Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 35

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Alexis Texas


Alene felt the world around her fade away. “This is it, the end…” She thought to herself, the heat from the fire was overwhelming, all-consuming… “I couldn’t save Nadia… I lost my wife…” The thought was frightening, the idea she lost the love of her life like that… In the deep abyss, Alene slowly understood it, she was on the brink of losing everything she had. This was it, do or die, everything or nothing, go hard… or go home… “Okay, you win…” she tried to say to her body. A little voice at the back of her head told her she shouldn’t fear the fire. She felt her body tense, and noted her cock and balls did the same. The world came back into focus, Alene was still in the car, the fire almost touching her.

Suddenly, her whole body released the stress. She felt relieved, until she felt her cock, she was having a growth sprout, in a heartbeat, it exploded against the dashboard of the car, pressing hard against the plastic. Another heartbeat, Alene’s chair was ripped from its place as she was pushed back by the growth, the dashboard caved in under the pressure of her cock. Another heartbeat, she was pushing in on the backseats, her cock went through the dashboard and somewhere into the car’s engine compartment. She felt the flames at the tip of her cock, but only for a moment, her balls contracted slightly and sprays of white cum came from the hole around her cock to shower Alene. Another heartbeat, the car didn’t stand a chance, it ripped to shreds around Alene as the girl found herself on a bus-sized cock with two massive balls supporting her weight.

Alene’s assets blocked the street and she could hear cars beeping at her. There was no point, she was growing bigger and bigger by the minute, and it felt great. She had no intention of stopping, she was ready to let loose.


Nicky strolled through the park. It was a nice and clear day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, everything was just fine, A perfect day.

She sat down on a bench, in the shade of the trees around her. Her blond, long hair playing around as a gentle breeze went by. She opened her lunch box and took out a sandwich. Unwrapping its plastic packing, she noticed something was not as it should be… she tried to figure out what it was… It was the birds…

The birds stopped singing. As the realization stroke her, so did a shockwave, a massive one, almost throwing her off the bench. A massive earthquake was taking place. Luckily, Nicky was in the open park and under no danger, but she could hear the people around her screaming in fear and panic. Her mind was an explosion of thoughts, but to get things in perspective she needed to first know what’s going on, two things could have caused this quake, she needed to know which one it was. She learned first aid and in one option she could help the wounded, but in the other option…

As the shaking stopped, she started running. She needed a clear view of the horizon, she ran past trees and people, as fast as she could, dashing for her life. She didn’t care about the lunch box she left behind, nor did she care about her wallet that fell out of her pocket as she ran. All that mattered was seeing the horizon.

As Nicky approached a clearing, it was slowly becoming clear, the horrible truth… No first aid will help here, nothing can help, this is the end and there’s no point fighting it. All she could do is marvel at the cock that stood there, covering the horizon with the ruin of mankind around it. It was colossal and as Nicky took a deep breath and accepted the inevitable, she could see the monster flexing to double its size before the shock wave hit her and knocked her out cold.


Sabrina felt the house shake. The quake made her inflated belly wiggle in response. She considered basking in the afterglow of her sex with Alene for a little longer, but as the shaking continued, her interest in understanding what was their source rose. Alene filled her with thousands of gallons of cum and made her as big as the room a few hours ago, but now, as most of the spunk left her pussy, her belly was reduced to a more manageable size. She looked extremely pregnant, but at least she could carefully get up.

Walking slowly to the window, Sabrina immediately spotted the source of the racket. Far off in the distance, in the middle of Bristol, was a giant cock, it was hard for Sabrina to estimate its size, but it looked to be about a mile long. Sabrina knew it was Alene, she knew she must get there as fast as she could. Moving her legs farther apart, her slit widened and she contracted and relaxed her muscles to drain her body faster. As she emptied, Sabrina took her cell from the bedside table and called Angie.

“Are you seeing this?” Angie asked as soon as she picked up.

“Yes, are you safe, Angie?” Sabrina asked.

“I’m good, Jen should be okay too… I think she’s at the sex shop.” Angie updated.

“I’m heading your way now, should get there soon, try ardahan seks hikayeleri and call the other girls, Angie?” Sabrina slowed her speech, she started to doubt if Angie was listening to her. She waited for a moment, but no answer came. Just as her belly reached a more comfortable size Sabrina saw the cock grow, right before her eyes, in a split second, it doubled in size.

“Alene… What have you do-” Sabrina started to say before a shockwave reached her location, exploding all the windows in the house. Sabrina shielded her face with both hands to try and block out the shards as she gave out a sharp scream of panic. She felt bits of glass hit her body, but it was not strong enough to puncture her skin.

As the racket settled down, Sabrina rushed out to the other car they had. On the doorframe she found a note, “So, you girls were headed to the Sex Shop…” She said to herself as she rushed to the car. On the way to Bristol she called the others, it took her a few tries to realize the phones were down.


“Goddammit!” Nicky shouted, she felt her head exploding. She remembered seeing Alene’s cock before losing consciousness.

There was still light outside, she probably wasn’t out long. She got on her feet and listened, people were screaming in panic. She felt sorry for the people around her, she herself was shocked by what was happening, and she knew Alene personally.

A single voice grabbed Nicky’s attention, “Nicky! Over here!” It was Sabrina, she came into the park, stark naked. Her chest was flat, for a change.

“Thank god I found you, Nicky, are you okay?” Sabrina asked.

“The shockwave knocked me out but I’m unharmed. What happened?”

“We… We don’t know Nicky… Nadia was with Alene, I haven’t heard from them…” Sabrina’s voice was shaking.

“What about Jen and Angie?” Nicky wondered.

“We managed to talk over the phone before the signal went out. Angie is close by, Jen is on the other side of Alene, near the Sex Shop.” Sabrina looked at Nicky with the hope she will have the answers, “What are we going to do Nicky?”

“I… I don’t know, what can we do?” Nicky was helpless. A tremor passed them, Alene grew again. “We don’t have much time Sabrina. You go get Jen, I’ll get Angie, we’ll meet back at the tip and make our way to Alene, Sounds good?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Sabrina confirmed, “I hope we have a chance to find Nadia along the way.” The girls hugged and looked at the monolithic cock ripping the city apart.

“I never imagined something like this would happen,” Nicky said.

“Neither did I girl, neither did I…” Sabrina agreed as the girls parted ways.

Nicky felt the ground shake, she did her best to stay upright and grabbed a tree for extra support. She started to think about what to do next, she had to find Angie… The thought of calling her jumped right up, but the understanding that phones no longer worked silenced that idea. “Come on Nicky, we have to think of something…” She urged herself, “Perhaps there’s a sign I can follow…” She whispered in desperation. Carefully, Nicky started walking around, looking for the big breasted woman.


“Slam!” The door to the car sounded as Sabrina pulled it shut and started the car. She floored the gas paddle, knowing this was a race against time to the Sex Shop. If Alene keeps growing at this rate, the more Sabrina would wait, the farther away she will have to drive. The streets were mostly empty, people were either in hiding, or used the cars they had to drive away from the giant rod, not towards it like Sabrina was doing. Sabrina rushed along the flesh monster, ignoring the red traffic lights as they no longer mattered in such a catastrophic situation.

It took her 20 minutes to reach the tip, it towered above the surrounding buildings, the tallest thing in the landscape. Every minute or so, it flexed and grew by a few feet, knocking over the adjacent structures like they were made of sand. Each of those contractions contributed to the obstacle standing before Sabrina, a river of cum, it was hard to tell how deep it ran, but each pulse released what looked like thousands of gallons onto the road before Sabrina. The white river span on and on down the road, going on forever, every now and then, a bigger emission came blasting out, it looked to Sabrina like the liquid in those eruptions was much thicker and richer.

Sabrina tried to analyze her situation. She had to cross the river, she had to get Jen. She had no idea how deep the river ran, could be a few inches, which meant safe passage as long as she times it with the contractions. But it could also be super deep, at this size, a single blast from Alene could easily excavate a subway tunnel if aimed at the ground. If this was the case, Sabrina would get caught and the way it…

As Sabrina deliberated those thoughts, the earth shook once again. Another contraction fired cum out of Alene, Sabrina followed a single blob of it as it sailed through the air, as if in slow motion, her eyes traced the truck-sized orb. It almost looked majestic as it made its way to an adjacent building, crashing into it with incredible force. The structure stood no chance, it fell down into a pile of cum soaked rubble.

“I have to do it, nothing to lose, if Alene keeps at it things will only get worse…” Sabrina took a deep breath, “Here we go,” she exhaled and crushed the gas puddle into the floor. The car screeched as the tiers grabbed onto the road and launched the car forth. Two huge waves of cum blocked Sabrina’s view of the outside and covered everything white, “God, don’t let me die…” She preyed as the car went on. The waves of cum subsided, and Sabrina could see again as she started to apply the brakes. She was on the other side, she made it across.

At that moment, a calamitous roar grabbed her attention. Behind her, the cock grew, crushing everything in its wake, it stopped a foot behind Sabrina’s car. She didn’t wait around to see the damage, Sabrina sped forward to the Sex Shop, hoping there was still time…

—Angie and Nicky—

“This is not working…” Nicky thought to herself as she looked around some more. She looked for Angie for god knows how long, but no matter how many times she called her name, begged for her to come out, Angie was nowhere to be found, and Nicky couldn’t ignore the growth the monolithic cock displayed a few moments ago.

Just as she was about to give up, Nicky spotted her target, a leaking pair of giant tits, moving through the city, “Angie!” She shouted and started making her way.

“Nicky?” Angie asked suspiciously and made her way to a hug as the two vixens pressed together.

“Finally found you, girl,” Nicky said with a smile as the two parted, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, but what are we going to do Nicky?” Angie looked helpless, “Look at all the trouble we caused, what have we all done…”

“We have to fix this Angie, we are Alene’s guardians, we have to do something…” Nicky tried to cheer Angie.

“But we can’t do anything, Alene’s magic is too strong, her body is something none of us can handle…” Angie said as she milked herself and unleashed a few gallons of milk onto the pavement.

“Now’s not the time for that Angie, I think I have a plan…” Nicky said at the sight of her friend milking herself.

“I know, but I feel so full, like my body is in overdrive…” Angie explained.

“Try and get over it, we have to get home, we need Alene’s spellbook…”

Angie suddenly froze with a smile on her face, “That’s a great idea, we can try that, maybe a spell could get us out of this…”

The two wasted no time, the found an abandoned car and went off, driving to the house.


Nothing mattered anymore, Alene felt nothing. She turned her head around and saw a skyscraper crashing down as her balls crushed its base, tons of glass and steel fell onto her colossal sack, but she was just too big, her balls just grew and grew, ignoring the obstacles around her.

Alene has been orgasming for a few hours now. Her body became accustomed to the sensation and now she could enjoy the bliss of an endless orgasm while her body did everything within its power to make her feel amazing. A new sensation tingled through her body as another orgasm joined the current. Alene had no idea how many orgasms wracked her body, but she guessed it to be a couple of hundreds.

Deep within her gargantuan system, she found a new sensation building, an amount of cum she never imagined her body could contain… She gasped as she realized, this was just the start, just the tip of her capabilities. The thought both scared and excited her as another orgasm started.

—Angie and Nicky—

The door to Alene’s room was open, cum still stained every possible surface. Angie and Nicky made their way to the bedside stand.

“Are you sure this is where she keeps it?” Angie asked as she opened the drawer. Nicky didn’t need to answer, they both saw the leather cover. Angie grabbed it, and the two headed outside to where they could see Alene’s expanding cock, it never stopped, not even slowed down for the hour it took them to get there.

“Okay, let’s see.” Angie said as she opened the book and flipped through the pages, stopping on one.

“Shrinking spell sounds about right…” Nicky glimpsed and approved, “Adtenuo!” she shouted. Both girls waited for a few moments. Nicky noticed she was rick hard and both girls used the wait to masturbate and unload a little.

“I don’t think this is working Angie,” Nicky said. Angie didn’t give up, she tried another spell, “Desisti!” she shouted.

“I don’t think we can use her magic Angie, we better head back…” Nicky offered as she unloaded a few gallons onto the floor, “God, I am super horny…” she said to herself.

“Modero!” Angie shouted but nothing happened, “Exsolvo! Reno! Emarcesso!” Angie finally sighed, “We should get back… we said we all meet at the tip, right?”

Nicky nodded in agreement. Both understanding their plan failed.


Sabrina honked the horn, a loud beep filled the street. She sat in the car and waited for the traffic jam to clear, “Come on bitch, get a move on.” She snarled at the car before her, she was about a mile away from the shop and, hopefully, Jen. She felt a wobble go through the car, it was mostly dampened by the shock absorbers on the car but she still felt it. turning her head left she saw Alene’s cock, it was gargantuan, Sabrina knew it was all Alene but it was hard to grasp that the cute, skinny woman was attached to this colossal monolith of flesh.

While Alene was impressive, her true might only became apparent to Sabrina when she looked outside the window of her car, at the street. Everywhere, people became extremely sexual. Every man and woman were doing something sexual, people ripped off their clothes and fucked each other, Both men and women collapsed into countless orgasms. A pair of women walked onto the road, embraced in each other’s arms, they crushed onto the car before Sabrina and continued to make sweet love.

The woman in the car beeped to no avail, the couple ignored her. She opened the door and got out of the car “Get off the fucking road,” she raised her voice to scare the couple away but froze in place. Sabrina thought it was very odd that the girl was in a rush a moment ago just stopped in her tracks, she remained motionless.

Suddenly, the girl moaned loudly and ripped off her dress, she too was naked and Sabrina noticed her pussy was slightly dripping onto the asphalt. She stormed the two girls and joined the love-making. A realization struck Sabrina, Alene was doing more them growing and filling the town with cum, she was spreading some form of pheromones that get people hyper-aroused, slowly she inched her way in the car, she feared going outside and getting swept up in the rave, she had a job to do, she needed to focus.

The girls didn’t notice Sabrina’s car as she pushed against their own to make way, Sabrina saw the road to the sex shop was now clear, she floored the gas pedal.

Jen was outside the shop, naked. Her cock deep in a brunette girl Sabrina didn’t know. She was clearly exposed to the pheromones and lose control, a normal woman would never let Jen fuck her the way she did the brunette. The girl was off the ground, held only by the cock, her body was limp, clearly overwhelmed by the feeling of being held up by a monster cock. Each pulse that ran along the cock rocked the limp girl and stretched her wider than before, she was nothing more than a condom for Jen.

Sabrina knew she had to intervene but feared losing control herself. If she lost control, she and Jen would never stop fucking, they were both a little more sexually prolific than any other girls on the block.

Sabrina argued with herself on a course of action when her focus came back to the screaming Jen. The cock started pulsing and launching her load into the brunette. The girl inflated in less than 5 seconds, Jen’s voice gave as the next pulse came. it was so powerful the cock was pushed back out of the girl mid-shot. A stream sailed to the opposite building, as thick as Sabrina’s waist, it crushed against the wall and covered the building with a thick white coat. Sabrina knew she had to act.

—Angie and Nicky—

“This is amazing, if it wasn’t so horrible…” Nicky admired the colossal cock towering over her and Angie. They got out of the car and onto the cum covered floor, Angie came and hugged her as the two waited helplessly.

“I am so turned on…” Nick whispered in Angie’s ear.

“Me too…” Angie agreed. As if on a signal, she felt Nicky’s cock, pressing against her nether regions. “You want us to fuck, Nicky? Now?”

“Why not?” Nicky asked, “We did everything we can to stop it. If we can’t, we might as well enjoy it, right?”

“I guess you’re right,” Angie agreed ad moved her hips a little to let the rod enter her. Nicky was huge, tiny in comparison with Alene, but big enough to stretch Angie and fill her up. Both girls moaned as the pleasure filled them.

“Wow,” Angie whispered as she felt something strange. “You’re orgasming already?” she wondered as the cock hilted in her and her belly started to inflate rapidly.

“I’m so full, Angie, I can’t control myself…” Angie said as she moved more and more of her cum into Angie, her belly growing so fast that in moments it reached the ground and Angie could rest her weight on it.

“So don’t, what have we to lose?” Angie encouraged, “Give me everything you got, make me as big as Alene…” Both girls gave a low moan as they went on.

—Sabrina and Jen—

“Jen, you have to stop!” Sabrina called as she reached her target.

Jen looked at her. The dick between her legs still firing monster streams across the street. Sabrina could have sworn that Jen’s blasts became bigger once she noticed her.

“Sabrina, ahhh…” Was all Jen could say before her cock grew bigger and kept launching more and more cum.

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