Younger Brother’s Japanese Friend

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It all started when my brothers friend came over to our house. I’m Blake and am 23 years old, gay and 5 foot 7 inches with an athletic toned build, blue eyes and short blonde hair. My brother Trent is 19 years old and we had both moved to a new city awhile back and decided to live together. I am an out of the closet gay and he is straight.

I was going out to a friend’s bucks night and Trent said that he would be staying in and might have his friend Justin over for some drinks and to play Nintendo Switch. Justin was my brothers Japanese friend, he had come over a few times to play Nintendo with Trent as they both geeked out on Mario Kart and Pokémon. I got the feeling that he was gay but he never mentioned anything to me about his sexuality and Trent hadn’t mentioned anything about him either. He had always been fairly shy when he was over at our place and kept to playing Nintendo with Trent.

Justin was also 19 years old, studied with Trent at university and had a slimmer build from what I could tell but was the same height as me at 5 foot 7 inches. He had brown eyes and black hair that went just past his neck.

As I left Trent jokingly said to me not to have too wild a night at my friends gay bucks party. I told him I couldn’t make any promises and laughed as I left.

Later that evening

The night was wild and after one too many drinks I decided to head back home close to 2am. As I stumbled slightly through the door all the lights were off so I presumed that Trent had gone to bed and that Justin must have gone home and not stayed the night, in the past when he had stayed the night he slept on the couch.

I walked to the living room and sat on the couch deciding to put on some porn and jerk off, I was super horny from the bucks party. As I started watching a video of a threesome with a white guy being spit-roasted by two black guys with big dicks I was startled as Justin suddenly appeared out of the hallway and had walked into the living room.

Seeing him walk in I was quick to hide my cock back into my pants and pause the video. Justin was grinning at me and said ‘Oh sorry Blake, I didn’t mean to startle you, keep watching if you like. I couldn’t sleep and came out to get a drink, didn’t think I’d be getting an eye full of you though.’

He then proceeded to sit on the chair across from me and pressed play on the video as it showed the white guy once again being fucked in the face and ass by two black studs. I looked across at Justin, he had said more to me in those sentences then he ever had before. Composing myself I looked over to him and said ‘I had no idea you were still here, sorry Justin. I wouldn’t have started jerking off in the open if I had know.’

Justin replied, ‘Don’t worry Blake, I’m glad you did, meant I got to see your dick. It’s impressive.’

I was shocked and a little turned on by Justin’s comments and replied ‘I didn’t know you were gay but thank you I am proud of my 6 inches.’

Justin smiled ‘I haven’t told many people but I knew you were gay and Trent said you would be back late from the bucks party so I thought I’d wait up to speak with you.’

‘Oh really, is that right and what did you want to speak about?’ I said, intrigued by Justin wanting to wait for me.

Justin then asked me all about the bucks party and how it was and what me and my friends had done. I told him all about it and how wild it was and that the groom to be had found himself in a situation just like we were watching on screen but I hadn’t gotten involved hence me jerking off on the couch now.

Justin was intrigued by this and asked me, ‘So is it just black guys you want to be fucked by or do you like Asians too?’ As he Ümraniye Escort said this he reached down and pulled out his own cock and I was shocked to see that his was larger than mine and thicker. He was holding his hard 7 inch Japanese cock.

I was staring at his cock and said ‘Wow Justin, you’ve got a big dick, didn’t think you would be packing something that big. It’s nice!’

He smirked at me and said ‘Hey, you said they played the whipped cream game at the bucks party, did you get to have a go?’

I told him no wondering what he was getting at and then he stood up taking off his pants and briefs and walked back half naked to the kitchen. I admired his cock as it wobbled with each step he took and his ass as he turned down the hallway. His legs were like mine and had no hair at all and I also noticed they were more muscular and athletic than I had realised. I thought to myself, oh my god is my younger brothers geeky Japanese friend hot!

Seconds later Justin was back holding a canister of whipped cream. He looked at me and said, ‘Well now’s your chance to play huh.’ He then proceeded to squirt the whipped cream along the length of his now raging hard 7 inch Japanese cock.

I was sitting on the couch still shocked at what was happening but also turned on, I had never thought of my younger brothers Japanese friend Justin as being a dominant top. I thought he could be gay but had presumed he would be a bottom but here he was standing before me taking on the alpha role and offering me his whipped cream covered dick.

Justin stepped across the living room to where I was sitting and I watched as his whipped cream covered cock wobbled with each step as he got closer and closer to me. He stood in front of me, his cock at my eye line and inches from my face and simply said, ‘Go ahead. Have a taste.’ And he inched his whipped cream covered cock to my mouth.

I looked up at Justin as he moved his hips forward and was now towering over me and then back down locking my eyes to his 7 inch whipped cream covered cock. My lips parted instinctively and I opened my mouth as I tilted forward and placed my lips around the head of Justin’s cock.

Slurping sounds filled the room and I started to lick and suck the whipped cream off the head of his cock and then work my mouth further down his shaft. Justin had by now placed his hands onto my head and was busy working more of his dick down my throat.

Holding his cock steady in my mouth he looked down at me as my eyes met his saying, ‘Ohhhh yeah you’re a hungry bitch aren’t you Blake? Yeahhhhh that’s it enjoy my Japanese meat, it’s tasty with the whipped cream right? Don’t miss any.’

I was shocked as I had never heard Justin speak like this before, he was always so quiet but I was turned on by his commands and worked more of his cock down my throat as I sucked the remaining cream and began to deep throat his 7 inch Japanese cock.

As I deep throated Justin he moaned in pleasure, my nose now touching his pelvis and chin pressing against his large balls. He then began to guide my head with his hands up and down the length of his shaft. Working his hips forward and back as he went and starting to face fuck me while I was sitting on the couch and he standing before me holding my head firmly.

I was moaning onto his dick as I sucked him and Justin was moaning too as he pulled off his top now standing completely naked in the living room. As I sucked his cock I looked up admiring his hairless toned chest and six pack abs. He was slim but had been hiding a muscular physique underneath his clothes. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back, his cock falling from my lips Şerifali Escort as he then reached down and pulled off my top.

Justin then pushed me down onto my back on the couch and grabbed the waistband of my pants pulling them from me and leaving me lying naked on my back. I was excited by his advances and dominance and my cock was rock hard at its full 6 inches.

He knelt onto the couch positioning himself between my legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. He then lifted his hand and had a bottle of lube which he must have brought along with him and squirted his cock and then my ass with the lube.

‘Ready for my cock Blake? Want me to fuck your ass with my Japanese dick or is it just black dick you want?’ He started to press the head of his cock against my hole and then remove it over and over teasing my hole with his dick.

This was driving me mad and I was now desperate for him to fuck me, ‘Yes! Fuck me Justin, I want you to fuck me with you Japanese dick!’

Justin grinned down at me as he once again lined up the head of his cock with my ass hole. ‘I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time Blake, ever since I first came over and saw you walking around in that pair of tight gym shorts that showed off your perfect bubble butt.’ He then thrust his hips forward and the head and first 3 inches of his cock entered my ass.

I groaned out as Justin’s cock was now inside me and he held steady as he moaned in pleasure at having his cock finally inside my tight ass. ‘I might be only 19 Blake but I’ll show you that Asian’s can fuck better than anyone. I’m making you mine tonight and from now on when I’m over you’re going to be my personal cock slut.’ He was piston fucking me with the first 3 inches of his cock as he told me this and I was in sexual ecstasy.

I needed to have the rest of his dick inside me and was begging him for it, ‘Ohhh fuck Justin that feels so good! Give me all off your cock, you can fuck me anytime. Just take me now and fuck me with your Japanese spear!’

Justin seemed to be taken at first by my response but then grinned at me, ‘I knew you wanted my dick Blake and you’re going to get it. Your ass is perfect for my cock and this Japanese boy is going to make you his white bitch.’

He thrust forward with power going balls deep into my ass and grinding his cock deep inside me. We were both moaning in pleasure and as Justin started to fuck me in long slow strokes he said, ‘Try not to moan too loudly Blake, we don’t want to wake Trent. Imagine if he came in and saw his shy Japanese friend fucking his older brother.’

Justin shifted his hands from holding my legs on his shoulders to either side of my ass giving him more control of our fuck as he continued to slam his cock forward and back into my ass. I lay beneath him on my back enjoying the feeling of my ass being filled with his cock.

With each thrust forward Justin would grind his pelvis against mine pressing his cock against my g-spot and driving me wild beneath him. He was enjoying the power he had over me and the impact of his cock. ‘Ohhhh Blake your ass feels so incredible around my cock, I can’t believe I waited till now to make my move on you. If I’d know you were a bottom boy I would have made you mine long ago.’

I was moaning below him as I looked up into his eyes getting lost in them as he starred down at me deeply, watching my facial reactions as he fucked me. I managed to compose myself for a moment and between groans of pleasure said, ‘Ohhhhh fuckkk Justin, you’re incredible! Ohhhh it feels so good, I didn’t know you were such an alpha and would be able to fuck this good!’

Justin was pleased by Bostancı Escort my response and it gave him even more confidence to take control of my body as he leaned forward with his cock balls deep in my ass and pressed his lips against mine. His lips were soft but firm and I opened my mouth and kissed him back, our tongues colliding with one another as we began to passionately make out while Justin fucked me deep with his 7 inch thick Japanese cock.

We had both worked up a sweat and my own 6 inch cock was throbbing as Justin’s abs pressed against it with each of his thrusts. I felt I couldn’t hold out any longer and moaned deeply into Justin’s mouth as my cock began to shoot load after load of cum onto both our stomachs.

Feeling me getting fucked to completion, Justin broke off our kiss as he lifted himself off my stomach while keeping his cock in my ass and then placed his hands onto my hips again and began to pound my ass harder and faster.

He was breathing heavily and the sweat was dripping down his chest as I looked up at him and he let out a loud groan and yelled out, ‘Ohhhhh fuckkkk I’m cumming! Ohhhh shit here it comes for you Blake, ohhhhh fuck!’

As he pressed his cock balls deep into my ass I felt his load begin to fill me as his cock continued to pulse releasing load after load of his cum into my ass. Justin held himself steady as he finished cumming and regained his breath. ‘Oh my god that was insane Blake, your such a great lay, we have to do that again!’

I could only agree with him, it had been an incredible fuck and I felt so good after it. As I regained my own breath I looked up into Justin’s eyes, ‘Fuck Justin that’s the best sex I’ve had in a long time. I can’t wait for us to do this again.’

With his cock softening but still in my ass Justin leaned forward grinning down at me and kissed me. I kissed him back again and then we heard a noise in the hallway. Justin lifted his head from my face and we both looked up and to the entrance of the living room. Standing there in his sweat pants was Trent seeing me and his friend both naked on the couch with me on my back and Justin on top of me, his cock still in my ass.

Trent: ‘What the fuck are you two doing?’

Me: ‘Oh uh hey Trent, did we wake you up?’

Trent: ‘Yeah you did! You know how loud you’ve both been? And Justin, I didn’t know you were gay.’

Me: ‘Sorry about that, I was horny from the bucks party and Justin found me jerking off and we decided to help each other out.’

Justin: ‘Sorry Trent, I know he’s your brother and he’s supposed to be out of bounds to your friends but I was desperate for his ass and as you can see he was desperate for my cock too.’

Trent: ‘Uh yeah I can see! Your dicks still inside him Justin. Well nice to see that you’re both comfortable here so don’t let me stop you. Just try to keep it down and maybe wipe the couch when you’re done. That is where we play Nintendo after all.’

Justin: ‘Sure thing bro.’

Me: ‘Thanks Trent, see you in the morning. We’ll keep it down now.’

Trent then left the room and we heard his bedroom door close. I looked up at Justin and he was looking back at me. We both grinned trying not to laugh at what had just happened. Being busted by my younger brother but we couldn’t and as Justin slipped his cock out of my ass we both laughed.

I sat up and Justin sat next to me as I placed my arm around his shoulder. ‘That was the best Justin and for the record I always thought of you as a hottie but I had no idea just how hot!’

Justin grinned at me and said, ‘I’m glad cause I’ve always liked you too.’

I leant in and kissed him again, ‘Do you want to come back to my room? We can get some rest before morning and then maybe if you want to we can go for breakfast?’

Justin smiled back at me, ‘I’d like that Blake.’

We both got up and grabbed our clothes and as Justin stood in the hallway I quickly wiped down the couch and walked to Justin, leading him to my bedroom.

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