I Always Knew Such Things Were Wrong

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Of course I always knew such things were wrong, in both a moral and a legal sense, strange then that neither of these factors managed to stop me. I had thought, or perhaps the correct term would be fantasised, about just this sort of thing for a long time indeed. It took two major changes in my life however to see the fantasy realised. Whether that is a good thing or not I shall let you be the judge. The end result of this escapade is the lifestyle I enjoy today and may it never be otherwise.

The first thing that took me a step toward my dream was when I finally got together with the girl who is now my fiancée, although of course I didn’t know this would be the start of things at the time. Her name was Marnie; we had known each other at high school but never really got it together. Strange really but at the time my friends had all said she wasn’t really my type. As it turned out she was exactly my type. We finally got together when I came back from University, I bumped into her in the pub one night and it all went from there. I suppose I ought to start by describing her, although I could well be biased. Marnie is about five-foot eight inches, not greatly tall but tall enough to make her slender legs seem even more beautifully long and shapely. Some might call her figure skinny and she is certainly slender, but I think skinny makes her body sound too bony, which it certainly isn’t. She has a very slender frame that much is true enough, yet curvy enough at the hips and narrow enough at the waist to make her very feminine. I must admit I have always had a thing about dark haired women with pale skin and Marnie is my ideal. Her skin has the colour of cream and looks just as silky to the touch. She must be one of those people who just do not tan whatsoever since the slightest touch of sun burns her. Not so good for her perhaps but I love it, there is nothing as sexy as a pretty, dark haired girl with pale skin is. Marnie was then and is now my ideal, in many more ways than simply her looks.

The early days of our relationship passed much as these things do when a relationship is just beginning. We were obsessed with each other and spent as much time as we could in bed together. Of course this never lasts forever and after a few months our sex life became a little bit predictable. This didn’t mean that we had grown apart though, as often happens after the initial rush wears off, but more that we both searched for adventure in sex. Recapturing the passion of those first encounters is always an ideal but we saw no reason why we couldn’t maintain this passion with a little experimentation. Like most blokes I, of course, was all for this. I suppose at the time I was hoping Marnie was thinking about experimenting with another woman, I was wrong but she did eventually get around to that almost a year later. We began with what now seem to be fairly mundane things, dressing up, a little bit of role-playing, a bit of mild bondage, that sort of thing. All, of course, within the privacy of our own home. We watched countless movies to get each other off and made love just about everywhere in the house, garage, and car. I suppose the beginning of the more adventurous stuff was when we decided to drive places and make love either in the car or simply outside. The thrill of knowing we might be discovered became electric and gradually we pushed it further and further. We made love in the park, not quite in view but not quite out of sight, in car parks with people passing and so on. The real turning point came on one particular adventure. Marnie knew nothing about it until she got home from work one summer afternoon. She was 19 then and worked for an insurance company. I had simply left her a note, telling her to wear what was on the chair and to meet me by the side of the lake at the old gravel pits. We had both been there before and had sex under the sun by the lake but this time I was planning to take her a little further.

I could have met her where I said but impatience got the better of me and I moved to hide in the woods leading up to the lake so I could watch her approach. I left a bag of bits and bobs down by the lake itself, hoping no one would pinch it. All I took was the video camera and some cigs. I was so wound up with anticipation it seemed to take ages for her to come into view but it was only about an hour. I was delighted when I saw her walk carefully into the eaves of the wood, picking her way hesitantly and casting nervous glances around. I started the camera rolling and zoomed in on her. She was wearing exactly what I had laid out for her; even I have to admit that wasn’t much. She had on her black block heeled, sandal style shoes. These were amazing; they gave her about another three inches or so of height and because of the heel made her walk in a very precise dainty way. They also had the effect of seeming to tighten the muscles of her lower legs, which made them look even shapelier. Her legs themselves were clad in her opaque white, lace top stockings, and the hold up variety, which I find far sexier than the garter belt type for some reason. Her panties were matching, and the sort that ride high in a shapely V, to a small apex at her crotch. They were gossamer thin, both in the amount they covered and in the fabric itself. She had a matching bra for this set but I had chosen her one of her white, lacy Gypsy Bra’s. This one pushed her creamy looking breasts together bebek escort and upward. Marnie wasn’t ample chested, wearing a 32B, but she had the most wonderfully firm and pert breasts that were really only done justice by a bra with a bit of enhancement. I could tell she was wearing this underwear simply because the dress she wore over them was almost totally see through. The dress had two tiny straps and plunged to a low crescent giving a wonderful view of the tops of her breasts. The hem stopped at about the same level, as her stocking tops and the rest of it was transparent. The dress was really designed as nightwear since it was just chiffon-like black gauze. The white of her underwear showed through perfectly, just like I had hoped. Not only that but it obviously made her very self-conscious which was delightful. She picked her way carefully along the path and although she had her shades on I could see she kept flicking nervous glances into the forest and up the path in case someone was around. I just sat in hiding and let the camera follow her; she was radiant in the afternoon sunshine. The blue sky and the warm light of the sun only seemed to make her seem more pale and exotic almost.

Marnie had almost made it to the comparative sanctuary of the little path that lead down to the lake when I spotted the man coming along the path in the opposite direction, walking his dog it seemed. My heart leapt and I quickly panned back to Marnie to see if she had noticed him as well. She hadn’t slowed her pace and seemed to be engaged in picking her way rather daintily over the loose roots that sprung up here and there along the path. I couldn’t resist being amused; maybe she hadn’t seen him. It wouldn’t be long before she was too close to hide herself without being obvious. It was strange but the very thought sent little shivers of excitement and arousal through me, I continued to watch transfixed. It seemed like an age before Marnie looked up from her feet, surely the man must have seen her by now but he made no variation to his walk. When she finally looked up and saw him coming towards her I almost found myself holding my breath, she gave a momentary pause, a little wobble in her pace that betrayed her nerves. I saw her cast furtive glances around her, whether she was looking for a hiding spot or not I couldn’t tell but after a moment she steadied herself and carried on. I couldn’t believe it, she kept her eyes on the ground in front of her and straightened her back, almost proudly. Her pace slowed and her steps became more calculated, with her back straight and her arms seeming to flutter prettily as she picked her steps. She became if anything more dainty, incredibly feminine, her breasts appearing to thrust proudly forward and bounce slightly with each careful footfall.. There was no doubt the man had seen her as I panned the view toward him, he had slowed his pace a good bit more than she had and seemed to be trying to affect a casual, nonchalant stroll. His dog careened around in the trees far off to the right but he paid no attention, his eyes were fixed on her, as I zoomed I could see them travelling, wide eyed up, and down her body. He was trying not to be obvious but failing miserably. He was in probably his late forties, fairly tall with a bit of a paunch and sweating a little under the afternoon heat. The two continued to draw inexorably closer to each other, enough now that when I zoomed out I could catch them both in shot. My beautiful Marnie, leaving precious little to the imagination and this total stranger, I have to say I was getting a real thrill out of watching her like this, my dick was as hard as iron at the sight of this bloke leering at her scantily clad body. She was on view for all to see, his eyes travelled the length of her stockinged legs, right up to the sensual V of her panties, they roved over her taught stomach and the swell of her pert little breasts cradled perfectly in that bra. Eventually as they drew close his gaze levelled on her face, seeking her eyes beneath her shades. I distinctly heard him say; ” nice afternoon miss” to which I stifled a chuckle. Marnie was a picture, she kept her eyes fixed to the floor but although her head was bowed I could see colour come to her cheeks as she walked past him, obviously not daring to reply. He simply smiled and carried on, turning as he passed to watch her from behind, surely that must arouse him, I found myself thinking, it certainly was me as I let the camera travel over the barely covered globes of her soft white ass. The way she swung her hips because of her small steps was such a turn on. I found myself wondering if he would just fuck her, out here in the woods, if he had the chance of course. I wondered if he was thinking exactly that, maybe he was hoping he’d see her again, only this time he wouldn’t let her just walk past. It was a dangerous thought simply because it could very well be true, Marnie could be in real danger of just that, even now. It excited me to think about it though, regardless of the fact that the reality would be horrible.

It wasn’t much after that before Marnie arrived at the pre-planned location. I, of course, wasn’t there which obviously made her a little edgy. There was a small stretch of grass covered ground at the edge of the lake here, just at the edge of the wood. It was only about five-foot or so between the edge of the trees and mecidiyeköy escort the lake and about twelve-foot in length but it suited us last time. Marnie walked out onto the grass, expecting to find me waiting, when she didn’t she instantly became nervous, I could see it in the way she shuffled her heeled feet and cast her gaze around the lakeside. I smiled, I’d be nervous too if I was her, after all there could be someone following her, that man could have followed at a distance, planning an ambush. She did lead him on after all, given her style of dress. She began to grow impatient as I secretly filmed her from a little hiding place further around the lake but I let myself indulge in a few minutes of footage, just to set the seen. She was of course quite relieved to see me and immediately began to tell me about the man on the path, she seemed both slightly afraid and a bit excited by the experience which made me smile. Marnie of course chided me on the dangers of walking in the woods alone and virtually naked. I laughed at that, she was hardly anywhere close to virtually naked. When she complained about the clothing I had picked I simply told her she didn’t have to come if she felt too embarassed, my tone deliberately mocking. She bristled at that, just as I had hoped, and said she wasn’t really afraid of a little game. I told her that was a good thing since if she wanted we could play another one. Marnie smiled one of her wonderful, mischievous little grins and murmured assent. I told her she had to trust me on this one and if she wasn’t comfortable with what I was doing to simply tell me that was enough. She seemed a little worried at that but covered it quickly with a coy smile, asking what on earth I had in mind. I chuckled and told her she’d see. With that I began, I had stashed my kit behind a nearby tree and with Marnie watching rather anxiously I thought, I retrieved it and took the black hair band from it, my impromptu blindfold. Marnie smiled when she saw it and questioned what I was up to, I simply laughed and told her to relax, if she didn’t want me to all she had to do was say. She lowered her head rather coyly and said it was ok, putting her hands behind her back and giggling shyly. I walked calmly around behind her and slipped it over her eyes, it wasn’t very tight but I knew you couldn’t see through it at all. I tucked her gorgeous curly dark hair out of the way and put it in a loose pony tail, I left a few long curls hanging loose around her face simply because she looked great with a few curls framing her pretty little face. For some reason she shivered a little as my fingers brushed her soft, pale neck so I paused to give her a gentle kiss at the nape of her neck. She murmured and shivered again at the gentle touch of my lips, merciless as I am I seized the opportunity of her relaxing a little to draw her slowly backwards toward the eaves of the wood. She didn’t protest as I guided her slowly, landing soft caresses with my lips on her slender neck. I only led her a few steps, so she was level with the edge of the wood, then I left her for a moment to return to my kit bag. Trying desperately hard not to give away what I was removing I took out the four leather cuffs and their accompanying lengths of thin white rope. It took me a minute or so to tie the lengths of rope through the eyelets that were attached to the cuffs and Marnie tried to quiz me on what I was up to. I of course remained carefully silent, placating her as much as I could. Trying my best to hurry I then loosely tied the ends of the rope lengths around two tree trunks, so that there were two cuffs on either side of her. I left the knots around the tree trunks as simple slip knots for now, I would have to tighten them in a minute but I needed to line them up with her ankles and wrists first. Marnie knew sort of what I was up to as soon as I took her right arm and stretched it out sideways toward the tree trunk. She couldn’t touch the tree but probably guessed what I was doing. She knew for certain when I wrapped the leather cuff around her wrist and buckled it closed. As I did the same with her left wrist at the other side she chuckled and commented that she hoped I wasn’t just going to leave her here like this. I buckled the left cuff closed and told her there was no way I was going to miss out on seeing her all bound and helpless. She giggled at that and I moved down to her ankles, applying the cuffs to both and tightening the ropes around the tree trunks. I tightened the knots that held her wrists so her bare arms were stretched out to either side and raised in a low V shape. With her ankles I simply tightened the ropes to force her to open her legs until I had her tied spread-eagle fashion, her feet about three foot apart. Marnie , of course protested half-heartedly but I ignored her and set the camera up on it’s tripod just by the edge of the water. I let a little bit of footage run just to catch on record the sight of her tied to the trees, almost naked except for the few scraps of underwear I had allowed her. That was the next thing I had to take care of, after all where was the excitement in letting her keep her modesty covered. Since she was helpless to resist I might as well strip her right here, out in the open and unable to hide. There was only one way I could do this and it meant ruining her clothes but I thought it would be worth it. I took the scissors from my bag and moved florya escort right up in front of her, close enough to touch yet not making contact. Just close enough that she could sense me near her and I could smell the warmth of her soft perfumed skin. She had a clean, crisp almost melon like smile to her, a faint tang of fruit mixed with the freshness of summer grass. I breathed her scent in deeply and slid the cold metal of the scissors under the straps of both her lacy white bra and the thin cord of the gauze like dress. With a quick snip they were cut through, I cut the other side too, ignoring Marnie’s protests about both her clothes being ruined and her current predicament. I said nothing to her concerns about someone seeing her but instead just kissed her softly, letting my tongue caress the shape of her perfect, deep crimson lips. Marnie murmured rather prettily and I seized the opportunity to slide the scissors down between us. Trailing them over the thin fabric of her dress so she could feel their coldness I brought them to a halt at the dress’s hem and cut upwards. The dress parted easily, the scissors only needed to glide up it until with a clip they parted the neckline and opened the dress completely. I took a step back from her then, pulling the rent fabric away as I moved. With a faint whisper it was gone, I ditched it unceremoniously on the ground and moved around behind her, slowly and deliberately. As I came up behind her, again touching her softly by trailing a fingernail up her spine to the strap of her bra, I could see her breathing had quickened. She was nervous now and a little excited by what I was doing. I whispered and asked her if she thought anyone was watching. With a little breathless catch in her voice she said she didn’t know and was anyone watching? I laughed but told her no, sorry to disappoint her. Since I just happened to have my hand at the clasp of her bra I slipped it undone, since I had cut the straps it fell away from her straight away and I just let it fall to the ground at her feet. Marnie again muttered an exclamation and struggled a little against the ropes that held her arms. I didn’t bother replying but instead slid the scissors under the thin line of fabric at the side of her panties, where it crested her hip. I had cut it before she had time to say anything so I simply cut the other side while she was in the midst of saying she wasn’t sure about this now. I had to laugh, her concern was almost pitiful. She whined somewhat about being seen naked and I thought the game was probably up, she was going to call it off. That was when I spotted the young lad walking his bicycle around the edge of the lake in roughly our direction. I was still behind Marnie of course so he probably couldn’t see me, but I knew that if he looked this way he would certainly see Marnie in all her bound and now naked, apart from her stockings and shoes, glory. All of a sudden the idea hit me, I knew immediately this was probably taking things too far but I was far too aroused by the idea to stop. I whispered to Marnie that I had to pee, she reacted with horror to being left here tied and naked but I told her no-one was around and I wouldn’t go far. Without waiting for a reply I quickly made my way off in the woods, heading around to where this lad was going. Within a couple of minutes I was walking on the path towards him, he ignored me studiously and didn’t appear to have even noticed Marnie. She was tied spread-eagled and naked apart from her white lacy stockings only a hundred-foot or so from where he was walking. I couldn’t understand how he hadn’t seen her, oh well, his loss. As I drew nearer I coughed and said excuse me to catch his attention, he looked up with a puzzled expression. I quickly asked him if he could help me with a film I was making. His puzzlement seemed to deepen. I told him I was making a film of my girlfriend and motioned for him to look towards Marnie. My heart was racing as he turned his gaze in her direction for the first time. His face was a picture of astonishment as he became riveted by the vision of her naked form in the afternoon sun. Since he didn’t seem inclined to run or anything, in fact he seemed unable to tear his eyes away from her, I explained further. I told him that she had a fantasy that she wanted to put on film for all time. He was listening but kept flicking his eyes back to her figure. I continued that she wanted to act out a sort of bondage fantasy where she was helpless to resist as a total stranger made love to her. The lad didn’t quite no what to say so I ploughed ahead, I said that we had planned to have someone we knew surprise her but that they had just phoned to say they couldn’t make it. Since I didn’t want to disappoint her after all this effort he would be doing us a great favour by filling in for our friend. At first he didn’t seem to be able to grasp the fact that I really wanted him to make love to my girlfriend right here and now but I continued to reiterate and to my surprise he agreed. I had to convince him this wasn’t some sort of Beadle wind up or candid camera but after he was satisfied of that he simply said, ” Sure, she is hot, I’d love to do her”. I smiled and thanked him sincerely; “one thing though”, I said, ” you mustn’t speak to her or me, she doesn’t know it’s not one of our friends and she might chicken out if she thinks it really is a total stranger. I don’t want her to know until she sees the video, I’ll send you a copy if you want?” He said that was no problem and he’d love a copy. I told him it would be good if he would allow me to direct him somewhat, just so the film turned out good. That also was no problem according to him so we set off for my helpless victim.

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