Pictures of Mother Pt. 02

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So that’s how it went for the next few weeks. I would come home from school, do homework and eat. I would then shoot ‘cheesecake’ photos of my mother. I was a very happy camper!

She seemed happy too. She was depressed, I think, when dad went to jail. During the trial she had found out that it was his old girlfriend and her chums, that led him to rob that armored-car. Of course it was bungled job, a guard got killed and they were all caught and sent away for life. She never forgave him and we never had anymore contact with him.

We started doing more shoots outside at different locations. We went for walks to secluded spots and took pictures; we went to the library and took pictures; the top floor of a double-decker bus we took pictures; anywhere I could discretely photograph up her skirt or down her blouse.

She would often look to make sure the coast was clear, then whip out a titty or two for me to shoot. Once she took me into a department store dressing room with her while she tried on dresses and bras.

We had a lot of fun and we almost got caught a couple of times. In general, no one paid attention to a mother and her son with his camera.

I remember shooting a sequence of her riding a bike down a country lane one day. She had on a short skirt and stockings as usual. She rode past me showing her great legs then pretended to wobble and fall over into a patch of grass. She made a big deal of landing with her legs apart and her skirt pulled up.

As she lay like that I zoomed in on her panties. There was a clear wet spot in the middle of her crotch. That fascinated me for weeks – until the day I found out what it was – then it fascinated me for the rest of my life.

In school, I would daydream about my teachers and I seemed to have a constant hard-on. I would look at my female teachers and visualize them walking around in lingerie like my mother wore. I could not stop it. I had no interest in the girls in my class. They were too flat chested and just not appealing. Funny how things change over time.

Slowly an idea formed for ‘story-book’ that I wanted to shoot. I discussed it with mom that night. I told her I wanted to do a shoot with her dressed as a sexy teacher.

She reminded me we had already done a ‘teacher’ shoot. Sure, showing your knickers, while standing next to a globe, with a cap and gown on does get the message across, but we could do it better I told her.

I pointed out that every Saturday the school is open for sports events, but the classrooms are always deserted. We could do the shoot in a real classroom. I had some buddies in my photography class I could use as extras to make it even more realistic.

She had to think about that part, but as I explained how the story-line went and she started to nod approvingly. She said she would consider it as long as none of the guys find out she’s my mother and assuming they can keep a secret, she might do it.

The next day I got my mates together and explained I had to shoot a project and did they want to be part of it? I gave them only the barest details after they had sworn an oath of secrecy. We all agreed to meet at school Saturday. They were to wear their grubbiest school uniforms and try to looking like a bunch of hooligans.

I told mum everything was all set when I got home. She said she hadn’t agreed to do it and seemed angry with me. The look of disappointment on my face caused her to soon change her mind . She hugged me and said, “Oh OK, you naughty-boy!”

Saturday I loaded the car and we drove to school. I put my hand on her leg while she drove. She did not object, she never did. The feel of her nylons made my heart race and I continued to caress her legs with my fingers until we got to school.

She stayed in the car while I took my stuff to the classroom. I had to meet the boys and do some shots with just them first. Then I would come down and get her when ready.

The guys were all in the classroom. They looked like a bunch of yobs who should be in juvenile court. I staged some shots of them spiking the glass of water on the teacher’s desk with a powder labeled ‘Spanish Fly’. I told the boys it would have the effect of making the teacher feel drunk.

The key shots I wanted to capture were the ones of surprise erzincan escort or shock when they realize they are in for a real treat! These shots had to be genuine they could not be faked. I came up with just the plan to capture that moment.

I had all the guys wait in the next classroom except one, Antony. I told him to find a desk up front, sit down and wait while I went down and got mother from the car.

As I opened the car door she gave me a great shot of her panties and stockings getting out. She said ‘Naughty-boy” as usual when she heard my groan of appreciation.

We walked down the hall and I told her of my intent to capture the shocked look on each of the students faces. We would walk in and when I was focused on Antony’s face she was to do something to shock him – like pull out a boob.

She chuckled and said. “OK.”

We walked in to the classroom and Antony’s eye’s almost popped out of his head when he saw mum. She had on the usual cap and gown that teachers’ wore back then. A black short skirt, fully fashioned nylons (black) with black high heels and a white blouse completed he look. She looked really hot with her fake glasses and the black wig on. If they were ever to meet my mother on the street they would not recognize her as this sexpot!

Mom stood on the dias in front of the board. When she saw I was ready, she pulled her skirt up quickly and gave him a long flash of her knickers and stocking tops. I got just the shot I wanted! God bless her cotton panties!

I told him not to say anything when I called Jerry in from the classroom next door. Jerry could not keep his eyes off of mum either as he sat down at his desk. When she hiked up her skirt again, the look on his face was to-die-for!

We did the same thing with Steve and Billy it was hil-ar-i-ous, as the kids say these days. These photos would come out great and really added to the realism.

I took pictures of her drinking the spiked water and then writing on the blackboard doing teacher stuff. As she reached up high to write, her skirt rode up almost revealing her stocking tops. My friends watched intently as I took my shots of them trying to sneaking peaks under her dress. They were wide-eyed and open-mouthed in every shot.

The next scene I had mother sit at the desk on the dias. The boys were sat at their desks, right in front of hers, so they could see right up her skirt as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. The skirt somehow becoming shorter and shorter. Slowly, her knees spread and I took shots of the boys dropping their pencils on the floor, to get a better look up her skirt.

Next, she came around to the front and pretended to be really hot as she unbuttoned her blouse. She always wore bras that were a size or two too small and the effect was that her tits often looked like they couldn’t wait to spill out.

She walked up to Jerry – bent forward on his desk and let him gaze at her titties I had Antony get behind her and peer up her dress while lifting the hem of her skirt with a ruler. We did lots of shots like that, just boys being boys stuff.

Jerry tried to touch mom’s boob at one point. She slapped his hand away and told the boys there was none of that touching, looking only!

Everyone was having a good time as I set up each shot. The boys didn’t say much but did everything I asked cheerfully. Mom balked at taking her bra off for some reason but did strip down to bra and panties. So we ended the shoot with her standing in front of the blackboard in just her undies and the boys kneeling in front of her looking up like piglets waiting for a teat.

I told the guys we were done and they could go. Mom had put her stockings and shoes back on when she notice the boys had not left yet.

She looked at me, I whispered that they were probably waiting for their erections go down first! A look of sympathy/pity/guilt flashed across her face.

She grabbed a pack of tissues from her purse and walked over to the boys in her heels and stockings. She gave each of them a tissue and said she it was OK if they wanted to have a “circle-jerk” while they looked at her!

Antony took out his cock first. He beat it a few times staring at mom’s crotch and suspenders as he ejaculated. The other boys quickly erzurum escort followed his lead and then they were gone.

When we got home I went upstairs to develop the pictures. They were fantastic. They told a story and they were very sexy. I did not wank to them, instead I called Mom up to see them while they dried.

She had just opened the day’s mail and found a nice big check from the publisher. She was feeling very generous and seeing how well the pictures came out, said I deserved a special treat for doing such good work. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse took it off then unclipped her bra and removed it. There were those wonderful titties out in the open atlast!

“I know what you get up to in here. You naughty boy.” she said squeezing her them together.

“Your dad used to like these… He would often like to cum on them. He was a naughty boy like you too… Do you want to cum on mommy’s big soft tities? You can if you want.” She knelt down and presented them to me.

I nodded and pulled out my cock. She kept squeezing her boobs as she looked up at me. I rubbed my dick on them. I got a some pre-cum on her nipple and she used her finger to spread it all over said nipple.

I put my cock between those mounds of heaven and she pushed her tits together gripping it firmly as I pumped them. The feeling was ecstatic!

“Give mommy your load baby. Mommy needs her titties sprayed. Give it to me baby”

She looked down when my first load landed all over her cleavage. My next load splashed forcefully off her tits and some got on her face and in her mouth. She laughed and rubbed her spunky tits together, looking at me with my cum on her face.

Damn! Where was my camera when I needed it?

I grabbed a paper towel from the sink and wiped my spunk off of her. She smiled and called me a naughty boy again got up and kissed my forehead.

“Dinner will be ready in an hour.” She said and went downstairs.


Sunday she drove up to London to drop off the weeks production. When she came back she asked me to help unload the car. One of the boxes contained a 16mm. movie camera complete with two lenses and a manual.

The other bag contained tons of fan letters and some packages of lingerie from a few fans that wanted her to wear for them and be photographed in. One even asked her to send the underwear back and included a postal order for postage.

She read every letter and would mutter things like “Oh that’s so sweet.” or laugh out loud. One or two she crumpled up and threw in the trash with a disgusted look on her face. There was even a few marriage proposals!

I read the manual. It was a wind up mechanical camera and I soon mastered the tricky art of threading the film through the gate. There was no developing or editing gear, but there was plenty of film.

Mom was keen to shoot a movie so I came up with the idea of having mom come down the stairs to the studio wearing a light summer frock. There would be a fan at the bottom that would blow up her skirt while I filmed from below (I know it’s been done to death now but in those days it was a cool idea).

I spent an hour getting the lighting set up in the basement studio. Then I heard the clicking of heels as Mom came down the stairs. She was wearing a white frock which was patterned with big yellow flowers.

I had her stop halfway down the steps while I ran up and put the light-meter near her face and took a reading. I put the meter next to her chest and took a reading there. I then asked her to lift up her dress.

She was wearing a white garter belt with white cotton ‘granny’ panties that tightly hugged her ass. Her stockings were brown and fully fashioned with seams. As usual they were perfectly coupled to the garter belt. I put my meter near her panties and took my time getting that reading right (wink).

I turned on the fan and we ran through a rehearsal. We quickly realized we would have a hard time stretching this out for 20 minutes and keep it interesting. She had the idea of doing a costume change mid-shoot.

I cranked up the camera kneeling at the bottom of the stairs and we began. She stood at the top of the stairs smiling and looking delicious. She swished her dress around and lift her bursa escort knees giving a quick glimpse of heaven as she came down.

When she was half-way down the stairs the fan caught the edge of her dress and blew it up over her head. I zoomed in and out on her panties and stockings as she “struggled” to keep her dress down. But alas, it was futile! Her “Oopsie” expressions were priceless.

After a few more minutes of this her dress came off and she modeled for a while in her sexy, sexy underwear. Her bra was off next and she and I paid attention to her marvelous tits. She could lick her own nipples and seemed to enjoy it.

She would squeeze them and rub the nipples together. Honestly I could watch it for hours! But after a few minutes of that and off came the stockings and garter-belt.

I’ve always marveled at the way my mother removes her stockings. It is always slow and sensual like they are a part of her body she is peeling off.

Since I was shooting from the bottom of the stairs she was not keen about taking her knickers off with out showing more than she wanted. So we had decided she would turn her back and she would partially pull them down and show her ass, then we would cut while she changed to a new outfit.

That’s what we did. Smiling for the camera she turned her ass to me and bent over slowly pulling her knickers down a little too much. I zoomed in really close and realized I could see her little butt-hole, she had never let me see it before! It was so cute! It looked like a little pinkish star. I kept that in frame as she wiggled her ass and left up the stairs to get changed. Cut, end scene.

Fifteen minutes later she was back at the top of the stairs. Her new outfit was very cute too. It was a red skirt which she wore with a white T-shirt and no bra. The shirt was tight and her tits looked like they would burst through the material.

I looked closely at those glorious titties when I took a new light reading. She pulled up her skirt without me having to ask and I put my meter next to her black ‘merry-widow’ pantie-girdle and took another “careful” reading. Her stockings were now black and fully fashioned still.

As we ran through the rehearsal we had difficulty when it came time to pull off her top as she was afraid her black wig would come off. She came up with the solution herself and it was brilliant.

When we were ready to actually film I called ‘Action’ and shot another ‘masterpiece’. I had five solid minutes of shooting up her skirt again, then she pulled out a spray water-bottle and began wetting her t-shirt so that her titties became more and more visible.

She was laughing and having a good time soaking those babies… The camera really loved her, it was cinematic erotica at its best.

Then the shoot was over – much too quickly. As I have said many times, I could spend hours watching mom’s juicy tatas. But we had the twenty minutes in the ‘can’ so she went upstairs while I put things away.

I was not set up to process movie film yet, so I could not escape to the darkroom for the wank my cock was craving. I decided to go to my bedroom and rub one out. As I reached the landing my mom called from her room asking me to come in.

She was in her dressing gown, still in her make up and wig, laying on the bed. Her wiggling finger called me over to the side of her bed. When I got there she pulled my pants down and started stroking my dick. I opened her rob. She was naked, I could see her neatly trimmed bush and her magnificent tits.

She could see me looking at her pussy. I reached out to touch it, I wanted to explore her to see what the mystery was down there. She grabbed my hand before it made it to its destination.

“That’s out of bounds to you.” She said softly. Then pulled my hand to her breasts. I was pleased to settle for that option.

She rolled towards me and took my manhood in her mouth. This was something new to me. Who knew a dick could go into someone’s mouth? My ignorance of sex was beyond belief, but I was getting a grand education!

Her tongue was flicking the tip of my cock while one hand cupped my grapes. I was squeezing her breasts while I concentrated on watching her pretty, pretty face suck me off. I managed to hold off a few minutes, fully entranced by mom’s skilled mouth, but all good things must end, I exploded quickly down the back of her throat.

She choked it all down and then licked her lips. Looking up at me she smiled and said “Damn baby! That was good. Mommy could get to like this.”

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