Magical Heidi

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Kristi Rider. Now there’s something that my friends from high school never thought I would be; a wife. You see, I’ve always had a preference for women. Even back then, the other girls would be looking at the quarterback and I couldn’t get my eyes off of the cheerleaders.

I’m really not even sure how this whole marriage thing came to be. I guess it just sort of happened. John’s a really great guy. One thing led to another and the next I knew, I was a soccer mom with two kids. I thought I was happy. I really haven’t had much time to think about it. And to add to the confusion, I decided to go back to college after having given it up years ago.

I’ve been with John for ten years. Up until the last couple of years, the sex has always been great. Honestly, it was pretty close to amazing. I really didn’t miss women. Sure, I would notice if an exceptionally attractive one were to cross my path. But, I didn’t seek them out or fantasize about them during lovemaking.

That all changed when the passion in my marriage began to dwindle. Maybe that’s what happens after being together for so long. John has lost most of his desire for sex. I, on the other hand, could have three orgasms a day and still beg for more.


I would say that I’m an attractive woman. I get quite a bit of attention from men and sometimes women when I go out. I’m 28 years old, though I look quite younger. I’m 5’4 and 120lbs. I go to the gym regularly to keep my body toned.

I have an oval face with a petite nose, high cheek bones and deep, sparkling blue eyes. There is a light sprinkling of freckles over my smooth, fair skin. I usually wear only a light application of make-up or none at all.

The feature that gets the most attention would have to be my hair. I have shoulder length, curly, naturally red hair that frames my face. It never fails that every time I go out someone will comment on what beautiful hair I have. I can tell what the men are thinking by the way that they stare, look me up and down, and then smile. I flirt and play with them sometimes depending upon my mood.

I like to wear provocative clothes. Shirts that are cut low enough to show off the cleavage of my 36c cup breasts. Jeans that fit so tight that I can’t even wear panties. And, high heels to tighten my calves and accentuate my legs.

Well, I suppose you know all about me…now Escort Bayan Gaziantep let me tell you about her.


I watch as my fellow students file into the classroom on the first day of the semester. I’m feeling more nervous with each passing second. I know I’m not old by any definition but these girls make me feel ancient. I’m busting my ass to be here but their daddies have all paid their way. With their tube tops and mini shorts, they all look like they came to class straight from a frat party.

She looks so out of place as she walks into the room in the midst of the crowd. Her black jacket, silver studded belt, and combat boots a complete contrast to the attire of the students that surround her. She holds her head high with an air of confidence as she takes a seat in the front row.

Luckily she sat in front of me, otherwise I would have had to explain why I was staring. For some reason, I couldn’t force my eyes away from this beautiful creature.

Her long brown hair had an auburn tint and was pulled loosely into a ponytail. My eyes traveled down to the fullness of her bottom that was clearly visible through her tight jeans. When she leaned forward I was able to see that she had a tattoo on the small of her back peeking out over the top of her black thong.

I’m imagining this mystery woman laying face down on my bed. Propped up on her elbows, her back arched, and her hair cascading down. I dream of crawling up behind her and lightly tracing the outline of her tattoo with my fingernails. I’m running my hands down her sides now. Following the contours of her body and feeling her quiver with the anticipation of what’s to come. My hands travel lower to cup her firm bottom and I watch as she spreads her legs in response. I lean in to her, stroking my cheek over her smooth, soft flesh and plant a light kiss on her bottom. She turns to look at me. “Kristi,” she says.

“Kristi Rider,” the professor asks for the second time.

“Here,” I stammer, snapping back to reality. I shake my head trying to clear the fog. My eyes dart around the room. I wonder if anyone could tell what I was thinking. I’ve got to get a hold of myself if I’m ever going to make it through this semester.

Having been interrupted, I use the opportunity to get another look. I lean forward and try to appear casual as I drink in her features.

I’m guessing her to be about thirty. Her face is mature and feminine. She’s the perfect size; not too skinny but not chubby either. She has large, beautiful eyes, though I can’t quite make out the color. Her breasts are round and full; my size or maybe slightly larger. Her straight, white teeth form an incredible smile that only serves to accentuate her best feature; her lips.

What can I say about lips like those? They are perfect. They look like something out of a painting. If I had seen them on a model I would have assumed that they were somehow fake. But not this woman, nothing about her is fake.

I picture her on her knees in front of me. She pushes me back to sit on the edge of my bed. Leaning towards me, her tongue stretches out to caress my hardened nipple. I moan softly looking down into her eyes. She smiles and takes my nipple between her full lips and lightly sucks it into her mouth. I tremble as she slides her tongue over it. Taking the hard little nub between her teeth, she pulls at it and rolls it back and forth.

“Here,” she says.

Oh shit, I did it again. I turn to the person sitting next to me. “What was her name?” I ask. The girl turns to me and whispers one word.



Throughout the semester, I was able to collect other bits of information about her. Her name is Heidi Trenton. She is a divorced mother with one child. She has a wonderful sense of humor. She’s incredibly intelligent and is quick to tease with a sharp tongue. And most incredibly, she has absolutely no idea how beautiful she is. Or, how much I desire her.

She has this quirky little way of smiling and winking at me. I know she’s just being friendly, yet, every time she does it I feel a wonderful heat begin to spread through my body. This dark little witch definitely has me under her spell.

I spent the four week break during the holidays trying not to think about her. Satisfied that I had survived the divine torture of being so close to her and yet not being able to have her. Still, all I could think about was getting back to school and the possibility of having her in my classes again.


And there she is. I breathe her name quietly as she appears in the doorway. The air in the classroom seems to change as she makes her entrance. I’m entranced as this lovely woman in black boots finds a seat close to me.

My mind a mixture of emotions; so joyful to see her and yet, so discouraged that this semester will be just as the last. I resolve not to allow that to happen. She may have no interest in me whatsoever but I have to tell her how I feel.

That night, I sit at my computer scrolling through the e-mail addresses of my classmates until I come to hers. I click on it and a blank page opens. What do I say? I begin by telling her that I think she’s beautiful.

My stomach turning flips and my fingers quivering, I gently clicked the send button. Panic set in when the computer told me that my message was sent. But, it was too late. All I could do now was wait to see what her response would be.


I’m sitting outside of my locked classroom. I don’t know why I got here so early. Did I expect her to be here? I take out a paperback edition of “Wicked” and begin to read. I’m immersed in the story when I hear, “Good morning beautiful.” I turn to see her standing above me, a slight smile on her lips.

“Heidi, uh, good morning.” I manage to stammer. She offers her hand to help me rise.

“Did you really mean what you said last night?” the beautiful brunette asks quietly while taking a step toward me.

All I can do is nod in response. Her arms raise and her hands move to my cheeks; cradling my face. My eyes close, savoring the warmth of her touch. She begins very slowly, barely brushing against my lips with her own. She teases, backs off, and repeats the contact. Each time pressing a little harder. Her luscious lips are so soft and hot as they press to mine. My tongue lightly glides over her parted lips. I gently suck her bottom lip into my mouth, nibbling on the fullness and savoring the taste of her. She opens her mouth further and she presses her tongue to mine. Her hand moves to the small of my back, pulling me tighter to her. Our passion building, our tongues encircle and begin to duel. Our breasts press together and I feel her hardened nipples graze over mine, sending a shiver through my body.

It isn’t until she breaks the kiss that I begin to hear the sounds of my classmates making their way into the building and up the stairs toward us.

Her arms still wrapped around me, she moves her mouth to my ear and whispers, “I have all year to play with you.” Her hand moves down to my bottom and gives me a light spank on my right cheek. She releases me from her grasp and takes a step backward as our peers make their way around the corner and into our hallway. She smiles and winks innocently at me as she turns to greet the others.

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