Becoming Abby Ch. 12

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Note from the Author

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that has been reading along with Abby’s adventures. All of the comments, and private messages, have been really encouraging. Please don’t hesitate to comment or send me a mail. I always try and respond to each of them.

I am sorry that it has taken so long to get this chapter out, sometimes life just gets in the way, but I truly hope that it was worth the wait.

As always, I want to say thank you to Garth for taking the time to pre-read and edit the mess that I call writing. He is always very patient, even when I have silly questions about punctuation.



I woke slowly.

My body felt stiff and sore, and there was a deeper soreness in my ass. My throat felt scratchy and sore, and there was this ringing in my ears.

No, not in my ears. It was the phone was ringing.

My head swam as I sat up, looking for the phone.

I almost felt drunk.

I rubbed my eyes, and after a moment realized the ringing had stopped.

It took me a few moments longer to realize I was alone in the bed. I was forced to squint my eyes to see the clock on Missy’s side of the bed.

11:45 am.

I grabbed my head and moaned softly as I lay back, closing my eyes again.

“Finally awake, huh?” Missy voice called from the door.

I lifted my head to look at her, a smile quickly forming.

“Not sure yet,” I croaked, grabbing my throat.

“Yeah, I was afraid of that. Don’t try to speak unless you have to today. OK?” Missy said with a frown. “I will make you a nice honey-lemon tea. Jo says that will help.”

I nodded and tried to get up.

“No! You stay right there,” Missy commanded. “You are going to be sore, and weak, and tired, and I’m going to need you in your best form tonight. I just got off the phone with Jo.”

I pushed myself up to sit with my back against the headboard. Then looked at Missy expectantly.

“Let me go get your tea first,” she said, turning and heading back out the door.

I sighed and slapped my hand down on the bed in frustration. Missy’s giggle faded as she went down the stairs.

It wasn’t that long of a wait, or maybe I had nodded off again. But I jumped a little when Missy sat down on the bed beside me. She was holding a saucer with a steaming cup of tea. I could smell the lemon scent filling the air.

“Here you are, my love.” Missy said as she handed me the saucer.

I closed my eyes as I took a small sip. It hurt to swallow, and the heat of the tea seemed to burn more than I would have expected. But soon after, a soothing warmth slowly started spreading down my well-abused throat.

Smiling, Missy asked, “Better?”

A nod and a big smile was my only response.

“Good. I’m going to go take a shower, and… Ouch! What the hell?” Missy glared as I slapped her in the arm.

I grimaced at her, then held my hand up to my ear as if I was talking on a phone.

“Ooooooh,” she said with a grin, “you what to know about my call with Jo.”

I rolled my eyes. The expression on my face saying, “Well, duh!”

“Fine, fine. So, Jo has everything set up for tonight. Her lawyer friend has drawn up all the necessary documents to file a formal lawsuit against Johnathan, as well as all the forms needed to sell and transfer ownership of Valhalla to someone else. We are to meet her at the club tonight before Johnathan gets there.”

“He is expecting a meeting with the accountant to try to find out why he has been cut off from club funds. But in reality, he is going to get us. I’m still unsure of this course of action, but you and Jo seem to think we can pull this off. And I trust you more than anyone else.”

Reaching out and placing my hand on her knee, I croaked, “Don’t worry so much.”

Missy arched you eyebrows at me. “What did I tell you about talking?”

“Sorry,” I croaked again.

“Say another word, and I will get the ball gag with the lock on the back of it, and leave you locked in it for the rest of the day,” she growled.

I mouthed “Yes, Mistress,” and bowed my head, a slight smile playing around my lips.

“Oh, don’t you grin and Yes, Mistress me! I mean it! I will gag your ass for the whole day and most of the night if I have too.” Missy growled.

I nodded my understanding and rubbed her knee.

“Good,” she said. “Chris left a voice mail. The trucks are done and being delivered today. That means after tonight, things can get back to a semblance of normal, I hope.”

This time it was me who arched my eyebrows.

“I did say, I hope,” Missy answered while getting back on her feet. “I am going to go take that shower now. If you feel up to it, you’re welcome to join me.”

As she moved across the room, she shrugged her shoulders letting her bathrobe fall to the floor. God, how I love seeing her naked. Missy’s hips swayed back and forth, mesmerizing me as she took her last few steps before turning the corner. I heard her giggle as she vanished from sight, and the blood rushed to my face knowing that she had seen my telling look.

I picked my cooling tea up and took another large swallow, allowing the soothing liquid to slide down my throat. Closing my eyes, I rubbed my hand up and down my throat slowly. Jo was right. It was already making my sore throat feel so much better.

The sound of the shower coming on brought a smile to my face. A nice warm shower would be nice. I flipped the covers back revealing my naked body. Just as I started to push myself to my feet, one of my boobs fell off into my lap.

“Fucking hell,” I laughed, as I started pulling at the other. It came off with ease. Laying them to the side on the bed, I headed for the shower.

The shower itself was already filled with thick steam, but I could still make out the form of my beautiful wife moving back and forth under the flow. Her water-slicked skin was glowing even more than normal as the water ran down her back and over her curvaceous hips and ass. Missy must have felt my eyes on her. She looked over her shoulder, a mischievous grin spreading across her lips.

Slowly, she turned the rest of her body to face me. I never even noticed that I was licking my lips as I watched the water pour over her shoulder, and run over her full luscious breasts. Her nipples were hard, and I moaned softly as the water ran over them in small streams. She seemed to move in slow motion as her hands came up to cup those beautiful breasts. Her thumbs ran small circles over her nipples, and I felt my knees going weak.

“Well,” she asked teasingly, “you coming, or not?”

Nearly tripping over my own feet, I rushed to join her in the shower.

“Easy there, big fella,” Missy said, catching me by the shoulders. “You still need to get your strength back.”

Wrapping my arms around her, I kissed her deeply. “You are my strength.”

“You really think so? What happened to not talking today?” she asked with a grin, while pressing herself closer to me.

“You know it’s true. And, your tea helped a lot.”

“Be that as it may, you have had a long couple of days, and I’m sure your throat is still sore.”

Her grin vanished as she stepped back to look at me. “I have been a bad Mistress.”

“Why would you say that,” I asked.

“You have not had enough to eat. You have not had enough sleep. You have not had enough rest of any kind, and it is my fault!” she growled as she turned back to face the shower.


“No! It’s true and you know it! Do you even remember coming home last night?” she demanded.

“Well, some of it. When we first left,” I answered.

“What about the day before? Do you remember what you had to eat? Do you remember going to bed?”

“No, not exactly, but I remember eating, and sleeping.”

Missy turned back around to face me. “You didn’t eat at all yesterday. You have only had a few hours sleep in the last few days. I can see it in your face, the bags under your eyes say that I have pushed you too far.”

“But, I am happy.”

“My love,” she said cupping my face. “Happiness is meaningless if I push you to the ends of your physical endurance.”

“Is that not what a Mistress is supposed to do with her pets,” I asked with a grin.

“You are an ass. You know that, right?” she asked. “A good Mistress would have seen more to the needs of her pet. I should have ensured that you ate properly and had plenty of sleep and rest. Instead, I not only neglected your needs, but broke my own rules.”

Shaking her head, she turned away from me again and ran her fingers through her soaking hair. “I am a bad Mistress.”

It broke my heart to see Missy in this kind of pain. Stepping closer, I wrapped my arms around her from behind, I laid my head on her shoulder, and hugged her tightly to me.

“I don’t think you are a bad Mistress and that’s what counts most of all isn’t it?” I asked. “I love you with everything that I am. Beat me, abuse me, starve me, I don’t care. I am yours.”

“Andy…” she said, her voice breaking slightly.

Pulling away, I turned her back to face me.

“You listen to me. We chose this life together. I gave you a ring, and you gave me a collar. I have made mistakes, and you have made mistakes. We are both human. You have always forgiven me, and I have always forgiven you. Now you, my love, must forgive yourself. Learn from your mistakes, and try not to make them again.”

It was hard to tell if it was the water of the shower or tears that were running down her face, but her smile told me that they were tears of happiness.

“When did you get so wise,” Missy asked.

“I’m not wise, just clever from time to time,” I answered.

Missy pulled me down into a deep kiss. Her tongue slid across my lips and I parted them for her. She crushed herself to me, pressing her hard nipples into me as our tongues danced back and forth. My hands slid down her wet back to her ass. Cupping it, I pulled her even closer. She moaned against my mouth, and clawed lightly at my back.

I was weak from my experiences the last few days, but I was not going to let that stop me from doing this. Cupping Missy’s ass tighter, I lifted her from her feet and stepped towards the wall. Missy yelped in surprise, but quickly wrapped her legs around my waist.

It was as if we were perfectly made for each other as we slid together. My cock sliding easily between the folds of Missy’s burning sex. She sat all the way down on my hips just as I pressed her back against the shower wall. There was nothing urgent about our love making. We worked together, Missy using her legs to lift herself slightly, while I slowly rocked my hips back and forth. My hands stayed on her ass, while hers rested on my shoulders. We kept ourselves pressed tight together, Missy’s nipples dragging slowly across my chest with each thrust. Our lips met again, and I moaned against Missy mouth as she squeezed her walls around me. My body shivered as I felt my legs wanting to give out on me.

“Please, put me down,” Missy asked.

A soft moan escaped her lips as I lifted her off, and set her on her feet. I was forced to lean against the wall a little to hold myself up.

“You’re still too weak for all of that. But if you dry off and go lay on the bed, I will come and finish that when I’m done washing.”

“I think you’re right,” I answered softly. I gave her another soft kiss, then stepped out of the shower, reaching for my towel. I kept my eyes on Missy while I dried off.

She knew it and gave me a big smile. “Go. I will be there shortly.”

My towel was hung on the rack and I slowly made my way back to the bed. Missy was right, of course. She is always right. We had pushed my body too far over the last few days. But God, how excited it made me to think about it. To just be used like that… a mindless fuck doll for my Mistress to use at her pleasure, over, and over, and over again… to willingly give myself over to her so completely… to think of nothing but her pleasure. I really hoped that it is something she was willing to explore with me.

I pushed my breast forms over to Missy’s side of the bed, then lay on my back, closing my eyes and letting the events of the last few days play over in my head. From the massive toys Jo had introduced us to, to Holly using her special thermometer to make sure I was okay, to the excitement of being Mistress’s coffee slut. I could not believe how much that excited me. Something else that I hoped I got to experience again.

“Having good dreams?” Missy asked.

“Just thinking back on the parts of the last few days I can remember clearly,” I answered, not opening my eyes.

I felt her sit beside me, her skin still slightly damp as her hip touched mine. “What are you remembering?”

“Coffee slut,” I answered.

“Oh, that,” she said. “Yes, I do think that was one of my more evil ideas. But, did you like it?”

“Yes,” I said with a nod.

I jumped a little as I felt Missy’s hand stroking over my hard cock. “What did you like about it?”

“Wh… What do you mean?”

Her hand wrapped around my shaft and stroked up and down slowly. “Tell me why you liked it. What part of it did you like the most?”

“All… of it,” I stammered out. I could feel the heat rushing to my face as I thought about it.

“Oh? You liked that I dressed you like a slut?” Her pace got a little faster. “You liked that anyone could have seen your ass or your little tits? Or that if you moved wrong they could have seen the words on your ass?”

All I could do was nod.

“You liked that I took all control away from you, and used you for my own pleasure.” Her hand moved faster as she made the statement. “That I took you there and showed the world that I was your Mistress ,that they could look but not touch.”

“Oh, God!” I cried lifting my hips.

“Tell me you liked it,” Missy said, slowing her hand a little.

“Yes,” I panted. “I loved it! I loved all of it!”

“And you want to do it again. Don’t you Slut,” she teased.

“Please, Mistress,” I begged.

“Don’t worry,” Missy purred, cupping my balls with her other hand and increasing her pace again. “The world will see my slut again. When you are not needed to make deliveries, I have decided you will be my personal coffee slut, model, and fuck toy.”

There was no holding it back. My hips arched up as the first spurt of cum shot from my cock. It was so warm as it landed on my chest. Missy kept pumping her hand up and down, milking gob after gob of warm sticky cum from my shaft.

“That’s a good Slut,” she cooed at me. “Let it all out.”

My body shook with the strength of my climax, and as the last few dibbles of cum leaked from my tip, I felt Missy shift and gently take me in her mouth. I moaned even louder as she gently sucked the last little bit of cum from me. My balls pulsed trying to give up a little more, but there was nothing left. She had literally milked me dry.

With a soft pop, Missy pulled away from my softening cock. I opened my eyes just as she laid a towel on my belly and started slowly cleaning me.

“There now, that should help you to sleep a little better.”

“Sleep?” I asked. “I thought I needed to prepare for tonight?”

“Oh, you do, my love, but not just yet,” Missy answered. “You can get a couple more hours sleep at least. And while you sleep, I will start making preparations for tonight.”

“I could help.”

She laughed softly. “You are in no condition to help right now, hubby. Rest. I will get things ready, including a little food when you get up.”

My eyes where already closing. “Yes, wifey, that sounds like a good idea.”

“Of course it is. Mistress always knows best,” she teased.

The bed shifted as Missy got to her feet. “I will come and get you in a couple of hours my love. By that time I will have picked out your outfit for tonight. I know they just came off, but you are going to have to glue your breast forms back on again. I will need my pet for tonight.”

“Always,” I yawned, “happy to serve.”

There was no sound as Missy left the room. My mind wondered for a little bit. Playing back more and more details of the last few days before sleep finally took me. There, my dreams were filled with pinks and purples, and images of the word slut floating in the air.

My eyes snapped open. I don’t know what woke me. There was something in the air that just felt… wrong. I looked over at the clock, but it was blank. The power was out? Was that it? The stillness and quiet of the house woke me? No, something still felt off. Flipping back the covers, I rolled quickly to my feet. Three quick steps had me at the dresser. I pulled out a pair of jogging pants and slipped them on while straining my hearing for any sounds in the house.

Moving to the door, I looked out into the hallway. What was that? Hushed voices down the stairs? Gruff, male, speaking hurriedly. Someone was in our house. Leaving the door open a crack, I hurried back over to the bed and grabbed my phone.

4:47 P.M.

I had slept for nearly five hours. There was a text message from Missy. She had set an alarm on my phone for five, and had gone out to pick up a few things for tonight and would be back by six. So, if she was gone, who was in my house? I crept back over to the door and listened again. The voices were still there, and getting closer.

“Fucking place is huge! You sure she is still here?”

“I watched the fucking place, didn’t I? Been sitting outside for two fucking days. Watched them come and go. The bitch left and left her pet alone.”

“Well, where the fuck is she?”

“Shh! Keep your fucking voice down! She is in one of the bedrooms.”

“Let’s hurry then. I don’t like this shit.”

“Hey! Johnathan wants the sissy whore, so we get him the fucking sissy whore. You got it?”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go. Don’t want to disappoint the boss.”

So that was his play, huh? Johnathan sent these men to take Abby. I shook my head and set my phone on the dresser beside the door, making sure to turn on the voice recorder app first. Opening the door wide, I stepped out into the hall and right to the top of the stairs. This was my house, and if these two thought they were going to have an easy time taking me… Well…

As soon as I saw the outline of the first man on the top step, I spoke up.

“Sorry boys, no sissy whores here today. Only a pissed off homeowner.”

Kicking out quickly, I caught him off guard. My foot landed square against his chest, knocking him backwards into his partner. Both men lost their balance, and in the dark they couldn’t see to catch the banister before they tumbled back down the stairs. I have been up and down these stairs in the dark, blind folded, hobbled, and in six-inch heels. I don’t need my sight to navigate them. I quickly followed them down, leaping the tumbled heap they made at the bottom.

There were handcuffs in the drawer of the living-room side table. Of course there were handcuffs. Did these fools even know whose house they had broken into? I found the cuffs easily enough, and turned back to the stairs just as the two started to untangle themselves.

“Fucking bastard! I will kill you!”

“You have to find me first,” I taunted,not three feet away.

I watched the shadows of the two as they worked their way back to their feet. I needed to time this just right.

“Fucking told you turning off the lights was a bad idea!” complained the second man.

“Shut your fucking mouth!” yelled the first. “I will find you, you whore. And when I do, I will fuck your ass raw before Johnathan ever gets a chance!”

Moving two steps close, I whispered, “Promises, promises.” Then kicked him right in the nuts with every ounce of strength I could muster.

His partner tried to grab me, but in the dark missed by a foot. The man I kicked had fallen to his knees. Little mewling, retching noises escaped his lips as he tried to comfort his crushed balls. Luck was on my side for that aim. He would not be a problem for a few minutes at least, so I slowly moved to put him between me and his partner who was stumbling around still grabbing at empty air.

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