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made my wife a high class prostituteThis story relates to my wife rittu with whom I got married in 2004 and before my marriage I used to fuck lots of prostitutes of all age .I had a special prostitute named muskan and she use to give me a wild sex giving me all positions to fuck and eshe even used to allow me to fuck her ass and used to take all my cum in her mouth.After my marriage with rittu I stopped seeing muskan or any other prostitutes and was enjoying the sexy body of my younf wife.Rittu was however not accomplished in giving me wild sex as muskan used to do and even rittu had great diccultity in taking my dick in her mouth.I even showed rittu lots of porn films but she did not respond to my sexual activity and just she laid on the bed spreding her legs and allowing my dick to enter her pussy and after few strokes I used to cum and even that time she just laid straight on the bed.I did not know wheather she used to have any orgasms or not.It was now 2 months of our wedding and I was really missing muskan as she used to satisfy me at any way I liked.I called muskan at her mobile and she was quite excited on reciving my call and we scheduled to meet in a hotel and at evening she came to the booked room wearing tight jeans and a see though top with her tits fully exposed.She hugged me on seeing me and I gave a deep kiss putting my tounge in her mouth and she too responded with our tounges digging in each others mouth.After few mins I ordered drinks for ourselves and the she lit a cigraate and asked me where was I all these days.I told her that I got married to rittu 2 months back and she was quite surprised that I called her instead of fucking my newly married wife but then I told her about my sexual activites with rittu that she did not give me proper sex and just she laid on the bed without doing anything.Muskan laughed on hearing this and she told me that all girls who do not experience sex before their marriage are like these and since I have fucked many whores r demanding too much from rittu at this point of time.I told muskan I don’t know but I want rittu to be like her and again she laughed and told me for rittu to become like her I have to make rittu a whore and then she told me that since she experiences sex with many men she has become used to all kinf of dicks and and men of all age and color.Some men are demanding and some r soft but then she has to do this for money.I told muskan to make rittu a whore so that I can enjoy wild sex from her anytime I demand from her.She was surprised to hear this words from me but now I was dam sure to make my wife a whore and then I tok off miskan clothes and started fucking her hard as I was fantizing about my wife with muskan clients.Then after few hrs I handed the money and and then muskan asked me about my plans of rittu.I told her that I don’t know how will I do this but then she told me that she can get good clients for rittu as she is newly married and clients always like virgin pussy > asked her how she will get rittu into this whore business and she told me to leave it to her and that I would not interfere about rittu whereabouts.I then sarted thinking wheatrhe I was sure about myself about prostituting my wife but then I was sure that Rittu being from orthodox family would never venture into this business with muskan.I then took a promise from muskan that I would gibe hr rittus number but she would never tell rittu about my proposition and another thing that when she fucks her ist cient I would like to see live film of her .Muskan promised me and then Ii gave rittu mobile no and left the room.I eached home and rittu opened the door and prepared dinner for me and at night when we slept I fantized rittu as a whore and then took off her clothes and started fucking her and again as usual she lay on the bed as a doll.I then dozed off to sleep as I was very tired in fucking twoo whores for the day.Next morning as I was rady to go to office and rittu was preparing for breakfastI recived a call from muskan that the is ready to give call to rittu and that she would pose herself as cosmetictic agent and would befriend her by selling her cosmetic goods.I asked her its ok and then after few mins I heard rittus mobile ringing and then to hear the conservation I went to the kitchen and I hard rittu was taking on the phone and she was constantly saying no and said she does not require anything and as I eneterd the kithen to pick up glass of water I asked her whose ph it was as I kew she was new in this town and does not have any relative or friends and as a loyal wife she told me that some girl named muskan called her for selling some cosmetics items.I told rittu that she should buy some of the items to maintain her beauty .I now satred seeing my wofes beauty with her fig of 32 28 34 and her sexy body was glowing in dark nighty she was wearing.I could nor beive that I was prepating my wife for my sexaual activeyies.I though I should call muskan and tell her to drop the idea and again rittu mobile sateted ringing and this time she was taling in sweet tone and also laufing and after few mins she disconnected the call and she told me that that cosmtic agent muskan will come at noon .I then handed thousand rs to rittu and went off to office thinking what is going to happen but then muskan promised me that she would narrate me the whole activities and as on schedule time muskan rang the doorbell and rittu was now still in her nighty and she opened the door.Muskan introduced herself without rittu knowing that she infact she is a whore and muskan eyes gleamed on seeing my beauty wife and she gave a tight hug to rittu and then both sat down on the sofa and then muskan took out some items from the bag showing it to rittu.First she showed some face craem to rittu and then taking out some cream she started applying on rittus face telling her that her face will always glow with this cream.Ritu liked the product and then muskan took out a breast cream telling rittu that this cream will always kep her boobs tight instead of sagging and she even told her that husband always like tight boobs and then muskan told her to take of her nighty sho that she can show how to apply the cream.Rittu was feeling shy but then muskan told rittu to take her to bedroom and she made rittu stand in front of the mirror and told her to take off her nighty as she would give demonstration on how to apply the cream and then rittu took off her nighty as now she was only wearing panty underneath and then muskan standing behind rittu in front of the mirror took out the cream and started applying the cream on rittus boobs.Rittu closed her eyes when muskan started applying the cream but then muskan told her to follow the instructions and with muskans hands started applying on rittus boobs and then circling around rittus tits it immediately became erect giving her a different sensation.Muskan wheatish compextion and my wife fair complexion was a treat to watch and then muskan started caressing rittus boobs and rittu could not understand but then muskan told her that by caressing her boobs would have good circulation and her boobs would always remain tight.Muskan now took out another cream from her bag and told rittu halkalı escort that this cream is for pussy to keep it always tight.She asked rittu wheather her pussy is shaved or hairy.Rittu told muskan that its hairy and muskan told her that it has to be shaved for the cream to take effect.Muskan knew that this was enough for the day and told rittu that she would come tomorrow to clean shave her pussy and give her the bodymassage but hen rittu said she would have to ask her husband and she would let her know on the phone.Muskan said its ok as she knew that I am on her side and after taking a leave from rittu she called me and narreted me the whole incident.I felt very excited about someone touching rittus body gave me a real hardon.When I came home from office rittu told me about muskan and her items and she told me she boughr some face cream and nothing else and she even did not told me that she took off her nighty and muskan massaged her boobs.Rittu then told me that muskan would again come tomorrow as some payments are to be made to her.I said its ok she can fix the appointment and then soon afterwards she gave call to muskan to come at 12 noon and though I wanted to stay at home to watch my wife getting pussyshaved but then I knew she would never let muskan touch her If I was at home.Next day I handed the money to rittu and left for office and on schedule time muskan came and rang the doorbell.Thistime muskan was wearing a very tight short skirt with high heels and her fully waxed legs were fully exposed and a tight see through top.She was truly looking like a high class prostitute and she again greeted rittu with a tight hug and riitu could not belive that this was the same muskan who came yesterday.Rittu today again was wearing a nighty as she knew she anyhow had to take it off.Rittu then escorted muskan to the bedroom and then herself took off the nighty and hander over the cream to muskan.Muskan said first she would massage her boobs and then she would shave her pussy and then give her the body massage.As rittu was standing in front of the mirror muskan from behind applied creams on her hands and started massaging rittu boobs and the started squeezing her tits.Rittu tits again became erect and riitu was liking the sensation and muskan slowly and slowly started caressing her boobs.Rittu aked muskan why her tits become erect and then muskan told her it was a natural process and if she touches her tits it would also become erect and then muskan took off her top and told rittu to apply cream on her boobs and soon muskan tits also became erect.Rittu told muskan that it never happen with her husband as he always touched her boobs but then muskan said this process happen only in relaxed state of mind.Muskan was now in her tight skirt and her 36 size boobs were facing my wifes boobs.Muskan then told rittu to lie down on the bed and soon she bought water and lather foam near the bed and then she took off rittus panty and her hairy pussy was now fully exposed and soon muskan started applying the lather foam on rittus pussy and rittu moaned in pleasure as muskan touched her pussy and when she stared shaving off with razor blade it was give a real pleasure to rittu and muskan also knew that rittu never had orgasms with my sex activites and soon slowly and slowly she shaved rittu her entire pussy and her clit were shining of her tight pussy.Muskan now knew that time had come and soon she took oil pussy cream from the bag and started applying on rittu pussy and slowly and slowly she started rubbing the clit of her pussy and rittu was now moaing in pleasure and soon she started rubbing the g spot of her clit and soon wet juices strted coming out of rittus pussy and then as muskan stopped rubbing rittu told her to continue as something different was happening to jer.Muskan knew that rittu was going to have orgasms and soon she inserted her finger in rittus pussy and as rittu was moaning muskan started kissing rittu and rittu too responded muskan with deep kiss and both the tounges were slurping each other with saliva and as mukan started vigoursly stroking rittus pussy soon she bought her tounge and started licking her clit and soon rittu had a massive orgasm and all her wet juices were splured on muskan face and rittu was still maoning in pleasure now deeply exhausted with her orgasms and she was feeking shy in front of muskan and soon muskan came to her and kissed her .Rittu asked what happened to her and muskan explained that the she became exited amd had deep orgams and if fact whenever a dick enters into the vagina and rubs along the g spot a woman always had a orgasms like infact a woman always have multiple orgasms but she never had orgams with me because all these yeras I kept on fucking whores and never hed the idea of exploring a virgin pussy and soon muskan also took off her tight skirt and she was not wering any pany and soon she took rittus hand and told her to rub her pussy and soon rittu too applied cream on muskan pussy and started inserting her finger in her pussy and then muskan told rittu to lick her though rittu was hesitant at first but then she started licking muskan pussy and in fact she was licking a whores pussy and muskan then bougt her face forward and started kissing rittu again and as she was kissing she took out bottle of massage oil from the bag and started pouring on rittus body and soon rittus body was cover in massage oil and muskan then bought her body and started rubbing on rittus body.Rittus tits again became fully erect and mukan also bought her tits and started rubbing with rittus tits both the tits were now on fire frictioning with each other and muskan now caught rittu hands and started licking her armpits .This gave ernomous amount of pleasure to rittu and now muskan was also covered with oil and then she bought her chut near rittus chut and in scissor position both the chuts started tribbing with each othe and soon rittu started ejaculating again from her wet pussy and muskan chut also started lubracting and soon booth rittu and muskan had orgasm together and their wet chuts became quite sticky and were remained glued for 10 mins and then both rittu and muskan went to shower together and were laughing and giggling with each other.After from the shower rittu was quite relaxed and she also had fared in mind what would her hubby say of all thes that happened.Muskan told her to keep quite and when she cleaned up the bedsheets and when muskan left I came home and rittu was looking quite pleased with herself.Muskan told rittu not to say anything about the incident as she knew I would be demanding wild sex from ritttu and all her plans to induce rittu into prostitution would flop.Even muskan kept quite about the incident and when I asked her she said that she is trying to befriend rittu.Next day rittu was desparete to have an orgasm and though she tried to finger herself she did not lubricate and immediately she called muskan but muskan was not picking rittus phone.She gave r several calls to muskan but she did not reply and now rittu was desparte to have an orgasm .I now had go go to Chandigarh for official work for a week and told muskan taksim escort to take care of rittu and when I come from Chandigarh she should set rittu for me for wild sxMuskan told me not to worry and next day in mornining she gave call to rittu and she said she would be coming to her place.rittu was now excited that she would againg enjoy her lesbian acts with muskan and even I was also not in town.Muskan rang the doorbell and when rittu opened the door she immedialely started kissing muskan.Muskan told rittu to contol herself and today they would go out for shopping and when rittu dressed herself in typical indan suit muskan told her to wear some modern outfits but then rittu said she didn’t had any so muskan told her that theu would go out for shopping.Rittu agtreed to it as now she had found a friend in muskan and muskan took rittu straight to a beauty paroul but when rittu aked why to a parlor she told her that she still had some hair on her legs and arms and she wanted to remove all her hair permently.Rittu agree to it and after hain her legs and arms waex d her sily legs were glowing in full shine.Muskan told rittu to let her hair loose and then she took rittu to a western dress botiaue where she selected shor tight skirts for her.Rittu did not wanted to wear those stuff but when muskan insisted she agreed.when she came out of the dressing my she was looking like a sex bomb with short tight skirt and see though top as muskan used to wear.rittu was now perfectly looking like a whore and now rittu told muskan for going home so she could satify her sexual lust but muskan had other plan in mind.Muskan told rittu that she is going to visit on her friend and she should accompany her .She took rittu to a rittu to a five star hotel where her client had booked the room for her.Rittu did not visit any five star hotel before and when she entered the lobby her eyes gleamed in excitement.Rittu did not have any inch of an idea that muskan was taking her for fucking with a client.muskan and rittu took lift and when she rang the doorbell of the room one young guy by name of ravi opened the door.He was a mascular man and had a good height.His eyes gleamed in excitement on seening a newly married girl in tight short skirt.Muskan introduced ravi to rittu and told her that he is her old friend and soon ravi gave a tight hug to rittu.Ravi then ordered drinks in the room with snacks and rittu too was feeling relaxed in the atomphere thinking that she was totally safe with muskan and when ravi gave her the drink she was hesitant but again she was in command of muskan and she gladly took the drinks.Muskan now tok out cigratte from her purse and rittu was surprised to see muskan smoking.Ravi now put on some slow music and soon muskan came near ravi and both started kissing and rittu was little bit of jealous in seeing both kissing each other as she wanted to have muskan for herself. Muskan now came near rittu and she started kissing her but rittu was feeling uncomfortable in front of a man and she shove muskan away and told her that she wanted to go home but then muskan told her that ravi is leaving and will come after an hr as he had some work to do.Ravi then left the room and soon muskan and rittu was alone in the room.Rittu now felt little comfortable and soon muskan handed another drink to rittu.Rittu like a prostitute gulped the drink in one go and soon she started kissing muskan.Muskan too gave rittu a tight hug and soon both the girls in tight short skirt were embracing and and kissing each other vigoursly.Muskan now took of rittu top and her top also and soon they were massaging their tits together and then rittu took off her skirt and panty and she was now totally nude in clean shaven pussy.Muskan with her tounge started licking rittus clit and again rittu started moaing in pleasure and muskan then too took ooff her skirt and told rittu to lick her .Rittu started licking muskan pussy while she was puffing cigratte with one hand.mukan today was not as vigoursly stroking rittus chut with her fingers but rittu was desprate that muskan insert her finger in her chut.Muskan then made rittu lie on the bed and started licking rittus tits and soon her tits became quite hard and then she slowly started rubbing rittus clit and now rittu was in full state of maoning pleasue and soon muskan stopped rubbing her clit as rittu juices started to come from her chut but rittu was begging muskan not to stop and continue licking her but then soon rittu saw ravi entering the room and in spate rave took off his clothes and his huge 9 inch cock was dangling in front of rittu.Riitu was in the height of climax and did not understand what to do and soon ravi started rubbing her clit with his dick.Rittu looked at muskan but muskan told her for not to worry and keep on enjoying as ravi would not enter her pussy.Muskan then started kissing rittu while ravi was rubbing his huge dick on her clit and this was giving high es**tsy to rittu as ist rime someone was stroking her chut with love.Ravi cock was now fully erect and was ready to tear into my wifes chut but then he was controlling himself for the sake of muskan.As ravi was stroking her clit with his dick rittu juices started to flow and soon she wanted something in her chut and and with one go she spread her legs and begged ravi to tear her pussy and on getting green signal ravi huge dick tore into rittus chut and rittu screamed in pain while cathhing of muskan hands andwhen ravis dick entered her pussy and soon ravi started stoking her hard and rittu too was in high pleasure giving equal thrust to ravi.Soon riitu was about to cum and she was shouting like hell and she had a deep orgasms while ravi was fucking her non stop and ravi kept on fucking her and rittu too was set for another orgasm while ravi was now biting rittu tits and soon riitu was about to come for second time ravi increased his thrust and soon ravi to expoded his cum in rittus chut while rittu too came at the same time.Rittu after having height of pleasure was now in guilt that how she would face her husband as she got fucked by another man but then muskan told her hubby did not give the pleasure as she got from ravi and soon muskan told her not to think too much about it and when rittu went for shower ravi followed her and both started fucking in the bathroom as loud moaning voices were coming from there.Ravi fucked rittu twice in the bathroom and she came many times with him.Ravi was now fully exhausted and after handing a packet to muskan he took leave from her and rittu.Rittui could not understand what was in the packet and muskan told her that this 2 laks rs she got from ravi by letting ravi fuck her.Rittu was ashamed that she got fucked for money but then muskan told her that why give anything for free and soon she started manipulating rittu into that she too should get fucked for money.Rittu now got dressed up and was ready to leave the room but then muskan told her to stop and told rittu that she should fuck one more client of her otherwise she would spill the beans with her husband.Rittu became afraid and now she was being blackmailed ny muskan to fuck her other client.Soon the doorbell of şişli escort the room ranged there was a client of 65 yers age by the name of gupta.Rittu was shocked to see the mn of her grandfathers age and she clearly said to muskan that she would not allow this man to fuck her but when muskan hinted of telling her husband she agreed to it.Mr gupta hands a briefcase to muskan of around 2 lakhs and soon he sat down on the sofa and took out his dick from the pants.Gupata told rittu to suck the dick but then rittu was not used in sucking dicks as she would never take a dick in her mouth.Gupta dick was of 6 inches and soon muskan came and told rittu that she would teach her in sucking the dick.Both muskan and rittu kneeled down in front of the dick and muskan told rittu to spit on the dick.As rittu spitted on the dick muskan with her tounge started squaring on top portion of the dick and soon she slided her tounge downwars toward the balls and with one go she took the whole dick in her mouth and soon she started stroking gupta cock and now muskan spitted on guptas cock and told rittu to take out her tounge and as rittu squared on the dick she wanted to vomit but then muskan caught her head and told her to keep on going and soon rittu was deepthrating gupats coock and soon gupat came in her mounth and as she was apout to spit the cum muskan came and stared kissing rittu with the cum in her mouth and now both were swapping the cum with their tounges.Rittu fot the first time was tasting the cum of a man and later after one he mr gupata again had an hard on and he told rittu and muskan to come on top of him,Muskan came on top of gupta and ster few strokes she took out her chut from his cock and told rittu to fuck him.Rittu now pussylips came on top of gupatas cock and she started stoking him harder a man of her grandfathers age.Soon gupta came inside her chut and soon she went o shower .And then when muskan finished fuking gupta and made him cum again she got up from bed to light a cigraate and while puffin the cigrate and drink in another hand gupta took leave of both the girls and then muskan handed haif the amount to rittu.Rittu was not accepting the money but when she told her that its her money rittu accepted it.Muskan told rittu that she in fact is aprostitue and she has set her up on the sake of my husband.She narrated whole truth to rittu and how I usked to keep on fucking prostitutes before marriage and my sexual activites with her and rittu.she told rittu that how I like wild sex.rittu was shoked on hearing the truth but then it was all of me she was enjoying her sexual activites.Rittu now told muskan that she too wanted to become a prostitute and she told her that she has full one wek and she can call as many clents she can and soon rittu started giving her prostitute services fucking day and night fucking all type of men giving wild sex as I wanted.When I came back from chandigar and rang the door bell rittu opened the door and I can see a wicked smile on her face and soon she served me dinner and then she told me to wait in the bedroom while she is coming.I was thrilled on seeing rittu and of getting wild sex from her and soon she came in short tight skir that muskan bought her and she gave me a smile and started taking off her top and skirt and then taking out a ciggtree she puffed on my face and with drink in her hand she got a call on her mobile.It was muskan mobile and she old rittu that one her foreign client is with her and she is waiting downstairs in the house.Rittu told muskan to come over with her client and soon she opened the door for them in a nude state and I saw muskan and a black foreign negro entering the house.Rittu escorted them to my bedoom and then muskan gave me a tight hug and she told me that she has bought this client to fuck rittu but when I objected to it rittu told me to shut up and just watch the show. That negro the picked up rittu and thew her on the bed and both were now passionately kissing each other while muskan was stoking my cock.then negro took off is clothes and he had a ten inch black cock dangling in front of rittu.Ritty took that big cock in her hand and was looking at me and laughing and I could watch a tall athletic black man in front of my fair sexy wife and both the bodies were embracing tightly with each other and sonn muskan came near rittu and told her something in her ears but then rittu clearly said no to muskan and I was damm sure that negro wanred to fuck my wifes virgin ass and seeing such a huge cock riitu clearly said no to muskan and she had never got fucked in her ass.Muskan told rittu that she will enjoy getting fucked by such a huge monster cock.Rittu then agreed as she wanted to show me how a true whore she is and soon that negro named jack picked rittu and turned her upside in standing position and started licking rittus chut and rittu too started sucking jacks cock and They kept on sucking each other for 20 mins and then jack made rittu stand up and picked her again in her arms and in standing position he started inserting his big cock in her chut.Rittus chut was not accepting such a big cock and she was tightly clinging on to jack with her hands folded around his shoulder and he legs spread apart with jacks cock trying to insert in her chut.Jacks tip of the huge cock started penetrating rittus chut while rittu was now passionately kissing jack and slowly and slowly jacks cock was adusting to rittus clit and then with one deep stroke jacks cock penetrated in rittus chut tearing her chut apart.Rittu screamed in pain but she was passionately kissing jack and soon she also started giving stroke to jack monster cock in rythm.Rittu was looking like a small doll in front of that ugly b**st and jack was mow fucking rittu hard in standing position while rittus legs were spread wide apart.Rittu now came on jacks cock and then jack took out his dick and made rittu lie down in doggy position on the bed.Jack was noe ready to fuck my wifes ass but then riitu told him to appy oil in her ass but he started licking my wifes ass and started peneteteing his tounge in her ass.Rittu was liking being licked in her ass and then jack took his position and started inserting the tip of his black cock in my wife ass.Rittu did not know what was going to happen as she was never got fucked in her ass and then she called muskan to her side and caught hold of her hand and jack with one deep thrust teared into rittu ass and rittu gave a mighty shout and begged jack to stop but jack was fucking rittu like a wild a****l and soon blood started ozzing from her as.Rittu was now looking at me blaming me for all these but then as her ass became wider she started giving stroke to jacks cock.Jack now took out his cock from her ass and stared fucking rittu in her mouth and after few mins he inserted his huge dick in her chut again and soon after 10 mins he exlode in her chut and rittu taking all her sperms in her chut.Jack was fully satisfied with my wife and they kept on fucking whole night while I and muskan was just enjoying our drinks.Jack left in the morning and I could see rittu could not even walk properly as jack had fucked her throughout the night in all possible postions.I told rittu to stop thes activities now but then she said its too late and later she left me and went to stay with muskan and now they had become the best whores of the town and I came to know that rittu used to give all type of services like lesbian,orgy ,gangbang and even got fucked by shemales.

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