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Disclaimer: this story involves cuckolding/cheating.


Kyle and I were dating for almost a year now. We met early in our sophomore year in college, and when we entered our junior year together, we decided to rent an apartment together and see how things went. So far, it was going great. We had a lot in common – we were the same age (21), we both liked going to the gym and the movies, we had a similar sense of humor, and we just generally got along really well. We even looked a little bit alike – we both had short, brown hair and similar facial features, except that Kyle was taller and more muscular, while I was slimmer and twink-ier.

Our sex life started out pretty great – we both had toned bodies and were both versatile. I couldn’t get enough of feeling Kyle’s beautiful, thick, 8-inch cock fill up my mouth or my tight ass. Unfortunately, I could not boast about the size of my penis like he could. I felt a little inadequate about its less-than-4-inch length, even more so because I sometimes had trouble getting hard, especially if I drank too much or smoked weed. Kyle said he didn’t mind though. However, it didn’t exactly feel great when Kyle would have to ask if I was all the way inside him when I was fucking him, and the more insecure I got, the more difficulty I had getting hard. Kyle insisted it was no big deal, and our sex life simply evolved into him taking charge more and topping me more often.

Early our junior year, Kyle joined a study group for a high-level biology class he was taking. It met once a week, each time at a different member of the group’s apartment or dorm. After the group’s second meeting, Kyle and I were lying in bed together and Kyle said, “Oh, Lucas, I have to tell you about this one member of the group.”

“Oh? Who?” I asked.

“Well, his name is Liam. It’s kind of amazing, he’s only 18, but he’s like the smartest member of the group,” Kyle said.

“How is he in this advanced bio class if he’s only a freshman?” I asked.

“Apparently he entered with enough college credits that he could take the course,” Kyle said. “He went to some fancy private school, his family must be really rich. He’s always dressed super stylishly and just has kind of a rich kid vibe.”

“Sounds annoying,” I said.

Kyle laughed. “A little, but he’s not so bad. It doesn’t hurt that he’s, like, the cutest little twink I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh yeah? He’s gay?” I asked. Kyle and I were monogamous, but we were perfectly comfortable talking about other guys we found attractive, so this was no big deal.

“Very,” Kyle said. “He’s this little blond twink. He mentioned that he does gymnastics, and he’s always, like, prancing around in these tight-fitting, fashionable clothes. I don’t always find guys like that to be my type, but he’s just sooooo fucking cute, like a little magical pixie boy.”

I laughed, and felt my dick twitching at Kyle’s description. We had pretty great sex that night, although I did notice Kyle closing his eyes a little more than usual while he fucked me. He also seemed to pound my ass a little harder than usual and brought me to a quick orgasm while he had me on my back with my legs spread, pistoning in and out of me.


A few days later we were reading on the couch together, and I saw Kyle’s phone buzz and light up. Before Kyle picked it up off the coffee table, I spotted Liam’s name. “What does he want?” I asked casually.

“I’m not sure, let’s find out…” Kyle said, tapping on his phone. After a couple minutes, he said, “Oh, he’s just suggesting that the study group meet at his place every week instead of rotating, since he’s got a really spacious place that’s close to campus,” Kyle said.

“Makes sense,” I said. “Must be nice to be so rich.”

“Definitely,” Kyle said, continuing to tap on his phone. He kept texting back and forth for a while, a little smile emerging on his face. Then I saw a look of surprise on his face and he started typing again.

“Having quite a conversation over there, huh?” I asked, keeping my tone casual.

Kyle glanced at me and laughed a little. “It’s nothing, I was just letting him flirt with me a little, it was cute, but now he’s taking it a little too far so I’m putting a stop to it.”

“Oh really??”I said, laughing and scooting across the couch to sit next to him. “And what exactly is the nature of this flirting, may I ask?”

Kyle laughed and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine! Here, take a look.” And with that he handed the phone to me.

“Is this going to make me mad?” I asked.

“I see no reason why it should,” Kyle said, not totally confidently.

I scrolled to the top of their conversation and started reading…

Liam: hey handsome ;-p

Liam: what’s up

Kyle: lol

Kyle: good afternoon Liam

Liam: hey I was just thinking it might be easier for all of us to meet at my place every week since it’s closer to campus and everything

Liam: what do you think?

Kyle: yeah, sure, makes sense to me

Kyle: saves me from having to worry about hosting, hah

Liam: gaziantep bayan eskort lol

Liam: and ummm

Liam: maybe one night you could stay late and we could do some extra studying

Liam: over drinks 😉

Kyle: lol you know I have a boyfriend liam

Liam: oh yeah 🙁

Liam: sorry I know I shouldn’t flirt with you

Liam: but it’s, um, hard

Liam: so to speak

Kyle: ngh

Kyle: well that makes two of us

Liam: 😮

Liam: thinking about me with a boner gets you hard, huh?

Kyle: ok ok that’s enough

Kyle: I’m sure there are plenty of other guys you can be sexting with who aren’t in a relationship

Liam: that’s true

Liam: I’m actually having a couple guys over to my place tonight

Liam: big strong muscular hunks, like you 😉

Liam: just my type

Kyle: that’s great, liam, hope you have fun

Liam: I definitely will

Liam: one of them is closeted and on the football team

Liam: I really love riding his big black cock

Kyle: whoa ok that’s really enough liam

Liam: oh sorry

Liam: you don’t like hearing about me getting tag teamed by two hot studs?

Kyle: really inappropriate liam

Liam: lol ok ok I’ll stop

Liam: see you next week?

Kyle: yeah see ya

Liam: can’t wait :-p

“Wow,” I said when I finished. I was a little stunned at how forward Liam was being. “What a little slut!” I turned and smiled at Kyle.

“Not mad?” he asked.

“Well you were definitely pushing it when you told him you had a boner…” I said.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry,” Kyle said.

“…is it true?” I asked. “Did you get hard?”

Kyle smirked. “Why don’t you find out?” he said, taking my hand and pressing it against his crotch. I felt his erection pressing against his jeans. At the same time, Kyle reached for my pants and started kissing me. “Hmm, feels like I’m not the only one,” he said. I just moaned.


Following what was probably the best sex of our entire relationship, Kyle and I laid around in bed for a while, then got up to cook dinner together. As he tossed some pasta into a pot of boiling water, his phone buzzed and lit up. Kyle picked it up, looked at the messages, smiled and shook his head.

“What?” I asked.

“He’s at it again…” Kyle said, handing the phone to me. I read:

Liam: hey I need some advice

Liam: I’m getting ready for these guys to come over

Liam: I’m debating between a more casual outfit and a more formal one

Liam: which do you think is cuter…

Following these texts were two selfies of Liam. I had never seen him before, and Kyle was not kidding about how cute he was, some might even say pretty, without being too feminine looking. He had well-coiffed blond hair, bright blue eyes, and lips that immediately put images in my mind of him sucking dick. In one selfie, he was wearing a tight-fitting black tank top with the words “BOYS BOYS BOYS” on the front in white and a pair of stylish denim shorts that showed off the curve of his round butt nicely. In the other, he was wearing tight black pants, a white button-up shirt, and thin black suspenders. The top of the shirt was unbuttoned to reveal a little bit of his lightly toned, smooth chest.

“Whoa, he is so hot,” I said.

“Told ya,” Kyle said. “Should I tell him to stop sending these kind of texts?”

“Well…” I said, thinking about how I was getting hard even though we had just had sex less than an hour ago. “He’s just asking for advice.”

“Oh, come on,” Kyle said. “He’s obviously flirting.”

“Yeah, true…” I said, adding with a mischievous smile: “But, um, if you play it right, maybe you could get some even sexier pics of him…”

Kyle gave me a look of surprise, but then grinned. “Sooo…you’re saying you want me to encourage him?”

“For the extremely limited purpose of coaxing more pics out of him,” I said, wagging my finger in a playfully strict manner.

“Okay, if you say so…” Kyle said and started typing into his phone.

“Oh my god, what are you saying?” I said, reaching for the phone.

“Mmmm, no, I don’t think I want you to see,” Kyle said. “I don’t want you to get upset.”

“What?!” I exclaimed. “Come on!”

“Obviously I’ll show you the pics if he sends any,” Kyle said. “But, I dunno, showing you what we’re saying is just gonna make you jealous, seems kinda cruel.”

“But…” I started.

“Besides, it’s my phone, I still have a right to privacy,” Kyle said, still typing.

I could tell I wasn’t going to get anywhere with this, so I let it slide. But it was driving me crazy seeing him smiling and texting, thinking about what he might be saying.

We continued cooking dinner. Kyle’s phone would occasionally buzz, Kyle would text back, a little smile creeping across his face every time. I tried to sneak glances at what he was saying, but had no luck.

We sat down to eat on the couch and watch some TV. Kyle would occasionally send texts as we ate. When we were finishing up his phone buzzed a few times in quick succession. He looked at the texts, his eyebrows raised, then he looked at me. “Bingo…” he said.

“Are you serious??” I said, excited.

“We talked about what outfits he was wearing for these guys, and now he wants my opinion on what underwear he should wear, so…” Kyle tapped his phone and an image filled the screen. He held it up to me.

In the pic, Liam was on his knees on his bed, holding his phone up to a mirror on the opposite wall. He wore only a pair of small pink trunks with white stripes. He held a finger to his open mouth, a look of fake shock on his face as if to say “I shouldn’t be doing this!” His body was perfect – smooth, toned, with perfect little hints of a six-pack. And the bulge in his underwear looked surprisingly big.

“Oh my god…” I said.

“Yeah, and then…” Kyle tapped his phone a few times, then showed me another pic. In this one, Liam was standing in his bathroom, taking a picture in front of a mirror, but with another mirror behind him so that you could see both his front and back. He was wearing white briefs with a red band and lining and cartoon images of Superman on them. I couldn’t take my eyes off the way the underwear crept up his round little butt. My cock strained against my jeans.

“Fuck,” I said simply.

“I know, right?” Kyle said, looking at the pic again himself and rubbing his crotch lightly. “He’s amazing.”

For the first time in our relationship, we had sex twice in the same day. It was incredible. Afterward, while we lay in bed, Kyle commented to me that ever since Liam and him started texting, I didn’t seem to be having any trouble getting hard. I just shrugged shyly. “I think you like it,” Kyle said, smirking. “Do you want me to keep texting with him?”

“I dunno…” I said reluctantly.

“Oh please,” Kyle said, reaching down between my legs and feeling my half-stiff cock even though we had both just gotten off. “Of course you do.”

“I guess it’s pretty hot,” I said.

“Great, I’m glad we’re in agreement,” Kyle said. “Good night.” He turned the lights off and we went to bed.


Days passed. I would see Kyle texting every now and then, and I would always be able to tell when it was with Liam from the mischievous little smile on Kyle’s face. I got nervous on the day of Kyle’s study group about the idea of him hanging out at Liam’s place, but he came back home the same time he always does and we had sex right afterward, so I could safely assume nothing happened.

A couple days later, after I saw Kyle do a little bit of texting, he turned to me and said, “So, I think I can get some more pics out of Liam…”

I immediately perked up. “Oh yeah? How?”

“Well…” he said, clearly nervous and excited. “He’s trying to get me to send him some pics of me.”

“What?!” I said.

“Yeah,” Kyle said, “he’s saying I got to see those pics of him and now he wants to see some of me.”

“Like, in your underwear?” I asked.

“Yeah, I mean, that kind of thing,” he said.

I wasn’t sure I wanted things to go to this level. It was definitely turning me on, but it just felt like it was going too far. But when I looked in Kyle’s eyes, I could tell he really, really wanted to do it, and I knew it would lead to some really great sex. “Well…” I said. “I guess it would be pretty hot.”

Kyle smiled and leaned over to give me a kiss. “Thanks, Lucas. I’m, uh, gonna go to the bedroom and take some pics then.”

“Okay…” I said, and before I knew it Kyle was in the bedroom with the door closed. My cock strained against my pants thinking about the kind of pictures he was taking and sending to Liam.

He was in there for quite a while. I was starting to get nervous when he called out, “Hey, Lucas, could you come in here?”

I got up and opened the bedroom door. I found Kyle lying on the bed in only a pair of tight, blue trunks, the outline of his 8-inch boner clearly visible. When I entered, he smiled and bit his lip at me. “How do I look?”

“Amazing,” I said, and he did – his muscular chest and six-pack abs were sure to turn Liam on.

“Great – so, um, could you help me out a little?” Kyle asked. “I sent some pics of me in front of the mirror, but I feel like if you were taking the picture, you could get a better angle.”

“Oh,” I said. “You want me to take pics of you to send to Liam?”

“Yeah, come on,” Kyle said, holding the phone out to me as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

“I dunno,” I said.

“Oh, give me a break, Lucas, I can see the little tent in your pants,” Kyle said, laughing and still holding out the phone.

I stood there for a moment, then caved and took the phone. Kyle sat up against the headboard of the bed in a position that showed off his 6-pack nicely, then lightly grasped the base of his dick with one hand. “Okay, try one with me like this, get up on the foot of the bed and take it from kind of a low angle.”

I followed his directions, and he had me take several more pics of him in different positions. All of them seemed to prominently showcase his bulge in a way I wasn’t totally comfortable with.

Kyle took the phone back and I sat there while he did some more texting with Liam. “He just sent a pic back,” Kyle said, showing it to me. It was a close up of Liam’s underwear, a skimpy pair of colorfully striped briefs. Liam’s thumb was pulled down the front of the briefs to reveal the very tip of his hard cock.

“Whoa…” I said.

“He’s saying if I want to see the whole thing, I should show him mine…” Kyle said with a smile. I didn’t know what to say. “Yeah, so I actually want you to take a short little video clip for me, ok?”

I was still speechless, overwhelmed with an intense mix of jealousy and arousal. I took the phone without saying a word. Kyle stood up. “Okay, uh, maybe get on your knees so you can frame it right.” I silently went to my knees and held the phone up, framing Kyle’s big dick straining against his underwear. “Good,” Kyle said. “Now press record.” I did, and Kyle ever-so-slowly pulled the band of his underwear down until his impressive 8 inches bounced out, glistening at the tip with precum. I pressed stop and Kyle took the phone out of my hand and started typing.

“He’s gonna send something back in a couple minutes,” Kyle said and laid down in the bed. I laid down next to him. “Get in your underwear,” Kyle told me. I quickly did. Kyle reached over and felt my hard-on. “You liked recording that video for Liam, didn’t you?” he said. I just moaned as he started stroking me, but then his phone buzzed.

Kyle looked at the messages, then said to me, “Liam says this is what that video made him do.” Kyle pressed a button, and a video started playing. Liam had pulled his cock completely out of his briefs and was stroking it up and down. It was about 7 inches and thick. I could hear Liam’s light moans as he stroked. In a matter of seconds, his cock started spurting cum all over his perfect little abs. As I watched, Kyle was stroking me, and I came at almost the same time as Liam, shot after shot spraying all over my chest and stomach.

“Holy shit,” I said.

“My turn,” Kyle said. “Here, take a video.” Reluctantly, I took the phone and recorded Kyle as he took his time stroking his fat cock up and down. After a few minutes, he shot his own load all over his muscular chest and abs. He quickly took the phone back and sent it to Liam. “Thanks, Lucas,” he said, and we went to bed.


As the days passed, I noticed Kyle getting more and more dominant toward me. He had me take more pics of him whenever he wanted, and just in general started bossing me around. When he did, he would often reach for my crotch to feel my hard-on, confirming that I was getting turned on by his treatment and smirking at me. I felt conflicted about all of this, but I had also never been more turned on.

One day, Kyle was texting back and forth with Liam while we were on the couch. Kyle started laughing. “Hey, um, Lucas…Liam is asking how big your dick is. Do you think you could go measure it?”

I looked at him. “What, why’s he asking about that?”

“I dunno, just curious, I guess.” His phone buzzed. “Oh, here, he sent this pic so you can get hard before you measure it.” Kyle showed me the phone. It was a picture of Liam lying on his stomach on his bed, naked. His ass was raised up in the background, his cute face was in the foreground, sexily biting his lower lip. Sure enough, I got immediately hard.

I quietly slinked off to the kitchen to grab a tape measure, then went to the bathroom. “Um, it’s, like, 4 inches!” I called out to Kyle.

After a few seconds, Kyle called out, “Exactly?”

I looked down at the tape measure. “Well, more like 3 and 3/4, I guess.”

I heard Kyle stifle laughter. I came back out to the living room. As I did, I saw his phone buzz. “What’s he saying?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Kyle said as he picked up the phone. But as he did, I stood behind him and very discreetly watched him type his passcode into his phone. After he did, he turned and caught me looking at his phone. “Hey, no peeking!” he said, laughing. I turned away, so I couldn’t see what Liam said – but unknown to Kyle, I had seen his passcode! I quickly took out my own phone and made a note of it so I wouldn’t forget. Now I would have my chance to read all of their conversations!


The next day was the day of Kyle’s study group meeting. I had not had a chance yet to sneak into Kyle’s phone to read his conversations, but I did see him and Liam texting throughout the day. Finally, a little while before Kyle had to leave to go to the study group, he went to take a shower – and left his phone out!

As soon as he closed the door, I snatched the phone up, typed in his passcode, and opened his texts with Liam. I quickly scrolled up – there were way too many conversations to read them all while Kyle was in the shower, so I just scrolled up a little while and started reading. I saw the conversation where Liam and Kyle sent videos of them stroking themselves to each other, then started reading the first conversation after that, from the next day:

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