Pagan Initiation

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I was honored when my boss, Cami, invited me to her daughter’s initiation. I work at a small nature school, and have perhaps the best boss in the world. A pragmatic pagan with a tendency for earthy humor, she’d invited me to a few of her celebrations before – Equinoxes, Solstices, and one lovely Samhain – all of which had been fairly tame.

This one she simply said would: “Be a little different from the others, and we’d be extra happy if you came.”

Cedar, her daughter, was my assistant in many of my classes, and I’d watched her grow over the years, from a child who had always been at home in the woods, and worked masterfully with fire, into a teenager who could teach these skills to others. Recently eighteen, she’d bloomed from a skinny girl into a fully formed woman, who I secretly thought had the best breasts of anyone I knew – still, bosses daughter, I considered her off limits.

I arrived to find the full pagan community there, though notably minus the children, we gathered, ate, talked, and watched as Cedar made us a fire. She was, unusually for her, wearing a dress – white and diaphanous, and I dare say a little see through. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she knelt and struck flint on steel, blowing smoke into a coal that she coaxed into a fire. In the right light I could see the outline of her nipples and what had to be the shadow of her mound between her legs, I noticed other men looking too.

Finally Cami gathered us near the fire and spoke. She talked about her daughters previous initiations – the honoring of her first moon cycle, the severance as she began to step away from hearth and home. Cami explained that as the last step towards womanhood Cedar had to encounter masculinity and find her femininity in response. She talked about how normally this is done with one man, but that shapes only a part of the woman’s feminine self. A girl must go through how many boyfriends to discover herself in response to each?

“I want to honor this exploration in another way,” Cami said, and then moved and pulled the straps of Cedar’s dress to the side allowing it to slip off her shoulders, over her breasts, to catch a moment at her hips before puddling at her feet. Cedar stepped out of it and then picking it up in her hands, she said, “This represents what I will never be again, I willingly give this up, ” then flung it in the fire.

Then Cami put a blindfold around her daughter’s eyes pulling it tight and checking to make sure she couldn’t see, then the mother pulled her daughter up on a table which had been covered in pillows and blankets and sprinkled with rose petals. Cedar brought her legs apart and lay there, waiting.

“Come be god to my daughter’s goddess,” Cami intoned. Is Beylikdüzü escort she saying what I think she’s saying? All of the men paused, I saw a few whispered conversations, and a few wives pushing their husbands forward. I decided to go for it. I walked right up and leaning over kissed Cedar’s shoulder. Then I glanced at Cami who was smiling not frowning, so I kissed her neck, Cedar moaned and another glance showed that Cami was fine with this too, so I brought my lips down and kissed one of those perfect breasts. Cedar moaned again. Other men were coming forward too now, as the women circled around us and held hands, beginning to sing a light tuneless tone. Bolder than the rest I stepped between her legs and began kissing her thighs, up and down, drawing close and then teasing away. She had other men kissing her neck and breasts now, one simply running his hands through her hair, so I couldn’t tell if her moans were me, or someone else or some combination of it all, but I was enjoying myself. I licked up and down the insides of her thighs and then blew hot on the wet skin. I breathed in the scent of her desire, imagining how many times I had imagined this.

Then I placed my lips over her vulva, softly separating her folds, my beard against her bush, licking. That moan was definitely me. I kept going, simply exploring, knowing that if this wasn’t getting her anywhere she had lots of other stimulus to focus on. I saw other men licking her nipples, one moving in to kiss her lips. I stayed at her lower lips, savoring.

She tasted sour, like lemon meringue without the sweet, and I savored it as I licked. Her hips shifted, pushing against my face as I rubbed my lower lip up and down between her slit. She got wetter, and not just from my saliva. For a little while my whole life narrowed down to her vulva, and my mouth and how they fit each other. When I finally came up I saw a number of men had their cocks out, one had a drum out and was masturbating with one hand while drumming with the other. The women’s song had turned a little wilder, and there were shouts in and amongst now.

I knew what I wanted. I unglued my lips and rose. My erection strained against my pants and I released it, letting it land on Cedar’s belly between her legs. Gently I brought a finger around and under, slipping into her easily. She was tight, but also very very wet. I felt her body shiver around my finger. Her vagina pulsing around it, accustoming to it. I slipped in and out a few times and then added a second finger. She was so tight!

When it seemed that she could accommodate both, I slipped them out and placed my cock at her entrance. With a glance at her mother, who howled what was obviously encouragement, Beylikdüzü escort bayan I gripped her hips and began rocking mine, easing into her.

I saw on her face the moment she realized it wasn’t more fingers. Perhaps both my hands on her hips should have given it away, but she had hands all over her body. I think I was about 3 inches inside when she began to suspect. By four she had the dawning recognition, and by five I knew I had all of her attention, exploring this new sensation. At six I saw her body beginning to pull back, her muscles tightening, not knowing how deep she could take me. I bottomed out just before 7 and began to withdraw, slowly slipping back out and again her body followed.

We played at this for a long time, filling her and emptying her. I hardly noticed my own pleasure so focused was I on hers. I followed the bent of her body, and when her hips twisted to get an angle I obliged by angling further from that direction. The drum became our rhythm and slowly she began to thrust back at me with the full force of her body, and in time with the drum. I held her hips and matched her thrust for thrust, eyes mostly focused on her face, panting with pleasure, but straying sometimes to the other men who caressed her. The man who had been stroking her hair, had moved down to her shoulders where his expert hands released the tension there. Many had backed up to get a full view and continued stroking themselves, but a number had their lips glued to her body, sometimes leaning up to kiss her lips.

I knew when her orgasm was coming by the way her thrusts grew sporadic, thrusting towards something close. Keeping my strokes measured I tried to keep doing what I had been – clearly it had been working. Her orgasm rocked her whole body with a scream and the women screamed encouragement from their circle around us. I tried a few more thrusts but she seemed tender, so I pulled out, and went around her body to kiss her lips. There was something electric in the way they touched mine. I knew she knew I had been the one inside her. She reached for my lips with hers as if in thanks, worship, or praise, and we kissed for a long time. Then I felt her gasp and her attention move elsewhere. Another man had entered her an she began to rock softly against him.

Seven more men followed him. Some took a long time while some were quick. Some came inside while others covered her belly and thighs. Some were rough and some were soft. I watched as this girl responded to each in a different way. One kind of rough had her pulling away, while another had her growling and bucking and clawing at his back – and not in a bad way.

The eighth was a repeat, who pulled her down off the Escort beylidüzü table and bent her over it, taking her from behind. Another man climbed up to kneel before her, and guided her lips to his cock – which she explored, clearly not so much for his pleasure as for her curiosity. The man behind her finished, and another man stepped up, taking her in a different hole, which took her attention for a while, before turning back to the man before her and trying to see if she could give him pleasure, and it didn’t take long before she was licking her lips, tasting a man for the first time.

I stepped up after the man behind her was done, and slid easily inside her vagina, which was now so wet and open I could barely compare it to the tight gripping I had experienced before. She hissed a little in pain at how deep I could go this way, so I backed off a little, figuring out exactly where the line of pain began. I reached forward and grabbed the knot of her brown red hair and gripped it in my fist, as this time I took my pleasure, taking my time but also thrusting with hard intention before spasming my desire inside her.

The orgy wound down. Men too tired to continue. We pulled Cedar to her wobbly feet and formed two lines. Still blindfolded we formed a tunnel with men on one side and women on the other, and had her walk between us. Both men and women caressed her body as she stopped between each couple, and they gave her some piece of advice about her sexuality.

“Never be ashamed,”

“You are a goddess,”

“You have control, you have consent.”

“This,” the woman putting her hands on, circling around, and then sliding a finger inside Cedar’s sex, “is sacred.”

“You don’t need to be afraid of anything.”

“Masculine and feminine they’re all inside you.”

“Give BIRTH to your creative sexual expression. All sex is procreative.”

“You got this.”

“Sex is a god, and you are equal to this prayer.”

I didn’t hear them all, when she came to me I leaned in close and whispered, “I love you.”

After this we all disrobed, and naked pagans around a fire, we brought out our potluck food and ate. Cedar was unblindfolded, and congratulated by all the men and women who had been her mentors, her family, and her tribe. I saw her color a little seeing again who was here. Her grandmother had arrived during the sex, and looked on jovially in naked wrinkles. She gave Cedar a little wave.

We danced, and laughed and talked. Many wrapped blankets around themselves as it grew dark. I was sitting by the fire near Cami and Cedar who sat snuggled against each other, the daughter holding a mug of hot chocolate, sharing a blanket between them.

“The first man inside me was my favorite,” Cedar said. “He was really gentle. I was scared it was going to hurt, but it didn’t at all.”

“Yes,” Cami said smiling – “I had a hunch he would be good at this.”

“Who was it?” Cedar said, looking around at the bearded men around her.

Cami grinned. “I’ll never tell.”

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