Old Bods, Young Gods Ch. 03

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Big Dick

**** author’s note – to those of you who have taken the time to pass along both good and bad comments thank you. I apologize for taking such a long time between postings but unfortunately, it can’t be helped. Hopefully this chapter will be worth your time.

If you haven’t done so, reading parts 1 & 2 will set the scene.*********

Part 3 :

The elder Davies male boldly traced his fingers up the inside of 45 year old Rachel’s legs and just as he was about to touch her clit, she squeezed her thighs together so that he could go no further. At the same time she took her own wandering hand from 19 year old Jonathan Davies’ erection and turned to chastise the father.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Brad…I…I just can’t do this. Please, let me out….I’ve…I’ve got to go,” she said almost embarrassed that she might be causing a scene.

Turning back to Johnathan, she appealed for his understanding. “I’m sorry, Johnathan, if…if I gave you the wrong impression. You’re a wonderful young man but…but I just can’t do this. I…I thought I could but I can’t. Please forgive me for leading you on. I’m…I hope I haven’t ruined your birthday.”

While saying this, the father and son grudgingly allowed the attractive woman to remove herself from the table although still attempting to get her to stay.

Brad grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer so that he could whisper in her ear, ” Don’t leave, Mrs.Barr. I’ll make it worth your while. Name your price.”

“I’m not a whore, Mr.Barr!” she responded and slapped him across the face.

Turning bright red, the white haired financier raised his fist to strike back when his son grabbed it and said loudly, “Dad! What the hell are you doing? What did you say to her?”

Using the distraction to make a getaway, Rachel headed toward the parking lot as quickly as her high heels would allow, leaving the two in her wake.

Of course, when she got there she realized that she had given her friend Josie the keys to her car. She stomped her foot trying to decide what to do. She knew she couldn’t go back inside. She was so engrossed in her predicament that she didn’t realize that she was being observed rather closely by 20 year old Barry Fraser, one of the parking valets.

Spotting the sexily-dressed woman standing looking bewildered and tottering as though she might have had a couple of drinks too many, Barry Fraser, moved in for the kill. On more than one occasion, the young lothario had scored with one of the country club set when they were too inebriated to offer much resistance.

Just as he was about to approach the stunning older woman, a voice called out.

“Mrs.Barr…Mrs.Barr. Look, I’m sorry for what my Dad said. He…he can be an ass at times. You know what I mean. Big shot CEO thinks he can buy anything or any one he wants. Please…please, Mrs.Barr, accept my apologies. I assure you that not all the Davies men are pigs. Besides, I offered to drive you home. Please, let me try to make it up to you. It’s…it’s the least I can do. Please?” he begged now out of breath. He stood appealing to her for forgiveness even though they both knew he had done nothing wrong.

Once again, Rachel took a good long look at the handsome young man. With his forlorn look, she knew that he had been truly embarrassed by his father’s actions and she found herself suddenly wanting to pull the boy into her arms to comfort him as a mother would to a child. “Only this boy is not a child,” she thought as she remembered the size of his erection as it pushed into her on the dance floor and later when she had wantonly stroked it through his pants in the booth.

These thoughts started to rekindle the feelings she had had earlier. Perhaps she had reacted to the elder Davies’ fondling because he had reminded her of her own cheating husband. Perhaps she had realized her own morals would not allow her to partake in a sexual romp with both father and son. Nevertheless, the young man was once again, this time without even touching her, having an effect on her libido. She decided to accept his offer of the ride and see where it led.

The 20 year old valet muttered, “Lucky bastard!” under his breath when Rachel said okay and Johnathan threw him the keys to his brand new Mercedes.

The stars were shining brightly as the silver Mercedes made its way up the Ventura Highway. Johnathan had difficulty concentrating on the road as he kept looking over at Rachel’s stocking-covered legs. The hem of her dress was halfway up her thighs and he wondered if he would get another chance at her or if his father had blown it for him.

He put a Harry Connick tape in the player and Rachel ooed, “Oh..I love his stuff. It’s so romantic. He’s like a young Frank Sinatra.”

Looking over at the just-turned 19 year old, she laughed, “Silly me. You’re much too young to know who ‘ol Blue Eyes’ was.” Seeing the still quizzical lack of recognition, she continued, “Doesn’t matter.” With this, the 45 year old closed her eyes, put her head back and hummed along with the singer. She started fantasizing that she was dancing…not with Harry or Frank kartal escort but rather with her young chauffeur.

This gave Jonathan a perfect opportunity to ogle Rachel’s bursting neckline. He was pretty sure that she wasn’t wearing a bra as there were no bra lines or straps and her nipples were obvious through the thin material. He wanted so much to put his hand on her nearest breast, massage it and then to kiss it – no, not just kiss it …..suck it. Then he would stroke her pussy and get her so wet that she would want to pull his face into her womanhood and have him pleasure her.

These thoughts had given him another hard on and he wriggled in his leather seat trying to readjust it, so that he was more comfortable. The noise of his movement caused Rachel to turn her head and look at the boy she had just been fantasizing about. The moonlight was bright enough that she could just make out the outline of his cock as he attempted to make himself more comfortable.

Her tongue, unconsciously, started to lick her suddenly dry lips, as she tried to decide what to do. Finally, her mind was made up. “Find a place to park. Find a place to park..NOW!” she ordered the stunned teen.

Jonathan may have been only 19 but he wasn’t inexperienced. He recognized the need in Mrs.Barr’s voice and he fully intended to take advantage. “Strike while the iron is hot!” as his father liked to say. He knew these hills and valleys and within 3 minutes was pulling into an old deserted road that led into a sheltered beach. No sooner had he turned the engine off when the married woman was all over him.

“Kiss me Johnathan! Make me feel attractive! Make me feel wanted! Make me feel young again!” she hissed in between kisses as she locked lips with the boy. His hands reached out to fondle and grasp her wonderful tits and soon he had pulled the front of her dress down, exposing them to the warm night air but more importantly to his kisses.

Rachel threw her head back and moaned as her young lover smothered himself in her chest. She knew, even now, years after having had 3 kids, they were her best feature and she loved the attention the boy was giving them. Like most middle aged women, they sagged but in her case only slightly. “All men, regardless of their age, I guess,” she thought, “Can never get enough of a woman’s breasts!” Johnathan nibbled and fondled and slurped over each breast in turn.

Finally she had to stop him when he nipped her nipple with his teeth as he got carried away. “Easy honey…go easy baby!” she chided.

Forlorn at having hurt her, Jonathan raised his eyes to look into hers and said, “I’m sorry, Mrs.Barr…it’s…it’s just that they’re so..so perfect! All the girls I’ve been with have been kinda…kinda tiny but you…yours are perfect!”

She smiled and pulled his face to her chest again and he continued gorging himself. While he was doing this she took his left hand and guided it between her legs. She was pleased to discover that the teen didn’t need to be told what to do and soon his fingers had passed above her stockings and had found her clit entirely on their own. She groaned as he expertly toyed with it. Soon he was pushing his middle finger into her vagina without missing a stroke on her clitoris.

“Ohhhhh, Godddddddd! Ohhhhhh…yessssss!!!! Oh, God, don’t…don’t stop!!!! Fuck!! I’m gonna cummmmm!!!!!!” Rachel’s hips lifted up off the upholstery as the teenager brought her to an earth-shattering climax within minutes. She had never cum this fast in her entire life!

Unfortunately, the 19 year old kept stroking her and she finally had to squeeze his hand in order to stop his ministrations. “Whoa…please…please…Johnathan, stop…stop…give me a minute to recover…oh Jeez!” Finally, he got the message and sat back watching the rise and fall of her breasts in the moonlight as the older woman caught her breath.

“Jesus, Johnathan! That was…was…so…so intense! Where did you learn that? No..don’t tell me. I don’t want to know…sheeze, that was good, baby!”

Looking down at Johnathan’s lap, she realized that at some moment, the 19 year old had opened his zipper and freed his 8 inch cock which was now standing straight up. She looked up into his pleading eyes and knew what he wanted without any words being exchanged. Her hand started stroking the boy’s impressive dick and he groaned as she started giving him a hand-job. Both of them knew that this was just a prelude but the teen wanted to make sure.

“Please..please, Mrs.Barr. Put it…put it in your mouth! Please!” he begged shamelessly.

Pulling her dress up over her hips, Rachel climbed onto the passenger seat on all fours and leaned across the console. Seeing her mouth approaching, Johnathan raised his hips to bring his manhood closer. He groaned in ecstasy as her tongue snaked out and licked the drop of pre-cum from his glans. She expertly started licking up and down his veined shaft as he tried desperately to get her to take it into her mouth.

“Please, Mrs.Barr! Don’t tease me! Please suck it! Please!” he begged kaynarca escort again.

This time she smiled and looked up before saying, “Well, hon, since you asked so nicely.” With that she allowed him to push the crown into the warmth of her mouth. He groaned again.

“Oh fuck, yes! You’re doing it! You’re sucking me! Oh God, Mrs.Barr, I’ve wanted this since I first saw you walking into the dining room! Yes! Yes!” he bellowed.

Rachel was really getting into it now. She had forgotten how powerful she felt when she had a hard penis in her mouth. Her husband Michael usually only wanted a little foreplay before jumping her bones and she had missed this. The boy’s begging made her even hotter and she ran her free hand down between her legs and began to play with herself in response.

The 19 year old placed his hands in her blonde hair and started guiding her head up and down as he set the pace at which he wanted her to suck him. Now that her hand wasn’t stroking his shaft, Rachel used it to playfully fondle his testes, first one ball, then the other. Boldly she decided to do something she had never done with any other man. Something that Josie her best friend said she’d done with her own young lover.

The mother of three let her middle finger journey under his sac until it found his anus. She slowly started pushing first her nail and then more of her finger, past his sphincter and soon she could tell by his sharp intake of breathe that this was something totally foreign to Johnathan as well. Soon she was slowly pushing her digit in and then dragging it out. In and out. In and out. Her finger started keeping the same pace as his cock in her mouth. In and out. In and out.

There was no way he could control himself any longer. Johnathan could feel the stirring deep in his balls as he began the ascent into sexual nirvana. He started pounding his cock in and out of the older woman’s mouth. She was no longer in control. He moved her head up and down faster and faster as he neared orgasm. She was barely able to breathe but somehow was able to take in some air through her nose. Michael had never forced her to fellate him but the teen was too strong to fight. She knew she had to help him cum as quickly as possible.

“Ohhhhh!!! Suck it!!!!!! Suck my cock, Mrs.Barr!!!! I’m gonna cum!!!! I’m gonna….”

Before he could finish the statement, he buried his entire cock into his older lover’s mouth. His pubic hair tickled her nose and his balls slapped against her chin as he pulled her face roughly into his groin.

To hurry his cum, Rachel had buried her middle finger right up his rectum and it worked. The first blast shot out of his cock hitting her tonsils and the back of her throat so quickly that she had no choice but to swallow his ejaculate. This was something she had never allowed her husband to do but she was powerless to stop the follow-up jets that followed as well.

Finally, the copious amount diminished and the boy crumpled back in his seat, releasing his hold on her head at the same time. She pulled her mouth off his softening but still leaking cock and gasped for breath. Gobs of white cum ran down the corners of her mouth and onto her heaving, sweat-covered breasts.

Her initial reaction had been to spit the leftover traces of semen in the young man’s face but she quickly realized that she was no longer angry. The blow job had been one of the most intense sexual situations she had ever been involved in and she realized her anger had been only that she hadn’t been in control. Her aversion to swallowing cum had been overcome and she knew that she would willingly do it again.

She looked up into the smirking face of the teen.

“Mrs.Barr, that was the best! No one has ever given me head as good as that. If you don’t mind my being nasty, you are one helluva cocksucker! Mr.Barr is one heck of a lucky bastard!” with that he pulled her face up to his and kissed her softly on her still cum-covered lips.

“Whoa…can’t say I like the taste myself,” he laughed. No sooner had he uttered these words when the 2 lovers were surprised by the blip of a siren and looked back just in time to see a police cruiser’s lights start to flash.

Comically the two tried to make themselves presentable as they heard both doors of the cruiser opening, followed by footsteps coming closer.

Realizing what they had encountered and not really caring one way or the other, the officer on Johnathan’s side shone his flashlight into their faces. The two lovers were unable to see the smile on his face as his partner’s flashlight lit up Rachel’s still heaving bosom. It amused him when after asking to see ID, he realized the boy was less than half the woman’s age. Realizing that the boy was celebrating his birthday in the best way possible, he laughed and said, “Happy Birthday, son but maybe you two should get a room, okay? You’re old enough now.” The officers clicked off their flashlights and laughed as they returned to their vehicle.

“What do you say, Mrs.Barr? The night’s still young or…we could go back kozyatağı escort to my place. I just had my room over the garage remodeled so there’ll be plenty of privacy. Please, Mrs.B? Please?” he begged.

“You know, Johnathan, I usually don’t like to hear men bragging or begging but….for some reason, I can’t resist you. Okay, as Josie said earlier tonight, ‘the night is young and so are you’. Let’s go. God help me, I can’t believe I’m doing this but, yes, let’s go. Take me to your humble abode.”

Throwing the car in gear, the teen raced his new convertible past the 2 still smiling officers. He couldn’t wait to get this sexy woman into bed. This was going to be the best birthday ever!

Five minutes later, they arrived at the Brentwood estate and giggling like mischievous kids, made their way up the stairs to Johnathan’s newly renovated ‘bachelor pad’ over the three car garage. Rachel had difficulty going up the stairs as her young paramour couldn’t keep his wandering hands off her ass. Finally they were inside and locked in a passionate embrace.

“Where’s the bed, baby?” Rachel asked as the teen pulled the top of her dress down to her waist and once again started idolizing her breasts. He fell to his knees and pulled her dress all the way to her ankles leaving her standing totally nude except for the garter belt and stockings.

“Mrs.Barr, you are so beautiful,”he said as his hands reached up to fondle her now sensitive tits. She groaned and almost fell as he spread her legs and started to tongue her privates. Soon he was alternating licks and kisses as first one then a second and finally a third finger invaded her moist vagina.

Now it was the older woman’s turn to control the boy’s movements. At first running her fingers through his soft, brown hair, Rachel soon felt her own orgasm rapidly sneak up on her. She started pulling his face into her crotch and encouraged him. “Yes, baby! Yes! Ohhhh!!! That’s it, hon!!! Oh yeah! Eat me! Eat my pussy baby! Oh Goddddd!!!! I’mmmm….I’m gonna cummmm!!!! YES!!!!!!!!”

Not recognizing her own voice and certainly having never extolled her husband with such language, she came for the second time that night! She would have collapsed except that Johnathan held her by the hips as she slowly recovered. His face glistened with her wetness as she looked down into his smiling face and those brown, puppy dog eyes.

“God, Johnathan! How did you…oh never mind, where’s the bed?” she cried pulling him up into her embrace again. He lifted her like she was nothing and she locked her legs around his waist. Carrying the woman old enough to be his mother in this position, the two lovers stumbled through the doorway that led into his bedroom. Once inside he dropped her unceremoniously onto his king sized waterbed and she bounced up as though she was on a trampoline.

He pulled his shirt off over his head without undoing the buttons and was about to take his pants off when she put her hands on his and stopped him. For a second he thought she had changed her mind but then she said, “No hon, let me.”

Looking up into his anxious eyes, Rachel reached out and undid his leather belt and without taking her eyes off his, pulled his zipper down. Being slim and with no hips to speak of, the slacks dropped in a heap on the floor. His briefs were barely able to contain his cock which was begging to be released. Wanting to tease him a little longer, Rachel, still looking into his brown eyes, ran her fingers up and down the still covered shaft.

Johnathan tried to push the briefs down but Rachel stopped him. “No baby. Let momma do that for you. Momma wants to open her present now.” With these words, grabbing the underwear with both hands, she slowly and deliberately started pulling them down. His erection made it difficult but after she made a big show of pulling the waistband out and over it, Johnathan’s 8 inches popped out, proudly hitting Rachel in the nose.

“Oh baby! Is that all for me? What a nice present!” Her hands immediately started wanking him and he groaned . One hand stroked the shaft pausing to pay special attention to the ultrasensitive tip while her other hand rolled his balls back and forth.

Still looking up at the birthday boy, she cooed, “Tell me what you want, baby.” He could feel her breathe on it and tried to push it into her mouth. She refused to allow that to happen. “Tell momma what you want baby!” she commanded again.

“Oh God, Mrs. Barr! Put it in your mouth! Please, Mrs.Barr don’t be a tease! Please, suck it like before!” This time she allowed the head to pass between her lips and she started tonguing it each time he pushed it in and then pulled it out. She wrapped her hands around his tight ass and pulled him into her face. Soon the boy was fucking her face in a regular cadence.

Having cum only half an hour before, he had much more control and he just stood over her looking down as she sucked his manhood. He ran his hands through her soft hair but felt no need to finish in her more than willing mouth this time. He knew he was soon going to be between her legs and giving her the fucking of her life but there was no hurry. She wasn’t a high school kid with a curfew. She was a woman whose husband and kids were out of town. Hell, she might even spend the night. “Wouldn’t that be great,” he thought. “The old man will be so fucking envious when he finds out I scored with the woman he struck out with.”

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