An Evening with the Webcam Ch. 04

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I hung there, in a dreamless sleep, beyond awareness or reason. Slowly, the faintest perceptions began to seep into the formless void…a sense of coolness, and barely, at the periphery of consciousness, a stirring, and a subtle feeling of need. Then, a rhythm, my hips moving of their own accord, and a feeling, building…

…and suddenly, I snapped awake, confused and disoriented. I was blind; something covered my eyes, blocking vision. I could feel a heavy presence over me; blunt fingers pressed between my legs, probing. I cried out in sudden panic, and tried to push the hand away, but my wrists were bound together, making me clumsy and ineffective. I tried to twist away, but my feet were held together…

A hand clamped roughly over my mouth, pressing me down into the bed and cutting me off in mid-scream. The fingers shoved tight in the space between my legs moved faster, and it was already too late; I’d been too close before I woke, and my hips writhed upward to meet them even as I struggled and fought to escape. Then the orgasm was on me, unstoppable, and I writhed and shook and sobbed, fear and ecstasy twining together, and screamed around the hand pressed over my mouth.

Laughter, as the hands over my mouth and between my legs were withdrawn. “You really are a delightful slut, aren’t you? You’re always ready, even in your sleep!”

I lay panting, naked and covered in a sheen of sweat, my wrists and ankles cuffed together, eyes blindfolded. “Damnit, Jason! You scared the bejeezus out of me!” My heart pounded so fiercely I could scarcely think. I reached up to the blindfold, and jumped as his hands caught mine.

“Nope, you’re not taking that off just yet.”

I sat up and pulled the sheet around me, feeling exposed.

“Oh, no, you don’t.” Strong hands pulled the sheet away. “I like your body too much to let you cover it up.” Fingers stroked my left breast, and I jumped in surprise and pulled away.

Another laugh. “Besides, I think we’re a little past the point of shyness in our relationship, don’t you? I mean, considering that hot kinky sex and all.” His fingers caressed my breasts, surprisingly gentle. I drew my knees up toward my body and shrank back against the cool wall behind me, its texture slightly rough on my skin.

His hands, warm and soft, fell to my knees and gently coaxed them apart. Fingernails traced lightly over my inner thigh; I shuddered at the sensation and felt goosebumps rise. Then fingertips on my breasts again, lightly describing patterns in my skin. I moaned softly in spite of myself, and felt my resentment at the rude awakening start to slip.

“So are these true?”


“What you’ve written on your body. ‘Cock sucker.’ ‘Come slut.'” His fingers were a gentle caress as they traced the letters drawn in black marker on my skin. “‘I swallow.’ Do you?”

“I was…” I drew up tighter against the wall. “I was told to write those things on myself.”

“That isn’t what I asked. I asked if they were true. Are they? Do you?”

“Yes,” I said, my voice small. I felt suddenly self-conscious and vulnerable, and drew my knees together again.

“Yes to what? Yes you swallow, or yes the things you wrote all over yourself are true?”

“Yes to…” I stammered, throat dry. “Yes to both.” I flushed beneath the blindfold, and I was suddenly glad it hid part of my face from him.

“Kneel.” The word was halfway between a request and a command.


“Kneel!” This time, there was an edge to it, that tone of authority that always, whenever I hear it, slips past my defenses and goes right to the heart of where I live. Oh, I thought, even as I moved reflexively to comply, he’s learning fast…

His hands caressed my hair and slid down over my bare shoulders as I knelt bound and blindfolded on the bed in front of him. His touch was soft and sensual, a contrast to his commanding voice.

“Good. I’m glad to hear that,” he said. “I have something for you, something I think you might like.” He took my hands in his, and spread my fingers open. Then he drew my hands up, wrists held close together by the carabiners linking the leather cuffs I wore, and wrapped my fingers around his erect shaft.

I shuddered and drew in my breath. He was very hard; his erection jutted out at a sharp angle from his body, so close to my face, swarm and silky under my fingers. “So, you say it’s true that you’re a cocksucker. Would you like this in your mouth?”

I nodded, wordlessly, and licked my lips involuntarily. A part of me cringed at the obviousness of the gesture.

“Convince me.”


“Convince me. I want you to convince me that you want my cock in your mouth. Beg for it. Tell me what you are, and tell me how badly you want it.”

“But I…”

“Shhh.” His finger over my lips, softly. “Not another word out of you unless it’s to persuade me that you’re a come slut, and you want my cock in your mouth.” His fingers stroked lightly, one fingertip slightly parting my lips. “And, you know, I’ve heard that women Pendik Öğrenci Escort don’t really enjoy sucking cock, so I might be difficult to convince.”

“I…” I swallowed nervously, feeling awkward and vulnerable and slightly uncomfortable. I remembered viscerally the way it had felt, when he’d first taken me, to have him in my mouth, how different he was from Robert, how much it had turned me on… My stomach did little nervous flip-flops, and I felt something wet drip from between my legs. I remembered, too, that I had wanted to taste him, I had wanted to bring him to pleasure with my mouth, and that I had actually been disappointed when it hadn’t happened.

I ran my fingers blindly over the length of his shaft, feeling the soft warm skin, the thickness and rigidity. “I want to suck your cock.”

“That’s not very convincing. You didn’t even say ‘please.'”

“Please!” My voice quavered, and my skin felt hot. “Please, I want to suck your cock.” My cheeks glowed redly.

“If that’s the best you can do, we’re going to be here for a while. I want you to make me believe it.”

“I…” I took a deep breath and shuddered. “I want to suck your cock. I need to suck your cock. You’re driving me crazy!” I curled my fingers tighter around his shaft, and felt the craving begin to grow for real. “I want this in my mouth. I want to draw it in until I feel your head at the back of my throat. I want to feel my mouth open when I take it in. I want to feel my lips stretch around it. I want to take it all until it completely fills my mouth. I want to savor it slowly and slide my slippery wet tongue over it and cherish it and oh, God…” I shuddered again, at the words spilling from my lips, and at the longing and craving they ignited.

I slid my hands up further, until my fingers caressed the bulbous head of his erection. They found a drop of wet slick, and I whimpered with sudden need. I clenched and felt more wetness between my legs. My nipples, still sore from the clothespins during the evening’s show, came painfully erect. “Please! Please let me suck your cock! I need a cock in my mouth, I’ll do anything you say! Please, I’m such a come slut, my mouth needs to be filled with warm sweet come! I want to taste it, I want to feel it sliding down my throat I want you to fill my mouth with it, please!” The words poured out of me, and took on a life of their own, undeniable and irrevocable as they fled from my lips and hung in the air between us.

“Anything I say, hmm? I’ll hold you to that, you know. But I’m still not convinced.”

My heart skipped a beat. A tiny part of my mind wondered if I’d made a mistake with my offer; the larger part, the part consumed by hunger, didn’t care.

“Please, please, please,” I begged, desperate, the words nearly sobs. “Come in my mouth, I am such a filthy come starved whore, I need a hard cock spurting in my mouth, please! I’ll be a good girl, I’ll swallow it all, I promise! Fuck my mouth, use it, it feels so good! I love sucking cock, please…” I slid my hands down the length of his cock and back up again, and ran my fingers over the knob of his head. I heard a sharp intake of breath, and felt more wet slickness flow around my fingers and drip down my wrists. I whimpered and moaned, and a sudden powerful contraction between my legs nearly made me come.

“Please, please use my mouth! I am a cocksucking come slut, my mouth needs a cock in it, that’s what it’s there for, please use it! Shove your cock in my mouth, let me taste your sweetness. I am a dirty, come-swallowing fuck toy, and I need my mouth to be stuffed with cock and filled with cream. Please!” I was surprised at how genuine the need had become, how quickly the begging had taken me over. Somehow, the knowledge that this turned him on, that he was aroused seeing me consumed with need, made the need real. “God, I want your come in my mouth, I want to swallow every drop and come back for more. Please!”

His hand touched my cheek, swept my hair backwards. “Hands and knees.”

I obeyed instantly; my fingers released his cock, and I knelt on my hands and knees on the bed in front of him, straining forward, mouth open.

A warm drop, a sensation of wetness on my lips. I moved to take his cock in my mouth, and he stepped away, laughing. “Oh, my God, you should see yourself right now. You really want it, don’t you?”

“Yes!” The word was an explosion of frustration and need. He had, in a very short time, stoked my desire into white heat, and a sudden, terrible bolt of fear shot through me at the thought that he might leave me like this, without giving me what I wanted…

“Stay still. Don’t move until I tell you.” Warmth and slick wetness, as he brushed the head of his cock on my lips. I whimpered and trembled, fighting to remain still.

He drew away. “Lick your lips.”

I did as I was told, my tongue sampling the salty wetness he’d left there. Instantly, the craving doubled; the small taste made me want more, much more, spurting in my mouth, running down my throat…

“Is Pendik Çıtır Escort that what you need?”

“Oh, my God, yes!” I whimpered, words driven by the real fear that he might work me up this way and leave me hanging. “I want your come, I want you to flood my mou-“

My words were cut off abruptly by his cock. He thrust his shaft, rigid and demanding, past my lips and deep into my mouth, and I thrust forward eagerly to receive it. My pussy twitched and spasmed, and warm wetness dripped down my thigh. I moaned around it as it filled my mouth, and moved my head quickly, sucking hard.

“Slowly! Savor it.” The commanding tone was back.

I moved back, letting the hard shaft slip slowly from between my lips until only the very tip of the head rested lightly on my bottom lip. I remained poised there for a long minute, and the small still part of my brain wondered what a sight I was, on my hands and knees, blindfolded, wrists and ankles bound, breasts dangling, naked body glossy with sweat, lips barely parted by the head of this cock…

Then, slowly, I began to move. The world around me contracted to he one point of contact between his body and mine, and that contact consumed my focus; I felt the way my lips parted and stretched around him as I drew him in, tasted the thick drop of wet that rolled from the end, felt my jaw move and my mouth open wider to accommodate him as he slid over my tongue, felt the blunt round head pushing against the back of my mouth. I moaned and whimpered and sighed and made wet slurping sounds as I sucked, increasing my pace gradually, touching him only with lips and mouth and tongue, wishing for more, for strong hands on the back of my head demanding pleasure from me, like the way he’d first taken me.

He moaned. “I’m going to come. I’m going to give you what you need…oh!” He tensed and shook and the penis twitched in my mouth, and then he was screaming, and I felt jet after jet of warm thick goo, gushing, filling my mouth, exactly what I needed. I gulped and swallowed greedily, a desperate and needy come slut, wanting him to see the truth of the things written on my body.

And then it was over, and his softening flesh slipped from my mouth. I felt the mattress shift as he sat beside me, and I turned and reached for the blindfold again.

“Don’t.” His hands caught mine, preventing the motion. I sat up, on the bed, close enough to him to feel the heat from his body, and felt his hands on my breasts again. “So I see it is true. Do you always swallow?”

I flushed, face hot. “Yes.”

“Hmm. That’s a pity.”


A chuckle. “Well, what fun is that? I like to see it, you know? I’d like to watch it drip out of your mouth and run down your chin and splash on your breasts. I like the idea of seeing you messy and dirty. When I saw what you did with all that KY when you woke up this morning, how messy you made yourself, I almost lost it right there!”

I flushed hotter. “You…were watching this morning?”

“After the night before? Are you kidding? I logged on to your server first thing when I woke up and haven’t logged out since. Those little shows you’ve been putting on…man! I’ve never seen a woman get into her body the way you do. So how’d he do it, anyway?”

“How did who do what?”

“Rob. How’d he get you to agree to do whatever he told you to do?”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “You have no idea… What made you think it was his idea?”

What? No, you mean-“

“Oh, yes. This…arrangement of ours was my doing, not his. I have some…um, unusual turn-ons, and-“

“I’d noticed. But okay, I’ll bite. Like what?”

“Like…” I stammered, feeling suddenly awkward. This is silly, I thought, you’ve shared your body with this man, you should be able to talk about it… “Like, I…um, it turns me on to be told what to do. And, I like-showing off. I like having someone watch me do things to myself, especially…” I whimpered and drew my arms close. “Especially if I know he wants me. And I like when…I, um…it’s kind of hard to explain, but I like when I’m embarrassed. Like, when someone I’m having sex with calls me dirty names, or…”

“Or makes you beg for it?”

Rising heat touched my face and ears. “Yes.”

“So tell me something. I’m curious.”


“Would you ever have fucked me if Rob hadn’t told you that you had to?”

I thought about it for a minute. “You sure you want an answer?”

“Tell me.”


He laughed. “You know, this might sound a little weird, but that kinda turns me on. I like knowing that the only reason you let me fuck you is that you were ordered to. That’s really hot!” The bed shifted as he rose. He lifted my hands by the carabiner linking the cuffs together. “C’mon, time to get up!”

“What? What time is it?”

“Morning! I wanted to let you get some sleep last night, so I woke up early and came over. Your alarm clock was set to go off five minutes ago. Now, c’mon, out of bed and into the shower!”

He Pendik Elit Escort urged me to my feet and led me blindly from the bedroom. I hobbled behind him into the bathroom, and he lifted me into the shower stall and hoisted my arms above my head. I heard water running; a warm spray blasted over me, and I realized he’d bound my wrists to the showerhead.

I yelped in surprise and tried to twist away. Strong hands grabbed my sides and held me under the flow of water. “No, quit squirming, we’ve got to get you clean!” He turned me this way and that under the shower. When he was satisfied, his hands left me, and the water slowed to a tiny trickle. I heard him moving behind me. “This your body wash? Rob doesn’t use it?”

“Yes, it is, and no, he doesn’t. Why?”

“Oh, no reason.” I heard more motion, then suddenly, his body was pressed against me from behind. I felt him hard in the cleft of my ass, and the sensation sucked my breath away; I squirmed against him in spite of myself.

Then his arms reached around me, and I felt the slight coarseness of my bath sponge on my neck and shoulders and breasts. He lathered me, working his way down, and I felt the warm sudsy water spilling down my body. I felt a stirring, arousal coming to life within me, and writhed against him, enjoying the heat of his body pressed against me , the feel of his arms wrapped around me, my own helplessness. The rough sponge moved lower, over my nipples, and I gasped and pressed tighter against him.

“This marker you wrote on yourself with doesn’t come off easily, does it?” He scrubbed harder, almost painfully, over my breasts, and I cried out and squirmed against him. His hand slid around the side of my breast. “You have a little tiny bruise, right here.” His thumb pressed into a sensitive part of my breasts, and I yelped. “You must have done that last night when you were squeezing your breasts.”

The sponge moved lower, and ground hard against the soft skin of my belly. I felt the lather cascade over my mound and down my legs. “Hold still!” he said, as his hand tightened on my breast, and pinned me more firmly against his body. “You’re awfully squirmy.”

He bathed me that way, his body pressed against me, reaching around and soaping me up with the sponge. I felt roughness on my inner thighs as he worked to scrub me clean; then felt him kneel behind me as he worked his way down my legs to my feet.

When he’d finished, he rose and turned me around by my shoulders. He slid his arms around me, drawing my body tightly to his, and began lathering my back with the sponge. He traveled down my back, slowly, inexorably, and soon I was whimpering and grinding my hips against his. I could feel the hardness there, and raised myself onto my tiptoes to lower myself on it…

“No.” He stepped away and reached over my head, and the warm blast from the shower washed over me. I cried out in surprise, and he held me firmly as he rinsed me off. It felt sensual, but at the same time impersonal, as if he were cleaning a prized possession.

When he was finished, he unhooked me from the showerhead and lowered my arms, leaving my wrists bound together. My shoulders ached from the way I’d been tied, and I held my arms tightly against my body.

“Rob’s coming into town today, right?”

“Very late tonight. Tomorrow morning, technically.”

“And will I still get to fuck you after that?”

“I-” I had no idea; I hadn’t really thought that far. “I don’t know. Up to him, I guess.”

He took my hands in his, and guided them between his legs. “I think I’ll give you a little something before I go. Oh, and we still have to discuss your end of the bargain…”

“What bargain?”

“Well, seems to me that you said if I gave you what you wanted, you’d do anything I say. And I think I gave you what you wanted, so…” His hands slid down to my ass, pulled me close against him. He was rigid between my fingers, his erection straining against me.

“What is it you want?”

“Another show,” he said, and laughed. “Tonight. When you get home from work. I love watching you. This time, you’ll put on a show just for me, nobody else watching.” His hips pressed forward, and I felt his shaft sliding through my fingers. “Only I’m not going to tell you what to do. I want you to do whatever you like.”

“But I…”

“No buts. Now kneel.” His hand slipped up my back, caressed my neck, then wrapped in my wet hair. He pulled, not gently, forcing my head back, and pushed me down to my knees in the shower stall. My heart fluttered. “Here.” A bar of soap was thrust between my fingers. “Soap your hands.”

I turned the bar of soap awkwardly, the cuffs constraining my motions. When I was sufficiently soapy, he pulled the bar of soap away from me, and placed my hands between his legs once again. “Make me come.”

I curled my hands tightly around the rigid shaft and stroked. His breathing intensified; I heard him sigh as I squeezed tighter. I gripped him firmly in both hands, working my way from the head of his cock to the base of his shaft, over and over again.

It didn’t take long. I felt him move, felt him reach for something, then he brought his hands near mine and he shook and gasped and twitched in my grasp. He reached down and pulled my blindfold off in a single motion, and I realized what he was doing…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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