaps didn’t, want to control as I undid my belt, unbuckled my pants and unzipped my zipper enough to slide my pants and shorts down to my ankles and step out of them. The main reason was so that I could stroke my hard cock as I watched my wife fucking a man that was our friend.

I was well-concealed and no one could see me where I was standing. The cool night air felt good on my skin. It was really strange and I can’t explain why, but I was so aroused that I couldn’t help but get completely undressed, leaving my clothes on the ground next to me. I found myself standing there, in the garden, watching them as I continued slowly jacking off.

It was easy to see that Donna had several orgasms in different positions as they fucked. I was also surprised to see Carl sucking on Donna’s tits which seemed to make her cum even harder. Sadly, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d sucked on her tits when she came. I made a quick mental note to be sure and do it the next time she and I fucked. I began to realize that it had been a long time since Donna and I had ever fucked with as much passion and desire as she was doing with Carl that night. I knew, right then, that we had to find a way to bring that level of passion back into our marriage, no matter how.

They fucked slowly for a while before they would increase their tempo…probably when Donna was having an orgasm. I watched as they changed to a position where Donna lay on her side with her lower leg extended down and her upper leg pulled up toward her chest. It was one of Donna’s favorite positions because it gave her lover complete access to her pussy. In addition, Donna loved this position because the penis-head puts a lot of pressure on the side of her vagina near her G-spot. I watched as Carl straddled the thigh of her lower leg and paused as he said something to her. From this distance I had a quick glimpse of her freshly-fucked pussy which appeared very wet. Carl paused and looked down at my wife as he stroked his cock before inserting it into my wife’s body. He moved closer so he could insert his cock as deeply as he could into Donna’s vagina and fuck her again. I saw the, slightly gaping hole at the entrance of her vagina just before it was quickly filled as they continued to fuck. The sight was too much for me and I began stroking my cock even harder. The more I jacked off the stronger the sweet erotic tension built in my groin until I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I couldn’t stifle a soft moan that luckily was lost in the thick bushes around me as I ejaculated a long, pulsing stream of cum out of the end of my dick and into the surrounding darkness. I heard myself groan softly as spurt after spurt of cum shot from my cock. I couldn’t remember when I had had such a deeply satisfying orgasm. I tried to calm my breathing down and let all of the cum drain from my dick—and it was a surprise to me that I’d ejaculated a lot more cum than usual.

I was really surprised that I wasn’t upset about the fact that I’d caught my wife fucking our next door neighbor. I was more surprised that it turned me on as much as it did. I was still standing in the garden, still stroking my dick, and seriously çeşme escort hoping to see them fucking more.

My cock was very sensitive and it took a few minutes for me to come down from my first orgasm and when I looked up again Carl was lying on his back on the bed and Donna was on her hands and knees sucking on his cock. Her ass and cunt were facing me and it was still an erotic view of her two sex holes.

I knew that she would suck his cock until he came in her mouth and they would be done in plenty of time for him to return to his house and for Donna to get cleaned up before I would be expected home. I wondered just how long Donna and Carl had been fucking when I was away from home.

I didn’t want them to know I was there so I just slipped on my pants and gathered the rest of my clothes under my arm and quickly went out to my car. It was dark and there were enough bushes that no one could see me. I quietly backed the car out of the driveway and went several blocks away and pulled in behind a service station and finished getting all of my clothes on.

I didn’t return back home right away, instead I went to a bar a few doors away and ordered a scotch on the rocks. As I sat at the small table I was overwhelmed by everything that had happened. I wasn’t mad that Donna was having sex…what really confused me was that it turned me on as much as it did. I did wonder if Carl was the only man, other than me, that’s fucked my wife. Or were there other men that I knew nothing about who’d left their cum in her pussy…and if so, how many men had fucked my wife?

I was in a serious quandary about how, or what, I was going to say to Donna when I got home. For a moment I thought about saying nothing and just letting it drop but I knew that it was something that couldn’t be ignored…we had to talk about it no matter what might happen.

I got home about the usual time and Donna was already in bed reading when I came into the bedroom. I asked her how her evening was and she said, “Fine.” She sounded normal. We chatted a little as I got undressed and ready for bed but I didn’t put my pajamas on. Instead, I came out of our walk-in closet nude which disappointed me that she didn’t seem to notice. I went into the bathroom to clean up a little as my cock was still dripping small amounts of pre-cum.

I came out of the bathroom and as I came toward the bed I saw her eyes quickly glance at my half-hard cock over the top of her book before returning to the page. I adjusted the pillows and sat up as I leaned against the headboard next to her. Every time I thought about seeing her getting fucked my cock would stir. I reached down and took my cock in my hand and slowly stroked it and Donna seemed not to notice and kept reading her book. I finally said to her, “How many men have you fucked?”

“What?” She said as she turned and looked at me.

“Ok, let me rephrase that, how many men have you fucked in the last couple of years?”

“Just you,” she answered. “What kind of a question is that?” She pretended anger.

“It’s a good question,” I answered calmly. “Ok,” I said. “How many men have fucked you in the last 24 hours?” She just looked at me without saying anything. I thought I saw a trace of fear in her eyes before she got out of bed and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

I waited a few minutes before I got out of bed and went into the bathroom with her. The door wasn’t locked and I walked in. Donna was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and I could see that she’d been crying. For some reason I had the strongest urge to take her in my arms and fuck her right there in the bathroom, but I didn’t. I leaned against the bathroom sink looking at her and I finally said, “I got home a little early tonight and I saw you and Carl in our bed.” She just looked up at me without saying anything. “How long have you two been fucking?” I asked.

She didn’t answer diyarbakır escort but said softly. “I didn’t mean for it to happen…it just did.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“I was afraid to tell you. The first time it happened with Carl I thought it wouldn’t happen again and if I ignored it somehow it would all go away…but it didn’t. The second time it happened I didn’t do much to stop it and it seemed like all I cared about was how good it felt. It wasn’t all Carl’s fault.”

I was silent for several moments as I tried to sort my own thoughts then I took her hands and pulled her up towards me I slipped her nightgown over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor and put my arms around her and held her. My cock was erect and it pressed against her naked belly.

“Come on to bed,” I said to her, “we need to talk.”

We got in bed and I held her as I told her everything. I told her how I’d hidden in the bushes and watched her and Carl fuck and how I couldn’t help but get nude and jack off as I watched them. I also admitted, perhaps to both of us, that watching as another man fucked her turned me on more than anything I could remember. “I’m not mad,” I assured her. “I’m fine with you fucking someone else…I just want to be there to watch you getting fucked and then being able to fuck you afterward.” We were both silent for a moment. “I’m sorry that it’s taken so many years for me to finally realize it,” I said. “Our body’s and our ideas change over time as we mature. “Maybe I would have had a different reaction to it all of it thirty years ago but now it’s different.”

There seemed as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she began to cry softly as a release of her built up tension. “What if there were more?” She asked softly. “Not when we were first married but it just started a few years ago and it was if I couldn’t stop myself.”

“How many?” I asked her.

“Three…before Carl, that’s all.”

She told me a little about each of them and how, and where, they had sex. I knew one of the other men besides Carl. As she told me all of the details of her sexual encounters I experienced a level of arousal that I hadn’t felt in years and I told her so. Donna too was getting aroused as she told me about her lovers and I was surprised at how turned on I was. It wouldn’t take much to make either of us cum and we both knew we were going to fuck before the night was over.

It was a true sexual awakening for both of us and that evening changed our lives for the better.

A couple of nights later we invited Carl over to the house and told him that I knew that he was fucking Donna. Naturally he got very nervous until I told him that I was fine with it as long as I was there and could watch them fuck. He was more than ok with it. After that Carl would usually come over on Saturday nights and Donna would always be dressed in a very sexy outfit to tease Carl and I. Outfits that showed a lot of her body, especially her tits and pussy. We would have a few drinks before we all would get naked and Carl and I would take turns fucking her. Sometimes I just enjoyed watching Carl fuck her. . Sometimes Donna would suck my cock while they were fucking or I’d fuck her when they were taking a break but usually I just enjoyed watching my sexy wife get fucked and when her lovers were gone I’d fuck her sweet, freshly fucked hole, before we went to sleep.

About six months after that first night Donna and I went to a swing club not far from our home and we met plenty of other mature couples…some that have even become good friends and we actually have sex with.

There are so many advantages about our newly-found freedom that we enjoy. I really enjoy fucking another woman while my wife is on the bed next to us getting her sweet…okay…mature cunt fucked. We’re seniors alright, and we don’t have sex like we did thirty years ago, instead I can honestly say that it’s better than it was thirty years ago. We share our desires with each other, we don’t have any secrets. Our marriage is open, honest and incredibly erotic. It has really improved our long lasting marriage for the better, I just wish we had started a little earlier.

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