Night Out

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The content of this story is of a sexual nature and if people are easily offended the read no further. The situations and characters in this story bare no resemblance to any real life

She could feel the cold plastic sheets below her as she started to awake out of her sleep, a little daze and confused, not quite sure where she was or what had happened, her body ached all over. She tried to move but found her hands were cuffed and tied to the wall in front of her; her legs were ties spread to the posts at the end of the bed. It was starting to come back to her last night she has met that strange man at the club, he has seemed different to all the other guys, dark and mysterious.

They had gone back to his place and started to make love he was a good lover, had brought her to orgasm a number of times during the love making, but what was this now, handcuffs, plastic sheets she did not remember any of this. She was desperate for the toilet, she called out.



desperately trying to remember his name from last night, she heard some movement outside the room.

“Hello, could somebody help me”

The stranger walked in still ruggedly good looking in the morning light.

“Oh great” she said with relief “Can you let me out I need to pee”

The stranger said nothing he walked to the side of the bed and with out a word pressed her stomach, she nearly pee herself right then

“What you doing, let me go”

The stranger moved to the foot of the bed and knelt on the plastic sheet behind her. Dragging her up on to her knees he squeezed her stomach as he did, making it almost beylikdüzü escort impossible for her to not let a small amount of urine dribble from her piss hole.

As she knelt there the stranger moved his face close to her pouting pussy lips and licked at her love bud, the familiar tingle ran up he spine but only added to her need to pee.

“Please let me go, I pee come back and we can carry on” she said but his probing tongue continued to lick at her salty lips. Suddenly he knelt up and in one swift motion impaled her on his thick, throbbing cock, the surprise was to much for her she could not hold back, and the piss started to flow from her, as it cascaded on the his stomach the stranger pushed in to her harder, the more it flowed the harder he fucked, she was filled with a strange feeling of disgust and passion wanting to feel more of this mans beautiful cock, but not wanting to pee any more, as the last dribbles of piss fell from her fanny and the edge of an orgasm started to build she did not care.

“mmmmm oh yesss” she cried as his cock pounded into he lubricating hole,

“Fuck me, I need to feel it in me” she cried out as the orgasm hit her she could hold herself up on her knees no more, as she fell upon the bed, the feeling of disgust welled up in her, moaning in the throws of orgasm while rolling in your own piss, it was not a good moment for her.

It however seemed he was not quite finished with her, as he pulled his throbbing man hood from her quivering pussy she felt an emptiness, the turned very quickly in to fear as she felt the cold greasy liquid run down the bolu escort crack of her ass.

He couldn’t be, then as his finger started to rub the grease into the crack of her ass the full impact of what he was about to do hit her,

“No “ she cried out “Stop” “I have never had it that way before” this was the truth, she has thought about it and even slid a finger into her ass while masturbating but to take a cock in her virgin ass, in this way was not how she planed it.

She started to struggle, realising that he had removed his finger and was lining his thick cock up with her small brown entrance.

“Just relax and enjoy it” he said in a half chuckle “ I knew from the moment I saw you that you were going to be a dirty fuck”

Then it was there the head of his knob pushing against her ring, she tried to relax, and just take it but it was starting to hurt as the large plum of his cock pushed past her ring muscle she let out a cry

“OHH please stop it is too much” ignoring her words he pushed on feeling the hot velvety wall of her ass caressing his cock. Gripping her hips he drove forward impaling her ass on his full 8” as his balls smacked against her pussy lips he let out a moan of pleasure “Damn woman you have such a tight ass”

With that he started to pull out and then slide back in the, grease around his cock started to allow his cock to slide in and out of this fine shapely ass. She could not believe it here she was covered in her own piss with a full 8” of hot male meat buried in her ass and she was enjoying it she could feel the small waves of pleasure starting to lap the bursa escort edges of her brain. We each stroke she was feeling more and more enjoyment from the situation, all of a sudden he pulled out fully from her asshole with an audible pop and in the same motion rammed the whole 8” home in to her ass,

“ OHH Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss” she cried “That’s it, fuck my ass, fuck it hard, stretch it.” No sooner that she had said it, she felt him slid his thumbs into her ass hole next to his cock and as he fucked her he pulled her already stretched hole to it limit, she though she was going to die, the pain was unbelievable, yes she wanted more, her pervert lust was released and the more he pulled and fucked the more she wanted.

Suddenly he pulled his cock from her “Don’t stop” she cried “I need to be filled” just then she felt a grease finger push in to her ass, trying to work out what her was doing then another finger followed, then another. She realised with horror that he was going to fist her ass, she seen pictures on the web of girls bent over with someone hand up to the wrist in their ass but always thought they were fakes. Now here she was going to find out if it was possible. The three fingers moved back and forth and she felt some more lube being applied as the fourth finger entered her abused hole. The pain and the pleasure was making her head spin. She bit down on the pillow as she felt him start to push hard to get the whole fist in. “ Ohhhhh Stop, I can’t take it” she screamed as it felt as thought he ass would rip in two. Just then as the widest part of his hand passed into her hole and her ring closed around his wrist, she felt a strange, yet wonderful sensation, she was so full her eyes were bulging as he moved his fingers with in her ass. I was too much she came screaming as he ass pulsed around his hand and wrist.

Oh what a night – Oh what a day she thought

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