Cindy, Terri, Bob and Me

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This story based on my adventures with a girl and her family, mostly a true story.

When I got out of the Army at 24 I moved into the cabin up the road from Bob and Terri and met them at a couple parties, usually just drinking beer and passing joints around the bonfire. Bob was in his mid 50’s and Terri was in her early 40’s. I was in my mid 20’s and had just finished a hitch in the Army, so I was in really good shape, body and wallet wise.

Bob was Stepfather to Terri’s 4 girls and 1 boy. Mary was 22 and a knockout brunette, Cindy was 18 and a thin but curvy blonde. Carrie was 14 and the youngest was 12, Their Brother James was 16 and spent all his time either out in the woods or walking the 20 miles between our Valley and the small town along the highway that had the only stores in the region. Most days James would sleep till 5 am, do a couple hours of chores around the farm then head to town to spend what ever money he had in the video machines in the back of the diner. I got to know his routine because I’d given him a ride to Town or back home several times, the last time he had offered to smoke a joint with me and we stopped in the creek valley and smoked some weed. He said he had to piss and stepped out of the car, pulled out his cock and pissed right hwere I could see him, I tried to not notice when he took longer than usual to shake it off.

I had a load of money I’d saved during my Army time and was drawing unemployment, so I hardly had to dip into my savings at all. I’d bought a decent car that could burn rubber and top out over 140 on the long flat roads of the Indian reservation between us and Spokane.

I was driving down the long dirt road that led to the Highway, going fast through the cool creek bottom and leaving a huge dust cloud behind me. I was thinking about the last trip and wondered if the kid was a fag and what I’d do if he asked to suck or something. I came around a corner and spotted someone walking along the road ahead. I locked up the Ford to keep from dusting them out and slowed to match their walking pace as I came alongside them. I smiled when I saw it wasn’t James again. Cindy’s tight, round ass cheeks were unmistakable in the tight, high cut daisy dukes she liked to wear. She had a tube top covering her small titties, but not hiding the firm nipples that were impossible to miss.

I’d seen her at one of the parties and passed her in cars coming and going to town but had never talked with her other than cordial hellos. I asked her what a pretty young thing like was doing walking down in the creek bottom all alone and she smiled and said she was waiting for some good looking cowboy to come by and give her a ride.

“How far are you going?” I asked.

“As far as you want to take me.” she whispered back as she leaned into my window. I smiled and turned my head a little to the side and closer to hers and whispered back

“I’ll take you all the way and back again little lady.”

She leaned into my lips and we kissed a fast, passionate kiss that left no doubt the deal was sealed and she yelled “Let’s ride, cowboy!” as she ran around the car and jumped in.

I was already getting a hard cock from the tongue she plunged into my mouth during the brief kiss and the sight of her thin, shapely legs all the way up to the hip kept it getting harder. By the time she’d settled in, turned towards me and one leg bent under her, I was tenting my jeans and I looked in her eyes as they slowly went to my bulge, she licked her lips leaving them wet and glistening with spit and her eyes came back to mine. She slid closer to me and her hand ran slowly over my leg. she got almost to my cock and started down my inner thigh, then slowly teased finger tips back up my other thigh, being careful not to touch the outline of my cock straining the fabric.

I moved my hips and she pulled her hand back to keep from touching my cock and looked into my eyes again. She smiled like a cat about to pounce on a mouse and her hand found my cock.She squeezed me tight all the time watching my reaction intently. I could tell she was into the control she had and loved watching responses to her sexual powers. That made the ass showing shorts and tube tops the obvious choice to shock and titillate the local farmers.

She undid my belt and opened my zipper with one hand with the ease she would open a candy bar. Her hand snaked into my pants and she cupped my balls as I slid my right hand down her back, pulling the tube top down to her belly. She pulled my cock and balls free of my jeans and sat up, looking at my meat and grinning as she undid her shorts and slid them over her ass. I ran my hand over her small tits and the nipples felt hard she moaned as I brushed them.

It was another 1/2 mile to the hi way when I stopped the car along the creek where I could see anyone coming up the hill for a quarter mile. I put an arm around her and grabbed a hand full of ass as my mouth covered her right tit. I sucked the entire tittie into my mouth and ran my tongue tip in circles around her Bycasino nipple. Her response was wild and she reached between us and started jacking me off. I slide my hand deeper down her ass crack until I felt her wet slit, as I pushed my finger in she rose and pushed back, fucking half my finger into her wet pussy.

I pulled my hand up and put the slick finger in my mouth, tasting her juice as I leaned back, giving her room to suck me. She dove to my cock and took the tip in her mouth, sucking hard until I thought I was going to cum just from having my tip sucked. Then she stopped, took my head and kissed me deep and long and then went back to my cock, this time plunging on it twice and on the third time taking it all the way to the base down her throat.

She milked me with her throat and just as I thought another couple swallows around my shaft and I’d shot my wad down her throat she pulled off me and turned, placing her cunt over my cock and sliding it slowly over me. I grabbed her small hips and trust up hard as I pulled down hard, making her scream and clench the door, and grind her ass hard on me.

She started a rapid jackhammer humping on my cock and I felt her tighten and cream up and she moaned like a tigress getting fucked. Her orgasm put me over the edge and I started dumping cum in her. As I spewed my load up her she had another orgasm, her cunt clenching and milking my cock. We both were drained, She sat leaned on the door and I was wedged behind the steering wheel. My cock was still pulsing and her cunt was still quivering as we panted hard and tried to savor the moment. The sound of a car coming up the road pulled us from our fog of fuck and she pulled her top up as I swung my legs down and pulled my jeans up.

The car came over the hill just as we both zipped up and as her Mom and Step dad stopped beside us I hoped that the sweat on my face wasn’t too noticeable. They said hello and Cindy told her Mom we were going to town, and would be back late. Bob leaned over for a better look, and I’m certain that the look of recent fucking was all over us both.

He smiled and said “Don’t you keep her out too late, she’s got teats to pull in the mornin'”.

I nodded and said I’d have her back early as they went on their way. We waited until they were over the hill past us before we both broke out laughing.

“Oh my fucking god!” I exclaimed, “30 seconds sooner and they would have seen us fucking.”

“Dad would have loved that” she said.

“That’s the first time I ever talked with a girls parents while my cum was still leaking out of her pussy.”

“Yea, that was exciting, wasn’t it?” She opened the door, stepped out in the road and dropped her pants. She squatted and let my cum ooze out of her and wiped the last few drops with her fingers, licking them off as she got back in the car.

“Well, I hope your catching a ride back from town too.”

“Sure, only lets take the back road home.”

The back road was about 20 miles longer, and almost nobody used it. We went to Town, Stopped at the corner store and bought beer and cigarettes and pulled across the street to the diner. We went in and she asked if I’d buy her a burger. I said sure and she said she’d be in back. I walked to the counter and she walked to the back dining room, where the kids hung out around the video games.

I followed her back and saw her standing beside her Brother at a video game. I thought “Damn, I hope he don’t want a ride home with us.” I walked up behind her and looked over her at the game. her Brother nodded and mumbled Hi and she reached behind her, put a hand in each of my front pockets and pulled me tight to her ass. I started getting hard again immediately and when the girl brought our burgers back she was slowly grinding her ass on my still bulge.

She turned and walked away, giving the waitress a clear view of my huge knob trying to break out of my jeans. I walked over quickly and slid into the booth where she put the tray. Cindy slid in across from me and as we ate our burgers and fries she played in my crotch with her toes.

Her Brother came over and slid in beside her, digging into her fries.

“You got a couple bucks you could spare.” he asked her.

“Nah, I’m tapped.” she said, I dug in my pocket and pulled out the change from the burgers.

“Here dude, catch me back when ya can.” and I slid seven and some change over to him.

“We’re running up to the border, tell Mom and Dad we’ll be home late” He thanked me for the cash and Cindy asked if he wanted the rest of her burger.

“Shit yea” he said and she poked him in the ribs, getting him to slide out of the booth.

“Ready to ride, cowboy?” She said. I dropped my 1/2 eaten burger, grabbed my soda and vaulted out of the booth.

“Let’s make trails.” I said and headed for the door, hoping to get out without anyone else seeing the hard on I was sporting. Looks from the waitress and two girls sitting at the counter assured me that it was noticed. Bycasino giriş I had the car running by the time she slid in and slid over beside me like we had been dating for Months.

I turned onto the blacktop and headed South, towards the one lane dirt trail we called the “backroad” that snaked up the canyon behind ours. It had been the road to a Town that had been back up the canyon in the late 1800’s but was now just several old buildings and a few rusting cars. A few homestead cabins sat along the road, all abandoned in the early 40’s when America went to war. By the time we were crossing the bridge 1/2 mile out of Town she was jacking me off, and before we got to the cutoff she had her mouth over me, sucking like a calf sucking on a cows teat. I smiled and waved at a dozen cars going by, wishing I could roll down the window and yell “She’s sucking me cock!” as they went by.

Once we turned onto the dirt she pulled her face out of my lap long enough to strip out of her tube top and shorts and then dove back in my lap, this time with her ass high, easy for me to reach and finger her slit. I drove slowly, enjoying the hot sun, the hot blonde sucking my cock and the hot slime of her cunt as I finger fucked her.

I pulled off the road into the grass in front of the first abandoned log cabin. The roof had caved in and the barn was a skeleton, it’s boards having been long since taken to others barns.She opened the door and jumped out, running around the car and laying down in the cool, deep grass.

I stood beside the car pulling off my shoes and pants and looking at the naked angel spread eagle in the grass wearing only tennis shoes and a smile. She grabbed her knees, pulled them to her chest and then reached down and spread her cunt wide open.

“Catch me and you can fuck me.” She laughed and rolled over and took off around the cabin like a jackrabbit. I almost fell getting my last shoe on and took of after her, my cock slapping my legs as I ran.

She ran through the sagebrush and willows toward the line of Birch that marked the creek. I was right behind her all the way, watching her tight ass and feeling like a lion running down it’s prey, only I was going to eat this one over and over.

She stopped in the middle of a lush creek side meadow, turned and took a fighting stance. I closed the distance and went low, hoisting her on my shoulder and running toward the creek. I stopped on the very bank, swung her small body around me and held her by the hips over the water.

“Ok you win!”

“what do I win?”

“You win me!”

“And what can can I do to you?”

“Fuck me, you can FUCK ME!” she screamed.

I pulled her hips to my face and stuck my tongue in her pussy lips, licking deep. She gripped my legs and sucked my cock while we stood naked, balanced on the edge of the stream.

I turned and lowered her to the ground, turning her onto her hands and knees and gripping her hips. I pulled her onto me and started fucking her doggy style hard and fast and she threw her head back and yelleped with each thrust. Anyone within a mile could hear us slapping together and screaming. She came fast and hard and fell into the grass face down. Tried to roll her over but as she rolled she grabbed me and threw me down on my back. She mounted me with a foot on each side of my ass and started pumping her cunt full length tip to root. After about 20 strokes she started cumming again and I grabbed her ankles and shot my balls deep in her belly. She fell on my chest and we both just giggled and panted until we could feel the sweat drying on us. She slid down me like a wet snake and took my soft cock in her mouth. She suckled it until it was hard and then turned her self so her pussy was in my face. I could see the froth from our fucking and smell the blend of cum and pussy juice and pulled her down to my mouth and started exploring her cunt with my tongue.

I spread her ass wide with both hands and pushed one finger into her ass hole. It made her body tremble and she double the sucking speed on my cock so I knew she liked it up the ass. Knowing I would get to stuff that tight hole made me hornier than I’d been in years and I took her clit in my lips and gave her my best tongue and nose job while I worked three fingers into her ass. She made sure my cock was stone hard before she stood up and turned around. She took one step and lowered her ass to my face. I had never eaten a girls ass before but opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to meet it as she settled on me. She held he ass tight on my mouth and I pushed my tongue quickly in and out of her tight ass.

She was starting to tremble again when she stood up, took one step back and lowered her ass onto my cock. I felt her ass pop over my tip, then she slowly let her weight carry her ass down around my shaft until she was sitting on my lap with my cock buried deep in her shit hole.

She started rocking, and clenching her ass as she worked slowly up and down and she reached behind and grabbed Bycasino güncel giriş my balls, almost using them to pull my cock back in her ass. I got so worked up my hip started just slamming up to meet her and she put her hands over my chest and held her ass just right for me to power stroke it. I thought I was going to pass out before I came but finally the lights stopped flashing and my body stopped convulsing and she fell back, my cock made a sucking pop as it came out of her ass and I just lay and watched the clouds and listened to the creek for a long time. Cindy crawled up me and snuggled into my arms with her hot wet cunt pressed on my leg. I ran my hand down and cupped her ass, slipping my middle finger in her cum slick ass. We both fell asleep, her holding my ball sack and me with a finger in her ass.

When we woke it was to the sound of a car, we lay and listened as it went by the old house and up the canyon. We stood and walked slowly back to the car, stopping to kiss and fondle each other several times and by the time we were back at the car I was hard again. She smiled and pushed me back against the car door, squatting naked in front of me and sucking my cock like she was starving for cum. I didn’t even try to hold back and let her quickly pull my load into her mouth. She stood up and opened her mouth showing me my wad and then swallowed it and opened her mouth again. I took her head in both hands and pulled her face to me, kissing her deep and long as my soft cock pressed on her small tuft of pubic hair.

We both dressed, and it was only then I realized that neither of were wearing underpants. she left the tube top pulled down around her waist and I cupped her tit in my hand as we drove slowly up the canyon. At the next cabin we saw the car that had went by, and as we went by we saw a girls head raise up and peek at us from the back seat. A hand pulled it back down and we both laughed. I had not had a fuck this good since I went to high school. Even the $50.00 whores in Germany didn’t suck a cock as good as this little slut, and so far all she had cost me was a $6.00 burger and three loads of cum.

We crested the hill and could see our houses in the Valley below. I stopped the car just over the hill where we could see the entire Valley and we sat in the front seat kissing and rubbing. We were parked 1/2 on the small road and she had my cock out stroking it and my hands were busy with her tits and pussy when the other car came up behind us. She made no move to stop jacking me off so I kept my hand on her tit and my other one down her pants front. The car went by slow,as was the custom on these dusty roads, and the driver looked over and we watched his eyes widen as he looked down at my cock and her tits. As they drove on down the hill she pulled her pants down and I moved to the passenger side and we had a nice slow fuck in the front seat.

I pulled into her driveway and her Step dad was in the yard cutting firewood. He switched off the chainsaw and came over to greet us, I wished he would just wave as I was sure he could smell the raunch of well fucked pussy all over us.

“You staying for dinner?” he said as he extended his hand to me.

I shook his hand and before he could answer Cindy said “Yes.” and hollered at the house “Mom, company for dinner.”

Bob waved me over and I followed him to the wood pile. He handed me a good double armload of wood and pointed at the back door of the house. I walked in the kitchen and Cindy was already at the sink helping her Mom wash and peel vegetables from their large garden.

“Hi Jerry” She said, “Did you guys have fun in town?”

“Yea, it was a nice drive.” I said as I piled the wood beside the large fireplace just off the kitchen.

“We took the backroad home, stopped by the old Miller place.” Cindy said.

Her Mom smiled at her and said “Thats a great place, I love stopping there.”

I didn’t know it then but her Mother knew exactly what stopping at the “Old Miller’s Place” meant.

“So did you get down by the creek?” she asked.

“Yes, the creek felt awesome.” Cindy held up the carrot she was washing and broke the tip off of it, handing her Mom the long, thick shaft which just happened to be almost the same size and length of my cock.

Terri rubbed it softly, like she saw a little bit of dirt still clinging to it and said

“I hope you like pork chops, would you like 1 or 2?”

“I think I could eat two, Ma am'” I stammered, trying not to stare at the two asses, one young and tight and the other starting to sag but still hot in tight blue jeans.

“Call me Terri, we don;t get all formal around here.” she said. She walked to the fridge and pulled out two beers just as Bob walked in the door with a load of wood. As soon as he put it down she handed him a beer and put the other on the table in front of me.

“Are you a chess player?” Bob asked. “If so I think we just got time for a game before dinner.”

I said that I was and picked up my beer and followed Bob into the living room. He pulled down a heavy metal chess set on a detailed marble board. easily the finest chess set I’d ever played on. He took a pawn of each color behind his back and I choose the left. He held out the white pawn and turned the board so I was playing white.

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