Milking Mommy Pt. 02

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Paul finished arranging his things and shut the closet door. He’d just moved in with his mother, Angela. Paul had caught his wife cheating on him and they were now divorcing, hence his staying at the family home at the moment. He’d moved into a guest room, his childhood bed being much too small now.

Especially for the activities he’d been enjoying lately with his own mother! Those had all happened in her bed so far. Paul’s mother had been over-applying the hormone cream she’d gotten from her physician; her sex drive had gone through the roof and it had even caused her to start lactating!

She and her son had fucked and sucked the weekend away. Angela’s hormones would take a long while to settle down, if Paul ever let that happen, that is. Paul was the family pervert. He was seriously thinking of somehow keeping her on that stuff if the sex kept being this good.

She’d taken his rod up her ass already, now Paul wanted to see just how depraved he could get his mother to be. Should he suggest a threesome? Or maybe get her to start a fan site, do some amateur online porn? The fact that she was leaking milk would be a big draw for certain types… He decided he should talk to her about it, get her input. He could always manipulate her into doing what he wanted anyway.

Angela stretched languorously in her bed, she’d just fingered herself to a nice little orgasm. Even though her Paul had showed her the right way to apply the hormone cream she still had a lot of it in her system, she craved orgasms almost all the time now. And thank goodness for online shopping with one day shipping! All her bras had become too small, she’d had to buy more. Her breasts had gone up a cup size and that was when she was empty. When her milk came in her tits were huge, the skin tight and shiny.

Her nipples were bigger now, and darker in color. They felt rougher too, and were much more sensitive than they had been before. It seemed her breasts filled every four hours or so, and they needed to be emptied or they ached, in a way that was both painful and arousing. She’d gotten a breast pump and pads for her bras in case of leaks, there were so many details…

Of course her favorite way to get them empty was her son, Paul. He was a handsome twenty eight with black hair and his father’s green eyes. Every time she thought about him these days her cunt got all hot and slippery. She’d easily seduced him and they’d been fucking for a few days now. As a matter of fact, he should be done setting up his room by now. Angela thought she’d take a peek.

Paul was just coming into the hall, he saw Angela and offered her that peek she wanted. He’d not changed much about the room, but there were some personal touches here and there. Angela noticed a large framed photo of her beside his bed. Such a nice boy, she thought to herself. And speaking of his bed, Angela was still horny. She hugged her son close and started kissing his neck, running her hands over his back.

“I hope you’re not too tired from moving in,” Angela whispered in her son’s ear. She grabbed his ass and squeezed in a not at all subtle hint. Her tits were starting to ache a bit, she knew her milk would come in soon.

Paul felt his cock start to uncoil as his Mommy kissed him. She was throwing herself at him again and he loved it, loved that his own mother, who used to be pretty prudish, was acting so slutty these days. Paul had a high sex drive, and he was in great shape with tons of stamina. He had excellent control over his orgasms too. He loved to fuck for hours.

“Never too tired to help my Mommy with her little problem,” he answered. He grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her into his crotch so she could feel his hardness. They kissed and pawed at each other Girne Escort until Angela broke off to begin stripping. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, stepped out of her slacks, leaving her in her panties and maternity bra.

Paul drank in the sight of his own mother panting with need, trembling before him in her underwear. He was undressing as well, freeing his cock from his boxers to wave before his Mommy, tempting her. She unclasped the front closure of her bra and her breasts spilled out, they were tight looking with dark chunky nipples.

She stepped out of her panties, shrugged her bra off and went to her son, kissing him and grabbing his cock, stroking it as they made out. Finally Paul picked her up and swung her onto his bed. He stretched her arms over her head and pinned them to the mattress, then bent his head to suck one of her nipples. Angela moaned and closed her eyes, she loved it when her son nursed at her breasts, sucking her milk out, it felt so erotic.

“Paul, I need you inside me,” she panted. Her pussy was feeling empty and neglected. Paul scooted back against the headboard and told his Mommy to sit on his cock while he sucked her fat titties. That sounded perfect to Angela, she slipped her son’s dong into her hot cunt and fed him a tit as she rode his swollen cock.

Paul was nursing, sucking the warm sweet milk from his Mommy’s breasts as she rode his erect dick. He loved the taste, and the situation was so erotic he couldn’t get enough of it. He thought he may be developing a kink for his Mommy’s milk. It made his cock throb inside her clenching twat as they fucked.

“Oh Paul, such a good son I have, taking all Mommy’s milk, oh you make your Mommy feel sooo goood in her tits and her pussy, Mommy loves your big strong cock! Keep fucking me Paul, fuck your hot slut of a Mommy!” Angela cried as she bounced on her son’s hard cock.

“Anything for you, Mommy,” Paul said, he was cupping her tits from underneath and letting her milk drip down, rolling down her skin to end up at their joined crotches. He squeezed gently and her milk shot out, hitting his chest, he leaned against his Mommy and pressed their chests together. “You like how that feels, Mommy?” Paul asked.

“Fuck yes, Paul, play with my tits more, get us all sloppy,” Angela whined. She was getting close to another cum, she sped up her plunging hips, wanting all the cock she could fit inside her hot cunt. “Cum with me Paul, oh please baby! I want to feel you shoot inside me while I’m cumming!”

Paul decided to do it this once, he relaxed his control and sped up his own hips, concentrating on how good his Mommy’s pussy felt around his tool. “Okay Mommy, you want my cum I’ll give it to you!” he shouted. “Take it, take my cum Mommy!” Hot pulses of spunk raced up his shaft to gush inside his mother’s greedy twat.

Angela felt her son’s cock swell and throb inside her and she came along with him. her cunt milking her son’s hot load. “Oh yes Paul! Such a good boy, cumming with his slutty Mommy!” she panted. “Fill me up with your seed, oh Paul, I wish you could get me pregnant! Mommy wants all your yummy cum inside her, give it all to Mommy!”

Paul’s dick throbbed and spat gobs of thick baby-batter into Angela’s tight quim, over and over until they were both satiated. Angela still had some milk in her breasts, she cradled her son’s head to her chest while he finished emptying her. “Mmm, wouldn’t that be wonderful, Paul, if you could get me pregnant?”

Angela pulled her son’s mouth from her breast. “But since I can’t anymore, I don’t need all that cum in my pussy now do I son? Why don’t you lick all your yummy cum from your Mommy’s cunt like a good boy?” She knew her son was a naughty young man, just how naughty would he be with her she wondered?

Paul began, Magosa Escort “Mom, I…” when Angela cut him off.

“Paul Gregory Thompson you lick your Mommy’s pussy!” She used her Mom Voice and Paul found himself diving headfirst into Angela’s sloppy quim. She’d shaved again, her pussy was smooth and shiny with their juices. Paul flattened his tongue and began scooping his cum out of his Mommy’s twitching cunny, making her grab her empty tits and shudder with another small orgasm. “Yes, oh Paul, mmm, such a good boy, always listen to your Mommy!”

Later that evening after Paul had gotten home from work he found his mother in her bedroom, trying on different maternity bras. She’d been pleasantly surprised by the number of sexy styles she’d found. “And see, if I unhook this the cup drops away and you can get to my nipple.” She went to her son and gave him a passionate kiss. “Want to try it out?” she asked.

Paul begged off pleading hunger, they had a quick meal and then Angela was all over her son again. “Paul, Mommy needs you to suck all her milk out now, then we should have a little talk.” She unbuttoned her blouse and showed Paul her lovely floral and lace maternity bra, then patted her lap for her son to sit. Paul straddled her and bent his head to suck.

“Mmm, oh Paul, god that feels sooo goood, there’s nothing like it, oh your Mommy loves it when you nurse at my fat titties,” Angela said. She could feel her pussy getting wet, she shifted in her chair, sliding her thighs together. “What a good boy, sucking his Mommy’s tits, getting all her milk, oh yes, yes Paul.”

He shifted to her other breast. Angela felt an orgasm building, tried to deny it but somehow her son must have sensed it. He sucked harder and gently chewed her nipple and Angela came, shuddering in her chair, crushing her son’s head to her.

“Oh that’s so good, that’s the best, such a good boy making Mommy cum!” Angela panted. Her body throbbed in time with her son’s sucking mouth, she could feel his hard cock poking her ass, it was magnificent. Finally the sensations slowed, stopped. She gave her son a big hug.

“Well! My goodness Paul, alright, let’s go sit on the couch, we need to talk.” They went into the living room and sat facing each other. “Now Paul, correct me if I’m wrong, but I know you, and I think you’re up to something. I’d bet anything you’re thinking about pushing your old Mom into something kinky, see how far I’ll go. Am I right?” Her son’s blush was answer enough for her. She went on. “I thought so, you’ve always been such a naughty-minded son.”

“Well Paul, you can relax, your Mommy’s been thinking too, about this situation we find ourselves in.” She leaned in close to her son, both to drive home her words and also because she couldn’t help it, she was getting horny. Again. “It’s going to be more expensive with you living here, and I just had to buy all this stuff and let me tell you, good bras aren’t cheap! So maybe,” and Paul’s hopes rose, “maybe, since your Mommy is such a hot fucking MILF with these big milky tits, why don’t we start us a website?”

Paul grinned from ear to ear, this was going to be fantastic! “So we’ll have you playing with your tits, rubbing the milk into your skin, stuff like that?” Privately Paul was hoping for more, he’d love to get her to cum for the cameras, maybe use a huge dildo, going to have to get her some butt plugs,,,

“Oh not just me, Paul, who’s cock do you think I’ll be sucking? Who’s going to fuck my full titties and get my milk all over his cock? It’s not going to be some stranger, young man, I’ll tell you that! Besides, we should keep this in the family.” Angela was using her Mom Voice again, Paul knew it would be useless to argue. Besides, her idea was really the better one after all.

“I think I have not only Kıbrıs Escort the smartest, but also the hottest, sexiest, most fuckable Mommy around,” said Paul. “I can’t wait to get started!” In his head he was already thinking of how he could promote the site in advance of it opening. She’d have to make promos to go on Instagram and Tiktok, he was turning over catchy screen names in his head when his Mommy brought him back to earth.

“I said, Paul, if you would stop daydreaming and listen to your Mother, that I think a nice fuck session would be a good way to celebrate.” She leaned forward on the couch and kissed her son, a passionate, needy kiss that had his cock stiffening in moments. Angela hadn’t told her son yet, but she’d kept some of her hormone cream and was using a bit here and there to keep her libido on high.

“Do me like I’m a porn star,” Angela moaned. She jumped off the couch and stripped in a frenzy, inflamed by the idea. “Fuck me six ways from Sunday Paul, all different positions, I want to practice for the camera!” Angela was thinking about all the horny men soon to be jerking off to her, she was crazy with need.

Paul was only too happy to help. He was naked in moments, as his boxers hit the floor so did his Mommy, right in front of him, grabbing his hard dick and sucking it. “Shit, Mom, damn you’re hot today!” he panted as his Mommy’s tongue flew up and down his shaft.

Angela didn’t answer, she got her son’s cock sloppy with her saliva then trapped it between her massive funbags and started fucking her tits with her son’s dick. “Mmm, how’s that, Paul? How does your cock feel with your Mommy’s titties wrapped around it?” She pumped his shaft between her tits, sucking the head every time it popped up next to her mouth.

Paul picked up the rhythm right away and kept plowing his hard tool through his Mommy’s soft breasts. “Oh fuck Mom, your tits feel so good around my cock, holy fuck, yes, keep licking the head like that, oh my god!” He loved the sensations as much as he loved how slutty his Mommy had become!

“Mom, bend over the arm of the couch, stick that butt out at me,” Paul panted. Angela quickly stood and assumed the position, looking back at her son over one shapely shoulder. “Like this?” she asked and wiggled her ass at him. Paul stuck a foot out and knocked his mother’s feet wide apart. He wanted her stable, he planned to fuck the shit out of her!

“Mmm, Paul, how masterful, what a good son you are!” his Mommy purred. Angela’s pussy was wet and blooming, she smelled like a bitch in heat. Now Paul was the one inflamed with need, with his Mommy acting the slut just for him. He entered her sopping puss in one long stroke, feeling her heat envelope his rod as he sank to the hilt.

Then he grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast, machine-gunning his seven and a half inches into her with short violent stabs of his man meat. Angela began shaking with the force of it, throwing her head back and moaning.

“Oh Paul!” she gasped, “yes, oh yes! Fuck your Mommy hard like the horny slut I am!” Her cunt was on fire from her son’s rapid thrusting, she reached between her legs to stroke her trembling clit. “Oh you’re making your Mommy cum again! What a good son, fucking me so good!”

Paul felt his nuts drawing up into firing position. He started spanking his Mommy’s butt cheeks, making them jiggle and turn from pink to red. Angela responded to the extra stimulation by cumming even harder around Paul’s cock. She was clutching his rod with her flexing cunt muscles, Paul couldn’t stand it and shot his load into his Mommy’s hungry womb.

“Yes, give me your seed, fill me up, oh Paul! Love your cum, need your cock, oh fuck it’s so damn good!” Angela screamed. Her arms gave out and she collapsed onto the arm of the couch as Paul finished pumping her full of his creamy spunk. She shuddered through wave after wave of her delicious orgasm.

At last Angela was satisfied for the moment. Paul had come around to help her up and fold her into a warm embrace. “Oh son,” she breathed, “this is going to be so much fun!”

To Be Continued…

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