Morgan’s Organ Ch. 03

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Shauna waits tables at a local restaurant. I met her when I first moved to town. She was still in high school then and worked part-time as a waitress. Now twenty-three years old, she still looks eighteenish and is sweet as the girl next door. She has very curly dirty blonde hair and big hazel eyes. She stands about five-foot-six-inches tall and weighs all of about a hundred pounds. She is maybe an A-cup and she has an ass made for yoga pants. Her skin is milky white with a smattering of freckles on either side of her nose. And she has a very infectious smile.

Needless to say, I’ve had a small crush on her since the first time I sat in her station. I was a semi regular customer of hers, visiting her for lunch a few times a week. Then her shift changed to breakfast and I didn’t get to see her much. But when Morgan expressed her desire to have a female join us for some fun, I knew that she had to meet Shauna. Morgan and I both like petite women and Shauna definitely fit that bill!

When we walked into the restaurant Morgan immediately picked Shauna out from all the other servers. Shauna walked over and gave me a really big, tight hug like she always does. I introduced her to Morgan as my girlfriend and then we proceeded to our table. Following Shauna, Morgan nudged me with her elbow and smiled. “She’s a doll,” she whispered with that crooked little grin of hers.

Shauna was wearing a printed t-shirt and black yoga pants. Morgan couldn’t keep her eyes off her perfectly formed ass. Well, neither could I if I’m being honest! And Morgan knew it. I told her I had a little crush on Shauna but since I had known her since she was a teenager it would have seemed weird for me to hit on her. Now Morgan had a little crush on her too.

We finished our lunch and left the restaurant hand in hand. We got into our car and drove home. We didn’t speak at all. I think we were both on the same wavelength, trying to plot a rendezvous with the little sweetheart. We arrived at home and shuffled into the house.

“I want her!” Morgan exclaimed as soon as the door closed behind us. “She is adorable, cute, sexy, perfect!” I smiled wide. “I knew you’d like her.”

We began to work on a plan to see if Shauna would be open to joining us. Over the next few months, we visited her often at the restaurant, getting to know her very well. We learned that she was single, having recently gone through a bad breakup. And she was not looking for a serious relationship. She lived alone in a small apartment and she spent most of her time by herself. She even confided in Morgan some details of her sex life, thinking of course that Morgan was “one of the girls”.

Apparently, Shauna is a little freaky in bed. Nothing too kinky, but certainly not what you’d expect from “the girl next door”. For instance, she loves anal sex… a lot! She prefers that to having her pussy penetrated, although she does enjoy the occasional double penetration. She’s never had two male partners before, but her boyfriend would be pounding her ass while she worked her pussy with Pendik Türbanlı Escort a dildo. And she loves cum. She would suck her boyfriend off then savor his sperm before kissing him and giving him a sample. Or she’d give him a handjob then lick his cock clean like a lollipop.

Shauna also told Morgan that she was frustrated. She’d been without a partner for several months and her sexual appetite was too much to go that long. She plays with herself and has had a couple of female playmates. “But toys and girls don’t cum,” she told Morgan!

After some time passed and we had gotten to know Shauna (and she got to know us… sort of!) we decided it was time to try to see her outside of her work environment. So Morgan asked her to join us for an evening out with dinner and maybe some dancing. She told Shauna that she needed to get out and have some adult fun, not stay at home all the time and play with her toys. Shauna agreed and we set the date for the following Friday evening.

Friday arrived quickly and we started getting ready for our night out. I decided to dress nice but casual, wearing a pair of dark Dockers and a plain cream colored Aloha-style shirt, and my customary black western boots. Morgan wore a very tight white tank top (no bra) with a light plunging sweater over it and a very form-fitting, short black skirt. She had on sheer black thigh high stockings and black ankle boots with three-inch heels. She looked amazing!

We arrived at Shauna’s place to pick her up and she was waiting for us in the parking lot. I guess she was excited about getting out! She looked hot! She wore her curls down and they flowed off her shoulders. She wore little makeup and her natural beauty was radiant. She had on a sleeveless dark blue skin-tight cocktail dress cut above the knee and black boots that came up just past the knees. She wasn’t wearing a bra, as usual, and the cool evening air (and maybe the excitement of getting out) caused her nipples to poke at the stretchy material. She had a little black shawl to cover her shoulders She climbed into the back seat and off we went.

“Thank you sooo much for this guys!” Shauna gushed as we pulled away. “You don’t know how much I need this. Are you sure I’m not imposing? I hate being the third wheel.”

“You’re very welcome. Trust me, it’s our pleasure to have you join us. And please stop worrying… there are NO third wheels tonight,” I assured her.

I wanted her to relax and enjoy herself. And maybe let us enjoy her as well! Shauna smiled and giggled a little, then nodded her head in agreement.

We reached the restaurant and you should have seen the looks I got when we walked in! Men AND women were staring as I followed the two most beautiful women in the place to our table. Thankfully my shirt hung low enough to hide the growing bulge in my pants. I was already having fun! We ordered drinks and appetizers and visited for a bit before ordering dinner. We had another drink before dinner arrived. When we finished with our dinners we ordered Pendik Otele Gelen Escort a slice of banana cream pie for dessert. And the girls had another drink. The pie arrived at the table with three forks. It was a big slice covered in a mountain of whipped cream.

“This looks quite sinful!” Shauna said, referring to the slice of pie.

“As do you, Shauna,” Morgan replied with a sheepish grin. Shauna smiled and blushed, then winked at me.

We devoured the pie, speaking only with our eyes and our smiles. When we finished I paid the bill and we left the restaurant. “Where to now?” asked Morgan. “We can go to that little club we like so much, or we can try that new club that just opened.”

“I’ve been to the new club and it’s pretty much a dump.” Shauna chimed in. “The place is full of creepy single guys just looking to get laid. I know it’s still early, but I would be just as happy going back over to your place for some more drinks. I can buy some more booze if you don’t have any.”

Morgan placed her hand on my thigh and smiled. “Great idea sweetheart!” Morgan told her. “And we have plenty of booze at our place!”

The drive home was surprisingly short. I went to make drinks when I realized we were out of ice. “I need to run to the store for ice”, I announced. “Anyone care to tag along?”

Morgan had an idea. “I think Shauna should go with you. I just took my shoes off and my feet are quite happy to stay here! Will you keep him company,Shauna?”

“I’d love to, James!” Shauna replied. She grabbed her shawl and off we went.

The store was about a fifteen-minute drive. I was getting ready to make some small talk when Shauna spoke first.

“So, James, I hear you have a little crush on me”, she said as she leaned into my shoulder. “I have a confession… I have a little crush on you too!” she said, blushing and slurring a little. It was apparent that the alcohol had loosened her up a bit.

“Morgan says too much sometimes”, I replied, feigning embarrassment. “But yes, I do have a little crush on you. And while we’re being honest, you look incredibly sexy this evening!”

“Well, Morgan told me a few things about you. Wanna know what she said?” Shauna asked. I was feeling stimulated, to say the least!

“Um, sure, what else did Morgan say?” I replied.

“She said that you like this,” she replied as she started rubbing my crotch with her left hand. Her right hand was pulling at the hem of her dress, lifting it to show that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“No panties?” I said smiling. I was trying to admire her smooth milky white thighs while also trying to

keep the car on the road.

“I took them off at your place and gave them to Morgan. She said it might make things easier for you.” She began fingering her clit while rubbing my now rock hard cock through my Dockers.

“Let’s take a little detour;do you mind?” I asked quietly. I pulled onto a dark street and drove to the end where there were no buildings or people. It was a dead end Pendik Ucuz Escort road overlooking a canyon.

I parked and suggested we move to the back seat as it was a little too cold outside. Once in the backseat, she straddled my lap and we began kissing.

“So, Morgan knows what you had planned?” I asked.

Shauna paused for a moment. “Well, it was actually her idea once she found out that I thought you were kinda hot!” She was looking down acting shy when she replied. “She said you wouldn’t mind at all. You don’t mind, do you,James?” She had a sexy, pouty look on her face.

I pulled her close and kissed her. She had hiked her dress up exposing her perfect little pussy. She had a little soft landing strip of pubic hair just above her clit. It was incredibly sexy! I pulled her dress over her head exposing to me her perfect little A-cups and enormous nipples. I wasted no time going to work on her tiny tits.

She was working the buckle loose on my belt, trying desperately to get inside my pants. I lifted her off my lap and set her in the seat next to me to give her better access. She released the belt, undid the button, and unzipped the fly in what seemed like one fluid movement. In a flash, she had her head in my lap, kissing my swollen cock head and swirling her tongue around it. Meanwhile, I reached my hand over and began massaging her moist pussy, gently rubbing her clit and working my fingers between the folds.

She worked my cock into her mouth, taking it all the way to my balls. Her long curly hair teased my skin as she bobbed up and down on my hard-on. As I continued to finger her, the pace of her blow-job quickened. With two fingers pounding her wet love hole, she let out a gasp as she released a wave of pussy juice down my hand and her thighs.

But she didn’t skip a beat on my rod, keeping up her ferocious pace until my body started tensing and twitching. She must have felt my cock begin to twitch because all of a sudden she froze with my pole balls deep in her mouth. I could feel her tongue and the intense sucking sensation as I let out a groan and began to pump my sticky sweetness into her mouth and down her throat.

When I was done, Shauna raised her head from my lap and I removed my sticky fingers from her drenched swollen pussy. She leaned in to kiss me. I was surprised that she still had a mouthful of my cum, which she happily shared with me! Then she proceeded to lick my fingers clean of her own love liquid. We sat there naked, holding each other for a few moments.

“Well, Morgan is probably wondering what’s taking so long… we’d better get moving!” I said.

Shauna smiled, still licking her lips. “She wasn’t expecting us back right away. But I’m anxious to get back to see the surprise she said she has for me!”

I couldn’t help but smile. I knew what the surprise was. And for some reason, I wasn’t worried about Shauna freaking out.

“You’re gonna love it!” I said with a wide grin. I winked at her and we got dressed.

After teasing each other in the store we made it back to our place. Morgan was all smiles as we walked into the house. “So, what took you so long kids?” she asked, trying to sound motherly.

“I just wanted to show Shauna the canyon,” I replied.

We all laughed as I prepared more drinks. The night was apparently still young…

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