English Composition – Part 2 Of 2

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Late the next afternoon Teresa and Melanie met for a drink at a neighborhood bistro. The place was practically empty since lunch was long over and dinner was still an hour or so away. They found a table in the back for maximum privacy. They started off with small talk.“How’s my favorite niece doing?” Melanie asked.Teresa said her daughter was doing fine. She was getting good grades in school and was at dance class and wouldn’t be home till later. She asked how Melanie’s daughter was doing.“Oh, Lisa is doing well. She’s not-quite-sixteen going on thirty. She’s already bugging me about a car. Has boys climbing all over her.”A waitress brought a carafe of wine to their table and poured two glasses. Then they got down to business.“Okay, Sis, let’s have it. What’s on your mind?” Melanie asked.Teresa took a deep breath. “Oh God, where to start?” she said, and took a sip of wine. “A couple of things.”“Spit it out, girlfriend.”“Henry’s cheating on me.”“Oh no, is he screwing co-eds again?” Melanie blurted.Teresa nodded. “I think so.”“You think so? Do you have proof?”“No. But I’m pretty sure.”“How did you find out?”“That’s the other problem.”“What’s the other problem?”“Do you remember my student, Milo? You met him when I was in the hospital.”“Sure,” Melanie said. “The Adonis who wants to get in your pants.”“You were right. He’s the one who told me.”“Oh God, are you screwing Milo?”“No. Not really.”“Not really? What the hell does that mean?”“I don’t know. Not yet, anyway.”“Teresa, are you going to tell me what’s going on?”They each took a mouthful of wine. Teresa took a deep breath and told Melanie the whole story. All about how good of a writer he is and how she encouraged him and he decided to major in English because of her and how this semester with each assignment his writing had become bolder and racier and more improper. There was the biography of her where he knew so much about her, even the tattoo on her ass, and then the paper about ‘Love’ when he wrote about having an erection and fondling himself during her class. He came on to her in the cafe. And then there was this last paper, his ‘masterpiece’ he called it, that really went over the line where he described in detail what he would do to her in bed.“I came in my pants when I finished reading it,” Teresa said.“Holy shit, are you kidding me?” Melanie said. “Are you sure you’re not fucking him?”Teresa shook her head. “I’m not.”She reached down to her bag on the floor, pulled out Milo’s masterpiece and handed it to Melanie.“Check this out,” Teresa said. “I have to go to the bathroom.”—-She came back from the bathroom and Melanie was thoroughly engrossed. Teresa sipped her wine and waited while Melanie continued reading, listening to her sister say ‘Holy Shit’ or ‘Oh My God’ under her breath a half a dozen times. When she finished she put down the folder and took a slug of her wine.“Phew,” she said, fanning her brow with her hand. “I need some air. This kid is not only gorgeous, but he can write! This is hot stuff.”“I know. See my dilemma?”“I think so. You know he’s a real talent so you don’t want to report him and mess up his life. And because you’re thinking about fucking him.”With a tired smile, Teresa shook her head. “Leave it to you to just lay it all out there.”“That’s why you called me, isn’t it?”“I guess so. Thanks.”“So what are you going to do?” Melanie said.“I’m not sure,” she shrugged. “I don’t know whether I should turn him in or suck his cock.”Melanie grinned. “I’d put my money on the latter.”—-The next time Milo went to her class, he could tell that Teresa was not herself. She seemed nervous and distracted. She stammered here and there, cleared her throat a lot and lost her train of thought a couple times. When the class ended, the students got up to leave, and when he approached the front of the room, she called to him.“Milo, may I speak to you for a moment?”Oh shit, here it comes, he thought. He walked up to her desk. He whiffed her luscious scent.“Could you come to my office tomorrow afternoon? We need to talk.”“Uh, okay, sure. Am I going to get kicked out of school? Because if I am, I’ll make it easy on you and just quit. I don’t want to put you in a bad position.”Teresa smiled softly. “Let’s talk tomorrow, okay?”They would meet in her office at two o’clock.—-When Teresa got to her house after picking up her daughter, Henry was already home. This was very unusual. He never came home early. To her, this was just more evidence that he was fooling around on her. Dinner was uneventful and the conversation was stilted and almost nonexistent.After cleaning up the kitchen, they sat and watched beylikdüzü escort TV for a while until it was time for her daughter to go to bed. Soon thereafter Henry tried to seduce her but Teresa blew him off. She had papers to grade.Later when she climbed into bed, Henry was snoring to beat the band. Teresa lay there for some time, unable to sleep. Her mind was racing. She was thinking about her cheating husband. She was thinking about Milo’s paper and its graphic descriptions and the orgasm it had given her. And she was thinking about Milo.—-Milo had no idea what to expect from his meeting with Teresa. The smile she gave him when he mentioned getting kicked out seemed tired, like maybe she was in a tough spot and wrestling with a tough decision. He knew he’d been pushing his writing to the edge in his papers but he felt Teresa would appreciate his fearlessness. He also knew the last one was probably going too far as he was writing it, but he didn’t care. It all had flowed through him effortlessly and with such intensity, he couldn’t stop.When he arrived at her office, the door was open and Teresa was standing at the window looking out at the bright, sunny afternoon. Milo knocked on the door jamb, ‘shave-and-a-haircut, two-bits’. She turned to face him. Her blond hair was tied back and she was wearing her blue and white sundress and gold chain, which he thought was a good omen. She was bra-less too, he noticed. The thin cotton was hung-up on her right nipple.“Hello, Milo, please come in. And shut the door, please.”Milo stepped into her office and closed the door behind him. He took a step closer. She made no effort to sit down so neither did he.“You look great. I like what you’re wearing,” he said.“Thank you. I thought you would,” she said, and smiled. “Milo, I need you to do me a favor.”“Okay,” he said.“You are a very talented writer, but you’ve put me in a very awkward and uncomfortable position. From now on, when you write your papers, play it straight, okay? No more pushing the envelope. No more innuendo or erotica. Will you promise me that?”“Sure, I can do that. I can try, anyway. But you are my muse, and please know I didn’t set out to write things to upset you or to go over the line. It just seemed to come from somewhere else, through me and onto the paper.”“Well, please try to control yourself. Because it’s a fine line and you’ve probably crossed it. I don’t want to get into trouble. And I don’t want you to get into trouble. Understand?”“Yes.”“Good, because this has not been easy for me. Reading your last paper, I didn’t know whether I was obligated to call administration and turn you in, or…” She paused for a moment.“Turn me on?” Milo said nervously. Their eyes were glued.“Yeah,” Teresa sighed. “Something like that.”Milo inched closer. He put his hands on her shoulders and slowly traced them down both of her arms until he was holding her hands. Their fingers enmeshed and she squeezed his hands tight.“God, it feels so good to touch you,” he said. “I want to kiss you.”She didn’t say anything, she just peered into his eyes and waited. She nodded ever-so-slightly.Their mouths were melded in a nanosecond. Lips apart, tongues flying, saliva oozing from the corners of their mouths. Hands wandered over heads and hair and necks and backs and asses. They kissed and groped for a couple minutes. Milo was hard and Teresa was wet.“Where is your apartment?” she asked, breathing hard.“Half a block from the campus gate,” he replied. “A five-minute walk.”“Is it clean?”“Yes,” he said. “I’ve had it ready for you for some time.”“Is it private? Will we be alone?”“Yes,” he guessed. “My roommate is a cook at some frat. He’s almost never there.”“Okay. Let’s go.” They detached and she picked up her bag.Her nipples looked like Brazil nuts poking through the thin fabric of her dress. Milo grabbed her hand and started to pull her along. Teresa wiggled out of his grip.“No,” she said. “You go on. I’ll follow.”And so they did.—-The door of Milo’s apartment clicked shut behind them. They stood facing each other and both broke into smiles. Teresa put her bag on the floor next to a chair.“So,” she said. “Here we are.”“Yep,” he replied. “Here we are.”“This is our secret, right?”“Right.”“Good,” Teresa said, and stepped into his arms.They kissed, gently at first, but it soon escalated into an aggressive mouth-fuck. Their tongues resumed what they’d started in Teresa’s office and their bodies soon were plastered together and their hands roamed over hot fresh flesh. Milo felt her hands on the nape of his neck and lower back and slipping under bahcesehir escort bayan his shirt. He had one hand on the back of her head and eased the other up under the hem of her dress and gripped her bare ass for the first time. His cock hardened and he pulled her tight against his body so she’d feel it.“You kiss very well for a nineteen-year-old,” Teresa said, when at last their faces parted.“I’ll be twenty the end of next month.”“Are you going to show me your bedroom?”“Oh yes, sorry. Come on, it’s over here.” Milo took her hand and led the way. She didn’t pull her hand away this time.The room was small, but big enough for a dresser, a small desk and chair and a frameless double bed, the box spring and mattress sitting right on the wood floor. Good enough for what we’re about to do, Teresa thought.She started unbuttoning Milo’s shirt from the top down, then took it off and draped it over the back of the chair. She traced her fingers over the bare skin of his shoulders and chest and nipples.“So, Milo,” she said softly. “Are we going to follow the script the way you wrote it? Or can we improvise?”“Let’s improvise.”“Okay, good,” she said. “Because I would like to pick it up right where you left off.”She pulled the chair out from under the desk and sat on it in front of him. She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He wore no underwear. She pulled his pants down and his cock jumped out. It was beautiful, she thought. Long and thick, like a fresh cucumber ready to eat, and it stuck out like a sturdy tree branch from his trunk. He was shaved, not a nub of pubic hair. She licked her lips, then the tip if it. She took the big boy into her mouth.Milo was standing with his pants bunched on the floor at his feet, and Teresa was seated before him sucking his cock. The thought of it blew his mind. Here I am, he thought, standing here, and this beautiful older woman has my dick in her mouth. He had one hand on her shoulder and fondled her ponytail with the other. Then Teresa reached behind her head and removed her scrunchy, her wild, frizzy tresses fell loose, and his cock never came out of her mouth.When her hair fell loose, Teresa cut loose. She put her hands on his ass and clenched it with a rabid force and pulled it to her and sucked his cock with the strength of a leech on steroids. Milo meshed his fingers into her foxy locks and he held her head and swung his cock into her. Little by little more and more found its way into her mouth and soon she had just about all of it deep into her throat.Teresa gagged slightly but didn’t stop; in fact, she stepped it up a notch. Milo was amazed as he looked down at her head bobbing to and fro, the whole length of his cock disappearing into her mouth and reemerging, again and again, increasing speed as they went. He held her head and fucked her face and he tried not to wince when her teeth scraped the sensitive skin of his cock, but he knew that was his fault, not hers, because he was slinging it pretty good.Teresa half-hummed, half-moaned as she sucked, and it sent a buzz through Milo’s pecker. It must have awakened a whole school of his spermatozoa because his balls knotted into little fists and squeezed and he felt his cum roil and start to rise. Two semesters and a summer’s worth of his bottled-up love were about to spill out of him.Teresa heard it coming before she tasted it. Milo groaned deeply and dug his fingertips into her scalp. She backed off and let half his cock out of her mouth a split second before his lower body did a half-buckle and she felt the first stream fly into her throat. Three, four, five more ropes of his cum followed, each slightly less explosive than the last.When Milo’s body finally stopped vibrating, Teresa removed his cock from her mouth. She casually stood up and put the chair back under the desk.“Holy hell, Teresa, that was incredible. I’ve never come like that!”She smiled. Most of his sperm was now in her stomach but there were remnants left behind. She wiped a wad off of her chin and put it into her mouth.“Hmm, that’s a lot of cum,” she said. She kissed him and slid her tongue all over his so he could taste himself.She walked around the bed and kicked off her sandals. Then she effortlessly and without timidity unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, and hung it on a hanger from the top of the closet door. Milo feasted his eyes on her body, naked except for a thin gold chain around her neck and a gold stud in her navel.And a skimpy red thong.“I’ll let you take this off for me,” she said softly, slipping her fingers under the fabric, touching her sex.She escort bayan beylikdüzü lay down on the bed and looked up at him. Milo pulled off his shoes, socks and pants. His dick still stood on end.“Now I want you to do everything you wrote about plus any other creative things that pop into your head,” she said coyly.He got onto the bed beside her and their bodies were instantly enwrapped. As they kissed Milo held her ass in his hands and ground his cock up against the red thong which was by now a limp, soaked sheath plastered onto her drippy lips.They kissed long and slow and Milo’s slippery fingers found their way into Teresa’s crotch. He pushed the thong aside and two of his long fingers entered her; she oohed and ground her mound into his hand, forcing his fingers deeper inside her.Milo took his time, going south slowly, kissing her lips, then licking her neck, then sucking her nipples, savoring every second as if with every touch of his lips on her skin he was getting another hit of a habit-forming, time-released drug.He must have sucked her tits for twenty minutes while his fingers did the walking down below. Teresa’s body was a squirming, mumbling, titillated pile of pudding by the time Milo started trying to suck the gold stud out of her belly button.She had only a small triangular patch of pubic hair above her snatch. Milo didn’t want it to feel left out so he kissed it and licked it and chewed on it for a couple minutes as Teresa’s groin snaked around with his fingers lost inside her and his arm sticking out of her like a monstrous umbilical cord.Milo maneuvered himself into position so he was on his knees between her spread legs. He slowly pulled his hand out of her pulsing pussy. His hand was soaked and greasy up to his wrist. He put his hands under her and grabbed her ass, one cheek in each hand. He pulled her toward him until their thighs were flush and then lifted her bottom up until her crotch was almost touching his chin. Then he lowered his face into her and his tongue entered her and his mouth sucked on her and Teresa shrieked and looked up in amazement at his head buried between her legs like he was drinking from a giant goblet.It was an awkward position, but Teresa didn’t mind as it did provide her with a pretty good view of the proceedings. This young man certainly knew how to use his mouth, and she could hardly lie still as her shivering, twitching torso attested to. But Milo hung on, his mouth clinging to her clit like a seasoned cowboy on a wild bull, and she twisted the bedspread between her clenched fists.Teresa felt her swollen hammer being sucked in and out of Milo’s mouth and she squeaked when his fingertips slipped into the crack of her ass and pulled her buttocks apart. That parked her right on the edge, and she now knew she would be falling over the edge at any moment. She wrenched her back and pushed her cunt harder against his open mouth.“That’s it! Harder!” she moaned.Milo sucked her tool even harder and gave her three love bites in quick succession right before the flood. Teresa’s hips did The Twist as she came but her gyrations couldn’t shake Milo’s lips loose. He hung on for dear life, his hands digging her ass and his lips chomping on her red hot chili pepper, and rode out the storm. He sucked in her savory cum for the first time but it was a much bigger batch than he’d bargained for, so some of it he swallowed, some he held in his mouth and some of it back-flowed out of his nose. His face and her crotch stayed locked in place until her body stopped twisting and rested.By now, Milo’s cock was rock. It was stretched to its max and ached for release. He moved atop her and didn’t ask permission. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at Teresa’s soaked gash. She nodded.It was nice and wet and slippery but looser than he expected. Milo’s cock was on the large side so he was used to tight cunts. That’s the difference between girls and women, he guessed. He didn’t waste any time; he put that out of his mind real quick and started fucking Teresa as hard as he could. After about two strokes, they were in perfect sync.He knew he wouldn’t last long, but he didn’t care. He was finally fucking her!It wasn’t more than two minutes of concussive banging before Milo planted his seeds. He growled like a bull gator and out it came. It wasn’t as big as the first one, but it was still a mighty load. It flew out of him and he felt Teresa’s loose vagina squeezing him, coaxing out every drop. When he was emptied, he let his body fall down next to hers, and with his cock relaxing inside her he held her tightly and they kissed.—-“Can I ask you a question?” Teresa asked a few minutes later. They were lying together in each other’s arms, recovering from their workout.“Sure,” Milo replied. “What?”“The red thong,” she said. “You wrote about it in your paper. How did you know about that? Or was it just a guess?”“An educated guess,” he said.

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