Happy Anniversary

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It was our anniversary so as a surprise, I left work early.

Julie, my wife of three years, not expecting me home until later, was still in the shower when I arrived. I made my way, as quietly as possible, through our bedroom to the master bath hoping to surprise my wife. As I opened the door the hinges creaked.

“Lisa?” my wife questioned from the shower.

“It’s me” I answered, “Why would it be Lisa?”

“She was going to drop off some ear rings she borrowed. You’re home early” Julie told me as she pulled back the shower curtain.

My wife never looked as beautiful as she did right then, standing in the shower soaking wet. I watched, entranced, as drops of water dripped from her shoulder length brunette hair down onto her two perfect tits and then rolled over her beautifully tanned stomach. I could already feel the swelling in my pants as I watched the drops of water work their way past my wife’s naval and towards the magic spot where, up to this point in our relationship, I had always found a triangle of short well groomed hair. Tonight though, Julie had pulled out all the stops, the beads of water flowed smoothly over my wife’s newly waxed box and collected between her two hairless lips.

“You’ve ruined my surprise” when Julie spoke I snapped back to reality.

“I’m sorry, I just… it looks fantastic,” I stuttered, unable to take my eyes off her glorious snatch.

Julie looked at me confused for a moment, and then followed my eyes to the place between her legs. “Oh, that,” she laughed, “that’s not your surprise, we’ll just call that a bonus.”

“I didn’t mean to mess up your plans. I just couldn’t sit at my desk and think about your beautiful body one more minute,” I explained as I pulled a towel off the rack and offered it to Julie.

“Fuck it,” she whispered, “I won’t make you wait another moment.”

Julie let the towel fall from my hand and grabbed my suit jacket with both hands. As she pulled her soaked naked body up against me I ran my hands through her hair, guiding her lips to mine. Our first kiss was gentle, but by the second she forced her tongue deep into my mouth.

She pulled her tongue out and bit my bottom lip as her hands pulled my jacket off. I took my hands from her hair and struggled to unbutton my shirt while she worked her fingers over the knot of my tie. I was only halfway down my shirt when Julie pulled my tie off and threw it behind her into the tub. She excitedly ripped my shirt the rest of the way open pulling so hard the buttons that didn’t slip through their holes broke off and fell to the floor.

My hands wandered down to her ass and I took two handfuls as I pulled her towards me and felt the warmth of her tits on my newly bared chest. Before I even knew what she was doing, Julie had dropped to her knees and had my pants and boxers at my ankles. I stepped out of them and she threw them with the rest of my soaked clothes in a pile on the floor. Still on her knees she grabbed my shaft and gently touched her lips to the end of it. With the other hand she firmly gripped my balls and pulled a little as she slowly slipped my cock into her mouth.

Julie grabbed my ass and pulled me toward her, shoving my cock deep down her throat. She guided my thrusting as I pulled myself almost completely out of her mouth only to thrust deeply back in. She rolled her tongue around my cock as I Cami Halısı thrust in and out of her mouth.

Just as the sensation was beginning to be too much for me to control she pulled my dick from her mouth and stood up. I pushed her up against a wall and kissed her neck working my way down to her tits.

My wife’s tits aren’t the largest, but what they lack in size they make up for in flawless skin and perfectly sized nipples.

I wrapped my hands around her glorious tits and flicked my tongue over her nipples. Julie let out a groan pushed her pussy against me. I quickly kneeled and slipped my tongue in her slit.

I could taste her wetness mixing with the water from the shower. As my tongue entered her, Julie’s whole body shuddered. She lifted one leg over my shoulder and leaned back against the wall as I kneaded her ass with my hands and worked her clit with my tongue. I had long since perfect my technique, so in no time I could feel the muscles of my wife’s pussy begin to pulse as she humped my face for all she was worth. Julie let out a cry and begged me not to stop.

When she had finished I pulled my tongue out and stood, intending to give her a moment to rest, but she didn’t want it. She grabbed me and pulled me towards her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted herself onto my cock. Another moan escaped her lips as my hard cock plunged into her. Her legs wrapped around my ass and I pushed her up against the wall for support. I pounded my wife’s pussy to the sound of her begging me “harder, harder.” Her nails dug into my back and plunged my cock as deep and as hard as I could go.

I was on the verge of cumming when she lifted herself off of my cock. I felt like I was about to explode as she turned away from me bent over. I knew what she wanted.

Julie grabbed the sink for support and I entered her from behind. She smiled at me in the mirror behind the sink and I watched her tits bounce as I fucked her from behind. After a few moments I once again felt the tell tale pulsing in my wife’s pussy and as she erupted in moans I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock exploded inside of her. Cum dripped from her as I slammed her from behind for as I long as I could.

When we were both finished cumming we collapsed to the ground exhausted. I kissed her neck gently as we lay on the cold tile and she ran her fingers over my chest.

The moment was cut short by the ringing of a doorbell.

“Shit,” I said, “Who could that be?”

Julie pulled herself onto her knees and whispered, “That would be the surprise I was talking about.” She kissed my lips and then I watched her as she, still wet and naked, rushed from the bathroom to answer the door.

I wrapped myself in a towel and walked out into our bedroom. Before I could find my robe, my wife returned, her best friend Lisa following right behind her.

“Happy Anniversary,” Lisa said with a smile as she started to get undressed.

“No let me do that,” said my wife, “but first.” She grabbed the towel from me and then pushed me to the bed. “You watch.”

I watched as Julie undressed Lisa, occasionally kissing her body as she worked. Lisa’s body was the opposite of Julie’s. Lisa’s breasts were at least D’s and her ass was much more than two handfuls and though she was full figured, she was perfectly proportioned and did not at all look fat.

When Cami Halıları Lisa was completely nude, Julie led her to the bed and laid her down next to me. My wife then climbed on top of her friend and kissed her mouth deeply. Julie worked her way down Lisa’s body flicking her tongue over Lisa’s breasts and when she reached Lisa’s unshaven box, she dove in. Lisa instantly arched her back with pleasure and I couldn’t stay an observer any longer. I slid my hands around Lisa’s breasts and played with her perfectly erect nipples. I kissed neck and then worked my mouth around her nipples. Lisa couldn’t stop moaning as my wife and I pleasure her body.

When Julie pulled her head up from her pussy, Lisa arched her back, begging for more. Julie smiled at me and rotated her body around so that Lisa and her could sixty-nine. I kissed the two women’s bodies while they pleasured each other and then snuck around behind my wife as she squirmed around on her friends face. With one quick push I forced my cock deep inside my wife. Julie moaned with pleasure. I took this as a sign I’d done good and I continued to fuck her dripping pussy as Lisa licked her clit from underneath. Soon the dual pleasure was too much and Julie came so hard she collapsed onto the bed next to her friend.

As my wife lay on the bed exhausted Lisa climbed on top of me. I looked at Julie and she nodded back at me so I plunged my cock into Lisa’s dripping cunt. I watched as Lisa rode me her D’s bouncing as I rammed her over and over again. It only took a few moments for Julie to catch her breath and then she climbed on my face and I ate her out as Lisa bounced up and down on my cock.

Before I could cum Julie pulled Lisa off of me and they resumed sixty-nining, this time Julie opted for the bottom. I positioned myself so I could fuck Lisa while my wife tongued her clit, but before I could slip it in Lisa’s pussy, Julie shoved three fingers in. My wife winked at me as she finger fucked her best friend and then with her other hand she spread Lisa’s ass cheeks and winked again.

My wife knew I had always wanted to try anal, but she was never comfortable with it. I took this as my chance. I stood up and positioned myself above Lisa’s puckered asshole. I waited just a moment until my wife’s fingers and tongue drove Lisa into a wild orgasm and then halfway through I shoved my hard cock deep inside her ass. I could feel her whole body shaking with orgasm as Lisa moaned with surprise. I pulled halfway out and shoved my dick deeper inside her ass. Lisa moaned as I filled her. My wife lifted her head and took my balls into her mouth as I fucked Lisa in the ass. I could hear that now not only was Lisa cumming, but Julie was as well. When I came I came hard and I filled Lisa to the brim with my cum.

All three of us collapsed in exhaustion, cum dripping from Lisa’s ass, and her face covered in my wife’s juices.

A knock at the door though, told me the fun wasn’t over yet.

“Anybody home?” yelled a male voice from the living room.

I looked at my wife, surprised. “We’re back here, Gary,” she yelled.

The next minute Gary, Lisa’s ex-husband, walked into the room. He instantly started to undress and only stopped to comment, “You started without me.”

This got a rise out of Lisa and she exclaimed, “You’re late, just like you always are.”

And then my wife chimed in, “Enough you two, let’s remember who’s anniversary this is.”

I looked to my wife for some kind of explanation and she continued, “You know we always talked about hooking up with another married couple… Well I couldn’t find one I thought we’d be comfortable with so we had to settle for a couple of divorcees.” With this she pushed Gary to the bed, got down on her hands and knees, and took his quickly hardening cock in her mouth.

Julie glanced over at me for approval. I guess she took the sight of my quickly hardening cock as a go ahead, because she turned and dived back on to Gary’s dick.

The sight of Julie sucking another man’s member got me hard in seconds, so I walked over to the bed and started caressing her ass. As soon as Julie felt my hands on her, she lifted her ass in the air and spread her legs, presenting her hairless pink pussy to me. I wasted no time in shoving my, now harder than ever, cock into my wife.

It took us a second to get our rhythm, but once we did, I was able to pound my wife doggy style as fast as I could while she bobbed her head up and down on Gary’s cock. Our threesome was made four when Lisa, not be left out, climbed onto Gary’s face. She sat facing me and I watched her play with her tits as she furiously rode Gary’s face.

Gary came quick, having not been fucking all afternoon like the rest of us, but as soon as he shot his massive load in Julie’s mouth I could feel her going over the edge. Her pussy clenched me hard and she released Gary’s cock so she could keep her balance as another earth shaking orgasm gripped her. I fucked my wife until she was done and then I let her collapse next to Gary on the bed.

As soon as Lisa saw my cock was free and still hard as steel, she abandoned Gary’s face, pushed me to the floor, and climbed on top. She leaned over me, urging me to suck her massive tits as I fucked her as hard as I could.

“Harder,” she pleaded.

I grabbed her ass and pulled myself deeper inside her. As I gripped her ass cheeks they pulled apart revealing her tight asshole, still dripping with my cum, to Gary. This he couldn’t resist. He let himself down on top of Lisa and without warning shoved his cock deep into her asshole. Lisa screamed with pleasure, motivating Gary and I to fuck her two holes even harder.

Now it was my turn to eat pussy. Julie came over and straddled my face and I flicked my tongue in and out of her as her juices ran down my face. Lisa lifted her head up so she could suck Julie’s tits as she rode my face. I fucked Lisa with my cock and Julie with my tongue for as long as I could hold on and then I felt myself slip into orgasm, shooting my load into the pussy of my wife’s best friend. This drove Lisa over the edge and soon she was moaning with another powerful orgasm. Julie increased the rigor with which she humped my face and soon she too was cumming. All the moaning sent Gary over the edge and he filled his ex-wife’s ass with yet another load of cum.

When we were all finished we collapsed to the floor sweating and breathing hard.

I lay there for a moment staring at the ceiling, not believing what just happened. Eventually Lisa got up and got dressed. Gary followed her. As they left I heard Gary say, “Maybe we could do this again sometime?”

Lisa’s only reply was the slamming of the door.

When the house was empty I turned to my wife. She lay on the bed worn out and covered in cum, her pussy bright pink from fucking. “I think we missed our reservations,” I said.

“Happy anniversary,” she replied.

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