A Loving Son

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Mark Lyndhurst was walking down his garden path when he heard a kerfuffle coming from the house. As he got nearer he heard his mother shouting.

“How can you do this to me, I’ve waited nine months for this cruise and now you say you can’t go!”

Then his dad in a quieter more conciliatory voice, “I’m sorry Emma, but they’ve brought the whole contract date forward to next week instead of next month. There’s nothing I can do honey, I’m so sorry.”

“You can tell them to stuff the fucking contract!” she shouted louder, Mark held his place and listened. She must be really rattled to use that language, he thought. But his mother knew he couldn’t not go to work, it was his contract, he and his team had won it against all the odds, and the company would hit the big time now. It was a contract worth 700million in total. And he would be Project Director, not only securing his company’s future but also his own.

But things weren’t going too well in the Lyndhurst household; she and her husband had been bickering for some time now. The three week cruise was supposed to be a reconciliation holiday, put all their troubles behind them, work at it, get the marriage back on track.

“I’ve had enough Don, I’ve had it, I think we might as well separate, you have your work, me and Mark come a poor second obviously. I think we ought to get a divorce, would that suit you better hey?” She told him hotly.

“Now now Emma you don’t mean that,” he replied.

“Don’t I, you just watch me!” and Mark heard her slamming out of the kitchen in tears.

When he went in, he said to his father, “what’s going on dad, what have you done now?”

“Its work, I have to cancel the holiday cruise with your mother, and she has gone ballistic, she just doesn’t understand.” He said grumpily.

“Well its hardly surprising is it,” he told his father, “you have been promising her a good holiday for the last three years and for three years you’ve made excuse after excuse, its no wonder she’s angry is it?”

Mark looked accusingly at his father, he was a good provider, but had in later years become a lousy husband to his mother. And for that he would never be able to love him like he once did, when he was a boy his dad was his idol. But the last few years as he had been growing up he began to see him for what he was, a selfish person, that if something didn’t suit him, it was no good for any one.

“The cruise is three days away dad how can you do it?” Mark was angry but held it in check.

“I know Mark, but there is absolutely nothing I can do. The firm have offered to pay for a new holiday next year, and stump up the lost cash for this one,” he told his son.

“Big deal, you do need the money don’t you!” He walked away and went to his mother; she was laid on her bed crying.

He sat next to her and cuddled her, shushing her, saying don’t cry, and just giving her a love. At twenty years old Mark was a man now in his own right. He had an irregular girlfriend, but he had a well kept secret, he had a lover, one that no one knew about and never would.

Mark was 6ft 1″ a hunk in any woman’s eyes, especially his secret lover. Broad at the shoulder, extremely fit, he went to the gym regularly. He worked in a garage and his boss thought the world of him, he was a born mechanic, he could listen to any engine and diagnose with near certainty what problems were being present to his ear.

The good looking young man held his mother, he loved her so much, ‘how can that prick do this to her?’ he wondered, and at that very moment he hated his dad. But he did understand a little why he had to do what he was, but wrecking his mothers dream holiday cruise. He realised she had fallen asleep, so he gently laid her down and left her.

An hour later she came down to two very silent men, she looked at Mark, then her husband.

“Mark,” she said, “can you get three weeks off work at short notice?”

“Three weeks at short notice mum, why?” he answered puzzled.

“You can take me on holiday instead of your dad,” and hooked her thumb at him as if he wasn’t there.

“Emma,• his father interjected, “he can’t just take time off like that.” This annoyed Mark, so he said.

“I’ll call the boss right now, I don’t see why I can’t get three weeks, I haven’t had a minute off since last summer, he owes me.” Mark made the call, and after some discussion he came back smiling. “Right, I have three weeks paid leave as from this Friday mum,” he told her.

His father stood there like a dummy, then asked, “What on earth will you find to do on a cruise ship with your mum for three weeks Mark, you’ll be bored to tears in no time!”

He looked at his beautiful mother and said.

“If I can’t seduce you, and make love to you, and be screwing you silly by the middle of next week I’ll show my ass in the town centre!”

But what actually came out of his mouth was, “We’ll have a great time, won’t we mum?” His mother flew at him and gave him her best hug.

He kastamonu seks hikayeleri had wanted to be with his mother for a long time now and had no idea of how to even think about seducing, and taking her to bed, hers or his, it didn’t matter. In Marks opinion, which he admitted was biased, she was utterly gorgeous, and in reality, she was. He was the envy of his friends, and his best friend constantly ribbed him about his MILF!

Emma Lyndhurst stood at 5ft 7″ she had had Mark on her nineteenth birthday. But due to complications she had been unable to have any more; consequently Mark had been her passion for the last twenty years. And she was now one month past her thirty ninth. Her eyes were amazing, they could kill a man at ten paces, she had a lovely soft angelic cherubic face, long chestnut hair, and a figure that was the envy of friends.

“Tomorrow Mark, I’m shopping for you, I’m going to buy you everything you need my wonderful champion.

“Don’t buy any condoms mum,” he told her, “we’ll be going bareback!” Again it was in his head.

So he told her instead, “that’s great mum,” he beamed at her, “dad, give me all the documents, I need to do name changes, and passport details, all of it. His father reluctantly got them and Mark disappeared upstairs to his laptop and printer.

“By the way,” he called over his shoulder, “I’m going round to Aunty Cathy’s later, she doesn’t want to be alone tonight. Aunty Cathy was his dads youngest sister, his dad was 43 and Cathy was 33, there were three boys and her, she was the youngest by far, she had been a wonderful accident when his mother had found out she was carrying again.

Mark had also been screwing her now for the past four months, and the blame, if any, could be laid squarely, though innocently at his uncle’s door. He was a guy who worked away a lot, and Cathy hated being on her own, she was okay sometimes, but others she was almost paranoid about being on her own.

So Uncle John had asked Mark if he would keep her company when he was free, if he didn’t mind. “You can stay in the spare bedroom,” and that’s what led Mark to end up seducing his dads 33 year old gorgeous sister, his aunty. They had always had a soft spot for him, and he was a regular visitor to their home, and Aunty Cathy doted on him.

He began going round when she called him, or even his uncle, sometimes it was mid week and others the weekend. Cathy never knew when she would get the heebie jeebies about being alone. They were a childless couple, no one knew why they hadn’t had children, they were both fit and healthy, he had a good sperm count, she was as ready bear children as a woman could be. But sadly nothing had ever happened, and they had resigned themselves to being childless.

She had called on the Friday afternoon, and Mark had spent the night there, he had got up to go to work on the Saturday morning to do an urgent job and got back to his Auntie’s at lunch time.

It was a piping hot day, middle of the summer and she was on a sun lounger on the decking at the back.

“I’ve left you a pair of shorts Mark on your bed, get cleaned up and come on out, it’s glorious.” She called to him. He gazed at her laid there face down sunning herself, her ample tits being squashed in the bikini top, and her ass! Oh man her ass! It rose like the moon on a cloudless sky. His prick jumped in his pants and he felt like jacking off there and then.

He went and hurriedly showered; put the close fitting shorts on that did nothing to hide the lump there. “Hi,” he said as he came out and sat on the lounger next to her.

“Hi yourself handsome,” she replied, she always called him that because that’s what she thought about him, a very handsome young man.

“Will you put suntan lotion on my back please Mark, I can’t reach.” He picked up the bottle and leaned over, but the angle was wrong so he stood up then crouched beside her. Not being very comfortable, he stood again, and stepped over her, straddling her body and squatted down. His ass was more or less on hers, maybe a little lower.

He was rubbing the lotion in when she said, “undo my top Mark, I don’t want any tan lines.” Mark didn’t know that his Aunty Cathy was feeling randy, her pussy was moist, and her nipples were hard. But Cathy wasn’t intent on seducing, or being seduced by her nephew. She was just feeling randy; she would have loved her husband to have walked in, taken her to bed and fucked her brains out.

She rose up on her elbows; Mark undid the string as requested and saw her tits sag as they were set free. He knew she had huge nipples, things like that were impossible to hide, especially from a virile boy like Mark. But what he also didn’t know then was, they were the super sensitive kind, ready to rock and roll at a touch, a squeeze, or a twiddle.

He set the bottle down and was rubbing her back, he had settled on to her lower ass and unknown to him she could feel the tightness in his balls. This made her feel even more randy. Mark unknowingly and unintentionally slid his hands under her, took the weight of her tits in his palms, and captured her nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

He was squeezing them, and enjoying the hard feel of them, Cathy never moved, she never even twitched, all she did was drop her head and sigh. Mark suddenly realised what he was doing, and was on the point of scarpering when he realised she was just laying there letting him do it. He moved on her ass, another soft sigh came to him, he squeezed a bit harder, and hefted both tits, another soft satisfied sigh.

Cathy’s head was lolling on her shoulders; her nephew leaned forward and kissed her neck at the back, another sigh. He kissed his way across and back again, more sighs. He laid into her nipples, they got harder and harder, they were like bullets in his fingers, and his balls were sat tight on his auntie’s ass.

Then he gently bit the bit between neck and shoulder, Cathy mewled, her head rose and went to one side giving him all the room he needed to complete his seduction. He kissed up and down her neck, sinking his teeth in time after time. His aunty was panting now, he wondered if he ought to try and get her bottoms off and screw her right where she was, out in the open.

The decision was made for him, Cathy moaned to him. “Oh god Mark, oh my god yes, I like that!” If he could have seen her face he would have been in wonderland, her eyes were closed, her face was flush with blood, her full lips were filled with blood adding to her tender arousal, and her mouth was in a perfect ‘O’

He kept it up, “even if she stops me now, at least I will be able to say I’ve had a taste of her.” He told himself, his prick was as hard as iron, and ready to burst. Cathy spoke so softly he almost missed what she said.

“Do you want me Mark, do you need me baby, your aunty Cathy?” He was still devastating her nipples and burning holes in her neck, his teeth searing her brain.

“Oh yes Aunt Cathy I do,” was about all he could mumble with going into gibberish.

“Come on then, lets go inside and sort each other out shall we?” it was said as softly as the last time. He stood and helped her up, she turned popped her head up and kissed him. She felt his cock and she almost climaxed herself, she was so aroused now nothing could have stopped her from taking her nephew to bed.

She hooked his arm and pulled him after her, he tried to wipe lotion from his hands as he followed, as soon as they got indoors she was on him. His Aunty was a lioness after its kill; she wrapped her arms about him, hooked her left leg around his and pressed herself up against him. The feel of his prick pressing on her pussy was too much, she came, it crushed her gloriously.

Cathy dropped to her knees, one, because they had given way to the climax, and two, because she wanted his shorts down and off. She tugged them down and Marks prick sprang out, it hit her in the face. She gazed at it, it was a splendid prick and she was more than happy to see it. Taking it in her hands she rubbed and rolled it, it felt beautiful. She unsteadily rose to her feet, shut and locked the door, grabbed his hand, and said.

“Upstairs Mark Lyndhurst or I’ll be screwing you right here on the floor, and that’s not the best place for out first ever screw.” She took off dragging him behind her, they were in her bedroom in seconds, his aunty shook of her bikini bottoms and threw herself on to her bed.

“Get here right now you beautiful boy, come and make love to your sexy aunty!” Mark got on the bed, got on top of her, and she jammed his cock right into where she knew it would do her the power of good. No sooner had he bottomed out than she came again, her arousal was at the top of the tree.

She locked him in her arms and legs and thrust back at him as he got going. She knew he wouldn’t last that long and he didn’t, but she still had another two or three climaxes under him before he blew what felt like to her, a lorry load of thick heavy cum. Mark was alive with lust, and aroused desire to fuck forever, and he intended to once he got his breath back.

It was 1.45pm Saturday, and he had the rest of the weekend, and hopefully it would be spent here in his gorgeous aunties very own bed. He fell quiet, as did Cathy, they both looked at each other, now realising what they had just done. Cathy guffawed, and dug her hands into him. “Mark Lyndhurst you had better perform for longer than that the next time my lad, or I’ll be sending you home to your mother with a hot smacked bottom!”

He was like most men of his age, he knew his way around a woman’s body, where all the best bits were, but finesse wasn’t part of his game yet, young men don’t understand a woman’s real needs, yes a great cock does wonders. But a woman loves soft touches, sweet words, caresses, soft lips and a tongue in the right place. A woman needs to be desired above all else, or sex for the sake it isn’t such good fun.

Marks cock had regained its composure and begun to harden again, he was moments away from round two, and he would be looking for a knockout. He felt it rumble within him, he looked down at his aunty, he kissed her.

“Aunt Cathy you are just so totally amazing, I have often looked at you and thought, hmmm, ‘what if,’ and has ‘what if’ happened, Oh boy has it!” She was about to reply when he pulled his prick out and hammered it back in, he did this several times, out, bang, out, bang, out, bang.

Cathy lost her breath, the only thing she could do at the moment was to “Ooooooo! Ooooooo! Ooooooo!” as he crashed into her time and again, her Oooooo’s matched his thudding re-entry’s. Then he settled into a rhythm that Cathy could go along with, and suddenly both were lost in loves orgasmic bliss. She clung to him energetically, skilfully manipulating him to bunch his cock and balls where they felt the best at any given moment.

Cathy had cum after cum, Mark was building up to a climax of his own that would know no bounds. He stared inanely at the woman below him, a woman that would never be his aunty again, not in the real sense anyway. He fucked her with abandon, driving in and out smoothly, heavily, and with long strokes that Cathy was loving, and that were driving her forward to her final climax.

She felt the change in her champion; he stiffened, held her tighter, his face contorted slightly giving him a sweet manic look. “Here it comes,” she told herself, “oh god this is going to be fabulous.” And he did a few seconds later, a grunt, a last thumping crunch into her and he was flooding her with hot steaming cum. Cathy felt it swill in, the warmth spreading around as it filled her pussy and every where else it could go.

He kissed her, and she kissed him back, “Ooooh Mark, that was so unexpected, really good, it was a great moment when you made me cum like that.” His heart swelled with pride. “But we shouldn’t have done it, I couldn’t stop myself once we, you, started, not that I tried very hard to,” she told him, “but there’ll be hell to pay if any one ever finds out.”

“Can’t think of one tiny reason why any one will find out, not unless you tell anyone Aunt Cathy?”

“Me, I’ll die before I tell any one! And you can stop calling me aunty, I’m not going to be screwed by you like this, and have you still calling me aunty!” she told him, then kissed him tightly. He grinned inwardly, she wanted this again, ‘well,’ he said in his head, ‘I’ll give you more than you can handle sweet lady.’

But what he didn’t know was that he would learn how to love a woman properly from his gorgeous sexy Aunt Cathy. To make sure she got hers, and always first. He would always get his, but if they didn’t cum together, then he would make damn sure she did, and first! They played, loved and talked all afternoon, Mark got hard again and his aunt fucked him. She made him lie on his back and got on, hands on his chest Cathy rose and fell, leaned forward, slid up and down, her muscles tightening and slackening on him as she milked his prick.

Mark was agog, his girlfriend had no idea, just as he hadn’t, but he was a quick learner and soon Cathy would have her heaven sent utopia, her brother’s son, her nephew. She regretted it in one way because she knew she was being unfaithful to her darling loving husband. She would always love him, she would never love Mark in the same way. But she knew the instant that Mark had sunk his prick deep into her white hot sopping pussy, that she would never put a stop to it, he would always have free unfettered access to her charms.

On Sunday morning after they had wakened, they began to make love. Mark had a morning wood, Cathy had a hold of it, she was gazing down into his eyes, long loving kisses were abound. But Cathy wanted it up her ass, she was an ass fucking lover, she and her husband did it regularly, she wanted Mark to fuck her there too.

“Have you ever done it up a woman’s bum hole Mark?” she asked softly. He looked at her like she had two heads.

“Erm, no I haven’t Cathy, what are you on about?” he knew what she was meaning but felt a little embarrassed about it.

“I want you to make love to me in my bum,” she was coy, she realised he was unsure, so she went with him, pretending to be shy too.

“Okay, if that’s what you want, then I want it too,” he smiled. Cathy was working his cock in her soft hands, “I’ll just pop and get some body oil, I don’t want you jamming this big thing in me without a little help, and sustenance for me,” she told him lightly. This boosted Mark’s ego, “this big thing,” she had called his prick, now he was more than ready to fuck her any where she wanted him to fuck her!

She came back quickly, got on her knees, poured oil on his cock, and fingered her ass for him.

“Okay tiger, go for it baby, do my ass, do your naughty Aunty Cathy’s ass you big bad boy!” Mark’s head was singing at her praise for him, he got behind her and rammed it right in, in one hit. Cathy’s legs shot backwards, she hadn’t expected this, she had thought he would be easy, reticent, slow, gentle, but no he banged it in, and he was off.

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