I Love You Ch. 04

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Jezebel sat on the floor, frustrated beyond reason. Yes, she knew what she had done was horrible, she wasn’t using her better judgment; she had been going off her temper and her own fears. But there was no way in hell he could just chain her to the floor locked in a room. This was insanity and he was a fucking madman! She needed to talk to him, she needed to explain why she had tried to do what she had done, she knew there was no excuse, but she was riddled with guilt and needed to talk to him.

Above all she knew how his twisted mind worked. She would approach this situation reasonably and rationally. On a normal day his sanity was questionable, but now she was sure he had gone over the deep end!

Ludvine carefully unlocked the door, peeping into the room. The minute the door opened Jezebel was up and ready to fight. She looked up to see a small, very petite golden haired girl back into the room with a tray of food.

“Where’s Jake?” she asked.

“I brought you some food.” she smiled but Jezebel noticed it didn’t reach her eyes. Matter of fact, those eyes right now were looking Jezebel up and down.

“Who the hell are you?” she started than quickly calmed herself, “No, you know what, I don’t care who you are, where is Jake?” she was ready to throttle Jake Stone.

“I will be back to get your tray in a hour.” she applied her false smile again, still looking at Jezebel like she knew a secret as she quickly walked back out.

“Hey come back here!” she yelled, “You better tell Jake to get his ass up here NOW!” she fumed walking over and kicking the tray.


An hour later, Ludvine managed to pick up the tray and get out of the room quickly without Jezebel asking too many questions.

“Miss Rose refused to touch her food.” Ludvine reported to Jake like a dutiful servant, “Should I-“

“No, she’s just being stubborn.” he cut her off, not even bothering to look up from his paper work.

“Also, she is demanding to speak to you.”

“Is she.” he said not the least bit surprised.

“What should I tell her?”

“Nothing.” he replied. He didn’t answer to Jezebel Rose and he never would.


Jake paced the floor of his office, back and forth trying to force the thought of Jezebel from his mind. He found himself going to the front door, needing to get out; than just as quickly he found himself half way up the stairs to her room. He shook his head trying to spark his rationality. His attraction to her was more than he could handle and having her this close was just too much for him! He walked out into the kitchen, ready to find another bottle of cognac

“Are you feeling alright?” Bea asked him, looking up to see Jake in an unusual state.


“Here let me fix you a plate.” She had already grabbed a plate and placed a thick piece of steak on it. Jake looked at the food, maybe it would help, His nerves had not allowed him to eat any thing today and his stomach had been growling since afternoon and of course the cognac hadn’t helped. Maybe food was a good idea; if anything it would keep his mind off Jezebel for a moment or two.

“Thank you.” he said

“Of course.” she smiled watching him walk out of the kitchen, knowing exactly what had him in such a mental rut. “Poor boy.” Beatrix shook her head than began her task of putting away the food.

Jake went straight to his office intent on eating than finishing up some paperwork that needed to be done. He soon found himself staring at a half eaten plate and unfinished paper work. He was trying his hardest to stay focused on his work, but he was getting nowhere.

He couldn’t concentrate and he couldn’t resist that girl. There was no way in hell he would be able to sleep with Jezebel under the same roof, so he decided to not even waste his time trying. She was like a powerful aphrodisiac and more than once he found himself sniffing the air, convinced he could smell her. No matter how hard he tried to concentrate, his mind kept going back to her and the realization that she was really here and he could not go to her.

Had he finally snapped? Probably.

Had he gone to far this time? Most definitely, but there was no turning back now.

Ludvine was keeping a close eye on Jake, quietly creeping around behind so he would not detect her presence. She could sense his turmoil and she prayed he did not loose it and just go upstairs to see Jezebel. She had watched him struggling all night and felt a bitter resentment that it was that retched bitch that caused it. Ludvine wanted to be the reason he couldn’t sleep, the reason he was troubled. She wanted to belong to him and she wanted him more than any other man she had ever met. There was just something about him, despite his foul attitude and nasty disposition; there was this smoldering sexuality, an intense aggression and a powerful arrogance.

She walked into his office, wearing just a night gown, intent on tempting him. She gently swayed her very slim hips, letting the thin material of her short nightgown flutter against her thighs.

“Are you alright levent escort sir?” she asked tip toeing over to him; he just looked up at her slightly annoyed, “Is there anything I can get for you?” She asked lightly sashaying her way over to stand next to him.

“No.” he went directly back to his paperwork

“Anything I can DO for you?” she smiled seductively “Anything you want.” she said suggestively.

Jake looked up at her, he knew when a woman was throwing herself at him and as much as he would love to throw this woman across his desk and release his frustrations, he could not bring himself to do so. He had only one woman on his mind and that woman was chained to the floor in his guest room, hating him more now than she ever had before.

“No.” he went back to his paperwork. Even though Ludvine wanted to strip off her nightgown and throw herself at his feet, she knew when to back down. She would be careful with this situation; it was not a time for her over-zealous nature.

“Yes sir.” she smiled dipping her head, “Sleep good sir and if you need ANYTHING, do not hesitate to ask.” she turned and slowly walked out of the room, trying to sway the hips she did not posses.

When she left Jake sat back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling, knowing that only a floor separated him from Jezebel was too much of a distraction, he had to do something or he would find himself in her room and than deep inside of her.

He went down to his gym in the basement and boxed until the sun came up.


Jezebel had a long, dark night to think about everything that had happened, her role in this situation, Jake’s obvious anger at her rash decision. His mind that was obviously deteriorating back to the cave man days. So by morning time, she was caught between being ready to try reasoning and ready to explode with her bottled up fury.

When the same little woman with the French accent walked in, Jezebel rose from the bed coming to stand as far as the chain would allow her to.

“Look I know we got off on the wrong foot yesterday.” she started and the condescending look that Ludvine gave her made her pause “I’m Jezebel and who are you exactly? Jezebel asked

“I am Ludvine.” she said with her faint French accent.

“Well Ludvine, can you please tell me where Jake is?” she asked as politely as she could.

“He is working right now and cannot be disturbed.”

“Is he working downstairs in his office or did he go to work?

“In his office.”

“Than he can be disturbed.” she smiled with relief. Jake was a genius despite his fragile sense of rationality. Not only did he have a lot to do with the family business, but he owned his own business. He had developed a new form of internet security for major businesses. He was already making a fortune from it. Now he was under the developments fro introducing it to the public. “Would you please go ask him to come speak to me?”

“He is working and can not be disturbed.” she said again, knowing it was driving the girl nuts.

“Fine than tell him to give you the key to unlock this chain around my ankle and I will go down to his office and talk to him myself.” Jezebel was trying to be patient but she could feel her frustration level rising, so she took a deep breath trying to calm herself down a bit.

This girl worked for Jake and even though she was doing his dirty work for him, she was still just doing what she got paid to do. Jezebel would not take her anger out on her; she had nothing to do with any of this and in no way was any of this Ludvine’s fault.

“I can not, he asked me to make sure he was not disturbed.”

“Look, I understand your only doing your job, but I really need you to go down stairs and tell him to come up here.”

“I can’t”

“Just blame it all on me!” she tried to reason with the girl, “Tell him I threatened you with bodily harm, tell him I scared you, I don’t care what you say so long as you can get him up here.” Jezebel pleaded. Ludvine turned to get a good look at her, sure she was very pretty, but so what, she was a foul mouthed shrew. Ludvine decided now would be the best time to let Jezebel know where she stood.

“I work for Jake not you, I do not take my orders from you, and I am only here to assist you.”

“Well than assist me in getting Jake up here to explain to me why I am still chained to the floor!” she was getting irritated now.

“I will not!” she snapped

“You better or I’ll-” she went as far as she could with her chain

“Or what?” Ludvine snorted,

“Excuse me?” Jezebel stopped than looked at the tiny girl like she was daft. She was not sure she heard her correctly, but she was ready to take the bait.

“You heard me, what can you do, you’re chained to the floor.”

“You know what, I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt at first, seeing as your only Jake’s MAID.” she said the word with disgust, “but if it’s war you want, I’m down for that too.” she shrugged “its completely up to you.” She would let the girl decide her mecidiyeköy escort own fate, either way she would learn quickly that jezebel was as mean as she was nice and getting on her bad side was not in Ludvine’s best interest!

“I’m not scared of you.” Ludvine raised her chin, making her decision.

“Than why are you standing over there?” Jezebel grinned smugly.

“You are no threat to me on any level.” she said her face blazing with her jealousy.

“Ohh, I get it now,” her eyebrows went up “this is a pissing contest.” she smiled ear to ear instantly amused, “let me guess, you’re already in love with Jake.” she chuckled “Damn that was fast. “She laughed condescendingly making Ludvine furious. “Oh god don’t tell me you think he likes you too?” she rolled her eyes grinning so smugly Ludvine felt her self shake. “Stupid girl.” she shook her head turning away from Ludvine she went and sat down on the bed. She had a right mind to really let the girl have it, but Jezebel had a bigger fish to fry than some little insignificant maid with a crush.

“You-” she pointed her finger at Jezebel

“Quit while you’re ahead, you’re not even worth my time. Go get me a bag of Oreos and a vitamin water.” she dismissed her with an uppity wave of her slim hand. Ludvine was shaking in her anger, wanting to choke the bitch.

“You’re just jealous because Jake likes me and not you.”

“You don’t know anything about what Jake does or does not like.” she smiled smugly.

“I know he hates you.”

“Shut up and go get my fucking Oreos.” Jezebel looked around for something to throw at her.

“I also know you tried to abort his baby behind his back and he said that’s why he hates your guts!” she lied.

“Oh you stupid bitch,” She flew back off the bed towards Ludvine, “I tried to use reasoning with you than I tried to just ignore you , now I want you to bring your scrawny ass over to this side of the room and say that to my face!” she was once again stretching that chain to the limit.

“You don’t need me on that side of the room to know that Jake hates you, that’s just common sense, you tried to kill his baby.”

“You spineless little yuck mouthed guinea pig, are you out of your mind speaking to me like that?!” she raised her chin, her demeanor that of a royal queen. “I should kick your ass.”

“You can’t even reach me.”

‘I won’t be on this chain forever.”

“No just until you give birth, that’s if he decides to let you even have the little bastard” she snapped and Jezebel in a state she had not been in a long time was ready to break the dam chain and beat that bitch’s ass. With out another thought, Jezebel took off her shoe and with all of her strength; she whipped it straight at the girls head. Jezebel grinned as she watched the girls face instantly turned red where she was hit. Ludvine’s face also went from shocked to anger to revenge to sudden false tears before she ran crying out the door.

“Fucking tattle tale.” Jezebel hissed under her breath knowing exactly what the girl was going to do. Jezebel could already see her running down to Jake in tears.


“Jezebel did this?” Jake looked at the crying girl and the lump already forming on her head.


“You stuck to the rules?”

“Yes sir, I swear, I don’t know what happened, she just went nuts screaming that she wanted me to come and get you and when I tried to explain to her that you were busy working, she just went even crazier.” she cried harder.

“Can you handle this job, Miss Avril?” he asked

“Yes sir, she just took me by surprise.’ Ludvine sobbed, “I wont let it happen again, I promise, just give me one more chance.” she pleaded appealing to his sadistic streak

“Fine.” he turned to Geoffrey as he walked through the door

“Geoffrey, take Miss Rose’s remaining shoe from her.” he said and Geoffrey nodded.


“You have to do what?” Beatrix asked her husband Geoffrey, incredulously.

“I have to take her shoe; she threw the other one at Miss Avril.” Geoff answered shaking his head, not the least bit thrilled with his task at hand.

“She probably deserved it that one.” she nodded.

“Hush Bea, now we don’t even know what happened, you know how Jezebel’s temper gets.” he said and Bea smiled ear to ear. She had a special spot in her heart for the hellcat. Bea had been raised among many brothers and an alcoholic father; she knew what it meant to be tough.

He felt his wife was just nosy and superstitious enough to take anything he said and run with it. He too felt there was something fishy about Ludvine, but telling his wife that meant that he confirmed her suspicions. Bless her soul, but his wife was the only person he knew that could make a mountain out of a mole hill in record time.

“She’s just high spirited.” she winked.


Geoffrey did not like this one bit, he always liked Jezebel. He had been Jake’s butler on and off his entire life. His own father had been his Jake’s father’s butler for his entire life until that unfortunate day. kağıthane escort He knew the horrifying family history; he knew what Jake’s father had done and what Jake had suffered through at the hands of his own father.

The only time Geoffrey had ever seen Jake Stone happy was when he was with Jezebel. That quick tempered little minx had made such a difference in Jake’s demeanor, his attitude and his life. No one in that household had ever seen the boy smile since his mother died, when Jezebel came along, he smiled a lot, he even laughed. Since she had left, it had become more insufferable and he was even more miserable, the house seemed gloomy again.

Geoffrey himself thought highly of Jezebel, despite her foul mouth and quick temper, she was always friendly to him and his wife. He also knew that beneath that tough exterior was a heart of gold. She was also very intelligent and the only person he had ever known to beat him in chess. No, he definitely did not like having to do this one bit.

He drew his composure and took a deep breath before entering the room.

“Geoff, thank god, finally! Where is Jake?” she cried, so happy to see a familiar face.

“I am sorry Miss Jezebel, but Mr. Stone sent me up here to retrieve your other shoe.” he said and Jezebel looked at him astonished

“Are you serious?” she raised her brow.

“I am afraid so.”

“Let me guess that skinny rat ran down with a big sob story.”

“I truly am sorry.” he said hoping to appease her, she was as sweet as pie when she wanted to be but she was also a she-demon when provoked.

“Where is he?” she asked calmly, looking sad.

“In his office.”

“Tell me the truth Geoff, and I will give you my shoe,”


“Does he refuse to see me?”

“Yes.” he said sadly. Jezebel exhaled the breath she had been holding than took off her other shoe walking as far as the chain would allow her

“Here you go.” she handed it to him,

“Thank you.” he smiled

“Geoff one last thing,” she shrugged her shoulders “for what it’s worth, she provoked Me.” Jezebel said

“Noted” he smiled, than left the room.

It was strange, Jezebel had never lied to him once, and he didn’t believe she was lying now, but he found it hard to believe that Miss Avril had provoked her. Ludvine seemed like the perfectly demure girl, she was well spoken, well educated and well mannered thus far. Although Beatrix, his wife, had sworn that she saw something bad in the girl’s eyes, he had just dismissed it as the paranoid superstitions of an old woman.


Ludvine laid down on her bed with a giant smile, score one for her! Although she had been sure she would dislike Jezebel before she had met her, she hadn’t realized just how much she would dislike her once they met. She was a real bitch with a big mouth and Ludvine felt confident that her own attitude would be the final down fall to her and Jake.

She knew the type of man Jake was, all dominant and aggressive. A man like that needed a soft spoken demur woman like herself, a woman who could be as submissive as he was aggressive. Yes, she was very sure of herself, but to be on the safe side, Ludvine decided it would be best to continue on with plan A.


Jake sat at his desk downing yet another glass of cognac. He was completely unsure of what to do, all he did know was that Jezebel was not going to take this decision from him. To be perfectly honest with himself, Jake was scared to death of being a father. Almost as scared as he was of being a madman’s son. His family life had been anything but loving. The one happy memory he had was of his mother, smiling as she tended her roses, but he had to drown it out, because it also made him see her bloodied and bruised face as he hid in his secret spot past the rose bushes.

Jake knew his own temperament was anything but civil; he was a hot head with terrible mood swings and deep hatred buried in his heart. What if he lost it one day and went on the same rampage his father had? What if he was the one pointing the gun in his families faces. He felt a deep sudden wave of nausea at even the thought of harming Jezebel like his father had done to his mother.

Could he control that rage and become a decent father? Or would he be better off staying far away? Or what if his son was born as evil as Jake’s own father? Who would protect Jezebel?

He was confused and angry and unsure of almost everything at this point.

He was sure of only one thing, despite Jezebel’s foul mouth and vicious temper, underneath all that pride and combative attitude was a deeply loving heart. A heart so pure and beautiful, it had transformed his solid stone heart. She was able to love as deeply as she was able to hate. Just the thought of her heavy with his child sent a rush of pride through him and a feeling he could not even begin to explain. It made him feel powerful and needed. The only problem was Jezebel did not want this child, she had made that painfully obvious.

He loved Jezebel; there was no denying or trying to erase that. In his heart he would like nothing more than to be with her again, to sleep peacefully with no nightmares next to one of the few people who actually cared about him. He would love to start over, to reintroduce himself to her. He had felt this overwhelming need to be near her.

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