Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 04

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Erica Allston was back from her morning run, a daily ritual that helped the gorgeous, 65-year-old silver-haired grandmother keep her body firm and flexible. She loved working out, and also helping out her family in any way possible. For her grandchildren, and their young friends, that meant lending a hand if they needed it.

And given Erica’s talented hands, not to mention other parts of her luscious granny body, she was a very popular lady.

She’d grabbed a towel and dabbed the sweat from her face and sat down at her computer to catch up on things. The bell rang. She looked at the clock which read 7:15, rather early for a visitor. She went to the window and looked on the landing, where stood a friend of her grandchildren, Danny Johnson, a handsome young lad of 18, tall with a curly mane of black hair and flashing green eyes.

She smiled and didn’t really have to wonder what he needed.

“Come in, Danny, come in!” she said brightly, opening the door where the boy stood smiling, looking at the sexy senior citizen with her silvery hair pulled into a ponytail, and sweaty body in a skin-tight, soaking wet t-shirt and tiny satin green running shorts, white socks and sneakers on her feet, her legs long, strong and well muscled. “I must look a fright, though, I just ran my five miles for the day and haven’t cleaned up!”

“You look….fantastic, Mrs. Allston!” the boy gushed, following her inside.

Erica laughed and sat back down at her computer, those little shorts riding high as she did, revealing nearly every inch of her freckled, tanned thighs, so well formed and firm, and rugged calves below bulging above her little white socks.

“Please, have some juice or something, Danny, I just have to answer one last email here, help yourself!”

The boy shuffled to the ‘fridge, got a glass of OJ and walked back beside her, nervously shuffling from foot to foot as she typed.

“What can I do for you this fine morning, young man?” Erica chirped brightly. “You have school, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mrs. Allston, in about a half hour,” he said, unable to take his eyes off the beautiful woman, from the saggy, sexy flesh of her wrinkled neck down to those amazing legs that he’d always admired. “I was just…uh…”

“Just wondering if I’d lend you a hand before school?” she laughed, shutting her laptop and twisting on her swivel chair to face him, crossing those sexy legs before him.

This wasn’t unfamiliar territory. She’d lent the boy a hand on several occasions, and other parts of her, and she loved his shyness about it every time.

“Oh, Danny, you don’t have to be so hesitant, you know how happy I am to help young people!” she said, arms folded across her ample chest as she looked at him. “Now, what seems to be the problem?”

“Well, it’s Giselle, you know, we’ve been dating for awhile, and well…she…we….it’s just that….” He stammered.

“Of course, of course, the little girl gets you all hot and bothered and leaves you high and dry, I know all about that,” Erica laughed. “Well, that’s how some girls are, you have to respect that, don’t overstep your boundaries. Now, what does she do to you?”

He blushed deeply, eliciting another laugh from the granny, as she bounced her crossed leg, a sizable crease of muscle on each side of her tanned shin.

“Danny, you can tell me, I’ve heard it all before, believe me!”

“Well, we kiss a lot and stuff, and I like, you know, do things to her, her boobies, play with her…down there….with my fingers….tongue…” he said, transfixed by that bouncing foot and marvelous calf above. “And she’ll….she’ll play with me, but she’s a tease, you know, she’ll like jerk it…and put her mouth…well, she doesn’t finish, that’s all….”

“Oh, that’s enough!” Erica smiled. “Honey, how long has this been going on?”

“Well, all this week,” he groaned. “I’m about ready to burst!”

“Of course you are, dear boy, you must have a frightful case of blue balls, as they’re called!” she said, looking at his crotch and Starzbet noticing a thick outline there. “Mercy, you’re erect right now, aren’t you?”

He blushed more deeply.

“Is that from Giselle’s teasing or something else?” she asked pointedly, a smile on her pretty face.

“Something else,” he said softly. “You, Mrs. Allston, it’s you, and your…your….”

“My legs?” she laughed. “Is it my legs that you’ve been staring at that have given, uh, rise to the situation?”

He nodded furiously and anxiously.

“Well, then,” she sighed, slipping off the stool and taking his hand, leading him to the living room couch. “I’ve got just the thing to take care of you…”

She sat him on one side of the couch, sitting to his right and slipping off her sneakers, leaving her little socks on, hoisting her feet up and across his lap, causing him to jump. She laughed, and pressed her meaty calves onto his crotch.

“Now then, young man, let’s take care of things!”

She leaned over and unsnapped his pants, pulling them down, his pretty young cock springing out, stiff as a rock and oozing precum, the cap shiny and wet. She giggled and spread her legs, pulling his dick between them, then gently encircling it with her calves, crossing her socked ankles. The slight pressure of her insanely sexy lower legs, the velvety touch of her slightly sagging but smooth skin, just about put Danny over the edge the second contact was made. He groaned and arched his back, trying to fuck the calves deliciously hugging his cock.

“Now, now, eager boy, let Granny Erica do the work,” she laughed, leaning back. “Or my calves, I should say! I do this for my special boys, my special boys who seem enamored with my old legs!”

“Oh, my GOD, Mrs….Granny Erica!” he cried out as he settled down and watched Erica’s calves slowly tense around his stiff dick, the muscles pulsating on it.

“Yes, do call me that, it’s rather sexy,” she cooed. “Now we don’t have much time, but I do want you to enjoy my calves….”

She smiled, leaning back on the couch arm, pulling off her top and bra, her 34C boobs starkly white against the rest of her tanned torso, sagging a bit to each side, but creamy and smooth, thick nipples erect, delicate blue veins running through each just below that milky skin.

“You could use a visual, Danny,” she giggled. “Now, how do my calves feel on you?”

She squeezed his cock a bit harder, the muscles tensing around it, the flesh hard and pulsating, devouring the cock head which oozed pre-cum like a hose. She laughed and squeezed a bit harder, and started to quiver them a bit on his trapped meat.

“Some boys like when I quake my calves like this, do you, Danny?”

“Oh fuck yes, Granny Erica, fuck yes!”

“Dear boy, such profanity!” she laughed, balling up her sweat-soaked bra and leaning forward to stuff it into his eager mouth, muffling his moans. “This should keep you a little quiet, and give you a bit of my taste and scent as a bonus!”

He groaned loudly through the material, sucking the salty fluid from it, savoring it, his dick on fire as it was worked in the elderly woman’s tightening calf flesh. Erica smiled as she stroked him, using all his copious pre-cum as lubricant, locking her calves tightly on his cock and pumping her muscular limbs up and down.

Danny’s head lolled back, eyes rolling in his head, one of his trembling hands on her sweaty feet, the other on her thighs.

“Do my feet smell badly?” Erica giggled. “All sweaty from my run? Take my socks off, would you?”

He eagerly obeyed, puling the socks off her gnarled feet and smashing them into his face, inhaling her sexy, sweaty scent before tossing them to the floor, her painted toes wet and shiny. He ran his trembling hand over them.

“Between my toes, that’s it, get your fingers all wet with my toe funk!” she hissed, feeling a bit of dominance overtake her. “Now smell them! Put them up your nose, Danny, and smell my dirty toes!”

Danny was delirious now, rubbing Starzbet Giriş his wet fingers into his nose, inhaling her acrid foot stench and going back for more, then pulling the bra from his mouth to suck his fingers, tasting her bitter foot flavor.

“Oh, you are a naughty one!” she laughed. “You love ALL my legs, don’t you, every inch!”

“Yesssss, Granny Erica, so much, so much,” he moaned.

“Bend over, bend over and suck them!” she growled.

The young athlete was flexible enough to bend from the waist, his cock still imprisoned in Erica’s thrusting calves, and suck her toes, groaning madly, nibbling the salty digits, sucking them one by one into his mouth, bathing between them with his tongue. The taste, tangy and bitter, drove him wild and now he sucked all five on each foot, his tongue rapidly circling them all, anxious to taste every foul-smelling bit of flesh.

His cock was ready to explode and now Erica rapidly whipped her calves on his cock, one at a time, pumping the right one up, then the left, in a bicycle motion. The slick hard calves jerked him off with masterful precision, making his moans louder. He pulled his mouth off her freshly sucked toes and sat back.

“Granny Erica! Gonna….cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” he screamed.

“Fire away, boy, you deserve it!” she laughed, jacking his cock in her scissoring calves so quickly now they were blurry to their eyes.

Danny came, with a screaming growl from deep in his sexual soul, a week’s worth of spunk trying to escape at once, and doing so not in the usual thick ropy jets of the young, but splattering and wild. Huge gobs of sperm flew out from his cock head as it was being jerked by the older woman’s magical calves, whipping to the left and right.

Giant orbs of his goo flew up and decorated his face, lips and chin, as others danced to the opposite side, landing in circular splats on the giant glass coffee table before the couch. Still others sprayed up and onto Erica’s scissoring calves and rugged thighs, with two hitting her in the tits, and another thick wad into one eye, and another on her laughing lips.

He came hard and long, those flying gobs of sperm finally waning as she now settled her powerful calves to a halt, taking the head in her quivering, silky calves, squeezing the last of it out, a bubbling blanket that coated her wrinkly shins and cascaded down the sides to pool on his drained balls and shaved pubic area.

“Oh, my WORD!” she laughed, one eye sealed shut by cum, strands of it leaking into her mouth from the other that coated her lips. “You certainly needed that, young man!”

“I’m sorry,” he said with a weak smile, finally sated and relaxed. “I got you in the eye….”

“And boobs…and mouth…and thighs and calves, my table, your face!” she laughed with delight, lifting her calves off his drooping dick. “Now, we must clean up…”

“Allow me,” he said graciously, cupping her calves in his hands and lifting them to his mouth. “It’s the least I can do…”

“My, my, my, you ARE a polite if not naughty boy, that is so sweet!” she laughed.

Danny never had trouble eating his own cum, mostly because he jerked off so much and so much caught him in the face and mouth, and he now eagerly lapped Erica’s cum-slick shins and calves, groaning at the taste of his spunk, Erica wide eyed and watching him work. He made his way up her freckled thighs, gobbling his load from them, then off her sweet, sagging tits, lapping up her wrinkled neck for a gob or two there. He licked up her chin, lapping the pearly smear around her lips, and giggling, sucked the gob off her eye before kissing her deep and wet.

“Such a romantic for one so young,” she cooed into his mouth, framing his face in her old hands.

They finally broke and Erica swung her legs to the floor, eying the spunk dotting the glass table. She winked at him, leaned over and licked it clean, gathering the sperm in her mouth and standing to embrace and kiss him, sharing the load she shot into his mouth. Starzbet Güncel Giriş His cock, still hard, poked between her thighs and he slowly fucked them with it.

“My goodness, Danny, you’re still hard!” she laughed, pulling back and reaching between them to stroke his cock. “You could probably go another round!”

“Oh, for sure, Granny Erica, but…” he said, looking at the clock on the wall. “I have to leave in like five minutes…”

She smiled and sat on the couch, he standing before her.

“Plenty of time, if you know the tricks,” she growled. “Now, turn around…”

“Yes, ma’am!” he said brightly.

Erica cooed as she looked at his smooth, muscular young ass, palming the flesh and parting it, Danny’s puckered asshole opening with it. She let out a low moan and brought her face to it, instantly skewering it with her long, talented tongue, making the young man jump.

“Anyone ever do this to you before,” she hissed into the sweet young butt cheeks framing her face.

“No, ma’am!” he cried. “It feels…amazing!”

“Yes, I know,” she said confidently, returning her tongue to Danny’s virginal asshole, plunging her tongue in and out rapidly, reaching between his thighs to stroke his wet cock.

She got him soaking wet for a minute and then turned him around, his cock dripping before her eyes.

“Now, Danny, my trick,” she cooed, cupping his big, hairless balls in her right hand, extending her middle finger up to tickle his wet asshole. “A man’s prostate is very sensitive, and if manipulated the right way can produce quite a satisfying ejaculation…”

“Really?” he asked in an astonished tone, looking down at the elderly woman before him as she breathed on his cock just inches away.

“Really,” she continued. “Now, just relax and resist the urge to clamp down on my finger. I’m going to insert it into your rectum, rather deeply, and when I find the prostate…well, you’ll know!”

He gulped and relaxed as best he could as the sexy silver-haired woman’s finger slowly made its way past the muscles of his sphincter and inside, past the first knuckle, then the second, all the way in as the rest of her hand squeezed his anxious balls.

“OH MY GOD!” he cried out.

“Does it hurt?” she asked.

“Hell no, it feels…INCREDIBLE!”

“Honey,” she sighed, extending her tongue to lick the tip of his cock, cleaning it of a tiny pearl of cum still there, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

She slowly, very slowly, wiggled her finger in his ass, in little circles, seeking out and then finding the tiny prostate gland, the tip of it tickling and pressing on it, making Danny groan loudly, his cock jumping before her smiling face.

“I don’t even have to touch you, Danny,” she said in a sultry growl, “and I can get you to do this…”

She massaged his prostate harder now, pushing on it, triggering the most mind-blowing ejaculation of Danny’s life. The second it started to jet cum, she opened her mouth widely around it, trying not to touch it, and the river of seed filled it with scorching hot jolts of boy cream. Danny screamed, his ass clamping on her finger, sucking it in deeper, eager for its forceful, urgent probing, and when he finished cumming, he felt like his balls had been turned inside out, milked bone dry. He watched in amazement as Erica licked the last of it from his cock and opened her mouth to show him the thick pond of sperm on her tongue. She winked and gulped it down loudly.

“Not bad,” she laughed, standing up and kissing him. “With a minute to spare!”

They hugged for a long moment, and Danny walked to the door, apologizing on the way out.

“I’m sorry, Granny Erica, I feel like I should do something for you,” he said as she held the door open.

“Just get on to school and learn something, that’s the best thing you can do for me,” she laughed, playfully slapping his tight little ass. “Until I can think of something else, when you have more time!”

“I’m so lucky to know someone like you!” he said with a goofy teenage-boy grin as he darted off to his car, sated and happy, as Erica waved goodbye.

“And I to know you,” she sighed to herself, running her tongue over her gums where the taste of his sweet boy cream lingered. “And I to know you all…”

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