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Ashley enrolled in the Academy of Modeling to be taught the finer social graces. Ashley sits patiently waiting, suddenly the door burst open and I walk in. The room is dark at first, as I walk around the room coaxing the lights into giving us more, the room comes to life. Ashley has retreated to the couch not sure what to expect. She is uncomfortable in the skirt I have asked her to wear. I tell her to come over to the bed and sit on the edge. As she does I position lights around her, I tell her to lean back and remove her panties but leave all of her clothes and shoes on. As she does this she notices that I have a camera setup facing the bed. As she leans back the red light on the camera comes on. I take the panties from her, instructing her to grab her ankles and spread her pussy open as far as she can as she leans back. Ashley sees me take a bottle of something out and cover my hands with the contents and sit on a small stool at the edge of the bed.

My hands and fingers are slippery as I begin to probe and manipulate her pussy, parting the petals and teasing the tiny opening.
My hands and fingers are all over her pussy and she realizes that I have coated it all with the same fluid that I put on my hands.
Now my hands are more deliberate in their actions, rough and yet not hurting her at all, in fact it excites her. The fluid is cold and as she begins to notice this I lean in blowing gently all around her pussy and the slippery substance begins to get warm fast.
I grab the top of her inner lips squeezing forcing her clit out, leaning down sucking on it, she had not expected this at all. I’m swishing it around in my mouth, teasing and playing with it, without touching it, she feels herself slipping a little bit. I slide down running the very tip of my tongue around her exposed opening, which is easy with her legs and pussy spread wide open.

I stand grasping her ankles wrapping my hands around her hands holding her own ankles spreading them further, almost painfully wide open. I look down directly into her eyes and say ” spread your pussy as wide open as you can so I can examine and manipulate it and make it mine, make it shiver, make it scream and beg!” WIDER! Now I lean over grabbing something from a nearby table and as I turn towards her, she sees it is some sort of sex device, but it seems to be far too big. I once again pick up the bottle squeezing some of the fluid onto my hands grasping the device by the business end rubbing the fluid all over it.
I stand sliding the waistband of my pants down and do the same to my briefs, my semi hard cock is exposed, she seems to enjoy the sight of me doing this. I notice this smacking her ass hard, leaving my hand imprint from the sharpness and power of my slap to her ass. Once again in an animal tone I growl . . .” Wider, WIDER . . . Ashley, spread that pussy WIDE FUCKING OPEN . . . NOW! DO IT NOW!!! “

Ashley feels as if she is spread as far open as she can, but she tries with all of her might to spread more bayrampaşa escort and I reach down and push her legs upward spreading her more. I lean forward letting my dangling cock tease her pussy lips and clit and just when she thinks I’m going to penetrate her and drive her wild I back away. As I lean in again I grab her clit, squeezing it out of it’s hiding place with my index finger and thumb, kind of rolling it between my slippery fingers. I rub my cock all around her clit and lips and she feels the hot precum coating her clit, which is hurting a little, but in a way that excites and arouses her. Now she sees me moving my hand close to her aching and wet pussy with the huge device once again, now the end is rotating and spinning in two or three different ways, as if it is bent and yet not. Ashley can tell it is vibrating in a very violent manner from the sounds it is making.

Ashley braces herself for immediate penetration, instead I begin to tease her all over from the backs of her knees to her nipples still hidden inside her clothing. I poke the hard throbbing device now pulsating and turning in unexplainable ways, first at her soft stomach and then against her pubic bone, which makes her jump. Once again just as she expects it to be thrust inside her I lean over setting it down, instead coming back with something else, OH my, a blindfold and suddenly I put it on her. She is intimidated and scared of the device, she still wants to see what is being done. Suddenly she feels something that feels huge, throbbing and buzzing and vibrating being pushed into her and yet it is not sliding into her, just being pressed between her inner lips at first and then finally against her opening. It is painful knowing how big it is and not seeing it and yet it feels bigger now with no visual confirmation. OUCH, she feels it being forcefully pushed into her and yet it still is not sliding into her, just being pushed and pushed again, bouncing and humming and making her more aroused than she ever expected.

Then it is gone again and she feels disappointed that it is not stretching her wide open . . . she has an uneasy feeling now, wondering, waiting, cold air rushing into her. Now she feels something very warm, throbbing but huge pressing against her tight pussy slit, it is very slippery, SO FUCKING BIG as it presses into her, stretching her . . .OH MY GOD, this cannot be a man, no man can be this big, yet it is a cock she can tell it is a cock, she feels the shape as the enormous head is stretching her pussy beyond anything she has ever felt before. As she thinks the head is about to slide into her it is still getting bigger and it is growing too, throbbing and getting firmer, now it is exceeding the pleasurable pain and beginning to hurt.. . . . .FINALLY the HUGE head is inside her but the shaft just keeps coming, more and more sliding into her, still stretching her beyond anything she can imagine, yet her pussy is on fire with both pain and excitement, she is wetter istanbul eskort than she has ever been before . . . . EVER!

Ashley feels the huge head hit bottom and she feels hot hot pre-cum as it begins to coat the inside of her cunt and though there seems to be more, it begins to retreat. She breathes a sigh of relief as this monster is sliding out, although so huge and so long it still nearly fills her tiny cunt . . .SUDDENLY I ram back into her, deeper than before, the hot flesh cutting her tender vagina like a knife and filling her with it’s hardness, SLAMMING all the way as far as she can take it! Shall I continue? ” No, please let me adjust to the size.” Ashley whimpers. I pull out ” We will continue later.”

Later As Ashley is walking down the hall towards the elevator suddenly she is pulled through a doorway and her mouth is covered so she cannot scream. It is dark in the room she is now in and she cannot make out much. It appears to be an empty office and as she is forced down on the couch she feels her shirt being ripped apart buttons flying and then she feels something very cold on her back and her bra flies off as the knife blade cuts through the straps quickly. I grab her by the hair rubbing her face on the front of my pants so she feels my monster cock against her cheek as I reach behind her and slice the back of her skirt and rips it in half. In a muffled voice I command her to unzip my pants and unclasp my belt and she obeys. While holding her hair firmly in my hand right down at her scalp I pull my shorts down slapping her face with my half erect monster cock. Now I begin to stroke it right in front of her face. As the wetness of my pre-cum begins to collect on the growing head of my weapon I now command her to lick the head of my cock and she does. The salty taste and firm grasp I have almost makes her forget she is being forced to do what I please. As I rub the head of my now rock hard cock across her eyebrows and forehead I’m pushing my ball sac against her lips.

I now look directly into her eyes and say ” Now we continue, suck my cock Ashley, only the head at first until I tell you, you can suck the shaft. Now fucking do it!” As her lips engulf the head of my cock she is nearly crying from the anxiousness and fear. Now I grab her hair with both hands guiding her head as I fuck her mouth. ” I want to feel your tongue licking my cock inside your mouth!” I say with authority. Ashley is not sure how to do this, but she does her best. I pull my cock out once in a while rubbing the cum covered head back and forth across her lips and mouth. ” Now my little whore you will suck my whole cock until I tell you to stop.” Then I ram my cock into her mouth and smacks her cheek with my hand as I grab her by the hair to fuck her mouth. I have her hair on the back of her head in one hand and the other is grabbing one of her breasts now, hard, and painful.

Although rough I appear to be trying to excite her rather than just hurt her. As my cocks escort şişli throbbing gets stronger and stronger in her mouth I suddenly pull it out pushing her down on the floor. I grabs her lifting her spinning her around so she lands on her knees on the couch. She feels the knife as I cut her panties and they are gone. I rams my dry fingers into her wet pussy and says ” GOOD, you want me to fuck you, Ashley!” before the words have left the air I ram my cock into her pussy. She feels my hands grabbing her hips as I slam inside her fast, hard and deep it hurts a little, she is getting so wet from the relentless attack of my cock that it is exciting and she feels her body climbing towards climax. Suddenly I smack her ass hard and that makes her clamp down on me and I nearly collapse from the intense sensation this causes. I reach under neath her and smack her tits and whisper in her ear ” I am going to fuck you my little cunt until I cum!” and I bite the side of her neck. She lets out a moan of pleasure as I grab her hair and ram her pussy while pulling her back onto my cock with her hair. My other hand is smacking her ass and pinching her nipples as I use her as my fuck toy.

I pull my huge throbbing cock out of her smacking her ass with it, then while still holding her hair pull her around slapping her face on both sides with my cock now dripping with her juices. I rams it into her mouth and she tastes my cum and her cunt juice as I fuck her mouth. I flip her over spreading her legs apart standing over her admiring my prey with my hand firmly around her throat. I slap her tits back and forth then put my arms under her legs lifting her on an angle so only her head and shoulders are on the edge of the couch and I tell her in a low voice, ” Now I am going to fuck pussy again Ashley until I am ready to cum, then I am going to make you get on your knees and watch as I stroke my cock while you kneel before me. I will make you my little cumslut!” and I ram my cock deeply into her.

After 20 minutes of intense fucking until she can barely breath I finally drop her to the floor grabbing her hair saying, ” get on your fucking knees Ashley” and I grab a strap tying her hands behind her back. Now I’m slapping her nipples with my still hard cock. I lean down sucking hard on the right nipple while grasping the left one. I now grab both her breasts with my hands forcing them together with my cock in between them. I laugh an evil laugh as I fuck her tits and my cock bumps her chin. I command her to tilt her head so my cock will go into her mouth while I continue to fuck her tits. I lean down a bit touching the top of her tongue with my cock as I is stroke it.

Ashley tastes my hot cum and feesl the head throbbing. I now say, ” It is time Ashley, it is time for you to become my cumslut. Make sure to keep your tongue out as I cover it with my hot cum!” Then a shot of hot cum shoots into her mouth, the next covering her tongue and the next hitting her lips and falling to her tongue. I command ” Now swallow my hot cum .” The warm fluid slides down her throat and now she wonders how I will use her next, now that she belongs to me and is my sex slave to be used and fucked whenever I please.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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