Making up for Lost Time

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It had been about a month since we’d had any time to spend together. You were out on business trips, and I was swamped at work and pulling too many overtime shifts. Having the place to myself was nice, but I was wearing thin. I was missing your company and being around you, but I was also missing your touch. This was the end of your last trip for a few months, and you had told me you were tired also. We were involved and in love, and our jobs had kept us from spending time with each other. It was brutal and exhausting, but work was finally calming down, and you were coming home tonight.

You had an afternoon flight, and I was supposed to pick you up at the airport around 6:30. Traffic was rough and your first flight was delayed, so you didn’t make it into the airport until about 8. I waited at the concourse, and knew we both were tired, but I couldn’t wait to see you again. It had been too long, and I was ready to have you back for myself, if only for a little while. After waiting for an additional hour and a half, your flight finally landed. I waited just past security, early waiting to see your shape through the masses of people coming home. I kept searching, and finally, I saw you. Your hair was tied in a bun, and you were wearing a gray business suit. I could tell you were tired, but you still manged a smile when you spotted me. I can’t tell you how good that felt. It warmed my soul like hot cocoa on a winter’s day. You cleared security, and we finally got to feel each other’s embrace. We kissed momentarily, and it felt great to have you in my arms. God how I missed you. We stopped by the baggage claim to get your luggage, and while we were waiting, I caught a couple side glimpses. The way you had your hair up in a bun was cute to me. More than that, the black top you were wearing under your suit jacket was showing off your gorgeous cleavage. As if I hadn’t missed you enough, my desire went to flat out needing. I needed to get that suit off you. I needed to feel your body against mine. I needed to get inside you again.

It was a cold and rainy night, and once we got back to the car, it took a while just to clear the airport. We talked about how our weeks had been, and complained about our co-workers and the pains of turning a paycheck. It felt so good just to hear your voice again in person. Neither of us had dinner yet, so we decided to stop at the Italian place around the corner from our apartment for dinner. I mean let’s face it – neither one of us was cooking tonight. As we sat and talked over dinner, I got to really look at you again. Even through the exhaustion, I wanted you. I loved seeing your cleavage, and I definitely noticed your ass in those slacks when we were walking out from the car. It got my head thinking of all the dirty things I wanted to do with you. I was thrilled when you gaziantep rus escort flirted back with me at dinner, and I could see the way you were looking at me when I got up to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t just a causal look. It’s the look I’d seen numerous times before from you. The look that said you wanted the same thing that I did.

I paid the check and we headed home. As we parked and got your bags from the trunk, the rain started to pick up. It had been rainy the past few nights. Tonight was supposed to be the worst of them. I didn’t give a fuck. It was a Friday night. We both had the weekend off. You wouldn’t be traveling again for at least a month. And most importantly, you were home. I grabbed your bags and we hurried inside. After putting a load of laundry in the wash and you getting showered, we headed to bed. Both of us were tired, but not that tired…yet.

I was wearing my underwear to bed, a pair of white boxer breifs. You had on a satin, purple top, and sexy black panties. It’s not that you meant for them to be sexy. They just look that way on you. We turned off the lights, and I wrapped my arms around you. I pushed into me a little, then moved my hands to cup your breasts. The smell of your body wash on you after your shower was intoxicating. Here we were in the dark. I finally had you back in my arms. Alone in the dark, on a cold rainy night. Your breasts felt soft and full in my hands, the way they always have. I could feel your nipples through your top. I couldn’t help myself anymore. I needed you. I gently reached up and brushed your hair from the side and back of your neck so that your neck was exposed. I pulled you a little tighter and started to gently kiss you. First your ears. Then your neck. Then I started working on the back of your neck. It was dirty of me, because I know that’s your sensitive spot. As I kissed, I felt you lift your head up, obvoulsy enjoying it. After a minute of kissing you, I gently felt your hand reach back towards my shorts. Your hand slid against my belly, down past the elastic waistband, and your hand wrapped around my cock. I felt your ass press against me as you started to roll on your back in my direction. I kept kissing your smooth, silky neck as you got onto your back, still stroking me. Your grip tightened around my shaft, and I could already feel myself growing hard in your hands. You kept rolling over until we were face to face. Now we were making out. Lips locked together, tongues twisting softly around one another, soft and wet. The rain poured outside as you reached your other hand into my shorts, cupping my full balls in your other hand.

We continued to make out as my prick came to life in your hands. I climbed on top of you as you slid my shorts down around my ass. As we kissed, I slowly slid my hands around your shoulders, feeling your curves and caressing your shoulder blades, then snuck my fingers around the straps of your top. I had to get at your breasts. I loved them. I love the shape of your breasts. They’re big without being oversized. Your nipples are the perfect shade, and I love every chance I get to suck on them. As your breasts emerged from your silken top, I moved from kissing your mouth to wrapping my mouth on your tits. I paused for a minute to work up some saliva. Then I put the tip of my tongue to work, softly swirling around your right nipple. I kept licking and sucking, feeling your nipple grow hard under my tongue. Without being coached, I knew it was time to work on your left one. Slowly, deliberately, I took your left breast into my mouth, tasting you and feeling you under my skilled tongue. Rolling in figure eights, I reveled in being so close to you once again. As I sucked on you, I caressed your belly, feeling your breathing excellerate. I could feel your back arch, which told me I was doing my job right. I wanted to please you. You are my woman, and I want to make you feel good. More than that, I had missed your feel. I wanted to make you cum. Hard.

I worked my mouth down to your belly, kissing and licking along the way. My left hand held your ass, also full in my hands. I loved your ass, and always looked forward to the nights you wanted anal. Very quietely, I was hoping this was one of those nights. As I gripped your ass, I moved my right hand down between your legs, feeling you through your sexy black panties. They were damp. I could feel your wetness, and was almost ready to bury myself inside you. By now my cock was throbbing for your pussy. I was dying to thrust myself deep inside you, having your vagina embrace all the veins in my thick cock. I could feel a little pre-cum drip onto my tip. But before I slid into you, I had to taste you. I wanted your taste on my lips. I lowered myself down between your legs and pulled your panties to the side. I was thrilled to see that even on your business trips, you kept yourself shaved. It brought a smile to my perverted lips, but you didn’t want a smile. You wanted your pussy licked. You grabbed the back of my hair, forced my head into your lap, and whispered through the dark, “Suck my clit, baby.” Quickly and obediently, I buried my face between your wet thighs, tasting every last good drop of your sexuality. I loved burying my face between your legs. I knew exactly how you liked your pussy eaten, and I was always willing to do it. I sucked slowly but firmly on your clit, while I slid my index and middle fingers into your womanhood, gently stroking your G-spot. You started to buck your hips, and again, I heard those sexy moans emerge from your lips. Fuck I missed turing you on. I missed your skin under mine. I missed your touch. And now we both were ready.

I took your panties off, and here we were again, naked and horny in the dark. There was one last thing I needed before we actually fucked. And you knew it also. You grabbed my shaft and sat up a little, guiding me into your mouth. Your lips were wet and your mouth was like an oasis in the desert. You took my all in, engulfing me all the way down to my swollen balls. I was worried I would cum right then and there, spilling my jizz down your throat. Now it was time. I rolled you over and put you on your knees so that your ass was facing me. I grabbed your hips and first teased you with my fat tip. You cursed, I chuckled, and then I slid my meat deep inside you. This was the paradise I was missing. It was you, and no one else could ever fill that void. I grabbed your hips and thrust myself in and out of you, enjoying every last stroke. The moon cast faint shadows through the blinds, and I could see parts of your ass as I rode you. “You want anal, baby?”. I kept my fingers crossed in bated breath. “Yeah, baby. I want you to come in my ass.” The answer I was waiting for. It took about half a second for me to pull my wet dick out and bury my face in your ass. I tongued your asshole, burying my face between your cheeks. As you planted your face in the pillow and spread your ass with your hands in eager anticipation, I reached into the top drawer of the nightstand and grabbed some lube. I coated both of us up, and slide inside your tight ass. I wrapped my arms around you and rolled us both on to our sides. As I stayed buried inside you, I fingered your pussy and rubbed your clit, enjoying every last second. We weren’t just two people anymore. We were full on lovers in heat. You bucked against my cock as my fingers explored the front of your body, kissing your neck and moaning in your ears. I was getting ready to cum. I wanted you to feel my hot load burst inside you. I also didn’t want to leave you hanging. Afterall, part of the fun is coming with your lover. I had to slow my pace and work my fingers a little more to get us to come together. I knew it didn’t happen often, but tonight was our night.

“Are you ready, baby?”, I moaned and panted. “Yeah. Come for me, baby.” Working your clit and giving my last few thrusts, I let my big, fat load burst inside your ass, letting you feel every last creamy drop. And just as planned, you came just a moment after. Quivering in my arms, I could swear I felt your squirt a little bit. I pulled out, feeling satisfied and whole again. I put my hand to my mouth, tasting your cum on my fingers. We were both tired, but we were together again at last, and you fell asleep in my arms. I fell asleep with an evil grin on my face, knowing that we would be doing much more of the same tomorrow, while the rain poured down and it froze outside. I would be one with the woman I loved.

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