A Letter to Mine

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I lay here thinking of how I would use you, how beautiful you look kneeling before me as I enter the room, your statement of submission to my ownership of you fresh from your lips in anticipation of my use of you.

I would pull you up from the floor crushing you in my arms, bringing my lips to yours , soft and yielding , taking possession of your lovely mouth as I plundered its depths with my searching questing tongue tasting what I know is mine to take. Sliding my tongue alongside yours, as our lips lock together in heated desire, your moan of hunger and desire bringing a lusty smile to my lips.

Picking you up then to carry you to my bed, the first time you will be there and the beginning of your true submission.

As I kiss your lips again now , more tenderly, my hands move your arms behind you , your sudden gasp as you feel the length of silk wrapping around your wrists makes me chuckle , your surprise at this small thing a certain sign of what is to come.

I lay you down bringing your cheeks to the edge of the bed as I lay beside you teasing your skin with my hands touching your body gently, running my hands and fingers around your firm breast, teasing a nipple , enjoying your murmurs of sensual pleasure as I move my hand lower, looking along your body as my hand rubs gently along your taut belly and lower still.

Till the tips of my fingers meet that cleft of sweetness. You gulp at the feel of it, my fingers feather light circling your mound as you shiver and moan spreading your legs wide as I tease you slowly , your eyes shut tight as my fingers explore you entirely.

I rise then, kneeling on the bed still softly teasing at your full lips as your hips move trying to get me to slip inside, to feel more than the light touch.

My hand in your hair I turn your head to show you what you will have, my member throbbing and thick, hard already at this wonderful sight laying here.

You lick your lips a pleading look at me and I nod, as I pull you close to lick and lave your tongue around the head tasting the salty pre-cum from it and moaning deeply at the feel of it throbbing against your hot tongue, sliding your mouth over it to slide it between your hungry lips, moving your head back and forth in your desire for it.

I moan loudly then, surprised at how much you are able to take, your hot wet mouth working up and down my hard cock-shaft tasting almost the length of me.

My fingers now rubbing at the apex of your cleft as your moans of pleasure vibrate along my hardness, as I slowly slip two of my digits between your now dripping pussy-lips, feeling your hips move to accept then eagerly your slippery channel tight around them as you whimper in hot desire, feeling my fingers slowly entering your heat.

My desire for you overcomes me as I pull your hungry mouth away from me , your whine at the loss of my cock from diyarbakır escort your lips makes me smile as I move down and away from you, to place myself at the entrance of your dripping slit, to take you as I have been wanting to since your first admission of desire to please.

I move your legs back firmly forcing your knees to your breast as my member throbs against your slippery vaginal entry. Your body moving of its own volition breathing raggedly as your passion inflames you.

My member just pushing at your full wet lips feeling your own pulsing there as I slowly begin to drive forwards, my thick cockhead entering your tightness, the hot feel of you circling it, as you whimper in heated pleasure, feeling the thickness penetrate into you, so tight around me as I slowly press deeper and deeper filling your tight pussy with hard cock as you whine loudly.

The feel of your hot wet tight channel gripping at my throbbing cock so good, such pleasure as I have only dreamed, my own moans mingle with yours as my cock fills your slippery heat , now touching at your cervix as you whimper and shiver under me.

Sweet pleasure mixed with pain at the feel of your tight slit filled with me, as I can wait no more, my desire takes me as I begin, moving my hips back and forth loving the hot feel of you around me , my world centered around your tight slit surrounding my thick cock.

Taking you then hard, sliding my hardness deep into your tight orifice, your screams and whimpers as my thick hot hard member slipped in and out of your tight slippery slit stretching your labia wide around my hard cock-shaft as I bottomed out deep into your hot wet slit, feeling your pussy lips gripped around the base of my cock as the head is pressed tight against your cervix, your pussy channel a velvet sheath around thick throbbing cock as you whine at the feel of being so utterly filled and taken as you have always hoped.

I would smile at the sounds of pain and pleasure you make for me as my hard cock impales your soft tight mound your legs bent at the knees now and pressed tight to your chest as my cock begins its ownership of that tightly gripping hot wet hole, sliding back and forth inside your depths as you cry out your hands tied behind you in helpless frustration as I take you hard, my hips driving forwards again and again , thrusting hard and deep, as your cries fill my ears like the seductive music of hot lust making me want more.

My cock beginning to pound into you Hard, again and again and again as you cum for me screaming out your masters name, your pussy gripping and grasping around my cock-shaft as I hold it imbedded inside the spasming spastic sheath, as your orgasm takes you screaming and writhing under me your sweet nectar spurting out around my hard cock dripping down to coat your lovely ass as I hold you there whimpering and edirne escort gasping under me your juices gushing out of you as the electric spasms of sheer ecstasy take you.

Finally as your orgasm subsides, you feel weak and drained I slowly slide my thick cock out of you inching it out and then away to watch the dripping juice flow from your sore pussy down to your lovely spread crevice down between the cheeks of your tightly puckered little rosebud as you gasp and relax happily.

I smile down at you and begin to rub my cock-head hard against your slit up and down teasing at your clitoral bump, still hard and sensitive as you moan at the feel of it. Slipping just the head into your sore wet slit again as you gasp at the knowledge that I am not done and you are so very tired and sore , unable to stop me taking you again should I choose.

I then move that thick, throbbing head down lower, to rub your own slippery wetness around and around your tight little anal opening, as you whimper aloud knowing what is coming, what I am going to do. You want to beg me not to take you there but know I will only do as I will, you have no say, no choice but to accept it, a slave you are and will be taken as I see fit and now I must have what belongs to me entirely.

I slowly push against your tight little orifice then smiling at the gasp you give out, pushing firmly till you feel the tight pressure of your anal entry widen, it hurts and you cry out as your hole opens wider and wider stretching as I force my hardness in. your anal opening being pushed in t concave as I force you to take my thick cock-head into your little ass.

Then finally as you cry out loud feeling the pain of your ass penetrated, your tight ring gripped firmly around the base of my throbbing cock-head I hold you there then looking at your wincing face, hearing your loud cries, smiling down on what is now fully mine, you my slave, my little hot cock-slut belong to me and my had member stretching your last orifice wide is how you know you belong to me now.

You cry out ” Master, Master!.. it hurts its too much!” as I begin to force my hard cock into your anal cavity, deeper and deeper my thick member drives forwards, inching into that tight little hole, filling your ass completely with hot hard cock-meat as you try to accept it all, then finally your ass impaled as never before filled with burning thick hot cock, I hold myself inside you as tears flow out of your eyes. my pelvis tight to your ass-cheeks as you whimper at the feel of this penetrating pole speared inside your ass, I move forward then allowing your legs to drop around my hips, my hard long shaft buried deep inside you, your anal ring gripped tightly around the base of it, as I move forwards to lick your tears from your cheeks and eyes, tasting the salty water on my tongue as you whimper and whine at how your elazığ escort ass feels so totally full.

I kiss your lips then gently, lovingly as you slowly relax, then accepting your place now fully submitting to your master now totally, knowing you are property to me, mine to use as I wish and now loving the thought of releasing that last bit of self to me.

I slowly pull back then pulling my cock out almost all the way, you feel pain still but submit to it, letting it happen, relaxing yourself as much as possible but still stretched tightly around my thickness as the base of my mushroom head is gripped by your stretched wide anal ring, then you feel me shift forwards again sawing my cock into your pain filled ass as you cry out at the feel of your impalement.

Again I drive my cock into you loving the feel of this tight hot sheath for my member, the sensation of your ass gripping along my cock-length making my desire take me now, I begin then to fuck your tight ass your cheeks spread by hard thick cock-shaft again and gain , the pain beginning to numb , then surprise on your face as you begin to feel a strange pleasure, friction and release of your will to my hard driving cock allow it and I smile knowing my slave is now enjoying having her tight as fucked by her Master, as she groans now , not in pain but hot lust as my cock begins to fuck in and out harder and harder till I am now thrusting my cock-shaft hard and deep. Taking her as I know I own her, “My slave, my slut, my cock-hungry little whore belongs solely to me and loves her ass filled with her Masters cock?” I whisper into your ear as my hips drive hard cock in deep between your ass-cheeks again and again and again.

Your cry of, “Yes Master!! My Master please Fuck my ass TAKE it, own me!!! As your pleasure doubles even triples as I grip your thigh at the hips loving to look at your beautiful pleasure filled face as well as see my cock disappear into that tight hot hole.

Not able to take anymore I myself cry out loud as my hot cum built-up in my frenzy of fucking your tight anal opening has brought me over , my cock expands even more with my hot bubbling seed you cry out feeling it widen that hot tight sore orifice and the thought hits you that I am going to fill your ass with my seed, your own orgasm then hits shocking you then with its intensity , never knowing you could have an anal orgasm to begin with it grips you and you scream loud and long as my hot cum spurts out of my cock-head pumping your ass full of my thick hot semen, you feel each hot load shoot deep inside your ass as you cum as well , your pussy gushing juice against my belly as you scream out in ecstasy.

I drop forwards then my hard cock still throbbing and hard inside your sore hard fucked ass, and hold you gasping out my own sounds of lust as both of our orgasms subside.

I kiss your cheeks as your tears fall both happy and sad at the loss of your self to your owner, your Master , still feeling my cock impaled within your sore ass your weakness finally takes you and both of us sleep then , me content in my ownership of you. you content in being mine fully now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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