Family Battle Ch. 04

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Blue Eyes

Ch. 04: Son’s Defeat

Thursday couldn’t come quick enough. For some strange reason, all I could think about were the fights mom and I had been in the past week and a half and how crazy it had become. All out nude, anything goes battles between us where nothing was off limits – kicks, punches, hairpulling, even sex to weaken each other. I guess it was years of tension culminating in having to live together again as adults for almost 4 months that just boiled over.

I was able to defeat mom twice, the first and last time we fought, with the second bout between us pretty much a draw considering we made each other cum simultaneously and stopped fighting after our orgasms.

I was asserting my dominance over her little by little though, really humiliating her after our last match. Yes we both had an orgasm again, but this time it was from the friction of grinding against each other in a full body hug, my cum shooting up between our bellies. I was able to finish her off in her weakened state and really smear my jizz all over her face with the sole of my foot in a victory pose.

I raced over to her house on Thursday. Mom was in the basement again waiting for me, stripped and ready to fight. I jumped out of my suit and slipped off my boxers, my already hardened dick pointing the way toward my opponent as we faced each other for the fourth time. “When are you going to get tired of my kicking your ass and humiliating you mom?” I asked. “Fuck you, you little prick” was all she could muster as a comeback as we reached out for each other. We jostled a little on our feet, hands on outstrecthed arms, before I was able to knock her down with a leg sweep. Mom went toppling to the floor on her back tekirdağ escort as the wind went sailing out of her lungs. I quickly plopped my ass on her stomach, further winding her, grabbed her throat with my left hand and nailed her left tit 3 or 4 times with my right fist before she grabbed my dick and yanked on it. I was able to stand up, freeing myself from her grip. As she got to her knees I punted her midsection like a football, knocking her to the floor again in a fetal position gasping for air.

“This is getting easier and easier” I said to her as I stood over her crumpled body, now on her back looking up at me. Mistake on my part. Before I could do anything, her foot shoot up into my balls, crushing them up into my throat (is what it seemed like). I fell like a house of cards as she rolled out of the way. I was cursing her out now as I agonized in pain on the floor. Mom easily pushed me onto my back and quickly sat on my face, grinding her pussy all over me as she yanked my head tighter into her crotch by my hair. I knew what she was trying to do – grind on my face until she had an orgasm and cum on me like I did to her – and there was nothing I could do about it. My whole body was paralyzed with pain from her low blow.

“Now that’s mama’s little boy” she mocked me as she continued to grind her raw pussy on my mouth and face. I was able to reach up with one hand and grab a tit, twisting and squeezing it a little before she removed it with her hands. I could feel her precum oozing into my nose and mouth as she was wearing herself out on me, but I was finally able to use her movement against her, pushing her ass over my head nd skirting from out from underneath her. She turned trabzon escort around and tackled me from her knees before I could get up and we rolled back and forth a little in a full body embrace jockeying for an advantage before coming to rest in a double headlock on each other, four arms wrapped around two heads, completely tangled from head to feet. “You’re gonna pay for that you bitch” I cursed at her. “I’m not done yet” she said as she was able to bring her knee up into my balls again.

Her earlier blow really hurt me, so even though this wasn’t as tough a blow it still rendered me helpless again. This time she rolled me onto my stomach, sat on my back and started banging my head into the floor. I was getting groggy from the pounding when it stopped. I tried to get up but as I got to all fours she smashed me in the face with her foot, sending me reeling. This was not within what we agreed to – no head/face shots – so I was in no way expecting or defending against a shot like that. I landed on my back and was almost completely out of it. Mom walked over to me, stood directly over me and then dropped a knee straight down into my balls and erection, almost knocking me unconscious. I was tearing on the floor in a fetal position, clutching my crotch in agony…but she stopped her onslaught. I couldn’t see her and she wasn’t fighting me anymore for what seemed like several minutes. Then she came up from behind me and rolled me onto my stomach again. This time I felt a cool liquid on my ass…my crack to be exact…then I felt something else.

“Wha…wha the fuc..” I tried to get out before I felt something go inside me…inside my ass to be precise! Seems mom had put on a strap-on, sivas escort squuezed some lube on my ass and was getting some payback for our earlier matches. “Now who’s the bitch” mom said to me. “Now who’s getting fucked” she said as she started hammering me harder. I was really weak from the low blows and kick to the face. I tried to fight her off but just couldn’t. My eyes were tearing first from the last knee she landed to my balls and now from the pain of her fucking me with a strap-on as she continued to tease me. “You little faggot, you like that? I think you like dick up your ass. I didn’t know I raised a faggot.” With each word she thrusted harder and harder. Seems she had two dildos on the strap-on – one was inside my ass and the other was inside her pussy, so as she fucked me she was fucking herself too. Not only was she fucking me but she was jacking me off with her left hand too. Despite everything I still had an erection. It wasn’t long before she made me cum. Then I heard her breathing changing and soon after making me cum her pussy exploded, oozing her juices all over my ass, before she pulled the strap-on out of my ass.

For good measure she kicked me in the balls again and rubbed her foot all over the cum from both of us, rolled me onto my back and did her own victory pose over me with her foot on my face, grinding her cum soaked sole all over my face. I was humiliated. I took it for granted I was going to beat her again and was too cocky, for lack of a better word. And I paid dearly for it. Mom took the fight to a new level. Should I have expected it considering what we were doing to each other? Maybe, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought she could beat me ad assert her dominance over me like this. “Seems like you weren’t able to finish what you started, I guess you’re going to have to come back Saturday” she said to me as she walked up the basement steps, leaving me less of a man than when I walked in 25 minutes earlier.

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