Mom’s in Town Ch. 16

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Returning to the meeting Miss Rachel sat opposite Mr. Chow and, in a very businesslike manner for the next couple of hours, joined the conversation as it related to the general terms and conditions of the venture.

“Time for lunch everyone” as the knock on the door interrupted the discussion.

Hamid, now in a tight red dress with gold heels, along with two other staff came in. Hamid paused for effect at the door and posed, while the others took the carts to the terrace and then left.

“I will be your personal and very private waiter today.” Hamid offered delicately while smiling individually at each of the diners. The make-up was perfect, the hair coiffed and the finger nails sparkly.

“Do you think the new dress is too long? Maybe shorter is better? What do you think Mr. Chow?” Rachael asks.

Mr. Chow turns in his chair and sees Hamid’s back to the sun making the red embroidered semi-sheer dress almost transparent. He and his three hosts saw the bust line defined by an alluring shadow below it, the hint of a waist line and then the dark shape of a semi-hard cock dangling down between two long legs perched top gold high heels. Hanging to mid-thigh, the monster cockhead’s ominous presence was about five inches above the hem of the dress.

“It is a truly lovely dress. A Hong Kong tailor did a fabulous job. For most occasions it would be spectacular, for today, perhaps six inches shorter would have be ideal.” Mr. Chow said with in a low hopeful voice. Rachael nodded to Hamid.

“Perhaps we should order something like this next?”

Hamid, on cue, took the dress by the side seams and, raised the hem slowly. Quietness fell over the voyeurs: one inch then two inches – the feminine curve of the upper knee was visible, three inches – more of the smooth lithe thigh came into view, four inches – the widening of the toned inner thigh offered itself, five inches – the head of the dangling cock pushed the hem out and then finally six inches exposed the smooth pink red mushroom glans.

Mr. Chow sat in silent amazement as a cockhead, Pendik escort bayan not three feet away, was as tempting as he had ever seen. As an international banker working for a conservative firm he had not seen a lot of cock but as a closet porn addict he had seen lots of cock and the circumcised stallion in front of him was one of the best ever.

“Yes…yes, I think my tailor could make a few like this.” the words barely audible from his suddenly very dry mouth.

“Hamid, let go of the dress and turn around for us.” Rachael directed.

The dress stayed tight over the hips and the monstrous glans remained below the hem. Hamid turned slowly, the black seam running up the back of the thigh-highs led the eyes from the gold heels to the thin fabric molded to the well-proportioned and inviting ass. With a slight twerk, each cheek said hello to their audience.

“Fuck.” Ross tried to moan silently but it was heard by all.

“Yes, you can say that again.” said Max. “The shorter dress is perfect for today.”

Hamid continued his pirouette and by the time he had completed the turn, either the dress had shrunk or the cock had gotten longer as there was now an inch or two of the fattening shaft visible. For the assembled group it did not matter.

“Why don’t you serve the soup now Hamid. Oh, by the way what about Mrs. Smith?”

“She made a phone call, then had me take her bags upstairs.”


Rachael turning to the others “Gentlemen if you will excuse me for 10 minutes I need to arrange a few things but I will be right back. Please start.”

Hamid stepped closer, took hold of one empty china soup dish and the silver ladle. He held the dish low enabling the guest being served the opportunity to stare at the splendid cock on display. With a flourish, slowly filling each bowl, allowing them time to admire the soup, and the lurking swelling cock, before placing the soup down for each recipient, he then stepped back and waited.

“Anyone for wine? We have an excellent white that we decanted Escort Pendik earlier. Hamid would you do the honors?”

As the guests slurped their soup to indicate the Asian method of approval, Hamid circled the table filling the glasses, letting the cock sway from side to side as he leaned in to fill the glasses. Li Chow could not resist, as his glass was being filled, to discretely raise the back of his hand to touch the horse sized member. Hamid shivered as he felt the guest’s soft warm hand on the underside of his protruding asset. He slowed down pouring the wine and turned the shapely hips slightly, giving easier access. Mr. Chow almost swooned as the cock dwarfed the back of hand. He felt the heat and the weight…OMG, he thought, it is so fat, oh so very very heavy. Hamid stepped away, again with his back to the sun. With the dress so high, the subtlety of the shadow was not lost as the heavy pendulum like amber colored member was clearly visible.

The meal continued; a lite chicken salad, then a fish dish. Perfect for a mid-day al fresco business lunch. While the discussion continued it turned more personal and the pre-meeting research that Rachael had done about Mr. Chow enabled the conversation to flow smoothly. The leverage of Ross and Max, based on Mr. Chow’s interests, meant that the deal points would be in their favor.

Hamid’s attention to all matters was both professional and personal. Each of the diners was given special attention, smiled at, received eye contact, blushing at the small nods of appreciation. Mr. Chow did not know about the others, but the tightness of his cock cage due to the swelling of his cock was beginning to be painful, but oh so pleasurable.

“I think you can clear away now, we’ll get out our coffee and get out of your way.” Rachael said as the guests stood up and moved away.

“Oui, madam.” Hamid said pushing his pager button to summon the other staff. With his legs and back straight he leaned over the table to grab the floral centerpiece. With his elbows on the table, legs apart, ass Pendik Rus Escort displayed provocatively up the air, he not so subtly suggested this was one of his favorite positions.

On the way to refill his coffee, Max walked behind Hamid stopping to place himself between the spread legs and pressed himself forward. He put his cup down to the right of the bent over server. Hamid remain still as Max used his hands to raise the back of the dress to above the waist and exposed the white lacy thong. He slid his hands over the inviting ass. He closed his eyes as he imagined his own gigantic cock fully impaling the she-male. He just as quickly backed away, letting everyone see the nakedness and gave the ass a small slap leaving a slight red mark, then partially pulled the hem down.

Picking up his empty coffee cup he thought to himself how much he had to look forward to.

Looking disappointed Hamid stood up. “I’ll just place the bouquet over here so you can enjoy it with your coffees.”

Hamid minced over to the other table, bent over with straight legs and took his time placing the arrangement down, tempting the others. Then turning around back, carefully returned the hem of the dress to its original knee length and tucked in the partially swollen cock as best as he could. The other staff arrived and quickly, quietly and with extreme efficiency cleared the table and removed the service. After they had left, Hamid walked carefully and slowly over to the small group. The dress shimmered in the sunlight and the bulge in the front was now only visible due to the movement of highlight and shadow.

“If there is nothing else, I will leave and when you are all done, just ring and I will have the remaining items removed.”

“Thank you Hamid, it was all wonderful that will be all.”

Rachael gave Hamid a small kiss on the cheek. Hamid turned to Mr. Chow, extend the manicured fingers on a delicate hand.

“You are beautiful. I so enjoyed the lunch service.” Li Chow whispered and leaned into give the gorgeous she-male an air kiss.

With a nod to Ross and Max and a final curtsey to the group she turned and felt four sets of eyes follow her off the terrace to the door.

“Shall we finish our coffee over the final items of business?” Ross said with what seemed a resignation and sadness in his voice.

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