I Rendezvous With Dee

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Dee is a really beautiful woman and her husband is an idiot. I call him that because, although his wife is sweet and sexy and more than enough woman for any man, he is constantly philandering around with other women and, judging from some pictures that Dee has shown me, the other women are all Ally McBeal.

Dee is definitely NOT Ally McBeal. She has womanly curves and is proud of them, as she should be. Her breasts are large and firm and capped by big, sensitive nipples that she loves to have me lick and suck. Since I dearly love to lick and suck large, firm breasts with big, sensitive nipples, we really enjoy ourselves. Dee has more than breasts, of course. Her belly is soft and curvy and her ass is large and sexy, just the sort that I like to have bouncing on a bed under my face while I am eating her delightful pussy, or under my hips while we are fucking. Besides being sexy, Dee is a very sweet and loving woman, the kind I like to know and associate with. Any man who sneaks around with other woman when he has a sweet sexpot like Dee at home doesn’t deserve her.

Not that he actually sneaks around; he is too inept to do that and Dee always knows what he is up to. The last time we got together, her idiot husband pretended he had to take an overnight business trip. Dee knew he was meeting his most recent skin and bones so she arranged to rendezvous with me. She likes the cloak and dagger kind of action so she decided we should meet at a shopping mall and then go to a motel a few miles outside of town.

After we met at the mall, we pretended to be no more than friendly acquaintances while we walked to our separate vehicles. We rendezvoused on a quiet residential street, where we got out and embraced and kissed passionately. Dee was wearing a bulky coat and under that, a silky blouse but no bra. When she opened her coat for me to hug her, I could feel her large, delightful breasts and their firm nipples against my chest, making me more excited than I had already been. After a few more kisses, we disentangled our tongues and I said “Let’s get to the motel before we start fucking here.”

Having no problem using my real name, I registered us as Mr. and Mrs. George Boxlicker while Dee waited in my truck. While waiting, she removed her blouse, put it in the back seat and put her coat back on because she doesn’t like to waste time. One time she said to me “I don’t like to fool around when I’m fooling around,” and she meant it.

Once inside our room, while I was locking the door and setting the security lock, Dee tossed her coat onto the bed, which had already been turned down, and when I faced her, she was waiting for me, naked from the waist up, and holding her arms out for me. This was an offer I couldn’t refuse and we hugged and kissed again, her nipples digging through my shirt into my chest. That wasn’t good enough for Dee, though, and after we broke off our first embrace, she removed my shirt. Like me, she prefers skin against skin.

Both of us prefer a lot of skin against a lot of skin. During our next embrace, while our tongues were wrestling, Dee unfastened my pants and pulled them down my hips. After breaking off the kiss, she pulled my pants and underwear down the rest of the way and I stepped out of them. Dee knelt in front of me and fondled and kissed my cock and balls by way of saying hello to what she knew were going to be pleasuring her later. Letting go of my cock for a few minutes, she untied my shoes and when I scuffed out of them, she took off my socks. Buck naked, I stood in front of her.

Dee stood up and during our next embrace I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. When I knelt in front of her and took hold of her panties, I happily took notice of the wetness in the crotch and the delightful aroma. When I pulled them down, I took my time and caressed her lovely ass and hips, keeping my nose close to her pussy and enjoying the same aroma, only stronger and fresher. From kissing and from anticipating what was ahead of us, Dee was already dripping wet.

The next time we stood face to face, kissing, my hands were cupping Dee’s lovely ass and she had one arm around my neck and the other fondling my cock. We moved sideways toward the foot of the bed until the end of the mattress bumped against our legs. Dee reached both arms around my neck, boosted herself onto the bed and scrambled in the direction of the headboard. I immediately followed her until we lay side by side. Holding tightly to each other again, we resumed kissing.

We enjoy kissing each other’s mouths and faces but Dee has some other places where she much prefers being kissed and it happens that I also prefer kissing her there. When I broke off one of our kisses and started nuzzling my way down her neck, Dee rolled onto her back and cupped one hand under each of her lovely breasts to present them to me. “Don’t forget the girls, George. They haven’t seen you for a long time and they need kissing gaziantep escort reklamları too.” While Dee held them for me, I started licking the erect nipple of the nearest of her enchanting breasts.

Because they are large, I usually lick her nipples with broad strokes of my tongue, enjoying the feel of their firm ridges. Dee was cooing happily at the feel of my tongue and cooed even louder when my tongue started pleasuring the second of “the girls”. “They really love what you are doing, George. My husband never does that. He says they are too fat to interest him.” Further proof, if any were needed, of the incredible idiocy of Dee’s wandering husband because Dee’s breasts are not only beautiful, they are very sensitive, and glorious fun to lick and suck. “The girls” are so sensitive that I expected to bring Dee to her first climax with my mouth on them although I knew I would have to caress her clit also.

With that in mind, I alternated my licking strokes, sometimes painting her nipple with the flat of my tongue and sometimes probing with quick thrusts of the tip. Either way, we both immensely enjoyed what we were doing and Dee’s pussy started fucking into the air and her fresh juices were soaking into the sheets. “Suck on them,” she told me. “The girls love to have you suck on them too.” I pulled one of the luscious globes into my mouth and, with my lips forming a seal, sucked gently on the soft flesh while my tongue continued to caress the areola and the precious nipple.

“Ooo, yes, George. Like that. I think I might cum from what you are doing. Keep sucking me, George, I love it and I want to cum.” I loved what I was doing too and I wanted Dee to cum from it but I knew it would take a long time yet. To me, a long time of pleasuring the girls sounded truly delightful.

Back and forth my mouth went between Dee’s succulent mounds, both of us loving every second of it, and there seemed to be a lot of seconds but I didn’t care about time and neither did Dee. Her pussy continued fucking into the air, but stronger and faster and the juices were almost a flood. Dee interrupted her moans of pleasure to tell me “I’m ready to cum. Play with my clit.” While sucking even harder, I reached down, found her delightfully engorged love button and gently caressed her there, synchronizing the strokes of my fingers with my tongue licking her nipple. I continued stroking and sucking and licking, switching from one luscious globe to the other until Dee burst our “I’m cumming! I’m cumming.”

Dee’s beautiful ass started rocking left and right on the bed while her pussy continued thrusting against my hand. For as long as she was cumming, I kept my mouth sucking on the same lovely mound and my fingers stroking and gently squeezing her clit. When Dee climaxed, her back arched and her pussy gave one last surge into my hand, and then she relaxed on the bed. I quickly moved down to a new place between her legs and buried my face in Dee’s crotch to relish the fresh juices that were pouring from her pussy. They were as delicious as I had known they would be and I sucked and licked up everything I could. Some juices had soaked into the sheets but I didn’t really regret their loss because I would still be able to enjoy their delightful aroma and there would be plenty more to pleasure my taste buds.

As I licked along her pussy lips, getting all the last drops and enjoying the smooth texture, Dee said to me, “I know how much you love my pussy juices, George, so keep doing what you are doing and you will get a lot more in a little while.” That was another wonderful offer that I could not refuse so, after stopping briefly to slip a pillow under Dee’s ass so her pussy would be presented even better to my mouth, I placed my shoulders against the undersides of her thighs, and started licking a pair of her labia.

Starting with their origins, below Dee’s enticing love hole, I licked the soft, smooth area between the inner and outer pussy lips and when they became close together, I probed my tongue in between them and licked both surfaces. Very slowly, taking my time and enjoying what I was doing, I moved my tongue along the lips. Dee was really enjoying it too because she was cooing already and her pussy was humping into my face. The inner lip ends where it joins the other inner lip to form the clit hood, but I continued past there, licking the outer lip until it ended at her mons.

Dee’s clit hood had not been forgotten and it wasn’t neglected for long. After I finished licking the outer lip, I brought my tongue back and gently caressed the hood, indirectly stimulating the precious love toy that shelters underneath. This stimulation caused her pussy to fuck more strongly into my face and to produce more of its fragrant juices. Although I knew that my tongue would really enjoy lovingly stroking the clit itself, I wanted to wait until Dee had gotten closer to cumming. We had all night to make love and I could see no reason to hurry ourselves.

After licking up all the fresh juices, I moved my mouth over to the other pair of labia and applied my tongue there as I had on the first pair. As I licked Dee, her pussy fucked harder into my face, which delighted me as did her ragged cooing, mixed now with pleasurable moans. “I love that, George, I love it. I love the way you eat my pussy.” Since that made two of us who loved the way I was eating Dee’s pussy, I continued eating her, licking her labia past the clit hood and to the end of the outer lip.

This time, when I brought my tongue back to caress Dee’s clit hood, I stayed there longer, gently licking, feeling her pussy fucking even stronger into my face and producing more of the delicious juices that I love so much. Dee was writhing on top of the bed and her purring had changed almost entirely to moaning from the pleasure my mouth was giving her and I knew that Dee was almost ready to cum. When I curled my tongue under her clit hood and gently stroked her precious love toy, she got even closer. My tongue stayed there only briefly. Neither Dee nor I wanted her to cum too quickly because we both wanted to enjoy what we were doing for a while longer.

After feasting on the delicious fresh juices, I probed my tongue into the edge of Dee’s vagina, enjoying her pink moistness. First on the bottom and then on either side, loving the feeling of her soft, ultra-sensitive skin against the tip of my tongue. Over and over, I licked the same area, thoroughly enjoying the feel, the taste of the juices trickling from her love hole and the way Dee was slamming her pussy into my face. Once my tongue had thoroughly massaged both edges of Dee’s wet, pink hole, I started licking under her inner pussy lips. By that time, Dee was thrashing on top of the bed and expressing her pleasure by moaning, with her moans ending in whimpers.

Starting at the origin again, below her vagina, I moved my tongue back and forth, exploring under both labia, and licking the area between. After I had licked up to where Dee’s love hole was, in between her pussy lips, I dipped my tongue into her to savor the fresh juices that were flowing, finding them truly delicious. By the time my tongue reached the top of her love hole, Dee was begging me, “Suck my clit, George. I wanna cum. I wanna cum.” Her thighs had rotated out, presenting her pussy fully to my mouth and her hips were swiveling, thrusting her legs out over my shoulders while her pussy fucked stronger than ever into my face. Dee was ready to cum, as she was saying, and I was ready to have her cum.

First, I probed my tongue between the upper edge of her love hole and her clit, indirectly stimulating her precious love button. That produced more fresh juices, which I relished, and caused her pussy to ram even more strongly into my face. I enveloped her swollen clit in my mouth and started sucking gently, with my lips forming a seal and my tongue caressing the swollen top and sides. I continued to suck and lick for several minutes while Dee thrashed around on the bed, her pussy thrusting into my face.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Dee sang out joyfully, and her arms sprawled out at her sides while her legs squeezed my head. From side to side she rocked on the bed, still jamming her pussy into my face. I held onto her thighs and kept my mouth firmly around her clit for as long as she kept cumming. Her back arched while Dee climaxed and her pussy jammed against my face for a last time. After her orgasm, Dee sagged back onto the bed, a happy smile on her face.

There was a happy smile on my face also as I feasted on the cum juices that flowed so freely from Dee’s pussy, being sure to leave enough to provide lubrication because I knew Dee would want to fuck. I wanted to fuck also and my cock was stiff and ready. I went into the bathroom and wiped all the cum juices off my face that I couldn’t reach with my tongue. Earlier, I had left condoms there and I put one on and threw the package into the waste basket. With my cock encased, I went back to the bedroom. Dee was lying on her back, smiling, with her eyes closed. When I got back on the bed, she opened them and smiled even more widely as she looked at my stiff cock enclosed in its condom.

“I see you’re all ready and I will be ready for you in about a minute. Just let me catch my breath.” When she was ready, Dee got into position on her knees and elbows, clutching her pillow. Although she prefers doggy style to start, we would be switching into the more intimate missionary position later. She reached back to spread the cheeks of her ass, and I looked lustfully at the glorious sight, Her voluptuous ass, nestling her sweet pink rosebud and her lovely pussy, with its engorged lips and the juices running down both her legs. I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her love hole and Dee guided me in, spreading her lips so I could make the initial penetration. Once that was made, with two quick thrusts, my cock was all the way in, my pubic hairs tickling her rosebud.

“Mmmmm”, Dee murmured happily. “Your cock feels really good. Fuck me slowly and fuck me deep, I want to take our time and enjoy this.” She was already cooing happily and I hadn’t even started thrusting my cock into her.

Her cooing became louder and happier as I plunged my cock slowly into her slick pussy, and after the second stroke, Dee fucked back to meet me. “Give it to me good, George. I haven’t gotten any in a long time. My husband is always too busy and he says I’m too fat, anyhow. Do you think I’m too fat?”

“Dee, you body is sexy and gorgeous and anybody who says otherwise is stupid or crazy or blind or all of the above, and that especially includes your husband.”

“Thanks, George. A girl needs to hear that sometimes.”

I probably should have been the one thanking Dee because I was immensely enjoying myself. My hands were resting gently on her lovely hips while I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her wonderful pussy. Her juices were trickling down my balls and soaking into the sheets, a delight for my nose, even if I would not be able to relish their taste. Cooing loudly and happily, Dee fucked her pussy back to meet me, straight back at first, but I knew she would be changing that momentarily.

Without telling me first, she started swiveling her hips as she fucked back to meet me, alternately driving her knees into the bed. The change in motion gave me even more pleasure, with the inside of her pussy massaging me with a twisting movement, as well as the strokes of her pussy back to meet me caressing my cock. The spiraling motion of my cock in her pussy was more enjoyable to Dee also and her cooing changed to moans, as she expressed her appreciation of what we were doing. I was moaning just as loudly because of the intense pleasure her pussy was giving to me.

We continued what we were doing for a long time. “Dee,” I told her, “your pussy really feels great to my cock. Your ass feels great too, to my hands when I hold you there and when I press against you. I shudder when I think of how your stupid husband is probably feeling someone’s hip bones against him.

Dee laughed. “I love to hear you say things like that. They feel almost as good to my ears as your cock feels to my pussy.” We continued slowly fucking, immensely enjoying what we were doing until Dee wanted to change and make it even better.

“Your cock feels so good in my pussy but I want you on top of me now. I want your face next to mine and I want to kiss you while you plunge your cock in and out of me. I want to see your face when you cum and I want you to see mine. “The Girls’ want to feel your chest on them and they want to feel you moving on top of me.”

Changing our position was easier than it sounded because I just backed my cock out of Dee’s pussy and she rolled onto her back, hitching her ass into the middle of the bed at the end of the move. Her hands guided the tip of my cock back to the entrance to her dripping pussy, and with one slow thrust into her warm moistness, I was again fully embedded. I leaned forward, curling my arms under hers, and Dee reached around my neck, pulling my face to hers for our first kiss in many minutes. He legs went around my hips, allowing for even greater penetration, and we began re-establishing a rhythm to our fucking.

After two slow strokes, Dee was fucking her pussy back to meet me and we had our rhythm. All my weight was supported by my knees and forearms so Dee was able to move around under me the way she likes to do. At first, all she did was fuck straight back to meet the slow thrusts of my cock into her pussy but after a few minutes she started stroking back at an angle. This made my cock more strongly caress first one side then the other inside her love hole. Dee moaned her pleasure at the increased sensation this gave her.

“Play with the girls,” Dee suggested. They don’t like to feel left out.” Leaning on one elbow, I reached between us and fondled one of the lovely globes, gently squeezing her and caressing her nipple with my thumb. “Be fair, George. Play with them both because they both love you.” Not wanting to discriminate, I shifted my weight to the other elbow and played the same way with the second of the beautiful girls. Since all four of us enjoyed this so much, I continued to shift my weight so my hands could continue to caress both of the girls in turn. As Dee got closer to cumming, her upper body thrashed around on the bed under me.

“I’m almost cumming, George. Give my clit a little more,” she asked. I moved forward slightly and continued to plunge my cock in and out of Dee’s eager pussy and the change in angle made my cock rub more strongly against her clit. “Oo, yeah. Like that,” she murmured, and changed her own movements to increase the contact some more. Knowing my own climax was not far off, I increased the speed of my thrusts into her pussy. Dee squeezed me more tightly with her arms and her legs and matched my speed, jamming her pussy into me harder and harder.

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