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It was late in the day and I needed a haircut and a shave. I didn’t have and appointment, and was hoping to just walk in and catch someone open. There was a hair shop just around the corner that I had never tried, so I walked over to check it out. As I entered the shop, I saw an older gal working on the hair of a high school girl. “Are you closing early today? I asked. “I don’t have an appointment, and I was hoping to get cleaned up.” Just then, a door opened from the back of the shop and in stepped a tall, blonde gal, with a great smile. “I’m open now, and not in a hurry to get home, so you’re in luck. Come on back.” she said, and turning, flashed me a beautiful grin. I followed her back to a private salon room that was her work station.

As I sat down in the chair, she asked me what I needed done, and I said I was there for a haircut and a shave. She said she could handle that, and slowly lowered the back of the chair down so my head lay across the basin of the sink. She told me to close my eyes, and enjoy the shampoo. I closed my eyes as she began to lather my hair, and massage my scalp. It was very relaxing, and I was totally enjoying it. As she leaned over me to shampoo my hair, her breasts pressed against my chin, and her nipples flicked against my face, as her breasts swayed with the movement of shampooing.

At first, I tried to ignore them, but as the shampoo massage continued, it became evident that this was not an accident. She was rubbing her breasts on me deliberately, and I was getting turned on by her. I opened my eyes, to see her looking down at me. When she saw me checking her out, she smiled again and asked me if I were enjoying the massage on my scalp. I said, “Yes. But I keep bumping into you.” With that, she stopped, reached down to the hem of her T-shirt, and lifted it up and off over her head. Her breasts were now right out there in plain sight, and they were gorgeous. Perfect, firm, with hard nipples that poked straight out at me- her breasts were a dream come true.

She leaned back over me and began again to wash and massage bursa sınırsız escort my hair. I stared up at these two beautiful tits dangling in my face, and I figured I might as well go for it. I opened my mouth and sucked one of those beautiful nipples into my mouth. I licked, and sucked, and licked her chest everywhere I could, as she continued to wash me. Her nipples grew more pronounced and distended, and her breathing was becoming more ragged as she worked. I was hard as could me, throbbing under the protective wrap.

She rinsed me off my hair, and toweled my head dry. Then sat me upright again. She took a straight razor from the drawer and sharpened it on a well-used strap. She began to cut my hair with the razor and comb, nude from the waist up. I was able to check her out in the mirrors surrounding us in this room. She chatted and laughed as she worked on my hair, and it was not only a very sexually-charged experience, but it was a great conversation, too. She was hot, and she was smart, too. This was a treat.

When she completed the haircut, she asked if I still wanted a shave. I nodded, and she pulled the wrap from over me, reached down, undid my belt and deftly unzipped my shorts. Then she told me to raise my butt, and as I did, she pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. She then grabbed my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. So, there I sat, pretty much naked, with a hard-on, in a barber chair. She leaned into me, and as she took hold of my cock, she softly looked into my eyes and said, “Trust me.”

She then moved over to the cabinet, and pulled out a soft, moist towel and wrapped it around my cock. It had been heated in some kind of lotion or oil, and felt wonderful on my crotch. My cock stood straight up out of the top of the towel, but my crotch was otherwise covered. She told me to lay very still, and enjoy the trip. She sharpened the razor again for several minutes on the strap, and then set the razor on the counter. She reached behind her, and unfastened the buttons of her skirt, and in a simple bursa üniversiteli escort motion, tossed it aside on the countertop behind her. She stood before now completely nude.

Her pussy had been shaved, and it was obvious that she was also excited. Her pussy lips were full and pouting out. I could also tell that she shaved often and was used to it, as the skin around her pussy was smooth and showed no sign of redness or irritation. She asked me if I were ready, and when I nodded again, she removed the warm towel from my lap, spread my legs apart, stepped between them, and began to massage my balls and my cock.

She reached over to the counter and pulled some heated cream out of a dispenser, and rubbed it all over my crotch. Then, carefully, and with tremendous skill, she picked up the straight razor and began to shave my crotch. She started at the base of my stomach, and worked south. With each scrape of the razor, she removed hair from all around my cock. It was tantalizing, and kind of weird at the same time. I had this terrifying thought from some horror movie, of a psycho-barber pulling the razor across my dick and rendering me a eunuch. That thought caused my erection to soften quite a bit!

She stopped, rubbed some more cream onto her hands, and began to play with me again. She worked my balls between her fingers, then stroked me from my asshole, up and around, then grasped my cock and worked her hands up and down on that. It only took a minute or so of this, and I was once again raging hard. She smiled with the satisfaction of seeing her effect on me.

She picked up the razor and efficiently completed the shave. She carefully removed the hair from all around my cock and my balls, and them wiped me clean with the towel. I looked like I did way back pre-puberty, except for the considerable size of my swollen cock.

The whole time she was shaving me, she was working nude. I was fascinated by her skill shaving me, but had also enjoyed checking her out considerably bursa anal yapan escort as well. When she turned away from me to replace her razor, and put away the dirty towel, I was able to enjoy a long gaze at her tight ass. She had those proverbial legs that went “all the way up” and her butt was tight and one of the best rear ends I had ever seen- in life or in a magazine.

As I admired her, she dropped her comb and reached down to pick it up. As she did, she kept her legs straight and bent from the waist, which stretched her legs muscles taught and firm. She spread her legs a bit as she reached down, and I was rewarded with a shot of her pussy that was unbelievable!

I thought that my haircut and shave was over, but as I started to rise, she placed her hand on the center of my chest, and pushed me gently back into the chair. Then she climbed right up into the chair and straddled me. She lowered her pussy onto my hard cock until I was buried completely inside her. I looked down to her pussy and saw it smooth and hairless, and me as well, and felt the very different sensations of that condition. Sexy, interesting, and VERY HOT, I thought.

She began to move on my cock, slowly at first, alternately rising and then dropping down onto it. At the same time, she was squeezing my cock with her pussy, creating an intense suction as she rose, and then, as she came down, a wicked pump. She threw her head back, which pushed her chest out, her breasts jutting forward. As I leaned forward and gently bit down on one nipple, she gasped, then quickly started pumping her hips.

She was squeezing my cock as she rode it fast and hard, up and down, and she began to grunt softly, “uh, uh, uh, uh” and then, “oh, oh, oh, OH, OH, OOOOOOH!” She came in a glorious burst of energy, her pussy drenching my cock, and her entire body twisting and shaking. I couldn’t hold back any longer and erupted into her as well, spurting my cum deep inside her. That set her off again, and she ground her pussy down hard against me. I came and came, until we both were totally spent. She held me tightly, as our breathing calmed, and we were able to return to earth.

She hopped off, wiped me clean with another towel, and told me, “If you let it grow out very much at all, it will itch like crazy. You really should come in and shave at least every week.” She smiled, and I said that I would definitely make that a priority.

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