Raising Little Tabby Jack Part Four

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I decided to load the bike into the truck. I had portable ramps but Rex had a big one there at the shop. It was easier to use, so I backed the truck up to the ramp. I loaded the bike and strapped her tightly to the truck with cargo straps. We drove on over to the motel. Tabby walked into the room, and turned to me. “Jack,” she told me, “I’d like to change into some of these fresh clothes, but we’ve made love an embarrassing number of times and I’m sticky.” I told her, “No problem, Love. We’re paid up here until noon tomorrow anyway. Let’s take a shower.”
We both shucked our clothes, and I made sure the door was locked. I put my pistol on the stool in the bathroom within easy reach of the shower. We got into the shower and enjoyed scrubbing each other off. As soon as Tabby scrubbed my prick it got hard as a rock. She said, “Mmm, that looks yummy and clean now!” Mrs. Wilson went to her knees and sucked my cock into her warm mouth! I gasped, “Oh, Baby! That feels so damned good, but you’re the one I’m supposed to be doing sex therapy on. Let’s get dried off and go to bed. We’ll be up and out of here before noon.”
My wife wasn’t going to argue with an offer like that. We went to bed, with my pistol, of course. “Okay, Darling, We’ve had several kinds of sex. Is there anything you have questions about or would like to try next?” I’ve known her all her life, and by the way she was cutting her eyes around I could tell she was wondering about something. I kissed her and told her, “Sweetheart, this is Jack here. I was there for your birth and helped your dad cheer your mom on, I’ve changed your diapers, and we’re married. You can ask me absolutely anything.”
“Okay, it’s about butts, Jack. I hated butt sex before, when, you know, the incident happened? You’ve had your tongue in my butt today, and your fingers, and your prick, and I loved it! I even asked you to stick it in my butt. Do men like it too?” I’m thinking, leave it to Tabby to put me on the hot spot! “Okay,” I told her. “That’s a fair question, Love and I will answer you as best I can. That’s called anal sex. There are some men who are attracted to other men, and some of them have anal sex with their partners. That’s their thing, it’s what they like and no business of anyone else. Other men, but not all, like doing it to women, like you asked me to do and we did a few hours ago. We both enjoyed it. Sometimes women do it to their men to heighten their sexual enjoyment. Men have what is called a prostate gland and digital massage of it will usually lead to a a stronger and more enjoyable ejaculation.”
Tabby asked, “So you’ve had it done to you? Did you like it?” I had to be honest with her. “I’ll answer you honestly. This is our wedding day, and I won’t start lying to you now. The answers are yes, and yes. From my experience, it’s usually a spontaneous thing done as a very intimate favor during mind blowing sex and might never even be discussed again.” The intuitive youngster had an answer for that too. She said, “Then most relationships are not as open and honest as ours.” I had to admit, “You got that right, too, Sweetheart.”
Tabby began to pout, and I was afraid I knew the reason. I told her, “Okay, my Love. Tell me why you’re pouting.” Her sensuous lower lip pooched out so pitifully, I had to lean to her and kiss it! She had me literally by the short hairs, I knew it, and I think she knew it. I also knew I would have to polish my wits if I hoped to ever hold my own with her! She nailed my hide to the wall when she said, “Fact one, you’ve let other women stick their finger up your butt. Fact two, you said you enjoyed it. Did you love them more than you love me?”
She looked heart broken, and I still haven’t figured out if the little imp was toying with me. I think so, but it mattered not. Tabby owned my heart and soul! I truthfully told her, “My Darling, I have loved some of the women I’ve been with before you, but I am madly in love with you, and I guess I always have been. There’s the difference.” She knew she’d won. Damn it, she knew she had me! She proved it by smiling like an Angel and saying, “Okay, then show me how to do it to you.”
I laughed and told her, “Okay, Love. Can the vanquished have a kiss before taking a finger in the ass?” She laughed and kissed me passionately and artfully, I might add. I told her, “Get into a position where you can see my anus, or rosebud, as it is sometimes called in erotic stories. Wet your finger, usually the longest one is used, as in the hand signal ‘fuck you’. Do this palm up, because you will want to curl your finger up, after you’re inside. I felt your finger enter me. Is your finger all the way in? Okay, now curl your finger. Yes, that spongy thing you feel is my prostate gland. Now rub it gently, with your finger going in and out and around.” Tabby was looking up at me with a gorgeous intent look on her face as she followed my instructions. My prick stood straight up in salute to her efforts!
Tabby said, “Oh, I see, thank you, Jack!” I said, “No, Baby, thank you!” Her lips, mouth, and other hand surrounded my stiff prick. Oh, my Tabby is a fast learner! I knew it wouldn’t be long now. She was making me freaking crazy, or crazier, as the case may be. After a few moments of her sweet mouth and hands worshiping my cock and the prostate massage my thighs tensed, and I began an almost involuntary thrusting up into her hot mouth.
“Sweetheart,” I warned her, “I hope you’ve had a tonsillectomy, if not you’re about to!” I began cumming load after load of jism into her beautiful mouth, and she swallowed, oh, yes, my sweet Love swallowed every drop!” Have I mentioned I’m crazy about Tabby?
“Oh, Baby!” I moaned, “I love you! Will you marry me?” She laughed and pounced onto my chest. She rubbed noses with me and grinned wickedly, knowing full well how she affected me! She kissed me and said, “Don’t be silly, I’ve already married you once today!” I said, “Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot, that was before the fireworks display that blow job and finger wave gave me! Is there anything else you’d like to know or try?”
My Darling said, “Oh, I don’t know, Jack. I love everything you do to me, please do something to me!” I told her, “Your wish is my command, my Princess.” I kissed her for a few minutes as I fondled her body while I recovered. My darling was becoming so very responsive to my touch it both amazed and excited me.
I was using one hand on her and watching her face for her reactions. She was so beautiful! I told her, “You must be my Soul Mate, Love. No other woman could ever mean as much to me as you do!” She began humping slowly into my hand.
She told me, “I’ll tell you a secret nobody knows, Lover. When I learned how to print in pre-school I began printing, ‘Tabby loves Jack’ on everything, then I decided we were going to be married and be together forever. In the years since, I’ve written ‘Tabitha Jackie Moore Wilson’ at least a million times, and that’s a conservative estimate. I have reams of paper in a closet at home with those two things written on it as if it were Magic to bind you to me!”
I had to kiss my Love, this was so precious a secret to share, and I could visualize her doing it. She told me, “I have never, ever had a crush on anyone else. Mom, and dad, knew it, of course. They never discouraged my love for you. I hope they know you’re protecting me now!”
That brought tears to both of our eyes. I told her, “They never had any doubts I’d protect you when they were alive, Sweetheart. If there is an afterlife they know we are together and still loving them. I’m sure somehow they will be together for eternity, as I hope we will be.”
I decided that was enough sadness, and told her, “Have I told you lately you are the hottest woman on this planet?” My wife shut me up very shortly, she said, “Don’t tell me Jack, show me!” I rolled her over on her belly and kissed her all over her back and gorgeous ass, paying special attention to the adorable little V above the crease of her ass. I entered her pussy from the rear. I was watching the side of her sweet face as I searched out her G-spot with the head of my prick. She let me know when I’d found it. She moaned and I kissed her. Her butt made a delightful cushion for my pelvis. I slipped both hands underneath her, one to her clit, the other to a nipple. I supported my weight off her with my upper arms and thighs. My little love moaned louder and began to shove her luscious ass up to me
She had her first intense orgasm after about twenty minutes. I bent to kiss her sweet cheek, then planted kisses on her shoulders and back. I kept up my stroking. Her hot little pussy felt so fine on my cock!
I knew if it were left up to me, I would never be with another woman in my life. We’d been going at this for another thirty minutes or so when I whispered in my Darling’s ear, “My no good jive ass trifling days are over, my Love! You are my love and my life!” I’ll be damned if that didn’t put her over the top again! She moaned, she oohed, and she purred. I decided I’d settle for nothing less than screams, and increased my pace until I was slamming it into her! Her beautiful little ass was coming up to meet my strokes and my hand playing with her clit was sopping wet with her juices and my precum.
I knew she was due to cum any minute, and began pinching her nipple between my fingers that were cupping her one breast in time with my slamming of her pussy. I took my hand off her clit, and she reached for it herself. She was learning to recognize my cues as I led her down a path to so much more orgasmic bliss!
I reached my free hand up to cup her other breast and began pinching that nipple too, not enough to hurt, but enough to stimulate her sensitive breasts. She went rigid and missed a beat in her fucking up into me, then she went Escort Kızılay spastic on me. My Precious screamed my name and cried and it was like my balls heard her and knew they could let loose too! Spurt after spurt of cum spewed from me as my hips and thighs reacted to the exquisite feeling in my prick. I collapsed on her, breathing hard, until I realized I might be squashing my Darling. I rolled off her, then she sprawled atop me and we held each other close as we gasped for air.
I woke to hear, “Jack, look. Here’s Faye Raye and King Kong on the news! I turned the set on to see if it had the time on it, and there we were leaving the hospital.” The network ran through that, then segued to a scene of an outraged fundamentalist minister threatening me with eternal damnation for my sinful treatment of Tabby. “Damn them!” I shouted, “They taped that outside our motel door! Get the things in the bathroom together, Love. We don’t know when they started airing this. I’ll load up the things in here. Where’s your revolver?”
Tabby’s mouth dropped open, and the tears started flowing. “Oh no, I’m so sorry, Jack! I forgot, it’s in my purse in the truck!” I hugged my darling and kissed her and handed her my .45. I told her, “Take mine, Love, and keep it next to you or in your hand, you know where the safety is. Gather our things in the bathroom, I’ll hurry out to the truck and bring your revolver in to you!”
I pulled my pants on, and was heading toward the outside door when it was kicked in. The first thing I saw was the large silencer on the end of the big man’s gun barrel as he pointed it at me. All my paranoia had failed me. I’d been caught unarmed by a murderer and rapist! The man snarled, “Where’s the little bitch? He swiveled his head and looked into the bathroom and must have caught a glimpse of her.
His gun barrel didn’t waver from my head or I would have jumped him then. He told me, “I’ll finish what we started with her after I take care of you.” My only encouragement was in knowing this asshole was stupid, had I kicked his door in he’d have been dead meat seconds ago!
Out of my peripheral vision I could see Tabby moving naked toward us from the bathroom with my big .45 semi-auto held in both her hands aimed at his back. If he turned to look her direction I would jump him, and hope to kill him before he killed either of us, but I knew realistically her only hope of survival was if she shot him first!
I had barely a snowball’s chance in hell, but I so hoped I’d at least live long enough to see my courageous Love safe before I died! The murderer’s head began to turn to look behind him. I had to divert him from her! I said, “Tap, tap, Tabby!” I ducked lower to my right and charged him!
He hesitated for one fatal instant, not certain which direction threatened him worse. His bullet zipped past my head so close my face and the arm I’d been thrusting toward his gun had powder burns from the muzzle flash. My other hand was targeting his throat!
Her first bullet took out his spine. It also destroyed most of the vital organs in his chest cavity when it expanded inside him. Her second bullet took off most of his brain pan. I was close enough to him then I reached out and took his pistol from his dead hands by the warm barrel as he fell. I laid it on our bed. I didn’t want him to shoot one of us with his dying twitches. I stepped to my wife’s side, and took my pistol from her trembling hands. I wrapped her in my arms and told her, “You did that like a combat vet, Tabby Jack, your dad and mom and Bonnie would be proud of you. You saved both our lives!”
I held my Love to me thankfully and kissed her as I carried her to our truck, while intently scanning the area for more threats. I used my cell phone to dial John Kelly. Tabby was crying in relief, she told me, “You are a crazy man, Jack, but you are my crazy man! Don’t you ever do anything like that again!” I laughed, held her to me, and told her, “Only for you, my Love, but how about that crazy naked girl who came after her rapist to protect me?”
John told me over the phone he was in his car, running hot, and would be at the scene within minutes. I knew he could cut through some of the red tape for us. Sirens were wailing, coming to the scene. My next call was to the police dispatcher, to tell them who we were, that we’d been assaulted with a weapon, and that the perp had been a cop killer who’d been in on the attack on the Moore family. I added he was dead.
Tabitha Jackie Moore Wilson had stopped being a victim, she’d become a warrior, and she’d righteously kicked some ass. I put my pistol down in plain sight on the ground beside our truck and pulled my driver’s license from my wallet. I stood kissing my wife as the first of dozens of squad cars slid to a stop behind our truck.
The first in officers wisely exited their squad car with their weapons drawn and in combat mode. Tabby and I were being as non-threatening as we knew how. We were standing there kissing and holding each other in relief we weren’t dead or a widow or widower the day after our marriage! An officer took my ID from my outstretched hand and I broke our kiss to tell him, “This naked young lady is my wife, Tabitha Jackie, Officer Bob Moore and his wife’s orphaned child. One of their murderers and rapists attacked us. He’s in our room dead.”
The officers made a combat entry into our room and then the bathroom. One of them came out and told me, “Congratulations, that was a perfect take down, Mr. Wilson.” I told him, “Tabby Jack took him out. I’d just handed her my .45, and while I was going to the truck for her weapon he came in on us. I jumped him and he fired at me and she double tapped him.”
I enjoyed watching his eyes widen as he looked little Tabby up and down. She could have cared less she was naked, she felt safe in my arms. I asked him, “Is it alright with you if I get something out of our truck to cover my wife?” He told me, “For her, I can do better than that, Jack, she’s a member of my police department family!” He went to his car and brought me a blanket to wrap around my love.
More patrol cars and officers arrived, John Kelly among them. He walked up to us and shook my hand. “They tell me you did a perfect job on him, Jack, thank you!” I laughed and told him, “Tell that to my wife, John, she’s the shooter!” He laughed and told her in admiration, “You must be Bob Moore’s kid!” She overcame her fear of men and hugged him, knowing now he’d been a friend of her dads!
A man came up to us and introduced himself as Steve Bosiack, an assistant District Attorney. He asked, “Just how many weapons do you have with you? We’ll have to confiscate them all.” He was interrupted by someone I’d seen coming. It was six foot six inches of Judge Thomas, silver hair, boots, Stetson hat and all. His voice rumbled from deep in his chest, “Steve, don’t you have anything better to do than fuck with my special investigators?” Have I mentioned Judge Thomas is a federal Judge? The Assistant District Attorney excused himself and scurried off.
My Darling reached for the Judge with both her arms and got a hug and a kiss from him, as I did my best to tuck the blanket around her. Hell, I didn’t feel any jealousy at all. Judge Thomas had married us the day before, and had been her dad’s and my poker and fishing buddy since before Tabby Jack was born, as well as being our Officer in Charge in Kuwait and Iraq. She’d been demanding kisses and hugs from him since she was a baby, as she had from me.
The judge told us, “You’ve both been on my court payroll as investigators since the incident. That should help eliminate any problems with the inquest or Grand Jury investigation. Stop by my office and pick up your badges and identification cards, as well as your letters of commendation from me. This status of yours will continue until this mess is completely cleared up.” The Judge found the senior officer on the scene and explained our status to him before he left.
The network reporters arrived and wanted a statement from us. Tabby gave them one. My wife was standing there looking positively radiant, and showing her lovely shoulders and an exquisite leg out of the regulation Police Department blanket covering her petite body. She could have sold several million blankets if this interview had only been a commercial!
She told them, “My last statement still applies, with minor revisions.” She shrugged her shoulders, and I was near cumming she looked so sexy in the PD blanket! “We were fortunate to survive this further attempt on our lives. Jack and I are married now and we will continue to protect each other. We appreciate everyone’s concern for our safety.”
The senior detective on the scene approached us. I saw he had my .45 and ID in his hands. He handed them to me and and said, “You are free to go, sir, as well as taking your personal belongings from the room.” I thanked him and asked John Kelly to stand there with Tabby while I gathered our belongings from the room. That took only a few minutes. She quickly used the blanket like a tent in the truck cab to change into some of her clothes and then handed me the blanket.
John told me, “There’s still the ringleader.” I told him, “I’ll call you tomorrow. We’ll deal with him later, unless he comes after us first!” I returned the blanket to one of the officers, thanked him, and asked if he could move some of the squad cars behind us. We drove out about ten minutes later.
I asked my Darling,”What would you like for breakfast, Love?” She answered, “Two of your grilled cheese sandwiches with egg, bacon, avocados, and tomato my love, taking revenge on murderers and rapists is hard work and always makes me hungry!” I laughed at my little warrior, hugged her to me, and drove to our favorite diner. We were treated like royalty Kızılay Escort there! We found they had seen us on television, and our booth was now reserved for us.
The waitress came to take our order, and remarked, “Your favorite sandwich is now on our menu, sir. We’ll call it the Tabby Jack in honor of you both if it’s okay with you?” I told her, “That’s quite an honor, thank you. I believe my wife wants two of them and a Coke. Is that right, Babe?” Tabby agreed, I asked for the same except coffee and we soon had our “Tabby Jacks” to enjoy. Our breakfast was free of charge. Need I mention our waitress got a very good tip when we left?
I knew my Darling was long overdue a big dose of Tina’s love and hugs. I drove to Rex and Tina’s bike shop without being asked to. Tina met us at the door and held Tabby to her as they both cried and rocked in each others arms for a few minutes.
I had known it was coming and was not in the least bit surprised when I heard Tabby calling her Mama Tina. Their relationship they had been building over the last few days was something beautiful, and I knew my Precious Love needed her!
Rex came in out of the shop and shook my hand. He told us, “We were damned pissed off you were attacked earlier, and damned proud you killed the asshole! Can I buy you a beer, Bro?” Tabby and Tina both accepted his offer, as I did. It seemed the appropriate thing to do. Rex made a toast to Tabby, calling her a fellow warrior, and I was only too happy to agree!
Tabby told Rex about my charging into the killer’s gun to divert him from turning to see her behind him. I had to brag about how courageous she’d been to advance naked on one of her rapists and shoot him!
Rex gave us both an ‘Ooorah’ and a high five in respect and Tina insisted on looking closer at my face and arm. Tina rubbed a soothing ointment on my powder burns with a gentle hand, then gave me a kiss. Her kiss much improved the stinging I’d been feeling, some women have healing powers don’t you see? We drank another beer with them, then I asked my love if she’d like a trip to the shooting range? Two good hits do not make a marksman, even if they are killing hits and save your lives!
When we got to the range I loaded her .357 revolver with .38 Specials and had her run through several cylinders doing double taps on man sized silhouettes. Then I had her do the same with the .9 millimeter semi-auto. She never flinched when I switched her to .357 Magnums. Every bullet was right on target! I loaded the stainless .40 Caliber Smith & Wesson Semi-Automatic and handed it to her hoping she’d like it. It’s rated as an excellent defense round and weapon, as good or better than the .45, by most police agencies.
My Darling ran off a clip with the pistol then turned to me, “Oh Jack, this is a sweet shooter!” I’d seen the small group she’d shot and had to halt the proceedings to kiss her! I told her, “Babe, you could hunt white tail deer or hogs with this pistol shooting like that!” She went through another box of fifty rounds with it just as impressively. When we left the range she was packing the .40 Caliber Semi-Automatic and two extra loaded clips in her purse. I drove by a sporting goods store and bought her a shoulder holster for her new favorite self-defense weapon.
I asked my Love if she was ready to do lunch, and she thought for a minute, then asked, “Could we have a raw mammoth steak, with lots and lots of mushrooms, garlic, and smashed potatoes?” I laughed with her about the mammoth steak remark. Tabby is a little carnivore, but then I’ve helped raise her that way. We’d always eaten our steaks raw at my home; we only thawed them to room temperature. We’d light a fire for the potatoes and “lots and lots” of mushrooms in garlic and wine, though. We’d tried eating raw potatoes, and decided unanimously they sucked as cave people food.
We’d camp in my yard, get naked or near naked, and we were cave people eating raw mammoths. She and I were sneaky cave people who cheated and ate our raw mammoths with lots and lots of mushrooms and Worchestershire Sauce. We kept it hidden in a cold cavern in the cave so the other cave people wouldn’t know we were cheating.
Doesn’t everyone feed their children raw meat? It had never seemed to hurt her and the little heathen had loved squishing the bloody meat between her teeth and making cave people noises mimicking me while we danced naked around our fire. It may have affected her mentally, but I doubt it stunted her growth. I think she got her small physical size from her mom. She had been a small woman too.
I drove to our hotel’s restaurant and ordered two Porterhouse steaks, as raw as they would serve them, with double orders of mushrooms, heavy on the garlic and wine sauce. I specified our potatoes must be smashed, not mashed, with lots of butter, bacon, and sour cream. I asked the waiter’s recommendation for a wine and told him to ice down two bottles. My Love and I were celebrating being alive and in love!
The steaks were everything we could have hoped for, tender and rare enough for even us cave people to enjoy. They had Worchestershire Sauce in their cold cavern, too. We agreed the double orders of garlic mushrooms in butter and wine sauce were sheer perfection, as good as we could have done them ourselves. The smashed potatoes were very good too.
We sat and ate and then drank wine for about two hours, enjoying the lunch and our conversation, and our being together. My Love ordered me then to get another bottle of the wine and take her to our suite and make mad passionate love to her. I was only too happy to obey! There were two pistols in our bed or within reach of us, as there have been ever since, my .45 caliber and her .40 caliber.
Tabby stripped and dove prone onto our bed on her belly. My mouth went straight to the beautiful little V that begins above the crease of her ass as my hands sought out her nipples as if they had radar. I worshiped her ass with my mouth, licking, kissing and biting her gently all over, then I gave her a rim job and tongue fucked her ass. I asked her what she wanted next. She said, “You’ve got my ass hot for you, Jack, lube me, ream me, then cum in my ass!” Sigh, she is a bossy little tyrant sometimes, but I enjoy following her orders!
I lubricated her butt with some Vaseline and a finger, then began entering her hot ass with my prick. She is so tight there I did it slowly and gently at first. Oh, it felt so good when my cock head penetrated her rosebud! I reached for her clit and found her hands there before mine so I returned it to her nipple as I increased my stroking of her fine ass.
She was moaning over and over, “Fuck my ass, Jack, fuck my ass!” She was cumming within minutes, and I thought the little doll would cum forever! She demanded, “Cum in my ass, Love, I have to feel your hot cum inside me right now!” She is so precious to me she got me off by demanding it!
I wish every time I enter her I could stay in her forever. Unfortunately, my prick doesn’t work that way. It went limp and withdrew from her. She turned to me for several minutes of kissing, then carried her pistol with her to the bathroom. She returned with a hot soapy wash cloth and washed my prick with it adoringly. “See?” She told me and kissed the head of my hardening prick. “All better now!” I told her, “Play fireman, Tabby, and slide down that pole!”
She laughed, gave the head of my cock another wet slurp, then rose over me to stick it into Heaven. I know that girl’s pussy has to be Heaven, because it feels so damned good! I told her so and she laughed at me, making my prick feel so damned fine! I asked her, “Oh, more Silly Sex, huh? I like that!” She grabbed a pillow, and held it to her chest. She kissed me hard, grabbed our pistols, and pointed to the table I’d lain her on to make love to her before.
I carried her to the table. We made love there for about thirty minutes, her legs over my shoulders, then Tabby picked up our pistols and shifted to grab the pillow and commanded me, “Bathroom counter top.” I carried her there, still inside her, and we made love there for a while.
She told me then, “I’m going to roll my leg over your head and lie on my belly, so you can reach my G-spot better.” We managed that without my withdrawing from her, too. I missed very few strokes. She could see me in the mirror and watched my face and eyes as I stroked into her. I rubbed her wet clit and her breasts, and adored her beautiful face and delectable body.
She was right about that position. I knew her body well enough by then to know how to reach her G-spot from the right angle to stimulate her. She knew she was near cumming, too. Her face and little breasts reddened as it was coming on. I began slamming my prick into her, and she screamed! It seemed like we both came for minutes! We were panting for breath, and gasping out our mutual love vows. She blew a stray wisp of hair away from her face and told me, “Thank you, Love! This is so much better for me than it would have been single and suffering in silence!”
We took a shower then and enjoyed washing each others bodies. She asked me, “Could we put the other bottle of wine into the saddle bags and take the bike for a ride?” There is only one thing I like almost as much as having sex with a beautiful woman, and that is riding a Harley with a beautiful woman behind me. We dressed. Tabby was packing her .40 caliber in her shoulder holster, concealed by her vest. I had my .45 in my own shoulder holster, of course.
We took the bike off the truck and rode by the Judge’s office at the Courthouse to pick up our picture identification cards and badges. They were backdated to the day of the attack on the Moores. The Judge waived the age restrictions for Tabby, he swore us in and Tabby became the youngest investigator Escort Bayan for a Federal Judge in United States history. Judge Thomas is the most hell on wheels Judge since Judge Roy Bean! We knew Congress would probably invalidate our appointments, but the Judge and we knew the shooting would likely be over by then.
We got out into the wind for a while, and I opened our bike up. It was running perfectly, and we enjoyed the ride. We rode down to a park by the bay shore where we’d fished before and we shared more of the wine, drinking from the bottle, hugging, and kissing, while watching sailboats cruise past. “We could do that, you know.” I told her, “Sailing? We could buy a boat and spend weeks sailing up and down the coast fishing, skinny dipping, and making love at night on all of the beaches.”
“Mmm,” she said, “that sounds like fun, except for the lack of toilet facilities, which I’m going to need soon after all that wine.” I told her, “Let’s go by the ‘Ice House’, Rex and Tina may be there.” We rode to the “Ice House”, a local biker hang out. Tabby walked in the door, saw Tina, then pointed toward the “potty” and sprinted that way. Tina got up and raced Tabby to the restroom. I walked over to Rex and told him, “Aren’t you glad we don’t have to wait for another man to come along before we can go take a whiz!”
Rex laughed lazily, and told me, “Ain’t that the truth, Bro?” and shook my hand. He’d evidently noticed that about women, too. I think they must go to the restroom in pairs and flocks so they can gossip about what their men are doing. I sat in a chair next to Rex so our wives could sit next to each other.
I took a twenty dollar bill from my billfold, ordered a round for the table and found out my money wasn’t negotiable any more. It seems Tabby and I had become minor celebrities, and we already had drinks bought for us on a tab from now all the way into late next year.
Damn! This looked suspiciously to me like a conspiracy had finally figured out how to destroy my life with alcohol just when it had been looking like I might live a few more years to finish raising Tabby! I knew though, I would never choose booze over my Darling. She and her murdered parents had been near the only good things in my life for years.
While our dames were in the powder room I had a chance to brag to Rex about the groups Tabby had fired at the range with the .40 Caliber. Okay, yes, I did brag about her shooting to Tina when she and Tabby came to our table from the powder room. I knew I shouldn’t risk giving my Darling a big head, but Tabby already knew I am insanely in love with her and I’m her biggest fan.
Rex and Tina were both into weapons, too. Most of his military assignments had been as a sniper and I knew he was obsessive/compulsive about making his groups as tiny as he could out at 500 and even 1,000 yards. I still had Rex slobbering over a .30-06 Winchester Target Model 70 of mine I’d bought off the rack.
I’d found it would stack five reloads in one hole at 200 yards as quickly as I could chamber them, access the target and squeeze off a round. I’d already promised to leave it to him in my will. I don’t mind saying I am an excellent marksman with a rifle, but Rex is an artist.
What would I do now in years to come if Tabby gave me more Baby Jacks to provide weapons for? I supposed I’d have to worry about that later. I told Rex I thought we should give the girls a workout with the rifles and pistols at the range soon. I was thinking we would all enjoy it. I believed Tabby enjoyed shooting as much as her Mama Tina, Rex, and I did.
Rex asked me, “So, was this the last of them, or can you say yet?” I thought for a moment, then told him truthfully, “John Kelly, the President of the Police Officer’s Union, seems to think there’s one more, the ringleader. I’ll call John tomorrow.” Rex told me, “If there’s any way I can help you, let me know, Bro.”
We enjoyed another couple of hours of conversation and several more drinks with Tina and Rex. Then my Tabby winked, assumed an exasperated tone of voice and informed me, “Jack, you’ve been neglecting your duties as a husband!” We all laughed, knowing this should be good, and I asked her, “What is it this time, my Love, my Life, my fantastic Wife?” She told me. “It’s been hours since you’ve made passionate love to me and there are still places in our hotel suite we haven’t done it!” Rex and Tina may have split some seams in their leathers they were laughing so hard! I stood, and extended a hand to my bride. I told Rex and Tina dramatically, “Duty calls, Bro! We’ll see you two later.”
At the hotel desk Tabby stopped and picked up a city map. She told me it was so she could mark and then check off interesting geographic and architectural sites where she’d like to make love. The three long-term women in my life have called me an insatiable satyr and sworn it was impossible for them to satisfy me.
I had dated two of them at the same time, having met them on consecutive nights. I had told them both I was seeing someone else, and they had been alright with that as long as they got what they wanted. They had competed with each other, I’d take one to brunch and then home to several orgasms in my bed, we’d shower, change the sheets and they’d leave before the other woman arrived for a romantic dinner and sex late into the night.
Our relationships had worked smoothly for several years, until each had chosen to settle for something more meaningful than great sex.
I was wondering now, though, if I could keep up the pace Tabby was setting!
We walked to our elevator and I knew something was up when Tabby went to the one furthest from the lobby desk. Our suite overhead was in the other direction. She pushed a button, and we’d traveled perhaps ten feet upward when she pushed the stop button and began stripping. I’d always been quick at that, but my wife came out of her boots and britches like an eel!
She ordered me, “Just pull your pants down and lie on your back!” I assumed the position as ordered, and was quickly rewarded with my Love’s hot wet pussy descending on my cock.
We hadn’t planned this, or at least I hadn’t, but I’d supposed Tabby’s only plan was to make love in as many interesting places around the city, state, country, or world as possible. The ramifications of this could be challenging! I grabbed for her nipples and began stimulating them. She already had a hand on her clit. I asked Tabby, “Are there any rules to this game, Love?” She said, “Only that we both have to cum at least once to count as a score. Now, fuck me!”
That would make things simple. We also scored that night on a park bench down town, and standing up in a booth in the mens restroom of Police Headquarters. Early the next morning we joined the Mile High club in a commuter plane. A mischievous Stewardess, who recognized us, helped with that score by providing a blanket. We told her we’d credit her with an “Assist” in our game.
We took a time-out from our Honeymoon game to call John Kelly. He asked us to meet him at a busy bar downtown. We found him in a booth there and gave the waiter our order. “You know,” John began, “I’ve worked in the criminal justice system for thirty years and usually it works for us. Sometimes it fails us. This time it will fail us. The perp you killed and the three perps at Bob’s home worked for an underworld figure. We’ve never been able to pin anything on him, but Bob is not the first officer to investigate him who has died violently. Those three know even the witness protection program couldn’t save them if they made a deal and testified against him. He owns too many people in the government.”
Crap! This was bad news! I asked John, “So there’s no way we can touch him?” He said, “I’m saying I don’t think our criminal justice system will be able to touch him.”
John said, “There have been some strong leads circulating recently though. Oddly enough, they seem to have originated in our own Union and our fellow police fraternal organizations, that he has some strong opposition among other underworld characters. Quite naturally, if anything suspicious were to happen to him, that’s where we would concentrate our investigations.”
I found that tidbit of insider information very interesting! I asked, “Since he might still be looking for us could you give us a name so we can at least avoid him?” John pulled a card from his wallet, showed us the face of it briefly, then held it over the flame of his lighter. He dropped the remnants in his ashtray, then stirred the ashes with a finger. He shook our hands and left.
Tabby and I were guests of honor the next weekend at an all day barbecue at Judge Thomas ranch. We met our Governor and several other top ranking officials there. One of the guests told the crowd late that evening he’d heard on breaking news a top underworld figure had been shot and killed at his mountain home. Investigations were still underway, but the Media Officers in the Police Department were leaning toward the theory of its being a hunter’s stray bullet. The trajectories showed the bullet had come from a neighboring mountain far beyond even a trained sniper’s range.
Tabby Jack and I are still playing our Honeymoon Game. We have added several State Capitol Buildings and the Library of Congress to our scores, as well as a number of major sporting events. Can you say Kentucky Derby? The White House is on our list of must dos, as well as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Are any of our readers familiar with the Kremlin?
We’ve signed with an agent, who is eager to sell our book and movie, when we’ve compiled enough scores to finish writing the first of a series. Rex and Tina compete in our game, too, when she can drag him away from the shooting range and his new favorite rifle. The latest joke among our friends is one of the networks is considering producing our Honeymoon Game as a reality show!

The further adventures of Tabby Jack and Jack may be written if there is any interest.
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