New Neighbor Ch. 01

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It was a sunny Saturday morning in June. I was jogging in the park near my place. The sun was starting to get hot against my skin. All around me, joggers were starting to lose their t-shirts to run bare-chested and enjoy the heat. The sight of all these lovely muscled guys was starting to excite me.

I completed my running and decided to stop a few minutes on a bench, just at a five-minute walk from home, to cool down and the view. I just closed my eyes and put my head backward, enjoying the heat on my face.

Opening them, I found my eyes settling on a young man walking past me.

He was apparently in his late twenties or early thirties, just like me. 5’10, light red hair, almost blond, mid-length and curly. His tight t-shirt hugged his round pecs, a delight to observe. His biceps stretched the fabric of the short rolled up sleeves. Going down, my eyes were caught by the nice shape of his butt, tight in his blue jean. Just above his belt, I caught a glimpse of a white and blue striped boxer short bunching up a bit. This was the definite turn on for me.

For as far as I can remember, I was always fascinated by guys in boxer shorts. I was never able to wear them, unable to maintain a non-erection state while wearing them. However, my ultimate fantasies all the time had a guy in them.

My brain started running with the idea of the things I would like to do to him. I closed my eyes again and basked in these sensual ideas.

“Humm,” I heard next to me.

I jumped a bit and opened my eyes, to meet the clearest blue eyes I ever saw. The guy I was just checking out was sitting next to me on the bench. Involuntary, my stare went down, checking his pecs in this tight dark yellow shirt. His nipples were poking against the fabric, seeming tiny and erect. Fascinated, I kept going down until I reached his bulge. At that, I seemed to regain control of my body and went back to his eyes.

“Hey, hello, how are you?” I said.

“Hello, sorry to bother you… I am Luke,” he apologized.

“No worries, I am James,” I said.

“I just moved in, and I think we now live across the street from each other.”, he started babbling. “I thought I might introduce myself. I saw you coming out of your building earlier, and I just recognized you, making me turn around and talk to you.”

“Oh, you moved in the vacant apartment on the third floor?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s it! I am new in the city and it might be awkward but I don’t know a lot of people and you seemed cool… I was scouting around, checking the neighborhood and well…”

“Yeah sure, a pleasure to meet you. Do you want to grab a coffee or something? I can give you all the tips for the right and wrong places around. I have to go to my place to clean up, wanna tag along and have the coffee on my terrace maybe?” I asked.

“I don’t want to impose myself, sorry I was so direct in speaking to you, you don’t have to do that.” He apologized.

“It’s ok. I was new to the city a few months ago, I know how it feels. Come on, let’s go!”

He smiled at me, illuminating the day more than the gorgeous sun shining.

We went to our feet and started walking toward our street.

How glad was I to have my tight running briefs on! Being around him, talking and checking him out had me half hard.

“Sorry if I stink, I am back from my run… Not a good way to be introduced!” I laughed.

“I don’t mind, and you smell rather nice for coming back of a jog,” He answered, smiling.

I was starting to wonder if maybe…

“Did you move for work? antalya escort To get closer to a girlfriend?” I asked.

“No, no, no girlfriend. For work yes. A good opportunity, and the desire to change. Need to see new people, new places.”

We kept on chit-chatting our way back to my place for a few minutes.

At last in my apartment, I made him go for a quick tour, before going to the kitchen to prepare the coffee.

“Do you have milk?” he asked.

“Yeah, you can take it in the fridge.”

Due to my little kitchen, he had to go in my back, brushing quickly and lightly my hips and ass with his hand and then bulge. I looked at him as he blushed.

We took the coffee and milk and went to the terrace where a bit of shade on the table allowed us to enjoy the heat and soft breeze of this early summer.

As we seated, I noticed that his bulge seemed a bit more prominent and tight in his pants. I still was in my running shorts and a t-shirt. He, however, seemed to be hot in the long jeans. His arms and face were glistening with a bit of sweat.

“You did not unpack your summer wear, Luke? You seem to be hot.”

“No, not yet, my flat is a mess right now. I just have what I had in my backpack. I will leave you alone anyway and go unpack, I bothered you enough.”

I put a hand on his hand, above the table, and looked him straight in his gorgeous blue eyes.

“You don’t bother me!” I whispered. He blushed again. His skin pale, almost white against the red going to his cheeks was enough for me.

I started to slowing caress his hand. He raised his face and smiled at me, taking my hand in his. I raised and invited him to follow me. We settled on the outdoor sofa, leaning side by side.

Softly, I approached and started kissing him. His lips were nice and soft. Little by little, his lips parted, and I started to dart my tongue, licking his lips sensually, then exploring his mouth and dancing with his tongue.

I finally broke our embrace.

“Sorry, I should go get a shower first,” I said.

“No, I like the smell of your sweat, it is so sexy.”

“Ok, let’s get you at ease!”

As I said so, I started slowly kissing his chin and teasing him with soft kisses around his mouth. I felt his hot breath against my skin. My fingers went to his belt, which I undid, and the buttons of his jeans too. I raised up and pulled his pants down, undoing his shoes, getting rid of them.

At last, I saw his gorgeous soft bare legs in front of me. My eyes went up, to his boxer shorts now sporting a nice tent pushing against the little buttons of the underwear fly.

I got rid of my shoes, socks, and shorts. I needed to adjust my own boner in my tight running briefs.

As I locked eyes with Luke, his mouth was half open, eager to engage contact again.

I leaned on him and went back to kissing him, now with our bulges rubbing against one another.

Luke put me on my back, taking my shirt off, revealing my body. I am in my early thirties, dark blond, with a lean body, slightly muscular. My smooth chest finally free, Luke kissed my right nipple, biting it a bit, just to make it hard, and licking it, making me moan.

He broke free to take off his own t-shirt, revealing his broad shoulders, bulging pecs with a patch of trimmed hair between them, highlighting the two mounts. His nipples, already hard were small and soft pink against his almost white skin. Further down, a happy trail of trimmed hair ran between his abs, inviting me to go down more.

Struggling artvin escort to go back on top, I pushed him on his back, pushing his arms above his head, flexing his muscles and revealing soft reddish blond trimmed patches of armpit hair. I started kissing his pecs, licking the stubble of hair in between them, then making my way to his arms. I kissed, licked and bit his shoulders, biceps, and triceps, basking in the delicious smell of his sweat. My hand made its way down his abs, caressing them, making him shiver.

He grunted and required my mouth to joins his. As we began kissing again, he pulled down my briefs, freeing my ass, then my cock and balls. The wind on my ass, joined by his curious hands turned me on so much.

As he was going for his boxer shorts own waistband, I put my hand on his and stopped him.

“I love you in these. Please keep them on,” I begged.

His hand went back to caressing me, while mine went to softly brush his skin above the waistband, causing him to moan again. I made my way to the tent he was pitching and took his penis in my hand for the first time. It was rock hard and hot, heaven through the fabric. It seemed thick to the touch, and I moaned in his mouth in response.

I undid the buttons of his fly and slid a finger through, making contact with his tender skin.

Going back to his pecs, I licked his nipples as I pulled his dick free out of the fly.

“Oh yes, so good, keep going,” he muttered.

Feeling encouraged, I went to my knees, straddling him and going down between his legs.

I finally saw the cock I only touched until now. 8 inches I guessed and very thick indeed. The skin soft and so pale, I could see the veins through. It was laying on his body, pointing up, a big vein throbbing from balls to tip.

But first, I went down further, kissing his inner thighs softly, and then, in response to his moans, biting it gently.

“Please touch me, I am so excited,” he pleaded.

Feigning not to understand what he meant, I extended my arm and started to pull on his nipples and caressing his torso.

Not resisting the temptation, his hand went for his dick. I stopped him and positioned his hand on the back of my head.

“Pleeeease,” he groaned.

I put my hand through the fly and pulled his balls out. Once freed, I started licking them causing more moans. His balls were soft and hairless. Each big ball made its way into my mouth, causing more shivers. His cock was now throbbing, causing it to erect far from his torso for a few seconds every time. I enjoyed watching this, from down on his legs, his balls in my mouth, locking eyes with him, pleading me by his stare to take him in my mouth.

Finally, I considered the teasing enough and move on to his penis. I licked that big appetizing vein from balls to tip, causing another throb, pushing his dick up, toward my lips.

I engulfed it, causing a groan.

“Yes! So good,” Luke encouraged.

My tongue made its way all around the tip, slurping at the slit, already oozing pre-cum.

The sweet taste kept me going as I pushed more of the length in my mouth.

Halfway down his cock I stopped and went back up, letting globs of saliva all over.

His hand behind my head became more present, urging me to go back down.

I obliged, going as far down as I could, before feeling my gagging reflex starting to act up. After a few seconds to adjust, I swallowed as hard as I could, while pressing his penis further, and there it was, down in my throat.

My nose making finally beylikdüzü escort contact with his boxer short fabric, feeling the stubble of his trimmed pubes underneath. The smell was soft. He must have showered just before meeting me, and only a little sweat had time to pearl since. My hand reached for his balls and started squeezing them lightly.

As I kept going up and down his dick, Luke moaned louder and louder, pushing me to go always harder on the sucking.

My naked ass was now up in the air, my dick and balls hanging free and moving along the rest of my body, with the rhythm of the blowjob. The sun on them, with the soft wind brushing against my skin, was the most delicious feeling.

Luke locked eye contact with me and whispered, “I am so close, it’s so good,” all energy was leaving his body. He was at my mercy.

Knowing he was close, I went for a final deep throat and massaged all the length of his dick with my lips and tongue.

“Ohhhhh yees!”

And there it was. His dick went bigger in my throat for a second, before releasing the first stream of semen. I went up to the tip of his dick, still sucking hard, to feel the rest of his semen land in my mouth and on my tongue, tasting it. The sweet taste made me even harder, as I swallowed the first few loads.

His all body tensed again and started to finally relax, as a few more loads landed on my tongue. I kept them and started sucking slowly on his softening penis, using the leftover cum to make this extra sloppy, not making it harmful to his now sensible cock.

I went up to his pecs and started freeing the cum I had kept in my mouth. I let it go on his nipples and in the soft patch of trimmed hair between, and then licking it back up.

He shivered and was, at last, able to move again. He started looking at me playing with his seed on his chest.

Luke smiled, seeming to enjoy the show.

I swallow the last of it and went for a final long kiss with him.

“I am glad I came to say hi…” he laughed.

“Likewise,” I winked at him.

I finished licking my lips of all remnants of his cum, as I leaned on the sofa by his side.

“So I think I piece up that you like boxer shorts and cum play. Anything else I should know to make you enjoy your time?” he asked candidly.

“That’s a good start for a neighbor relationship,” I laughed.

“And how would you like me to handle you now?”

“All of this turned me on so much, just wank me please,” I begged.

“Happy to oblige,” he smiled, kissing me deeply.

His hand went to my dick and started stroking.

I am a good 7,5 inches myself, and Luke seemed to enjoy handling it. Slowly going up and down, then switching grip and rhythm, while kissing me all along.

He then freed himself from my mouth to concentrate on my torso, especially nipples. My moans continued, louder and louder. The taste of his cum in my mouth kept me so horny.

Suddenly he lifted my arm and went for my armpit.

“I am so sweaty!” I grunted.

“Don’t worry, you like boxer shorts, I like armpits, we are even!” he winked at me.

And went back at it, licking my short trimmed armpit hair, revealing me all the pleasure this spot could generate.

A bolt of electricity went through my body.

“I am going to come, pleeease go faster!” I pleaded.

He went for it, massaging the tip of my penis, then long strokes on all the length, with his fist as tight as possible.

I went overboard and came all over my torso. As the shots kept coming, he put his head on my abs and caught a few shots on his face and tongue.

He returned to my face when I finally finished cumming. He kissed me passionately, making me taste my own seed. I processed to lick the remaining cum from his face, while he smiled.

“Wanna get that shower?”

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