A Girl Like Victoria

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“Hi. Victoria?” I smiled and reached my hand out to her. “I’m Jon. It sure is nice to finally meet you.”

Victoria and I met on an online dating site. We exchanged a few messages before texting back and forth. Admittedly, I fumbled through the first bits of communication. Victoria was honest and up front about being a different kind of girl. I really didn’t know how to approach her.

Normally, I come off as intelligent and witty. With her, I was a bit nervous and clumsy. I didn’t know if I was going to say the wrong thing and put her off of me. I guess she thought it was endearing because she didn’t run for the hills.

Eventually, I made it to her front door and I was there to pick her up for our first date. She stood in her doorway backlit by the entry way chandelier. Victoria was every bit of her online profile pictures. Her long hair cascaded down her long neck and over her defined shoulders. Her arms were slender and toned. The V of her black minidress led my eyes to her pertly round breasts. The fabric hugged her sides of her narrow waist before tightly wrapping her round hips.

“Ready to go?” I asked as her incredibly soft hand released the grip of my handshake. She smiled and stepped toward my Jeep as she locked up.

I walked only a step behind her. As a genuine leg and ass man, I couldn’t help by check her out. Her ass was perfect. The tight dress was a great tease. It showed each flex of her ass cheeks as her long, toned legs strode into her high heels.

“She’s too good to be true,” I thought as I watched her saunter to my truck.

I stepped ahead of her and opened the door. She looked a bit surprised, but the hat and boots are not part of some elaborate façade. I am that old-style gentleman. However, that did not stop me from watching those long and sultry legs ease into the truck seat. Then I saw the bottom of her dress hitch just enough to show off the firm definition of her ass. I had to close the door quickly and get into the driver’s seat before the front of my jeans got any tighter.

I started up the engine and we were off. My nervousness and excitement seemed to be offset by her natural ease. Somehow, her energy, good and solid energy, was calming to me.

The ride to dinner and all through dinner was a continuation of our “get to know ya” game we had already started through our texts. We talked about whatever came to mind without even addressing the elephant in the room.

Dinner led to drinks and drinks led to a trip to the local watering hole. Victoria and I walked into the large bar. There was a mixed atmosphere of country and rock. My kind of place.

Victoria strode to the bar and I was in tow. We ordered drinks and all eyes were on us. She was easily the best looking woman in the bar. So much so that I heard one patron say to another, “Lucky son of a bitch.” I couldn’t help but grin as we walked to a nearby pool table.

The rest of the date went very well. We laughed and joked to the point of flirtation. We carried on in our own little world until last call. Where had the time gone?

I closed out the tab and we were back at the truck.

Victoria was giggly, but not drunk. I was relaxed and my nervousness subsided long before walking her gaziantep escort to her front door.

Standing close to her, hoping for a goodnight kiss, she placed her palm flat on my chest. I wondered if she could feel the excitement beating inside my shirt.

“I had an awesome time tonight,” she cooed with a smile.

“Me too,” I answered with a wanting grin.

There was only a second’s pause before eye contact turned into my lips pressing to hers. It was soft against her lips and I held it for a deep second. Then I parted my lips and she did the same. Her tongue slowly danced against mine and I pulled her in tight not wanting to break apart.

I felt my lower member surge and I decided to be a gentleman still. I loosed my grip and broke the kiss.

“I better get on, ” I started but she interrupted by grabbing a fistful of my shirt.

“You want to come in?” she asked, her eyes wanting.

“Yeah, I really do,” I said confessing how horny she had made me.

I was so turned on that no part of me could lie. We returned to our kiss as we crashed through her front door. I wrapped her in my arms once again. Her breasts pressed to me and her back arched to my forearms. My groin pushed into her pelvis. My hat hit the floor and my shirt was ripped open at the buttons. My hands found the bottom of her dress and I quickly pulled it over her head.

Then she extended her arms against my chest. I stood back and stared at her glorious body. Her chest heaved with anticipation. Her beautifully full breasts rested in her black, lace bra. They looked like they were aching to pour out. I looked down to her flat abs and the way her hip bones were accentuated by the thin band of her matching thong. She was a vision.

Suddenly, she broke my stare by leaning forward and taking my nipple between her teeth. That was immediately exciting and only heightened the anticipation as she undid my belt. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans to slide them down my legs as I kicked out of my boots and socks.

Victoria was kneeling in front of me and gave my rock hard cock a nibble through my boxer briefs. “Hmm. This is nice,” she said coyly with a quick, upward stroke of her open handover the cotton prison holding my hard on. Then she stood up and kissed me once again.

This seductress was going to tease me into cumming way too early if we didn’t stop ravishing each other in the doorway.

Victoria then turned and waved a finger over her shoulder.

“Follow me,” she ordered.

“Gladly!” I answered as I watched her legs glide. She was still wearing her heels, making her legs look beyond perfect. Her long strides showed her amazing ass despite the dim hallway and I felt a bead of precum escape. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was.

I caught up to her in the hall and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind. I buried my lips into her neck and moved my hands to the clasp of her bra. I undid the hooks and used my fingertips to slide the lingerie off of her shoulders. She moaned and reached back to grope my throbbing dick while I took her nipples between my fingers. Then Victoria hooked her thumbs into the top of my underwear and helped me shed the last thing I was wearing. babelan.net

Naked and behind her, I pressed my hips forward. My cock rested against the lace material in the cleft of her ass. it felt amazing.

My hands naturally began to wander. I moved my hands lower over her flat stomach. I felt the top of her panties against my fingers and she begged in a whisper, “Jon…”

She didn’t need to say anything. I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting into but I was ready to try.

My hand moved lower and she allowed her legs to slightly part. I reached lower and felt her shift. The flat front of her thong became a thick bulge. Then I rubbed until the thick bulge grew into a hard lump that rivaled my own. Everything about it felt so wrong, so taboo, so fucking exciting.

“Fuck!” she bellowed into the hallway. Then she wrapped her hand rearward to my backside. She gave me a playfully hard swat on my ass and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom… now!”

I chuckled and followed her into her room. We didn’t bother turning down the bed. I just shoved her onto the king sized mattress. She landed on her back with her knees up and legs spread wide. I laid down on top of her. My lips locked against her painted mouth. Her tits raised and lowered with her panting breaths. She wasn’t sure what I was willing to do during my first experience with a girl like Victoria. Go for broke.

I kissed down her neck, then to her breasts, then her stomach. Her cock sliding up the center of my body was a completely foreign feeling, but it urged me to continue.

I lowered myself a bit more until my lips were even with her cock head. My heart thumped. Then I pressed my lips to her through the lace of her panties. The material, sheer and sexy, was soaked with precum. I could immediately taste her salty sweetness.

I grabbed the sides of her thong. She lifted her ass off of the bed as I tugged her panties down her long legs and free from her body. I tossed them aside and returned to my previous position. Hesitation and inhibitions were gone as I wrapped a tight fist around the base of her hard on. I tugged it upward and lowered my mouth to her. Her wide tip parted my lips.

I began slowly having never done this before. I wasn’t sure how to go about giving head, but I knew exactly how I liked to have my cock sucked. I tried to duplicate the motions and I must have been doing it well. I heard Victoria moan and her hips began to gyrate as if she wanted to fuck my mouth.

Feeling her excitement grow, I shifted my body further onto the bed. I let her cock turn inside my mouth as I swiveled my lower half. The length of my body lay next to hers and she quickly took my cock into her mouth.

It was so warm and wet that I almost came instantly. With a little restraint, I was able to thwart my orgasm.

I was so engulfed with our sixty-nine that I didn’t hear a bottle of lube pop open amid the moaning and slurping sounds that filled the room. I suddenly felt a cool, wet finger push into my ass. When I didn’t resist, I felt another. I let Victoria’s saliva-soaked cock plop from my mouth and I asked, “Are you trying to make me cum already?”

She just moaned as she pushed all the way down until I hit the back of her throat and her fingers went in to her knuckles. Then I moaned and soaked my fingers with my spit and her precum. I did my best to return the favor, but I gagged every time she touched my tonsils. I felt my hard on jerk free from Victoria’s mouth and she moaned, “My god! I’m about to cum!” I immediately stopped sucking and froze my fingers still.

“What are you doing? What’s wrong?” she asked achingly. “Nervous?” she asked in a concerned voice about me receiving my first cum load.

“No… ” I started. “I don’t want you to cum yet.”

“Why not?” she seemed to whine in the need for relief.

Then I said aloud something that even surprised me. “I want you inside me.”

“Really?!?” she squealed, not able to hold her excitement.

I didn’t even answer in the affirmative before she was up and standing at the edge of the bed. I watched as she reached into her nightstand. She returned with the familiar gold package of a Magnum condom and tore the package open. I watched with anticipation as she pinched the tip and rolled the protecting sleeve down her long shaft.

I suddenly felt the nervousness that I imagine so many women had felt watching me do the same thing. “Fuck, that thing is big, ” I thought as Victoria grabbed my legs and rolled me over onto my stomach.

She moved onto the bed behind me and straddled me legs. Then I heard the bottle of lube open once more before I felt a thick dollop being worked into my ass.

“Are you ready?” she whispered into my ear as she tucked her hands under my shoulders.

“Yes,” I answered nervously and nearly trembling.

“Are you sure?” she teased as I felt the broadness of her latex-covered tip pushing at my rim.

“Please… please fuck me,” I begged as her head moved in past my muscular reflex.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled as she pushed the fist inch into me. Then she pulled back and let me relax before moving in again.

Inch by hard inch, she disappeared into me until I felt the full breadth of her hips against my ass.

“Oooh, good boy. You took it all,” she teased with a hot breath on my neck. Then she withdrew nearly to the end and returned with a hard smack of her hips against my ass.

Within seconds, she was pulling out and pushing in with growing force. I felt every swollen vein of her cock shove into the ridges of my ass.

Her every thrust forced my hard on into the softness of her bedspread until I moaned, “I’m going to cum!”

“Good. Cum for me,” she ordered as she continued to pump into me. Then she hastened her pace as she felt my ass clench. She knew that I was exploding with delight as stream after thick stream poured out of my cock. It was so intense that I couldn’t stand it. My hands gripped the sheets and I buried my face into the pillows as she continued to pound my ass, forcing my orgasm to continue.

Suddenly, I felt her cock get even harder. It swelled and pulsated inside me. The warm, full feeling of her in my ass suddenly became hot as she pumped her load into the condom.

My ass clenched and released as if my orgasm never subsided and as if my hole was trying to milk her for ever drop she had to give.

Out of breath and panting, she pulled out of me and I heard the condom being snapped clear. Then she lay back down on top of me.

“That was amazing,” she said with a huff.

“Yeah it was,” I agreed. “I can’t wait for round two.”

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