A Ride in the Country Ch. 03

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We drove through the country; the light was fading behind the trees, which stood out against the deep blue sky. Xenia had picked me up at eight. We were returning to the country mansion where Andrew would be waiting for us.

We were dressed to the hilt. I had white suspenders, stockings, panties and bra on, covered by a low cut white dress. Xenia had already told me she was wearing a black basque with stockings and skimpy panties. She had a black dress on. It suited her tanned skin and black hair well.

We arrived as the last light was leaving. Having parked we were leaving the car when I noticed Andrew and the butler standing near by. They walked over to us. Within seconds the butler had taken hold of my hips and spun me around facing the bonnet of the car. His hands slipped up under my dress lifting it around my waist. I felt his fingers slide into the top of my pants and then they were tugged down and left around my knees. I just leaned over the warm bonnet, wondering what was going on. Seconds later I felt the butler’s mouth push between my legs and his tongue started to give my pussy long hard licks. He hadn’t said a word. He simply held me by the hips and thrust his tongue in and out of me over the bonnet of the car.

I turned to see Xenia being pushed against the car door with Andrew kneeling under her skirt, which covered the top of his head. She was holding on to his head with both hands, her head lolled back and shaking, her black hair dancing in the light from the house. Her mouth wide open and the sweetest cries being uttered. She was as unprepared as I was and no doubt the speed of it all was getting to her.

The butler’s head pulled away and I felt him standing up behind me. Then the head of his cock nudged its way into my pussy. I felt that massive head slip in and then being thrust deep as the shaft rubbed against my pussy lips. He didn’t play around either, just started thrusting really hard back and forth. I met his thrusts and matched them with my jerking hips. By now I was laying over the bonnet totally. I could feel the warm metal against my skin and through the front of my dress.

Xenia started to moan more and more. Suddenly Andrew re emerged and spun her around, pushing her over the driver’s seat. His cock was already out and he almost fell into her from behind, his cock I hoped, going straight into her. She let out a loud cry of “Aaaaaaaahhh!” before he regained his footing and started to thrust hard and fast into her.

I guess they had been waiting for this for sometime. At any rate the butler started to jerk harder and I guessed he was about to come. He pulled away and pulled me by the hips off the car. I spun around to face him and then slid down onto my knees in front of him. He held his large cock tightly in his hand while I hurriedly slid the dress from my shoulders. His head gave a jerk and suddenly a big bolt of cum shot out hitting me straight in the throat and immediately ran down and over the swell of my breasts, stopping a little at the bra, running around until it started slipping over. He came three more times, each shot of warm sticky cum landing either on my breasts within the bra or over my throat. When finally he stopped I leaned forward to stick my tongue out and lick around the head of his cock where a little string of cum was hanging. Once I had cleaned it I slid my lips over the large head and along the shaft where I held it gently letting my tongue flick back and forth underneath it until it had grown quite small.

Turning to look at Xenia I saw that Andrew was doing the same thing. She had a string of cum along one cheek and the rest seemed to be over her breasts and shoulders. She was looking at me smiling.

Finally Andrew said hello and invited us in for a shower.

I followed Xenia into the shower where we quickly undressed. This was the third bathroom we had been shown to in this house and the shower in here was big enough for at least two.

I was standing there soaping myself when Xenia said, “Let me help you.” She massaged soap onto her hands and then started to rub the soap into my skin on my back. Soon her hands were working their way to the front and stroking and touching the sides of my breasts. I knew this was finally going to be the moment for us. This had been building for some time. I just turned and kissed her on the mouth, my tongue pushing straight in past her lips, seeking out and playing with her tongue. She was surprised but moaned in delight. She had wanted this more than I, but I was now ready. I didn’t know if this was going to ever happen again. It was nothing I craved. But at this moment it felt the only thing to do.

Her arms wrapped around me as we kissed, I felt her hands clasp my bottom and then squeeze the cheeks slowly. I really wasn’t as sure as she thought about what to do. So I copied her, squeezing and stroking her bottom while our tongues danced together. The shower splashed onto our faces like it was warm rain. I felt one of her hands move around to my waist and then slip between samsun escort us. She found my pussy almost straight away. Slipping her finger into me she played with the little button. I let go of her and leaned against the shower wall. Her head went to my breasts and started to suck and lick at them. I watched the patterns of water running down her hair and face and over my breasts as her finger played a magic tune in me.

She sucked a nipple deep into her mouth then pulled her head away letting the nipple pop back to my chest. She did this a couple of times before swirling her tongue around it. I knew suddenly if I didn’t do it now, I never would.

I pushed her back away from me. Then holding out my hand I pushed her back against the wall. I slid to my knees. Pushed my head into her pussy, lifted her legs with my arms and got them over my shoulders. She wasn’t prepared for this. She just stared as I pinned her body against the shower wall, her weight supported on my shoulders. Her pussy open and exposed to my mouth and tongue. She couldn’t move or go anywhere, not that she wanted to. I had both my hands under her bottom, holding her like a glass to my lips.

I just pushed my lips and mouth against her pussy as hard as I could thrusting my tongue straight up into her. She howled. Her hands pushing down on my head, almost like she was trying to lift herself off me. The way I had her pinned she couldn’t even do that. She wasn’t one to swear but she did this time, “Fucking hell baby, that’s great.”

Needless to say I felt it rude to reply with my mouth full. I just waggled my tongue all around inside, like licking the inside of an ice cream cone. This was what had been started at the waterfall. I didn’t care how much she wanted this or even if she did. She was mine now until I finished this. My fingers mauled her bottom cheeks. My lips moved and my tongue jerked inside her. Her hands were pushing down on my head harder. She was moaning really loudly I could hear it above the sound of the water.

Suddenly her legs started to twitch and her body tensed. Her shouts grew louder. I had never heard her like this. I knew she was there and suddenly she was way over the edge. She even managed to thrust her hips slightly and then let out a long contented sigh. I pulled away from her and slowly lowered her to the floor. She slid down the wall and sat there, half laughing, shaking her head. I leaned forward and kissed her mouth hard before finishing my shower.

After that we went downstairs into the big room. Andrew was sitting there waiting for us. We were offered some drinks and some food from a small buffet. Then Andrew told me he had a present for me. The door opened and in walked the boy, naked except for a very brief pair of pants. He came over close to where I was sitting.

I pulled my dress off over my head leaving me just in my underwear. Getting up I walked over to him. I stood in front of him, my arms going around him, feeling his back and slipping into his pants, caressing his smooth bottom as my lips found his and locked in a passionate kiss. My tongue raped his mouth, licking around his teeth, fencing with his tongue, pushing deep into him. My hands squeezed his bottom as I kissed him. He remained fairly motionless, just content to return my kiss.

I pulled away and lowering my head began to lick and kiss his smooth chest, working my way down from his throat, to his nipples, then down his chest taking in his flat tummy. My tongue ran around his skin while my lips sucked at his flesh and my teeth nipped at his skin. Finally I was on my knees with those skimpy pants before my face. I could see within them by the shape his cock was only half-hard, curled to one side. I put both my hands against it, feeling it through the material. Cupping his cock I squeezed and caressed it, watching it bulge out his pants as it started to get harder and straighter. My lips found the bulge; my tongue flicking along the cotton covered shaft. He moved one of his hands to my bra and gently held my small breast in the palm while my tongue danced against his pants.

I peeled the top of his pants down slowly to reveal the side and top of his cock. My mouth fell on it, my tongue licking along that shaft, moving up to the head and poking around that. I tugged his pants down to his knees and pulled my head back. His cock stood hard and straight out in front of him. Taking the shaft in both hands I peeled the skin back to reveal that smooth mushy yet hard head. I pushed my lips against it, feeling the wet pre cum that had formed before letting it push over my lips and slid into my wet and waiting mouth.

I looked sideways to see Xenia had removed her dress and was sitting next to Andrew in her Basque while he fondled the tops of her full breasts. She had one hand in his lap, and had removed his cock from his trousers. She was wanking it slow and lazily.

Still holding is cock with both hands I let my mouth slide back and forth over the head, keeping my lips tight as they passed over urfa escort the rim of his cockhead. I wanted him to fuck me but that could wait. This time I was going to drink him totally.

He carried on squeezing my breast, finally working his hand into my bra. I felt his fingers slide over the nipple, hard and tender, wanting to be touched. He squeezed it between his fingers. Meanwhile I carried on thrusting my head back and forth over the head of his cock. I moved one hand to his balls, hanging and swinging as he swayed back and forth. Cupping them I squeezed and mauled them, urging him to cum, milking the spunk out of him. I guessed under this pressure he wouldn’t last long.

First I saw his mouth open and then his head lolled back. His tummy tensed and he started to jerk his hips more into my mouth. Hoping I got the moment right, I simply stopped moving my head and just let his cockhead rest within my mouth as my tongue swirled around it. I felt his shaft twitch and get slightly bigger, and then bang, out shot a wad of cum straight onto my tongue, instantly running into the sides of my mouth, filling my mouth level with my gums. Another shot, stronger, hitting the back of my mouth. Warm, sticky stringy cum, straight from the tap…I moaned as I felt it shoot out. A third, fourth and finally a fifth wad shot out. I had trouble keeping it in my mouth; I really had a mouth full by now. It bathed my teeth and tongue and his cockhead. He looked down at my face as I slowly drew my lips back over his cockhead. I raised my head and opened my mouth. It must have been a sight, perhaps three spoonfuls of cum there, all over my teeth and gums, covering my tongue completely. He looked amazed. I then threw my head back and swallowed. Naturally the taste remained, as I’m sure a lot of cum still did. Not letting my eyes move away from his once I then opened my mouth again so he could see his cum had finally disappeared.

Xenia and Andrew clapped. Then Xenia slipped off the sofa and crawled over to me. Her hands felt my breasts within my bra and she kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue pushing deep into my mouth, swirling around tasting both me and the taste of the boy’s cum. The boy watched us both as her hands played with my breasts and we kissed long and hard. She then pushed me backwards so that I ended up laying on my back. Laying between my legs she tugged my panties to one side of my pussy and immediately thrust her mouth there with her tongue licking its way up deep into me. Her hands slid over my tummy to cup my bra, squeezing and mauling my breasts. I could feel her tongue wiggling and playing around inside my pussy. I could feel her chin pushing against me as her face almost lifted my hips slightly off the floor. She thrust and thrust her tongue in and out of me, almost fucking me with it.

Both the boy and Andrew moved next to me. The boy swooped low and started to kiss my wide-open mouth, his tongue dancing with mine. Andrew cupped both my breasts with his hands. His mouth lowed over my nipple and he sucked while his hand squeezed that one up to his mouth. The other hand mauled my other breast. It felt like heaven. At some point I noticed that the butler had both entered the room and Xenia; he was busy thrusting his large cock into her from behind. His tummy and hips making loud slapping noises against her bottom. She never missed a beat, her tongue rolling around my clit then shooting up inside me, then back to my clit. I knew I wasn’t going to last long like this.

The boy didn’t break from his kiss. It was like he was drinking me. I had his head in both hands and was crushing his mouth on to mine. Andrew was sucking the nipple ready hard while his teeth gently held my breast in his mouth. His hands roaming and squeezing and mauling them. I couldn’t keep still it really was like torture.

Finally the moment came and I thrashed around to a full-blown climax. It was sudden and quick but left me lifeless. Xenia knew enough about me to stop, she realised how tender I would feel for a few minutes yet. Andrew and the boy sat back to watch the butler. Xenia’s head was on the carpet and her bottom high over her as he thrust back and forth into her. Not gently now, but using all his body weight, slamming into her from behind. She was moaning and gasping. Within seconds the butler tensed up and pulled his cock from her. He jerked it several times with his hand and then a great gob of cum shot out like a bolt, arching through the air to splash down on her shoulders. Several more stringy wads shot out leaving trails of white along her black Basque.

She raised her head to give me a smile before she started to giggle a bit.

We were both fairly mucky so we headed off for another shower. We then dressed and chatted for a few minutes. On our return Andrew had some more food for us and some drinks.

I looked at him, “Andrew, I want the boy.”

“Yes, Susan. I know.” He smiled, “But there’s a price. You can have him if you do what I say.”

I agreed. Andrew called the boy sinop escort in.

“Ok Susan, come here.”

I walked over to Andrew. He then told the boy to come over. Andrew held me by the waist from behind. When the boy was standing in front of him Andrew suddenly pulled my dress down to reveal my bra. With one hand he popped one of my breasts out and squeezed the sides making the nipple stick out. “Lick it.” He told the boy.

The boy smiled and leaned forward. His lips never touched my breast, just his tongue sticking out; he let the tip skate over the nipple barely touching it.

Andrew then spun me around and bent me forward slightly. He lifted my dress up over my hips and pulled my panties away from my bottom. The boy looked down at my cheeks. “Kiss them.” Andrew told him. He knelt down and tugged my panties to just below my bottom, and then his mouth kissed each cheek in turn.

“Now Susan,” Andrew told me, “Remove your dress slowly.” I turned to the boy and pulled the one strap remaining on my shoulder down, then slowly slithered out of the dress, letting it ride over my hips and bent low in front of him as I removed it from around my feet.

Andrew then told me to remove my bra. I did. Then, “And your panties.” I turned my back to the boy and slowly pulled them down bending low as I did. All I had on now was my stocking and suspenders.

I was then told to go over to the high backed chair, to stand in front of it, and then supporting myself on the arms of the chair, to bend over, but to keep my legs straight. It felt so sexy to be standing like that, bent right over at the waist, knowing the boy was watching every move. I took a quick look at Xenia, she was sitting watching, enjoying every move. The boy walked up to me and grasped my hips in his hands. I hadn’t seen him unzip his trousers but felt his cock push against me, it moved around at first, he wasn’t so experienced as Andrew, but then suddenly it found the place and slipped straight in. He buried it to the hilt, my head shot back and I moaned loudly.

Holding my hips with both hands he started to fuck me slowly but deeply. Xenia walked over and slid under me with her head on the chair. She stuck her tongue out and let my swinging breasts brush against it as they shook gently with each of the boy’s thrusts. It felt so good to have his cock deep inside me. I knew he wouldn’t come so quickly this time round. His hands held my hips tightly as his thrusting continued.

While Xenia’s tongue danced around my swinging nipples, Andrew came over and knelt between her legs. His mouth buried itself into her pussy, his hands sliding under her bottom, clenching the cheeks, lifting her a little upwards to feed his mouth.

The boy fucked me for several minutes like this, long slow and deep thrusts. With Xenia’s tongue brushing my nipples it felt so good. Then Andrew pulled away from Xenia and came around to the back of the chair. His hips were level with my face and he unzipped his trousers and pulled his erect cock out. “Suck it Susan. Take it in your warm mouth and lick it all over with your tongue. Worship it and love it.”

He held it with one hand, keeping it still. I licked my lips and then let them brush all around the head of his cock before opening them and sliding them over the head and around the shaft. My tongue, in as much as it could, swirled around his cockhead within my mouth. I flicked and lapped at the underside of the head, then circled all around. The boy’s thrusts continued, pushing deep into my pussy. He had now slipped one hand under me and was fingering my clit with his finger at the same time as his cock was wreaking havoc with the inside of my pussy. It was hard to keep my head still but I managed it. I just held his cock within my mouth, letting my tongue slip and slide around the head.

“Now Susan,” Andrew then said, “I want you to hold the head of my cock in your mouth while I wank it.”

Straight away his hand started to move up and down along the shaft, sometimes bumping against my lips. “When I come, keep it in your mouth Susan.” He said.

Xenia stopped licking and sat up to watch what was going to happen. The finger on my clit played harder.

Behind me the door opened and the butler walked in. He came over to the side of the chair and stood by my face. With Andrew’s cock buried within my mouth, the butler removed his cock from his trousers and started to wipe it around my cheek and the side of my face. It soon became hard.

Suddenly Andrew became tense and his tummy stiffened up. I felt his cock throb a little and swell slightly and then his cum came pouring into my mouth in several spurts. They were all thick and creamy and soon filled my mouth, covering my tongue, his cockhead, swirling around my teeth. I could feel the thickness of it and taste how salty it was.

Since he hadn’t said I could do anything I didn’t. I just let my tongue carry on rolling around his cock head as it started to grow small within my mouth. Having his cum there was like having a big mouthful of liquid at the same time, only thicker. Finally he pulled his cock from my mouth. He told me to keep my head level and then to just open my mouth. I did. He looked at his cum swimming there, coming up level to my teeth and lips.

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