Master and Servant Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

I close my eyes and start licking the tip of his cock head as I lap on his dripping pre-cum. While moving my right hand and place them under his heavy egg shape balls.

I gently massage his nice set of balls as I continues to lick his hard rod. I played with his balls with my palms as I gently rolling them with my fingers making him squirm right on top of me.

Then I replace my tongue on his balls, kissing and licking them as he moan silently. I took one of his balls into my mouth and slowly sucking it gently while swirling my tongue around it.

I continue to lick his ball sack while moving my other hand to his hard rod. I could feel his pre-cum dripping in my face as he continued to moan and groan with pleasure.

“Damn….you really like licking that balls m-master?” Eric ask while I continued on licking his heavy egg shape nuts.

“Yep…hmmm” I answered licking him with delight. “I can taste you better when I lick you.”

“You like the way that thing taste of my balls master?” he asked.

“Yep.” I suck one of his balls as I heard hip gasped, I pulled it out and gave him a lustful grin. “It tasted wonderful.”

“Better than swallowing master?” he gasped again as I suck his other ball.

“Swallowing is better specially-” I return my hungry mouth at his raging hard-pre-cum-dripping cock and suck it hard as I could, making him cry out for pleasure. “-huh yummy… specially this one.” giving him a sly grin.

“Fuck master…please…” he groaned as I as continue to sucking and licking his raging hard member. He continue to drip pre-cum in my mouth coating my throat for his cock for easy access.

I slowly suck him inch by inch until I could feel my mouth expand as I expertly suck his 11 inch cock into my mouth. Deep throating him sucking, sucking him, tasting his very musky organ of all.

I could feel his bushy groin as it brush gently on my nose, smelling his musky man scent surrounding my scenes, making me a bit light headed.

I gently jack him as I continue to suck his cock head making him squirm and thrust his cock into my mouth.

Slowly I continue to jack him off As my hand playful stroke his hard dripping member. My hands was already slick from the effect of my own saliva and Eric’s own pre-cum.

I drank Ankara escort his pre-cum in my greedy mouth as I continued to suck him. I could head moans of pleasure from Eric as I continued to caress him.

I took his hard member out of my mouth as I slowly and teasingly lick the opening of his piss lit. His man juice slowly ooze out of the little opening as I lap on it making him groan in pleasure.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Master! AHHHH! That feels good…” Eric shudder on top of me. Watching this one big hard stud squirming on top of me turns me more.

I grip his hard dripping cock using both of my fingers and forcefully masturbating him in front of me. Making him gasped as I increase my speed.

Nice pool of man milk ooze out of his dick coating my greedy fingers and continue to drip down strait to my face.

I continue to masturbate him as I let my face bath on his oozing pre-cum. I tug on of his balls making him gasped for air as he leek more pre-cum making my face damp of manly milk spunk.

“Wow you leek to much Eric” I said while licking his hot angry cock head.

“Yes..Yes I-I Ahhh! I leek jus-damn! just for you m-master. Ahhh! Argghhh! Fuck!” he continued to groan as I suck him hard and deep. I could feel his balls tighten as I ravish his hard slick cock.

I took his penis deeper until I could feel my throat contrasting with his dick. Slowly his hips starting to move, thrusting his dick inside my mouth while groaning from pleasure.

I suck him equally for his every thrust. He continued to face fuck me grinding his cock deeper into my mouth, burying it, feeding my greedy mouth of his manly flesh.

I tasted his hot man cream as he continued to thrust into me. I deliberately swirl my tongue for each suck and swallow for every deep throat that makes him cream more pre-cum.

I slowly drunk him as I continue to suck him, I move both of my fingers to his balls. Massaging them, begging them to leek more milk.

In every bob of his cock and twitch of his balls pre-cum rush out dipping, milking into my mouth and throat.

I gasped for air as I took out his hard slick cock in my mouth and lick the tip of his oozing cock.

I suck Erick’s big purple mushroom cock head as I deeply suck it while swirling my tongue in every Ankara escort bayan side. I could hear him groan from the sensation.

I swallowed him whole as I stroke his cock using my mouth and tongue. But this time I increase my tempo as I suck him hard.

I could feel his hard pole entering and exiting in my mouth as I pressure on sucking him hard. Eric moans and groans add as effect for my mouth to suck him more.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! Fuck-k Ma-master! Ahhh!” Eric continue to slam his cock into my face ah he rock his hips in front of me.

Pre-cum ooze out of my mouth as I suck him ferociously. I could feel Eric’s balls rising as he almost reach his limit.

I took hold of his balls, massaging them, begging them to feed me there manly juice. Eric’s continue to thrust his cock in my as I continue to suck him back and forth.

“FUCK!!! MASTER I’M GANNA CUM!!!” I speed my tempo as I urge him to cum in my mouth. I suck him hard as I move my head up and down from his hard raging cock.

Then suddenly warm cream seemed to burst like a hose shot from the tip of his cock and hit forcefully against the roof of my mouth.

I felt three quick hard shots that feel in my mouth filling with his thick manly semen. I continue to move my hands tugging at his balls massaging them pleading them to give me more of his manly semen.

For each movement of my hands I was rewarded with another shot of his warm seed as he continued to unload inside my mouth as he continue to hump in my face.

My cheeks were filling with the smooth thick cream and I wanted to hold it as long as I could to savor the intense manly flavor I’d come to love so much already that I almost crave for more.

I kept my lips locked snugly just beneath his ejaculating crown as he kept pumping as much of his delicious cum out of him as he could.

His orgasm didn’t seemed to stop he continue to pump more cum into my aching mouth. I swallowed my first, second and third mouthful of his cum but he continue to feed me more.

As he continued to cum I could feel some of his cum leave my mouth as the continue to drip out down to my hands and body.

My mouth can’t take his over powering cum as I took out his still cum-pumping cock out of my mouth and masturbate him in front Escort Ankara of me.

“HOLY SHIT!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!” Eric continue to curse as he pump more cum out of his balls as he unload it to my face and body.

His cum continue to drip in my face, my hands, my arms, bathing my body with his manly essence as he ejaculated many times. Each ejaculate came much more thicker and creamier that the last one.

I was so turn on that I didn’t notice that I came in my pajamas making me wet with sticky cum, saliva and sweat.

It almost took for ever to him to stop then finally, I felt his body seem to collapse on top me and buried his face in my stick damp hair.

I could hear him gasped for air his body still twitching from his early orgasm. I hold him close as silently pet his hair with my cum stained hands.

Then he suddenly move and look down at me our eyes met.”Oh Jesus, that’s a lot of cum,” I said as a broad smile came over his face.

He reached out tenderly started stroking the side of my neck with his fingertips. I loved the way his big manly hand touch me.

“You’d better swallow it Master before they might get cold.” I nodded slightly and move to lick my hands cleaning them in front of him.

Slowly I use my hands to scoop the cum in my face and hair. Eric also help me scoop some of the cum in my shirt and in my bed using cock while I enjoy on sucking the cum out of his still hard cock.

“Wow Eric your still hard. How many times do you cum in a day?” I ask while sucking on his cum strained cock.

Eric blushed as he look down at me. “Well 7 to 10 times a day Master.”

“What! 7 to 10? Wow what a stamina. How many times did you cum today then?” I ask him, curiosity in my voice.

“Just two today master.” He blush one more time.

“Hahahaha that’s so cute.” I lift my hand and stoke his pale cheeks. “Well we better milk you more then?” I smile hungry at him.

Then suddenly he jerk me up to his body and smiled down at me. “Wow you mean that master? Your going to milk me the whole night?” by just looking at his eyes he was already exited.

Pre-cum drip down his cock and he suddenly brush his groin in my sticky stomach. “Wow your one horny guy aren’t you?”

“Hehehehe just for you master I’m always horny!” With out a word I fell back in my hot sticky covers and gesture Eric to come close.

Legs spread, his hard cock stand strait like a flag pole, I lifter my hands and start to explore once again…..

To be continued…

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