Danny to Danielle – Beverly Awakened Pt. 02

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Chapter 4

I read her note. They were all coming here- Beverly and her new girlfriends- and men. The man she was with, and others. Then a pic from her showed up. It was of her, the large earrings, and Maurice, kissing her neck.

I had opened Pandora’s Box and both she and I were now deep within its confines. Was there any way out? Would she want out, even if offered escape? Stressed! I reached for the joint and finished it, holding the intoxicating smoke deep in my lungs. I needed the stress and fears to leave, permanently.

I completed my unanticipated shopping trip in a mere 34 minutes. Yes, I found her the earrings she wanted and the lipstick and, when I asked the cashier for the VS120s I knew she wouldn’t have believed me if I had said it’s all not for me. Back home, I tidied up a bit and put out an ice bucket as well as fine glasses. I also put some ashtrays out and lit candles about to add to the ambiance. After putting some nice R&B on, I went into the bedroom to clear the bed of her lingerie. I looked again at the boring dress she had initially chosen to wear, and then the text pic of her as she now presented herself and I felt so turned on. . I felt turned on and … proud of her. I knew I would have to sort that viewpoint at some point in the future- but not now.

Returning to the living room, I poured myself a cocktail and waited for their arrival. I found a little more weed and finished that off. I was committed to living in the moment- to enjoy everything that had happened and to enjoy everything that was coming up.. I giggled as I thought of the word “coming”.

About 40 minutes later, I saw headlights approach and then a Lincoln pull up to the front door. I saw the ladies in the back, two sitting on the laps of men. In the front passenger seat was Beverly; Maurice opened his door and I could see her as she freshened her lipstick. Maurice looked at me and smiled. I nodded gently and said hello and welcome to our home.

Yvonne approached me first with a tight embrace and then a wet kiss on my neck and ear. She then reached down to caress me which prompted my cock to respond. Her touch through my tight yoga pants was electric. Tanya and Sasha then came up to me and in similar fashion caressed my breasts and ass, each whispering to me about how the night has been wild and there’s much more to come. The scent of perfume and alcohol and weed filled the air around me as they circled me, each taking a turn in touching me. Under any .. EVERY other scenario, Beverly would have been furious and demanding that I move away. Here, tonight, she was just watching, inhaling deeply on a VS120 which Maurice lighted, the long cigarette now resting gracefully in her hand, her eyes filled with wild desires.

The men were watching all of this as well. Tanya then stepped close to me, and, looking me directly in the eyes, said “Honey, you know your wife will never be who she was a few hours ago, right? She’s ours now” as she caressed my growing erection. “You know this is all your doing, right sweetie? Maybe you can get us all to leave right now.. if you really wanted to make a big scene and all. But look at her. Look at how happy she is. You ever see her like that any time lately? Be honest, siss. She had a chance to see herself so differently- and she loves it. You gonna take that away from her now? Do you think you could, even if you tried?”

I didn’t expect Tanya to be so blunt, to be so aware of what was unfolding and developing and how my relationship with Beverly had evolved. I thought she would have just laughed or been subtle or not said anything- but here it was, the hard facts, a reality gut-punch. A few times before, I had the option to watch and enjoy or butt in and ruin everything. Well, you can guess which one I typically did and the remorse and frustration that then haunted me.

For example, when we were dating in college, I had broken up with her for some forgotten reason. She was working for a small company doing data entry work and would usually get done around 9pm. Though we were now officially not a couple, I decided to stop by and just say hi. I parked and watched, waiting- not a stalker, truly- I had been out with a buddy and we had a few beers before he went home. I was just out and about and as a (stupid) calling card, I left an empty Corona bottle on her car hood. Sitting back in my car, I finally saw her walking out from the office, and she was in the company of a young man, about our age. He was walking close to her; I thought it was nice that he would escort her out for her safety, that is, until I saw him put his arm around her waist. I watched.

They got to her car and she noticed the beer bottle. She didn’t bother to look around or she would have noticed my car. They continued to talk and he was now holding her hand. She did nothing to avoid him. He then moved closer and pulled her to him and she did nothing to avoid him. And then he leaned over and kissed her… and she kissed him back.

It was THEN that stupid me had to sound bursa escort off. Instead of watching and seeing what she would do, and instead of recognizing that I was turned on, aroused.. I had to make a noise and disrupt them, interfere with her desires and ruin the night for them. All these years later, I still look back with anger towards myself for being so clueless.


My memories of this and a few other situations raced through my mind, vividly and without compassion for how stupid I was. Every emotion, every option in my brain said “Don’t screw this up!!” I glanced over at Beverly; Maurice was holding her hand as he smoked a joint, which he then placed to her lips. I saw her inhale and hold the potent smoke in. The cool night air was filled with the tempting scent; a chance for second hand smoke? If only.

Fortunately, the weed and cocktails I had just a short time earlier were now melded with my mindset to dismiss my inhibitions and petty fears and anxiety. While, any other time, Tanya’s direct and abrupt statement to me would have made me cower and end whatever was under way, this time I felt comfort and peace- pleasure, a warm, unfolding eruption of erotic pleasure as I looked at everyone and then specifically at Beverly.

“Hi; shall we go inside? I have drinks all ready for you all as Beverly had ordered,” I said, knowing that I had made the correct choice. Tanya put her arm around my waist as Sasha held my hand and each whispered into my ears that I knew this was the right decision and to now just enjoy and accept. The cool air, or perhaps all that was unfolding before me, sent a shiver through my body. The ladies felt that and moved closer to me, each holding one of my ass cheeks firmly.

I guided everyone to the family room as it afforded the most seating- two large couches and a love seat as well as a high back chair. I had youtube on showing 70s Soul Train videos, the music filling the room, the images of Black Men dancing, the beat of sensuous erotic movements flashing on the large TV screen. On the center table were the packs of VS120s, a couple pink Bic lighters and several ashtrays. Off at the bar, I had set up the glasses and ice bucket along with mixers and a bottle of very fine Cognac with 6 snifters. After taking orders for cocktails and serving everyone, I excused myself for a moment to go to the bedroom and freshen up- and to take a moment to prepare myself. I looked around for my weed and pipe but couldn’t find it- damn… I looked in the mirror and felt flushed- so much to take in. I could hear their laughter down the hallway as they all settled in and became comfortable. The scent of weed began to drift towards me and Beverly was correct in stating that it was very potent.

From a distance, I heard the click of heels, the giggle of the women as they went to the bathroom. Yvonne then came into the bedroom and saw me. “Honey, you OK? Whacha doin in here by yer lonesome? We missin you shugah,” she said, as she walked up to me. She then looked into the mirror and played with her shoulder length hair, adjusted her top and then took some perfume and spritzed herself. Looking at me, then, she sprayed some on my neck. “Wanna make you smell pretty,” she said softly as she then took the mascara and said “Come closer, let me pretty you up as well”.

I did as directed and looked at her as she applied the mascara and then a soft pink lip gloss. “Now, don’t you worry none. Miss Yvonne is here with you; I’m gonna be right by yo side as long as you want, shugah,” she said with true sincerity. I felt safe and protected; she finished with a few subtle applications of Beverly’s makeup to my face and with that, she took my hand and said “Now, let’s go see to our guests, baby, and I wanna see what everyone’s up to, donchU?”

We walked down the hallway just as Sasha, Tanya and Beverly exited the bathroom. Beverly saw me, the first chance we both were near each other since she had returned, and she put her arms around my neck, pulling me to her. “Hi baby. You don’t mind that I’ve been out and havin fun, do you?” she asked as she put her lips to mine. I could taste the alcohol, weed and cigarette smoke on her tongue. “You know you’re still my honey” she continued as she reached down and caressed my ass, encased in my yoga pants. She saw that I was still wearing her black body stocking, sheer but not diaphanous. “Why don’t you take those yoga pants off… here, let me help you” as she showed me that her request was actually an order.

I stepped out of the tight pants and my erection was quite visible. She then pulled my top off and there I was, fully exposed in the sheer outfit. “Tuck your lil thing down, now, baby, it’s a bit too obvious, doncha think?” she said as she gave me a full kiss, her tongue pressing hard into my mouth. “O look, now we have to go fix our lip gloss” she said with a wanton smile.

Here, put some of this one on” she directed as she reached into her small purse and applied a new color of lip gloss to my lips, then put her dark pink lipstick on hers.

“Much better, and now you’re gonna meet the men” she finished as she took my hand and led me back to the gathering.

“Maurice darling.. and my men, I know you saw pics of Danny but I want to now have him say hello to you all in person” and with that she had led me to meet each of the men, and then had me turn and say hello to the women, having me bend over, showing off my sheer-encased round ass to all as she had me give each a hug.

I saw that the only seat left was next to Yvonne on the love seat. I noticed that the men had made another round of cocktails so I took my seat and sipped on my drink. I looked at Yvonne and noticed her watching me as I sipped my drink.

“What?” I asked her. “Is something wrong?”

Yvonne then smiled wickedly. “Baby, nothing wrong. I just gave you a lil bit of that powder that Beverly had earlier. You feel it yet? Gonna help you relax a ho lot,” she said, leaning to me, bringing the drink to my lips. “Suck it down, Danny. Suck it down.”

I did as directed and sat at the edge of the couch. Anxious, unsure of what the powder was but remembering how just a small amount earlier had made me feel quite uninhibited and how the two laced-drinks Beverly had earlier had really made her wild and free.

“Light me a cigarette, hon. And I wanna see you smoking one too” Yvonne ordered. I did as directed. I then saw my pink lip gloss marks on the tip of my VS120 and realized how much lip gloss Beverly had put on me; how much pink lip gloss was visible to everyone there. Yvonne touched my thigh and said “You don’t worry none, sweetie. You just give in.. and enjoy.” I don’t think I had any choices; I felt light headed but fully awake and my body tingled with the pleasure sensations of what seemed like a million little touches.

“Honey,” Beverly called out. I was pretty certain she was speaking to me. “Danny, love, get me a glass of sparkling water and come on over here. I wanna tell you somethin.”

“Hand me a cigarette too while you’re up.” I did as directed.

As I stood next to the couch, she looked up at me and smiled. “You’re so sweet, baby,” she said, loudly enough for all to hear. She then stood up, and she subconsciously tried to pull her dress down but then stopped, knowing that the bottom of her round ass was visible. She continued, taking a puff of her cigarette and then put it to my lips. Maurice then touched her thigh and handed her the large joint they were smoking. She took a deep hit and then put that to my lips as well. “Try this, it’s so fucking good. I hope you don’t mind, I bought an ounce from Maurice and told him to keep me supplied with that much every month. I so fucking love getting high like this, baby.”

I looked at her and continued to be surprised. Where I thought this might be a one night thing, the fact that she intended to buy more, every month, to see Maurice, every month (or more?) made me tingle.. with fear and with delight. Unsolicited erotic thoughts ran through my mind, the powder taking effect on me, images of all I had fantasized coming to life. I looked at her and then to the group, and then back to her. She took another hit of the joint and then, with her high heels, almost face to face with me, moved and kissed me deeply, a kiss not of romance or love but of lust and desire. I felt her sharing the intoxicating smoke with me and balanced myself to breathe slowly.

“Baby.. honey,” she said, “you know, you’ve been telling me how I should go out and show off and have fun. All these years, you’ve been saying that and I just didn’t listen. I didn’t think I was sexy or attractive enough. Or that men- that men might actually come on to me. And then what? I was scared,” the emotion in her voice powerful. I touched her hand, sensing her state of being.

Then Maurice called to her. “Hey baby. Jerome has a lil something for you.. and Danny too. Here, take a lil…” he said, pulling her away from me to sit. She turned, finding a long line of coke on one of the plates. “Just like earlier, go on lover, and get your cutie over here, I’m sure he’d want to feel just like you did.” He looked at me with a large, evil smile.

Beverly saw it, then looked at me and pulled me to my knees. “Come on Danny. You always told me to drop my fears and inhibitions. Well.. you’re not afraid, are you?” she said as she took the $100 bill that Maurice had rolled into a straw. She leaned over as Maurice caressed her now fully exposed round ass and began to snort ½ of the line.

Taking a moment to inhale and breathe, she then held the straw to me and said “Go on. Do it. Just slow and .. slow” She then giggled and sat on Maurice’s lap, his hand resting at the top most of her very exposed thigh.

I did as told. I had never done coke before; in fact, weed and booze were the only things I had ever done, until now. I wasn’t sure how it would feel but I saw that she didn’t cough or anything so I did as she had done. I felt the powder drifting up slowly into my nasal görükle escort bayan cavity and held my breath. Within 30 seconds, I felt such a rush, so different than the weed or alcohol, or even the powder, though that was close. I felt Beverly’s hand on my ass and her voice of encouragement.

“Nice, baby. That’s the way,” she said, lust filling her otherwise caring tone. “Now… I need to confess something to you.” She pulled me to sit close to her as she adjusted back to the middle of me and Maurice, who had moved to the end of the couch. He moved to give me some room as Beverly sat, turning slightly to face me.

As we were in the corner, the rest of her new friends were able to watch this unfold without obstruction. Still, I noticed that he kept his hand on her thigh, caressing her as she spoke to me (and everyone). And I noticed that the rest of her friends had become a bit quiet, Jerome quietly making another round of drinks as Sasha and Tanya smoked another joint.

Beverly took my hand and with hers on top, rested both on her other thigh. And then she continued as she put her free hand on my tightly covered crotch, my cock feeling strained as the intensity of the setting grew.

“Danny. You remember .. that night? You know.. that night.. long ago, when I came home late?” she asked as she looked into my eyes. “How you asked me so many questions, wondering about what had gone on that evening…” she looked at me then at the others. The women were watching closely as well, and I noticed Tanya licking her lips, now sitting close to Jerome. “I know you wanted to know all that went on… who I was with, if he kissed me… touched me…” she continued watching me and her girlfriends.

I noticed she was looking to Yvonne, who was smiling at her and motioning for her to go on. It seemed like they had discussed something earlier and Beverly was now just carrying out whatever she committed to disclose. “Well…” she said as she placed her finger to her tongue and then dabbled it into the remaining small pile of cocaine. She took the wetted powder and coated her lips, then leaned over and kissed me. “Well… you remember how you slid your soft finger into my wet, wet pussy and wanted to lick it? That you said you wanted to see if he had fucked me?” she whispered in a rough, notable voice. She looked at me and then Yvonne and then everyone else.

Yvonne let out a soft moan as I saw that she was touching herself. I looked at her, she smiled back and licked her lips. I looked at the others, the candlelight glowing, adding an otherworldly appearance to them. Youtube had cycled to a video of Sylvester dancing in his wild wanton way, which just added to the sexual tension forming before me.

“Do you remember how you begged me to let you eat me? What would you have done if … if… that warm nectar was what you suspected?” she asked. She stared at me. I looked at her then Yvonne for guidance. That didn’t help much- not at all.

Beverly then reached between her legs, her pantyhose already ripped open. She slid her fingertip into her wetness then onto the plate of cocaine and slid it along my lips. She looked at me, watching how I would respond. The scent of sex was strong, the drugs sending tingles through my body. A wanton woman was now before me, erotic, wild, uncensored. She slid her finger deep into her pussy several times, and each time brought it to her lips, licking it fully. She then leaned forward and kissed me deeply, her hand behind my head, holding me. She looked at me and then stood up, moving up onto me.

“Eat me, baby,” she said, loudly. “Taste me… taste all the delicious cum … is it all just me? You want to know, you need to know. I WANT you to know. Did I get fucked? Did I take a cock deep in me? Am I full of Cock cum? Taste me.. eat and lick me” she ordered, her face flush with lust and primal passion.

“What do you taste? Do you want more, baby?” she asked as she grinded her bare pussy into my face.

“You remember that last time- the first time, honey? How you wondered and wanted to know?” she asked as our eyes met, me looking up at her.

Then she whispered loudly “I did. I got drunk right that evening right after we all went out and I started making out with one of the guys. He was sitting next to me and we started touching, then kissing- everyone saw. We did a couple shots of tequila and then went out to the back patio and he started kissing me and I wanted his cock. I felt so fucking hot and wanted to fuck. I wanted Cock so badly, baby. I wanted to suck and fuck .. to fuck hard and suck on a big thick cock”.

She looked at me somewhat like she had years ago, wondering if I would be upset. She continued to press her drenched, bare pussy into my face and then continued telling me, and everyone, what then happened. “We moved to the back of the patio and it was early, no one was there. He unzipped his pants and I caressed his cock and then he told me to suck his cock and I did. God, I didn’t enjoy sucking your cock but when I felt and touched his cock- I loved sucking his cock and he came so hard, filling my mouth,” she said, her eyes closed, it was obvious that she was reliving those moments.

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