Late Night Coffee Ch. 04

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Part Four

The girls excused themselves for a moment and Ethan lay back on the bed trying hard to breathe normally. This can’t be happening, he thought. I’m just some forty-something Joe Schmoe. He heard giggling in the bathroom and wondered if this is the moment they come out with knives and murdered him. Or photograph me and blackmail me, he thought. He reached between his legs and felt the copious amount of spit wetting his ass.

All these thoughts went through his head while he lay there in the middle of the bed. His cock was still hard and wet with saliva. He stroked himself and squeezed out a drop of cum. He wiped it on the bed. He heard water running in the bathroom for a long time, then shut off, and then the door opened, and the two girls came back out to stand at the end of the bed. They were both naked.

He felt like he was on display and was a little self-conscious. They were looking him over and he admired his view. The female form is spectacular, he thought. Their breasts, nipples, and the small rise at the stomach all captivated me. I love the way their mounds disappeared between their legs. I want to taste every part of these two girls. Their breasts were completely different. Amber’s were small, a little more than a mouthful. Brigitte’s were large and heavy. Her areolas were large and dark brown like her eyes. Her nipples were prominent and standing proud from the globes of her flesh.

Amber and Brigitte looked at one another, smiled, and then crawled up on the bed, one on either side of Ethan. Amber popped Ethan’s cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head furiously. He bucked his hips and groaned. As the groan escaped him, she drove her mouth down around the shaft and Ethan found himself completely deep-throated. Her tongue snaked out and licked his balls and Ethan had his head lifted, eyes locked on the scene. He stole a glance at the Brigitte and found she was smiling.

“She’s very good at that,” she said, and he heard the admiration in her voice. “I would have hurled by now. I swear she has no gag-reflex at all. You’re going to enjoy this.”

Amber raised her mouth off his cock and breathed heavily and then without warning she dove back down again. He watched, mesmerised, as her head bobbed up and down. On each down stroke, she would hold it for a moment and lick his balls. He felt his cum boil again. He was stunned. At his age coming so soon again was almost an impossibility. But the feeling was there. This was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him.

“I-I’m going to cum,” he gasped.

Amber smiled around his cock but didn’t stop.

“She wants you to cum,’ said Brigitte. She ran her hand down between her legs and started to masturbate. He could see her fingers were slick and wet. And she pushed her pussy forward a little and gently rocked her hips back and forth. “She can’t talk right now, but she wants you to cum when she’s at the bottom. She wants to feel a cock pumping cum straight down her throat. She’ll get off, watch and see.”

He could tell by the motion on the bed that Amber was fingering herself, too. Ethan was so close. Brigitte then took her hand away from her pussy. She held it up and Ethan could see just how very wet she was. She reached over and he felt her finger probe his ass crack. Her fingertip touched his asshole and he gasped. She smiled and slowly inserted the tip of her wet finger into Ethan’s asshole. Just then Amber reached the bottom of his shaft and licked his balls again.

Ethan exploded with pleasure. The orgasm hit him, but he hadn’t started ejaculating yet. Brigitte pushed her finger in hard until she could push no further. She swirled her finger over his prostate and his orgasm reached a height he had not felt since he was thirteen. A ringing sounded in his ears. All the hairs on his body stood on end and the orgasm became almost painful in the pleasure. Brigitte started fucking his asshole with her finger and Ethan yelled and shot jet after jet of hot cum straight down the Amber’s throat.

He heard her moan somewhere off in the distance and felt her shake. She kept her mouth tight against his pubic bone and licked and licked his nuts with broad, firm swirls. He knew his orgasm should be over by now but wave after wave of pleasure flooded him. Amber stopped finger-fucking his ass but left her finger in and swirled it gently. Ethan opened his eyes to the ceiling and fought to get his breathing under control. Amber lifted her head and with a wet pop released his cock and gasped in air.

Ethan’s cock flopped on his belly and cum oozed out the tip. Brigitte removed her finger from his ass. Ethan locked eyes with Brigitte and watched with mixed horror and awe as she took her ass-fucking finger and put it in her mouth and sucked on it.

“Delicious,” she said and then Pendik Fetiş Escort offered her finger to Amber who took it eagerly and sucked on it.

“Wow,” he said.

Amber stopped sucking Brigitte’s finger, slid her hands under his ass cheeks and lifted Ethan’s ass off the bed, pressing his shoulders into the bed. She stared at his asshole for a long second and Ethan could only stare in wonder He felt so exposed. So dirty, and he loved it. She used her thumbs to pull apart his ass cheeks and then rammed her tongue into his asshole. Ethan moaned and relaxed his asshole. He would do anything for these girls now. Anything at all. It felt so wonderful.

“Fuck, ya. Oh, my God. That’s wonderful,” he moaned.

Brigitte swung one leg over his head so that she kneeled over Ethan’s face, facing Amber. He looked up and saw the beauty of her pussy. It was small but perfect. Her outer lips were wet with her juices. He could see her clit exposed with her excitement. Above her pussy he could see her perfect, small round rosebud. She spread her ass cheeks and dropped her asshole right on his mouth.

Ethan smelt the faint odour of soap and delirious with desire tongued her ass furiously. Ethan felt Brigitte’s fingers fly over her clit. Her pussy lips were pressed tight against his chin. She leaned forward and he lifted his head to keep his tongue on her asshole. He felt her fingers take his cock and then felt the warmth of her mouth. She slowly gave him head and he was in heaven.

Amber had what felt like four inches of tongue in his ass and she was groaning with desire. She ate his ass like she was starving. She wasn’t doing this for him; she was doing it because it excited her, and she loved. He knew this and it turned him on so hard he shuddered. Plus Brigitte has her tasty, nutty, asshole on my mouth and is sucking my cock, he thought. This must be a dream!

They kept at this for about thirty minutes. Ethan thought he would probably never cum again tonight, but the feelings he was having had him starved for more of anything. Brigitte came on his face three times. Each time she came she would push her pussy up onto his tongue until the quivering subsided and then her asshole would come back to his loving tongue. Ethan was lost in pleasure. Finally, they stopped, spent, and the girls lay next to him, one on either side stroking his chest hair and fondled his rock-hard cock and empty balls.

“You didn’t cum again and this is still hard,” said Amber and she squeezed his cock for emphasis.

“Uh-huh,” he said. “It’s just the way I am. It’s hard for me to cum and I stay hard for hours.”

“Wow,” said Brigitte. “So we could do this for a lot longer, huh?”

Ethan nodded. “Except, it will probably fall off before then.”

Amber squealed in laughter and swung over on top of him. She grabbed his cock and buried it in her pussy. “So, just lay there, okay? Let me fuck this wonderful cock. Hey, get the lube, hon. I want this in my ass, too.”

The feeling of her pussy around his cock was wonderfully hot and wet. Ethan could feel her grab his cock with her pussy and squeeze with every push. She had her head back with eyes closed and a twisted smile on her face. She was lost in her own pleasure and used him to that end. He loved it. He reached up and stroked her small tits and teased her nipples and felt her juices flow freely and make the ride easier.

He looked down and saw white cream piling up at the base of his cock. His shaft glistened with her juices and Ethan reached down and thumbed her clit. It was swollen and sticking out. It was easily one of the largest clits he had ever seen or felt. She moaned and fucked him a little faster and he marvelled at her skill. She rode his cock with unerring precision and complete abandon. It was beautiful. She looked down at him and smiled with a face framed by her hair. She’s so beautiful, he realised. Stunning. At that moment he loved her. The love you get when you are in bed with someone. He didn’t care. He loved this woman. He mouthed the words and her eyes grew large.

“I’m coming,” she whispered, and then shook. A deep moan came out of her throat. A growl, deeper than it should be for a girl her size. She stopped fucking him for a second and her eyes went wider in surprise and then she was thrashing on him. Driving her pussy down fast and furious on his cock. She kept it up for half a minute before she collapsed on his chest and shook with spasms.

“Holy fuck,” she croaked into his neck. He could feel her pussy spasming around his cock and he twitched it and she moaned. “Do that again.”

Ethan twitched his cock again and felt her smile against his skin. “That’s nice. Don’t stop.”

He twitched his cock for as long as he could. She rose up and pulled her hair away from her face with Pendik Gecelik Escort her opposite hand beaming a bright smile. That was a sexy move, he thought.

“Thanks, Ethan,” she said. “That rocked. That’s the first cock to be inside me in years. I missed it. So hot and alive. So much better than a dildo or vibrator.”

“Glad to help,” he said and felt immediately stupid. He looked for Brigitte and saw she was sitting in the chair by the bed with her feet up and thrusting a vibrator deep into her pussy.

“Hi,” she said.

“Um, hi?”

“That was pretty fucking hot. I’ve never seen Amber cum that hard before.”

“Yup, that was amazing. I’m still shaking.” Ethan reached up and caressed Amber’s right breast. It was lovely and soft and the perfect size. Amber smiled down at him and then reached between them and cupped his balls and held them. The wet sound of the vibrator going in and out of Brigitte’s pussy drew Ethan’s eyes back. He watched as she unabashedly fucked her pussy with it. It slid in and out and she circled her clit furiously with her other hand.

Amber moved closer to the side of the bed toward her. “You want me to tongue your ass, hon?”

Brigitte grunted with her efforts. “Nope,” she said. “Him. Want him.”

Ethan raised his eyebrows and watched as Brigitte scooted a little forward in the chair to expose her pink asshole. It was a perfect asshole. Ethan licked his lips. Amber lifted herself off him and pushed him toward her. “Go get her, Tiger.”

Ethan scrambled off the bed and knelt before Brigitte and her vibrator fucking. Her pussy was dripping juices that ran over her asshole. The wet sound was glorious to his ears and the smell of her pussy was delicious to him. The high-pitched whine of the vibrator provided its own music to the scene.

Ethan wet a finger and touched the tip to her asshole. Brigitte gasped and bit her lower lip. The vibrator continued to suck in and out of her pussy. Her other hand worked furiously on her clit.

“Lick it,” she gasped. “Lick my fucking dirty asshole. Do it!”

Ethan bent down and drove his tongue hard into her asshole. He felt so dirty and so wonderful. This was an asshole he had just rimmed with his tongue and he already missed it. This time, he had full access and he didn’t waste the opportunity. He drove his tongue in as far as it could go and swirled it around like a madman. Brigitte would occasionally careen her vibrator thrusting hand off his forehead, but he didn’t care. Eyes open wide he watched the vibrator plunge in and out, again and again.

Amber came up behind him and whispered in his ear. “I’m going to lube you up and you’re going to fuck her ass, okay, baby?”

He nodded and kept tonguing. He felt Amber’s warm hand around his shaft and head and groaned as she lubed his cock. It felt so slick and so warm and wonderful. He felt Amber pull on his cock, and he took it to mean to stand up. He did and locked eyes with Brigitte. She looked down at his rock hard lubed up cock and smiled and nodded furiously.

Amber pulled his cock head over to line it up with Brigitte’s asshole. It still remained slightly open from his tonguing. Saliva and pussy juice were all over it. Amber pulled his cock forward and Ethan pushed the tip of his cock into her waiting asshole. With only a slight resistance, his cock head popped past the ring and he stopped there. Brigitte was gasping for air and her eyes were a little rounder.

“Fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” she moaned. “Hard. Fucking hard.”

Ethan didn’t hesitate he drove his cock into her ass down to his pubic bone in one long and steady thrust. He could feel the presence of the vibrator tickling the top of his shaft. Brigitte had stopped breathing. He could feel her pushing her asshole open and accepting him. She looked a little frightened and he stopped.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Oh my fucking God, yes,” she breathed. “Never. Had. Never had something so big in my ass before.”

Amber held up a small anal probe in front of Ethan. “This is what we normally use.”

Ethan was dumbfounded. He looked over and saw that Amber had pulled out their bag and had emptied all sorts of toys onto the carpet.

He looked back down between his legs and admired the view. He reached over to Amber’s pussy and inserted a finger into the wet, welcoming hole and started to rub her clit. She moved closer and looked down at Breeg’s groin. It was a busy place and it looked so wonderful.

“Guys,” said Brigitte. “I’m really going to cum hard here in a moment. This is the best night ever, Ethan. But listen. I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you can. Really lose it. You won’t hurt me. Don’t stop, okay? I’m scared a little. Not of the pain, but of how powerful this is going to be.”

Ethan nodded. Pendik Genç Escort He resisted the urge to thrust his hips. Brigitte’s ass felt so hot around his cock. Her anus was squeezing his shaft in a tight ring. He wanted to fuck her hard and needed to see her cum like crazy.

“Okay,” said Brigitte. “Now, baby.”

Ethan didn’t hesitate. He drew back his hips and watched his cock slide out of her asshole. The ring gripping it tight and pulling outwards. Amber squirted more lube on his shaft, and he pushed back in. Brigitte gasped. He pulled back out and Amber squirted more and reached in and rubbed it all around the asshole and his shaft. He pushed back in and felt no resistance at all. This ass is mine, he thought and started to rapidly fuck her asshole.

Brigitte resumed fucking her pussy with the vibrator. Ethan let go of Amber’s pussy and grabbed both sides of Brigitte’s hips. He jammed his cock in as hard as it could go. Burying it to the hilt and pulling out as fast as he could. Everything came down to fucking this beautiful ass as hard and fast as he could. Brigitte was red in the face and gasping hard, her breathing timed to his thrusts.

“Keep. Going. Don’t stop. Almost there. Fuck my ass.”

Ethan looked down and watched his slick cock hammering her ass. The feeling of fucking this girl in the ass was amazing. Amber squirted more lube and then some on her hand. She smiled up at Ethan and then reached around his ass and probed his ass crack, found his asshole and started finger fucking him in the ass.

“Jesus,” he said. “That feels awesome.”

“Just wait until I use my strap-on on you,” she said with a smile.

Ethan’s eyes went a little rounder. Brigitte laughed and then her eyes went round and her mouth formed a perfect “o”.

“Oh my Jesus,” she moaned.

“Here she cums,” said Amber with awe in her voice.

On cue, Brigitte came. It was loud. Ethan could barely hold on. He kept thrusting. Brigitte let go of the vibrator and it was forcibly pushed out of her pussy followed by a long stream of liquid. She squirted all over Ethan’s belly. Amber ducked her face in and caught some with her mouth.

Brigitte was screaming without making noise. Her eyes were all white and her head was thrown back. She froze, bucked, froze again. Unexpectedly Ethan came and pumped cum all over Brigitte’s bowels. Brigitte’s eyes snapped to Ethan’s and she came harder, this time howling. Her eyes rolled back and then she went limp in the chair. Her arms flopped to the sides. Ethan kept coming. It was painful this time and yet so good. Amber was staring at Brigitte with her mouth open.

She shook her. “Brigitte?” Brigitte lay there, her chest rising and falling. “Oh my God, she passed out. She came so hard she passed out. Lucky girl!” She looked up at Ethan and saw him shudder. “Oh baby, you’re still cumming. Take it out!”

Ethan pulled his cock free and yelled when Amber engulfed it with her mouth, cum and Brigitte’s ass now combined in some horrible concoction. She sucked him hard and drew the last of his cum from his body. Ethan was concerned about Brigitte, but he was lost watching Amber clean his dick. She probed his piss hole with her tongue and sucked harder.

She popped his cock free and smacked her lips. “There babe. All clean. That was delicious.”

“Ah, eww?” he said.

“Relax Ethan, I’ve been eating Breeg’s ass for years now. It’s not a big deal. Watch.”

Amber turned to Brigitte and hoisted her legs and started licking her pussy and asshole with broad strokes of her tongue. Lube, pussy juice, and who knew what, all went down her throat. Ethan was horrified and turned on at the same time.

Brigitte moaned and her eyes fluttered. “Where am I?”

Amber slid up beside her and held her. She kissed her lips softly and murmured soft words to her that Ethan couldn’t hear.

Brigitte wasn’t kissing back. She lay limp. “So good,” she finally said.

Amber chuckled. Ethan lay down on the other side go Brigitte and held her. He cupped a breast and savoured the warmth, softness and weight of it. He kissed her cheek and Amber smiled across to him. “Ethan’s has a talent. Helps he supports a living dick.”

Ethan pressed his dick up against Brigitte’s thigh and saw her smile.

She looked sideways at him. “Such a nice dick. I missed dick.”

“I’m so glad,” replied Ethan.

“You came in my ass! No one has ever done that. It felt… felt great. So different. It triggered me. Fuck that was so hot.”

Amber kissed her, lingering a little now that Brigitte responded. She pulled back and looked at Ethan. “How long until my turn?”

Ethan groaned and flopped back on the bed. His cock was half-deflated. He held it up and let it go to slap against his stomach. “Dunno. It’s beat. My nuts have nothing left.”

Amber made a tutting sound. “That won’t do.” She frowned and thought a moment then her face lit up with a smile. “Well, we do have days and nights here. This is gonna be so much fun!”

Days and nights? thought Ethan. Really? A shit-eating grin plastered across his face.

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