Kitty’s PantyBoy PrickTease Pt. 02

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Kitty’s PantyBoy has been naughty. Very, very naughty! And now, her PantyBoy will be punished with a nice, yummy prick tease.

Now then…first a little recap. Where did we leave off?

Oh yes, right here: me, your very own busty blonde Barbie-doll girlfriend, all dressed up as a tantalizing cock teaser in a black vinyl dominatrix outfit. I’ve got shiny black thigh-high spike-heeled boots, tiny little matching booty shorts, a black see-thru fishnet top over a shiny black bikini, and a leather collar with a matching belt and wrist cuffs.

And of course, don’t forget my long, golden blonde hair falling down my back in silky waves, my slutty makeup dolling up my face, and my glistening wet, juicy red lips…I think you get the picture!

You are made to strip naked and get down on your knees. From there you are begging me to let you wear my pretty pink silky panties while I tease and deny you with them. I am dangling them right before your eyes, pulling them away, swatting you in the face with them, etc.

You know, standard procedure…

Finally, when I have teased you to arousal, when you’re completely turned on and your cock is fully erect, and when you’re about to cry from the wonderfully wicked desire and diabolical denial, I make you get up and let you pull on the soft, silky smooth panties.

And then I immediately begin seducing you with my sensual feminine charms, starting by titillating you with my long, sexy red fingernails.

I point at the floor, and you kneel before me. You start to melt into a puddle of male sexual desire as I slowly stroke my red-nailed fingers up and down your vulnerable cockshaft inside the satiny panties. As the sharp tips of my slutty nails zero in on your cockhead, circling it for a while, sensually teasing it, the sensations are beginning to drive you absolutely insane with lust.

At that point I know that I am beginning to assume complete control of your mind and body…

But then I just pull my hand away, smiling mischievously at you and leaving you hanging in an absolutely delicious state of unsatisfied sexual arousal.

I look down at you as I smile and say firmly, “Beg me to tease you, PantyBoy!” You don’t need to be told twice. I laugh out loud as you begin begging me for more teasing, and I simply stand there with my hands on my hips, watching you plead and wail for my loving attention.

That pretty much gets us up to speed, so now let’s continue, shall we?

With you pleading with me for more erotic teasing, I’m posing for you and showing myself off for you, moving back and forth in front of you with my spike heels click-click-clicking on the hard floor. You reach out for me to try to touch my thigh high boots as I look down at you, observing my handiwork.

But I push your hands away from me and take a step back, scolding you, “No, PantyBoy! You have been very, VERY naughty, begging for my attention and distracting me when I am busy planning more prick teasing games for you!”

I look at you and point my finger at you, scolding you some more, “Now you must be punished – bad, bad, bad PantyBoy!” You look up at me as you realize that our teasing session tonight will not be quite what you had in mind…

“No, no, please, PLEASE don’t punish me! I promise I’ll be good! I’m sorry for disobeying you, I promise not do it again!” It’s not clear what you’re begging for and promising not to do, and who cares, that’s not really the point, is it!

Your pathetic begging is almost childlike, and there is an element of fear in your trembling pleas. I strut back and forth in front of you, visually tantalizing you, jiggling my titties and spinning round and round, wiggling my ass cheeks peeking out from my super-short black vinyl booty shorts. I am really quite cruel, showing myself off for you to see what you’re missing while you plead for my charms and beg not to be punished!

“Awww, what’s wrong, PantyBoy? PantyBoy doesn’t want to be punished? Poooooor little PantyBoy!” My taunting tone is soothing you somehow, and even as I patronize you like that, you feel like I’m going to be taking good care of you, even as I punish you at the same time.

“Don’t worry, baby”, I say softly as I approach you and reach out toward you with one long-fingernailed hand, softly patting your head and stroking your hair, “if you take your punishment like a good little PantyBoy there will be yummy treats waiting for you afterwards.”

To demonstrate my point I sit back down and reach out with my hand, Escort Maltepe slipping my fingers inside your panties and slowly pulling them down. Your cock comes bouncing out and I begin caressing and massaging it, first with my fingertips, then very gently with my sexy red nails, lightly poking and stimulating your erection with them.

It bounces around, twitching in response to my loving attention. I then take the palm of my hand and wrap it around the upper half of your cock, squeezing it gently.

My other hand reaches down toward your balls and begins tickling them delicately with the sharp tips of my fingernails…they are still encased in the silky panties, and the sensation of my sharp nails tantalizing them through the smooth fabric is mind blowing.

You moan as I keep doing this, squeezing your cockshaft with one hand while tantalizing your testicles with the other.

“Now be a good little PantyBoy and take your prick teasing punishment, and then Kitty will reward you.”

And just to drive my point home, I suddenly release your prick, and it bobs back and forth as I push you back on the couch and get down on my knees in front of you. You look down at me and your mouth falls open in response to this unexpected move.

You like the sight of me down on my knees beneath you, my pretty, long blond hair and sweet face oh-so-close to your manly love muscle. My glistening wet lips are just inches from it, and I lick them seductively with my tongue.

I grasp the base of your cock with my fingers and squeeze firmly, noticing how it swells slightly as the blood pulses in the shaft, unable to escape. I look up at you and take the tip of my tongue and slowly reach out to the base of your cockshaft, swirling the tip of my tongue right there, then slowly licking up the shaft. The pressure lifts your cock upward, and I swirl the tip of my tongue back and forth as I slow down before approaching the most sensitive part, right under your cockhead.

“Oh, God, yes, YES”, you moan wildly, as I pause at the tip of your cock, just under your cockhead. I pull my tongue away, giggling as I watch your reaction, and I put one finger to my lips and say “Shhhhh…”

And I repeat the sexual reward, licking your cockshaft again, even more slowly and seductively this time. And then, after a few more of these loving licking oral treats, I reach out with my juicy red lips and form a small “o” with them, planting a soft kiss right on your swollen, shiny purple cockhead. Your whole body twitches as I pull away, leaving you reeling in the sensations I’ve caused, and your mind explodes at the realization of my promise of oral sex.

I stand up and take a step back, giggling at my power over you, which has now been established without any doubt. With my hands on my hips, I say firmly, “Now do as I say, exactly what I say, and I will reward you just like that, with my sexy red lips and juicy tongue.” I look into your eyes and lick my lips seductively again, and you watch me, paralyzed by the sight.

I continue sweetly but firmly, “I know you’ll obey me now, and I know you won’t be naughty anymore, because your prick tease punishment tonight will teach you not to do it again!! So tell me…does PantyBoy want Kitty to lick his cock some more? Should I kiss your naughty cock again, right on the tip like that some more? Hmm?”

“And maybe PantyBoy would like some more yummy fingernail teasing?? Oooooooh, I know! I’ll just bet that my naughty little PantyBoy would LOVE to kiss and lick these sexy red fingernails? Mmmmmmm, yeah, you’d just love that, wouldn’t you! I would love to see you do that!”

I reach out to dangle my fingers and sexy red nails right in front of your eyes, and you instantly beg me to lick them, your mind completely out of your own control. You are simply soooo sexually aroused that you are completely under my spell at this point, and I know that you will follow just about any suggestion I plant inside your head!

“Come on, PantyBoy, come and get my sexy fingernails!” I offer them to you and slowly stick one out for you to kiss, and I allow it, letting you plant several kisses right the shiny red nail. But before you start really getting into it and try to take it in your mouth, I take it away from you and the cruel denial punishment begins.

“Come and get ’em! What’s wrong, don’t you want ’em?” I taunt. “You just love these gorgeous, long, shiny red fingernails, don’t you, and you love it when I prick tease you with them, right? And you would really LOVE to kiss them and lick them, yeah?”

I show them to you as I torment you like that, but as you try to reach out and lick them, I pull them away, so easily and effortlessly. Again and again I tease and deny you with them, coming down from above you and moving them all around girlishly right in front of your face, and you reach up with your mouth, only to have me keep them just out of reach.

“Awwwww, poooor PantyBoy! Now, I already told you that you are going to be punished. I am going to play all kinds of kinky prick teasing games with you tonight…I will offer you yummy sexual things, give you a little of them, but only just a tiny little bit, and then to torment you, I will take them away! Ooooo, yes, PantyBoy, tonight I am going to tease and deny you more than you ever imagined possible!!”

To illustrate, I allow you to kiss my long-nailed index finger for a moment, and then I quickly pull it away, tormenting you by continuing to tantalize you visually with my long fingers and nails, showing them to you, encouraging you to come and get them, only to easily deny you every time you try. “No, no, no,” I scold, waving my lovely nails in your face, “PantyBoy may NOT have any more of my sexy red fingernails!!”

You are helpless to resist and you mindlessly fall right into my little prick tease trap, trying again and again to kiss my nails, and each time you try, I simply deny you…you are putting lots of effort into your attempts to come and get them, but somehow it is so simple for me to reject you. I laugh cruelly at the ease with which I am able deny to what you so desperately want.

Suddenly the game gets even worse. As you continue begging me for my sexy fingernails, I playfully swat your cheek with my hand. My other hand does the same, swatting your other cheek, not enough to hurt, but it quickly becomes very humiliating. I giggle and scold, “Bad, bad, PantyBoy! No more kissing my sexy cock teasing fingernails for you, honey!”

For some reason, you continue to try to kiss them, but instead of letting you, I swat your face instead. And even though I just told you I’m not going to let you have them, your sexual arousal interferes with your understanding, and you just keep trying.

It quickly becomes clear that I am purposely humiliating you, but you continue trying anyway, hoping that I will let you kiss them, even just a little! It’s as though knowing that I may allow you to have what you want, even though I just told you can’t, makes the humiliation worth it…

This activity continues and I demand that you keep begging me for them, each time denying you, swatting your face and saying things like “Ah-ah-aaaaaah! No, no, no!” and “Naughty, naughty bad, bad, bad, bad, PantyBoy!” The whole thing is totally diabolical and we are both loving it!

I stop play-slapping you for a minute, then start again, stop, start, stop…I can see the tears welling up in your eyes as you look at me. And the sweet confusion, the arousal and sheer desperation is becoming almost too much to bear. You stop begging for them for a moment, and I demand, “Don’t stop begging, PantyBoy, did I say you could do that?”

Your frustration is peaking and I look down and see that your cockhead has turned all shiny and purple, and the veins on your cockshaft are about to burst. That tells me all I need to know and I taunt you, “Ooo, PantyBoy, look at your cock, baby! It seems to like it when I treat you this way! Ohh, yeah, I just LOVE making it behave like that!!”

You look down, ashamed to be so turned on by my wicked denial games, but helpless to resist, and you simply accept your fate as my personal sexual play-toy.

But we’re just getting started. “Stand up!” I order, and you obey mindlessly. I tug on your panties firmly, pulling the elastic waistband down and I tuck it under your balls, which causes delicious pressure on the sensitive area right under them.

“Mmmmmm, what have we have here?” I say assertively as I flick your dick with one finger, “Look at this nice erect cock of yours, PantyBoy! Does this mean that you like being treated like this? I think you do! Is that right? Does PantyBoy want Kitty to keep teasing him like this?”

“Yes…I mean, no, please…”, you stammer, and I cut you off, “Awww, poor baby, he’s all confused!” You are speechless as I start play-slapping your dick, also very gently and playfully, but the effect is instant, and the feelings of humiliation and guilt for secretly enjoying being toyed with like this are obvious on your face.

“Beg me to punish you, PantyBoy!” I say sternly, and you can’t help yourself and you blurt out, “Oh, God, yes, please, please, PLEASE punish me Kitty! I’ve been sooooo naughty, please punish me and teach me not to do it again! But please don’t hurt me, please, please, PLEASE!!”

To reassure you a little, my tone of voice suddenly become nice and sweet, and I delicately wrap my long nailed fingers around your cockshaft, sliding my fingertips up and down your cock. Your whole body trembles as I keep doing that…up, down, up, down.

“Awwwww, pooooor baaaaby! Don’t worry, PantyBoy, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to TEASE you, honey, and there’s a big difference!”

Then I daintily take my index finger and place it on top of your cockshaft, right in the middle, and put my thumb directly under it. I softly squeeze your meat between my two fingers, rolling it around a little and saying soothingly, “Don’t worry, sweetie! If you let me prick tease you and punish you to my heart’s content, I will make it all worth your while. Don’t you remember the way I promised to reward you?”

“Mmmmmm, yes,” I continue seductively as I use my two fingers to lightly stroke up and down your cockshaft some more, “If you behave yourself and be a VERY good boy tonight, I might even consider making you CUM, and we can have a nice little discussion about exactly how I’m gonna do that. Would you like that?”

You are completely stunned, and you do not respond for a second, and then you simply nod your head frantically. I continue to stroke your cockshaft in between my two fingers, and then I form a circle with my index finger and s-l-o-w-l-y wrap it around your cockhead.

Your whole body starts to shake uncontrollably as I delicately slide my encircled fingers down the length of your cock, and I start rotating them round and round a little as they make their way down your fully engorged erection.

You are in unspeakable heaven, and I gently continue the fabulous prick teasing handjob and tell you, “Ooo yeah, that feels sooooooo good, doesn’t it baby! Mmmmmm, I could use my sexy fingers and nice long red fingernails to make you CUM right now, couldn’t I?”

Your knees start shaking and your eyes roll back into your head as I slowly withdraw my girlish fingers and nails from your needy dick and leave you hanging for a moment or two. Your erection twitches and bobs around for a moment, and as the spasms slowly subside, you open your eyes, only to see me standing there with a big smile, just waiting for you to come back to earth so I can continue the sweet, sensual teasing torment.

To assert even more of my power over you, I reach down and begin slapping your erection back and forth with the palm of my hand, and then flicking it with my index finger, right on the cockhead. Your face goes completely blank and your eyes glaze over as your will to resist me melts away, and you realize that you are slowly being turned into a helpless sexual plaything for my amusement. “So, does my naughty little PantyBoy wanna cum? Hmmmmm?? Does he wanna have cummies?”

You beg me for it like a mindless animal, pleading for release, almost screaming how you’ll do anything I want, anything I say, just please, please let you cum! A few minutes of this have you going out of your mind, and suddenly I command you to shut up.

Your pitiful begging and pleading ceases instantly, and I know now that I have you totally under my complete control. “Shhhhhh,” I say soothingly, and I reach down and grab the elastic material of your panties, lifting it up and letting it snap back up over your cockshaft, capturing it so it sticks straight up against your stomach.

I reach out with the palm of my hand and slowly, gently capture your panty-covered cock in between my hand and your stomach. I begin to massage it, squeezing it softly, then rubbing it round and round with my soft, warm hand, and you moan in ecstasy as the pleasure courses through your body.

The feelings of embarrassment you feel melt away as I continue to tease you, and suddenly I stop and tug the panties down again, letting the elastic snap back up under your swollen balls. Your body tingles all over as your cock bobs around, twitching from all the mind-blowing stimulation, all erect and needy for attention.

“You wanna cum, PantyBoy?”

“Yes, Kitty, YES, please, PLEASE let me cum!”

“You want me to prick tease you until you cum?”

“Oh God, YES PLEASE LET ME CUM! I love the way you pricktease me, Kitty, please, please, please, Please, PLEASE let me CUM!!”

No, PantyBoy…not yet…

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