How a woman turned me gay – Part 2

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My introduction to Gay sex Part 2

So just a bit of background. I’m a 36 year old guy, married, no children.

Just to make it clear I consider myself straight (or did). I have never felt a sexual attraction to guys and wasn’t something that I’d even consider!

Its worth noting as well that this is a 100% truthful and accurate account of what happened to me.

Its not a fantasy or any work of fiction, my imagination inst that great (neither is my writing skills)

I’m just a guy wanting to share my experience with other people who might want to read it.

for the full story please read part 1

Anyway must have been a few months later I was at home finding myself horny again. Wife was at work and unfortunately for me, Rachael was entertaining another guy and wasn’t able to meet me. started messaging other women seeing if anyone was interested. most would just delete your message without even reading it some would just read it but never ever got a reply.

I thought I’d cut my losses, log off and go masturbate, the site wasn’t very good and the other main issue I found with it was that anyone could message you, including guys.

I’d get tons of messages from guys asking for sex, these usually get deleted straight away but for some reason this time id got a message from a user called Steeler I decided to have a look.

When I open my inbox it just shows the first few words of the message, 99% was just “sex?” Or a pic of their dick again these just instantly got deleted, certainly not something I am interested in

Steelers message was different it started with Hello, how are you… Guess that’s why I decided to open it and read on…

“Hello, how are you? I’m sorry to message you I know your profile shows your straight but I think your gorgeous. I’m not asking to hook up or anything but I’m just looking for a chat, you will probably just delete this message anyway but I thought it was worth a shot. Have a good evening”

I actually felt bad for the guy, I did usually just delete those messages and feeling the same as most of the women just delete my message so I thought meh I’m not doing anything else why not. So I messaged him back. I sent some blasé message about being bored with no sex references or anything but I thought it would be funny to attach a dick pic

(after all he was gay and said I was gorgeous I thought he might like it)

A few minutes later I got a reply “I’d rather see your ass”

I didn’t reply with a pic. At this point I guess I felt embarrassed and logged off. I had just flirted and sent a dick pic to a guy.. Must have been about an hour later, I was still finding myself rather horny I quickly logged back in and sent a single message to Steeler with no other information just my private chat username, and immediately logged out again. Too embarrassed!

Must have been about 10 minutes later my phone pinged, it was him just saying “hi” I immediately replied with “I’m not gay I just felt bad since I know what it’s like to be ignored on the website”

he replied with “yeh I understand, thank you for being honest I’m not looking for a hook up just a chat that’s all”

We chatted about life and stuff I told him about my wife and about Rachael of gaziantep eskort bayan course he was asking the questions, I guess I wasn’t interested in hearing about his sex life, why would I be? I was straight.

He asked “have you ever had a prostate orgasm?” I replied with “LOL” but did tell him about what Rachael did to me, describing in details what we did together he said

“It dosnt sound like a real prostate orgasm, you should try it” he described how to give myself a prostate orgasm, where I need to feel around and encouraged me to try it. I replied, again with “LOL” (typical thing when I didn’t know what to say)

I told him that I’d think about doing it maybe.. at that point he said “I could do it for you” and then my masculinity kicked in again… “I told you I’m not gay!” I said, He then replied with

“Look it’s not gay, you told me a woman did it to you before that wasn’t gay was it? How is this any different” I said, “the difference is your a guy” he replied “yeh but think about how good it felt when you were fucking her how much you enjoyed it”

I knew what he was doing, trying to get me to think about my horny times with Rachael so I’d get turned on.

It was working I realised I was actually starting to get hard. I hadn’t replied for about 10 minutes, I get another message “Look it won’t make you gay, come round to my house you don’t even have to look at me. however you feel comfortable, il just massage your ass and get you to cum then just leave” I waited, I didn’t reply I didn’t want to reply I didn’t know what to say really. “OK” I typed “what’s your address?”

When I got there the house was on a quiet street, I was very shy and very ashamed of what I was doing. I parked my car at the top of the street and walked. It wasn’t an area I knew but still I didn’t want anyone recognising my car.

I knocked on the door, and he answered after what felt like waiting forever! In reality it was probably seconds, he invited me in this was the first time I actually saw what he looked like. He was at least in his 50, full head of hair but very Gray.

It was here when I realised I’d never asked him for a pic (the pics on his profile were all dick and body pics and judging by what I’m seeing now, taken a long time ago!)

He offered me a drink but I declined, despite being nervous as fuck and my mouth being dry he said come on through to the living room.

When I got in, all the curtains were closed and there was a few candles lit, some generic porn on the TV with the sound off. I sat down he sat on the other chair opposite me and just kept staring straight at me “what” I said? “Nothing it’s just your really pretty” I replied with “OK so what do we do now” he said “why don’t you get naked, get it out of the way” I didn’t say anything just started taking my clothes off.

He said “back in a second” and left the room, he returned a few minutes later, I was stood completely naked in his living room when he came back he was only wearing a pair of tight shorts and had a tube of lubricant in his hand.

He stood behind me and said “just relax” he reached around and started feeling my dick “this

might feel a little cold” with that I felt his finger on my ass “ooh! Yah that is cold!”

He asked me if I was alright I nodded and with that felt him slip his finger in my ass, it went in with ease and I felt a jolt in my cock which instantly got hard…

“See it’s nice isn’t it?” Too ashamed to answer I just nodded he was wanking my cock slowly as he slid his finger in further.

“OK so I’m going to press on your prostate now” I nodded and he started apply pressure on my prostate. Holy shit it felt good! My cock started oozing pre-cum he was milking my cock slowly, soaking my own dick with my own pre-cum.

He stopped playing with me for a second and licked his fingers then whispered “you taste so nice” then carried on playing.

I was in heaven completely forgot about weather I was gay or straight I was just having my cock and prostate massaged and it felt fucking amazing.

“Do you want to cum now? Do you like that? He said, I replied “yes it feels so fucking good, yes please make me cum”

he didn’t say anything but felt him increase pressure on my prostate and sped up with my cock I’m guessing he could tell I was very close as my ass was clamping on his finger as I let out a huge moan and started to ejaculate.

He held pressure on my prostate which have me the biggest most powerful orgasm I had ever felt!

I just stood there spraying sperm all over the carpet, all over me and all over his hand. He slipped his finger out of my ass and asked if I was OK. “Yes I am, that felt amazing” a little ashamed “sorry I came on your carpet” he chuckled and said “don’t worry it’s alright, sit down you look as if your gonna fall over!”

He was right my legs felt like jelly at this point. I went ahead and sat back In the chair. I got a good look at him, he was licking his fingers that were covered in my sperm and the other had rubbing his cock through his tight shorts.

He was staring at me again I was about to ask him for a drink when he said “you look so sexy sat like that covered in cum” he popped his dick out his shorts and started masturbating.

“Just sit there like that sexy” he said. I was kinda in a bit of a daze really so I sort of opened my legs and lifted them up so he could get a better view and see my ass.

“Oh fuck that’s hot, I told you that you would love it, you loved it didn’t you?”

Again ashamed to admin I’d just nodded I could tell he wanted some dirty talk but I didn’t really know what to say, I was too ashamed to say or do anything I just lay there.

“Bet you wouldn’t have even noticed if I’d used my cock instead of a finger” I just shrugged he kept masturbating.. “yeah bet you would enjoy it even more”

I nodded he stopped masturbating and knelt on the floor so his cock was level with my ass. I’m still in the chair with my legs wide open exposing my ass he is knelt on the floor just teasing my ass with his lubed dick

“yea I bet you would love to feel it” I didn’t dare move I was to shy to admit it deny anything, felt pressure as he started to penetrate “yeah imagine how good it will feel being a cock and not a finger, a cock it meant to make women feel good so imagine what it will do to you”

I said nothing just laying there perfectly still “this will probably hurt as first…” he said and yes it fucking did!

“go easy I said” he did, he was very gentle just going slowly and carefully stopping when I said stop and pushing more when I allowed it. I asked him to stop once last time which he obliged “I don’t think it will go in, that hurts I can’t take any more I said” he whispered “I’m all the way in you now”

He wasn’t small but he wasn’t huge ether, I’d say about 6inch but actually quite thick.

He just remained all the way inside me while I got used to the pain, after a few minutes I started to rock back and forth on his dick. It hurt less and less each time I rocked, he synced his rhythm to my rocking and began having sex with me.

There I was on a stranger’s sofa laying on my back with my legs in the air he is on his knees with his full dick sliding in and out of my virgin ass. For someone who was adamant that I’m not gay, it was a pretty gay thing to do.

Id not noticed my cock was like a rock again and I had the familiar feeling of something rubbing against my prostate only this time I wasn’t a finger it was a man’s cock.

He kept thrusting and rocking must have been for about 10 minutes I’m not sure how long exactly I was in a mix of pleasure and pain but I felt my cock leaking pre-cum, he had already noticed and started wanking my dick at the same rhythm as his thrusts.

It didn’t take long before I was cumming again, shooting jets of my sperm all over my chest and one huge spurt hit me in the face… This tipped him over the edge “uh I’m gonna cum” he grunted “just like you did with Rachael..” this immediately snapped me out of my euphoria… “Wait…” I tried to say, But before I could finished I already felt his cock contracting then a hot spurt deep inside my anus “oh fuck I’m cumming he screamed”

Oh shit. I just let a man I only just met tonight who I know nothing about, have bareback sex with me and cum inside me. What the fuck am I thinking!

After a few minutes his cock started to go soft and he slipped it out of me, followed by a huge dribble of his sperm.

“That was fucking hot” he said. “No that was bad” I said, “you shouldn’t have cum in me” “oh don’t worry I don’t have anything, at-least I think I don’t..” he joked “OK” I said “but still it was pretty risky” “I thought you liked the risk? You did with Rachael” this was true I did like it, I just shrugged an acknowledgement and sat up.

He had stood up by this point and was cleaning his cock with some wet wipes he picked up from the side. “Can I have one please”, he passed me a wipe, as I was cleaning his cum from my ass he quoted “see I knew all along you were gay” “sorry” I replied “no I’m not” to which he replied

“you have just let a man give your a prostate massage then let him fuck you bare and cum inside your ass, sorry but that makes you gay, your wiping my cum from your ass as I speak. If that’s not gay I don’t know what is”

I didn’t reply, almost like I was letting it sink in, mulling it over in my head, the best come back I had was “well maybe I’m Bi then”

he just laughed, afterwards we made small talk while we got dressed I sat back down In the chair I’d just been fucked in, we carried on talking before I got up to leave as I got to the door he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “hope to see you again soon” I didn’t know what to say so I just said “ill be in touch”

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