Naked Souls Ch. 03

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“Touch yourself,” she demanded. Her eyes fixed to his hard cock.

His hand trembled a bit but obeyed. His long fingers wrapped about the thick shaft as he began the slow up and down motion that she knew so well.

Linda sat transfixed. She had watched this young man do this same thing dozens of times. She knew exactly the pressure and timing that he would follow. Slow and steady but firm at first as his passions built. Then the pace would quicken. His abdominal muscles would tighten as the zenith of his passions reached a crescendo. Then like the fountain of youth he would pour forth his offering.

But this time was different. So very different. This time he was not on the fifteen inch screen of her laptop. He was not hundreds of miles away. This time he was so close that she could easily reach out and touch him.

Which she did. Her softer and smaller hand joined his, wrapped just above his around the spongy soft head. She toyed and played with it for several long moments. Her gaze was transfixed to the slit at the tip. She watched as clear liquid began to seep from it. It coated her hand and made the movements even easier.

What would he taste like? Her mind had barely registered the thought. Blow jobs were not particularly her thing. She could count on her fingers the number of times she had done that for her ex. Usually for anniversaries, birthdays or some other special occasion. The smell and salty almost bitter taste had never appealed to her.

But this was different. So very different. She almost needed to discover how this young man tasted. Before she could convince herself otherwise, she lowered her head and licked just at the tip. The clear fluid stretched like an invisible string from the tip of his throbbing cock to her tongue as if it could bind them somehow.

Then it registered. The taste. Yes, it was salty. It was sweet though too. An unusual mixture of flavors that she could not quite describe. Sweetness and savory. She lowered her head again for a second sample. This time her whole mouth enveloped the head of his cock as his hand continued to very slowly stroke at the tumescent flesh.

She savored the taste again. Like a fine wine she sipped at him slowly, leisurely. It was full-bodied and ripe but with just a hint of sweetness to balance the bitterness. She became a connoisseur of this particular elixir.

Linda was barely aware that Josh’s hand had moved out of the way. That it was her mouth alone that now worked at the solid length of him. Up and down she moved, taking more and more deep into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. She would have pulled back then but suddenly she felt his strong hands entwined in her hair. He held her head in place as his hips began to slowly rock back and forth, augmenting her own movements so that a bit more of his throbbing flesh slipped past her throat.

She gagged a bit. Never had she gone this far. But it was not far enough. For the first time she looked up. Through the tears that had gathered in her eyes as she gagged she saw the smile that stretched across his youthful face. She too smiled around the thickness in her mouth. She nodded her head and continued to take as much as she could into her mouth.

Josh seemed to understand her unspoken plea as he increased the speed and force of his thrusting against her face. Linda willed herself to relax. She closed her eyes and focused all her energy upon the tense muscles in her throat. She silently commanded them to open, to allow this intruder to pass unimpeded. She breathed deeply through her nose and thrust her head forwarded with his next movement. The bulbous head slipped past the tight strictures of muscles at the back of her throat as she swallowed him whole.

“Fuck,” he spat as his hips increased their tempo, pounding at her face like the tide during a violent storm, churning up the sand from the seabed. But still the hurricane raged. Whether it was seconds or minutes, Linda never knew. But just when she swore that she would faint from oxygen deprivation, Josh thrust as deeply as he could. Her nose buried in the coarse hair above his pubic bone as his offering burst forth. This time not on some screen but into her mouth and throat.

Linda swallowed. Not because she wanted to, though she did. But because she had to. She took in great gulps of air as well as thick strands of come. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful as his flesh pulsated and danced inside her mouth. Yes, it was definitely sweeter tasting than her ex had been. Though to be fair, she had never swallowed his like this.

Josh’s fingers in her hair released their death grip. Linda slowly pulled back the length of his still throbbing cock. She licked the final strand of thick, creamy spunk from the head. ‘Spunk?’ she turned the word over and over in her head before she let out a girlish giggle. It was not balıkesir escort a word that she would have ever thought to use before. But it seemed right somehow.

Josh stared down at her. His face was red and his eyes held a hundred, unasked questions. “You know now might not be the best time to laugh. You could give a guy a complex or something.”

Linda’s giggles turned into full fledged laughter as she bent forward and softly kissed the tip of his now shrinking cock. “Now the absolute best time to laugh, Josh. I’m alive. And that is all that matters right now. Can’t you feel it?”

He shook his head and stared at her as if she had a dozen heads. But Linda was not to be deterred. This night was about discovering everything that she had been missing for a lifetime. She reached out and took his hand in hers. She tugged softly until he collapsed on the bed next to her.

She was nervous. Uncertain what to say. Her courage fled like a flock of geese when the first shot of a rifle rang out. She wanted this but at the same time nothing if her life had prepared her for this moment. She was not a natural risk taker. She had spent a lifetime playing it safe. But there was nothing safe about this. About him.

He smiled at her as he caressed a drop of liquid from the corner of her mouth. “Seems to me that I owe you one.”

Linda frowned at his words uncertain what exactly he was babbling about. But she reddened instantly at his next words. “Take off your panties.”

She sucked in a deep breath, understanding now exactly what he meant. Was she ready for that? If the blowjob was a novel experience, one that she rarely delved into, then this was completely uncharted territory. Did she dare?

She thought of her flight, the cab ride here. She thought too of those moments locked in the storeroom uncertain if she would live to see another hour, let alone another day. She had been given a gift. A second chance to life and love, to experience everything she never had before. Oh yes, she most definitely dared.

Her hands trembled as she reached beneath the dress. She tugged and pulled at the elastic waistband as she lifted her hips. The process was neither quick nor graceful but in the end she managed to pull the scrap of silk from beneath the folds of her dress. Like a magician proudly displaying the rabbit by the ears, she held them above his face.

His long strong fingers encircled her wrist. His eyes held hers as he drew her hand forward. He buried his handsome face in the soft material and inhaled deeply. Linda blushed even more. She realized that the blowjob had aroused her, that the panties were stained with her own clear offering that had dripped from between the folds of her wet cunt as she sucked and gagged and swallowed.

“Yummy,” he pronounced as he rolled onto his back next to her. “Sit on my face.”

Linda’s eyes widened as breath caught in her throat. His words shocked and thrilled her. She bit her lower lip as doubts assailed her. This was so intimate. All of the natural feminine insecurities that had kept her from enjoying this pleasure before raised their nasty head again. What if she was not clean enough? She gotten unbelievably wet while she ministered to him. What if she smelled down there? What if she tasted bad?

“I said sit on my face,” he commanded once more.

Linda felt a tingle of some unnamable emotion. Excitement? Yes. Fear? A bit. Uncertainty? For sure. But it went beyond all those things. Only her determination to live and experience everything she had been missing for so long powered her legs as she turned over and rose above him. She nervously smiled down at him as she straddled his handsome face but the stark reality of the situation was a bit too much so she arranged the hem of her dress so that it covered even that.

But Josh was not satisfied, “No, turn the other way.”

Linda lifted her skirts and stared down at him confused. He gave a light love tap to her outer thigh and motioned with his finger that she should spin around so that her head faced his feet. Her face crinkled in even more confusion but she obeyed, realizing that this position gave her the anonymity she sought. It was far easier to stare at the young man’s shrinking cock and feet than position her skirts to hide his face due to her shameful wantonness.

“Better,” he pronounced as she felt his hands caressing her outer thighs as he tugged her softly back towards him. She used her arms on the bed near his thighs to steady herself until she found a relatively comfortable position.

Linda was not certain what she expected but the light kisses and caresses of his tongue along her inner thighs were nice enough. Perhaps he was having second thoughts. Perhaps this task was not to his liking. She reddened and was about to broach the subject tentatively when she felt one of his hand that had moved from her out thigh around to her soft tummy stroke lower. The way that it rested just above her pubic bone allowed it to naturally open the folds of her feminine flower.

Then it happened. He blew lightly across the wetness that coated her clitoris. Linda moaned as she felt her legs tremble and threaten to give way. That was the only warning she got before his lips captured the hard nub and sucked strongly on it. Linda naturally sank back a bit onto his head but he did not seem to mind as he only suckled harder upon her flesh.

She moaned and sighed as the tingles from that tinny bundle of pure nerve endings began to spread across her belly up to her breasts within the too tight confines of her bra and the dress. It felt like an unwelcome stricture, like a straightjacket even. She wanted to strip the dress off over her head and rip the bra off in the process. She wanted to knead her bare breasts and twist the hard nipples.

She knew though that would ruin the fantasy for him. Besides a very large part of her remain too insecure inn her body for such a thing. Instead she contented herself with kneading and tugging through the layers of material. Perhaps the sensations were not as intense but they were sufficient to augment Josh’s ministrations to her love button. She began to rapidly ascend the heights that she knew would take to her the zenith of orgasmic bliss.

Linda closed her eyes and ground her hips against his face, lips and tongue as she sought out more pressure, the perfect combination that would take her over the edge. She rode his face like a cowgirl racing the barrels at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She seated herself firmly and pushed back, unmindful that her full weight might make it difficult for Josh to breathe in this position. It was not that she meant to harm him, merely that she was so far beyond all thought of such things…of anything.

She pinched her nipple hard through the offensive clothes. But it was Josh that sent her spiraling to the stars as his teeth firmly scored her clit, immobilizing it as his tongue worked it back and forth rapidly. Linda was panting and grinding against his rough face but still she could not quite break through the stratosphere into the dark reaches of outer space and true release.

Then she felt thick fingers slip just inside of her wet folds. They pushed upwards firmly as he re-doubled his efforts to lick and suck her clitoris. Linda cried out as his digits pressed firmly upon another bundle of nerves just a couple of inches inside her wet cunt. Her rocket shot straight upwards headed not for the moon but for the unfathomed and unexplored reaches of deep outer space.

She rode his tongue and fingers hard for a couple of moments, soaring higher and faster until she felt a pressure unlike anything she had ever felt before begin to build inside of her. She was coming uncontrollably and still it was not enough.

Then it burst. The pleasure and pressure that had been building inside of her with each new level of this intense orgasm simply popped like a balloon. Not some cheap children’s version for birthday parties. No, like a hot air balloon that sent her spiraling back towards earth as she felt an unfamiliar wetness gush from her floods.

It truly was if a river had breached its banks and threatened to consume the farmer’s fields and town surrounding it. She feared for a moment that Josh might drown in her flood waters. She tried to stop the flow much as she would try to automatically stop a stream of urine when someone walked into a public restroom. But it was impossible.

She listened as carefully as she could given her muddled brain that was centered fully upon the pleasure that was burning her from within. She heard Josh gulping and slurping up the liquid even as his fingers moved deeper and faster inside of her. Reassured at least a bit that her lover would likely survive the onslaught, she gave into the pleasurable feelings and rode them likes waves of tsunami that crested but did not withdraw back to the sea for long minutes and hours. Pleasure just kept pushing her higher and further than she had ever known. Linda was completely mindless.

Her muscles had become as useless at holding her weight upright as a bowl of warm Jell-O melting at a picnic in the hot summer sun. Her upper body collapsed forward onto Josh’s thighs. Her hands somehow managed to grip his knees for purchase. She was shocked to feel a thick pressure jammed between her tits like a steel rod. It took her a long moment to realize that it was his cock. Josh was hard again. As hard as before. Perhaps more so.

She felt her lover scoot upwards just a bit. She heard him gasp for air for a long moment, taking in several long gulps. His head was still buried between her thighs, hidden under her dress. But now the five o’clock stubble on his chin was applying the steady pressure on her throbbing clit. He turned his face and kissed first one then the other inner thigh.

Linda reddened with an embarrassment that she had never known possible. She was mortified. She was certain that she had just peed all over this young man’s handsome face. How could he possibly want to tenderly kiss her inner thigh? It must still taste like… She was too horrified to even consider it.

Just when she would taken flight and raced to the bathroom, locking herself safely inside until her young lover gave up and went away, she felt the solid sting of a slap upon her outer thigh. “Suck my cock again,” the rough voice commanded before Josh once more buried his face between her her thighs.

Linda was shocked to find that she mindlessly obeyed her lover, shifting back and lifting the weight of her hips up off his face just a bit so that she was on her all fours above him. She stared down at his hard cock fascinated at the clear fluid that leaked from the tip. Would it taste just a sweet a second time? Something inside of her had to know.

And so the lovers moved like a two backed beast of legends, sucking, licking and gurgling in one another’s juices until both burst simultaneously into ecstasy that transcended the earthly realms. Together they soared to Olympus and Asgaad, tasting the forbidden nectar of the gods, sexual fulfillment that few people ever know in this world.

Then they collapsed into sleep wrapped around one another like helpless newborn puppies whose eyes remain closed to the sharp lights of the new world into which they have been born. There would be time for reality and talk later. For right now, the deep sleep of satiation called to them and they obeyed.

Linda stayed for two more days. Josh missed all his classes. But neither cared as they cocooned themselves into a lover’s world of stolen pleasures. They ordered food to be delivered when their bodies demanded sustenance. They slept only when they absolutely must, satisfied and dreamless sleep that renewed and revived for another round of loving when they awoke.

Sometimes they even talked. Linda learned that Josh had acquired this particular fetish from the mother of his best friend. He had been a geeky virgin through out high school. A loner with only one real friend, another geek who lived for gaming as well. They were inseparable. Until graduation, when his friend left for the Navy. Josh was lost.

One day he had found himself wandering aimlessly. Nothing to do and no one to talk to for weeks and months until he began college in the fall. He could not even text his friend since cell phones are forbidden at basic training. Somehow or the other he ended up outside of his friend’s apartment. Without thought he knocked on the door and his friend’s mother let him in.

She had been a single working mother. And without her son, the center of her universe for close to twenty years, she was lost. As lost as Josh had been without his one friend. He was never certain how exactly it happened but somehow or the other they found comfort in one another’s arms. But like Linda, his friend’s mother was uncomfortable with her mature body that had borne a child. Despite weeks and months as lovers, never once had she fully undressed with Josh.

When Josh wen away to college the spell had been broken. They had drifted apart. His lover had begun to date a man from her work. Her confidence as a woman restored perhaps by the attention of her young protégé. Josh had been certain that he was doomed to a lifetime of loneliness. He had taken to reading Internet porn, especially cougar/cub stories. Then he had stumbled upon CFNM, clothed female naked male. For the first time he understood his compulsion. His fascination. His fetish. From time to time he had even indulged in it online. He had found forums and chatrooms where he could meet eager women to satisfy his needs.

Linda had laughed when she realized that it was she who had been seduced by her young lover and not the other way round. He had not denied the charge, instead blushing sheepishly and nodding. She was certain that she would not be the last of his conquests as they kissed good-bye at the airport.

Over the months they remained friends. They continued to game together. They laughed and chatted as before, but never once did Linda consider a repeat of that liberating trip to Josh’s college. She suspected too that now that he had conquered her he was off to the next conquest, the next adventure. But she never asked and he never told.

She began to rebuild her life once more, fuelled by the new confidence that she had found in her young lover. She had decided that a string of mindless jobs was beneath her. Instead she took the next step from her online courses and enrolled at the local college where she found herself surrounded by hundreds of young Joshes…especially the geeky twenty year old that was to become her lab partner. but that is another story.

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