First Meeting

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We’ve been chatting, instant messaging, and talking computer to computer for a year or longer. For the past month we’ve been planning our first meeting and making arrangements. I have sent you my toys ahead of time. You have booked a suite in the best hotel. Our “List of Rules” has been edited and re-edited, and we both know what to expect. I have a cover story that I’m going to a writers’ conference.

Life is an adventure and we have chosen to participate. It has taken us a long time to accept the fact that our lust will not be denied. We will let it burn brightly and warm us, hoping that we can continue our normal lives and not hurt the ones we love. To go through life not experiencing what we crave is simply not acceptable. I have to give up living safely in order to live fully. I have to know what it is like to submerge myself in my passions, and count on my ability to not let it consume me.

From the time of my sexual awakening I have been aware of my need to be dominated. I long to give up control. I sense that my greatest pleasure will come when that happens. Fate has put me in contact with a man who understands me and whom I can trust to take me and use me without hurting me.

The day arrives; my husband takes me to the airport and sees me off. I tell him I will see him after the weekend. I arrive at Los Angeles airport late in the afternoon. It’s been a long flight from Tucson Arizona, more tedious than anything else. You are waiting for me at passenger arrival.

You are dressed in black slacks, with a long sleeve maroon dress shirt. I think you are handsome, with piercing blue eyes that seem strong and gentle at the same time. You are holding a white jewelry box.

I go directly to you with my carryon bag. You smile at me and hand me the box. I put my bag on the floor and with a trembling hand I open the box. Inside is a beautiful silver necklace. It is thick with small silver leaves that look like ivy. But it is not delicate. The twisted silver stem that holds the leaves appears very sturdy. I look closely and see a dime-sized silver ring seemingly buried in the ivy. I know the necklace is a collar and that if I put it on I will be accepting your ownership of me. Part of our plan was for you to give me a symbolic present on my arrival. My acceptance of the present was to signify my acceptance of the rest of the plan.

I look at you and smile. “It’s nice to finally meet you,” I say. “The necklace is beautiful.”

I remove the necklace from the box and put it around my throat. The clasp in the back is large and snaps easily into place with an audible click. It is snug fit, more like a choker than a necklace. A chill goes down my spine. There’s no turning back now.

You place your hands on either side of my face and kiss me. “It’s nice to meet you too”, you say with a smile. We hug and you take my carryon bag and put an arm around my waist to hold me close. “Let’s go.”

We walk through the terminal without speaking. Both of us are happy and a little nervous too. Your car is waiting in a temporary parking area and you hold the door open Bahis Sitesi for me. Again I feel that chill as I get into your car.

You get in and turn to me. “Would you like to get something to eat or drink or do you want to head to the hotel? This will be the last time I give you a choice. From here on out, I will be making all the decisions. Do you understand?”

I nod my head, accepting your condition. “Please, Sir, may we get something to drink.” I ask you timidly. “It was a long flight and I would like to talk for a little while.” You smile confidently and tell me to relax, that we are going to have a great time.

You take me to an upscale lounge near the airport. As you help me out of the car you lean down and whisper in my ear. “Shera, did you do as I instructed you.” I nod my head yes. Your calling me “Shera” thrills me; it is the name you have chosen because it reminds you of “Scheherazade”, the slave girl who stayed alive by charming her master with fanciful stories.

“Stand still,” you order. You reach into my jacket pocket and take out my wet panties. I had removed them in the lavatory on the plane. You sniff them and put them in your pants pocket. You smile at me and usher me into the lounge, your hand is around my waist holding me close.

We are seated side by side at a corner table. A waiter comes to take our order. You order a beer for yourself and a glass of white wine for me. The waiter nods and leaves us. I wonder if he has seen the lust in my eyes.

You slide your hand along my thigh and slowly slide it up and down my leg (I’m wearing a short skirt with a black top as ordered by you). You turn to me and ask me, “What would you like to talk about, Shera.”

“I’m a little nervous, Sir”, I say. “When will we begin our adventure?”

You smile knowingly. “It’s already begun, Shera. You are wearing my gift around your lovely neck.” I gaze at you with wonder. You’ve come a long way since we began our chatting sessions. You have a more confident manner and feel more comfortable being in control. I am aroused by your attitude and feel a wetness seeping onto the top of my inner thighs.

The waiter returns with our drinks. His eyes linger on mine as if he knows. He smiles at you and gives you a thumbs up sign. Am I that obvious?

You reach into your pocket for a piece of paper. It is our list of rules. You tell me to read them aloud.

I start to read and the realization hits me that this is really happening. My life-long fantasy is going to be fulfiled. The rules are detailed and specific, and I am embarrassed reading them. My face is flushed but I keep going to the end.

Rules for First Meeting

1. John promises that safety and discretion will be observed at all times — in public and in private.

2. Birth control will not be an issue because John has had a vasectomy. STD’s will not be an issue because both parties have been tested and emailed the reports to the other

3. Once Shera accepts John’s present at the airport, John is in complete control. If Shera does not want to continue she Bahis Siteleri may use the safe word and then leave. Otherwise Shera must submit.

4. John may humiliate Shera by calling her names, in public or in private.

5. Shera will always address John as “Sir”, unless ordered otherwise.

6. John’s control includes:

       What Shera will wear or not wear in public and private.

       What Shera will eat or drink and when Shera will eat or drink.

       Ordering food and drink for Shera, except when Shera is alone.

       All activities when Shera is with him.

       Some, but not all, of Shera’s activities when she alone.

7. Shera must show respect at all times (public and private). Unless told otherwise, every sentence uttered by Shera addressed to John must include the word Sir. When in private Shera will obey all instructions without question or suffer whatever punishment John deems appropriate.

8. Shera is free to orgasm at will, but each climax must be reported to John.

9. Shera’s safe word is ‘RedRose. During punishment sessions the stop light method will be used if either party needs to adjust. Red will mean stop; yellow will mean slow down; and green will mean continue.


10. John’s cock is to be sucked clean after every ejaculation, once Shera learns to clean cock. (It is expected that Shera will learn this very fast.)

11. Before going to sleep each night, Shera will provide a titfuck. All cum landing on Shera’s face must be left until the morning. The rest must be immediately scooped up and swallowed, as training for when Shera will deep throat John and swallow all his cum.

12. In the absence of other instructions, Shera must be kneeling and prepared to suck on John’s cock or lick his balls.

13. Morning rituals: When Shera is with John she will wake before John and be ready to please. She will remove any nightclothes and lie on her side facing him. If he awakes and pinches her nipple that will be the signal that he wants her to begin his morning cock massage. She will take the head of his cock gently between her thumb and finger and rub it back and forth. With her other hand she will hold his balls and tease his ass hole. After his cock is rock hard, John may give her nipple a quick double pinch, which will be the signal that he wants her to straddle his legs and guide his cock into her pussy. She will then ride his cock up and down until he shoots his cum inside her.

When Shera is alone, she will check her pussy each morning to make sure it is shaved smooth. If so inclined she may use the special vibrator that John has bought her.

14. Afternoon rituals: When Shera is with John she will stand by as John does other activities, just in case he wants to use her. Sometimes in the afternoons John will feel the need to administer a “preemptive punishment”, which is designed to remind Shera that she is under his control. He may call her into his office and bend her over his desk for a light spanking on her bare ass. Afterwards he may fuck her from behind Canlı Bahis Sitesi or finger her pussy until she cums.

When Shera is alone she will use a “cup set” to enlarge and sensitize her nipples. Both nipples will be sucked into the cups and left there for at least ten minutes. The next time she is with John, she will tell him that her nipples have been treated and ask him if he wants to inspect them.

15. Evening rituals: When Shera is with John she will follow his lead to do whatever he wants. If John has not cum by the time he is ready to go to sleep, Shera will automatically get into position to provide a tit fuck. She will kneel naked on the floor in front of John while he is sitting on the edge of the bed. From this position she will hold her tits and squeeze John’s cock between them. She will occasionally drag her nipples across the tip of John’s cock and urge him to cum in her face. On request she will tell John in detail about her latest fantasies, holding nothing back.

When Shera is alone she will read erotic stories and generate her own erotic fantasies, making notes so that she can tell John about them.

16. Anal Sex and Enemas: It is understood that Shera’s ass belongs to John to use as he sees fit. Also, Shera must submit to enemas whenever John desires to clean her before ass play. John may administer the enemas and determine the length of time Shera must endure them, but Shera will be permitted to use the bathroom in private.

17. Swinging: There will be times when John will want to share Shera with other people, both men and women. In these cases John will always be present and will make sure safe sex is practiced. Shera will help John to recruit others to join in their games.

18. Punishments: Punishment will be corporal. For a normal infringement Shera can expect to receive 10 spanks per ass cheek, 15 on her pussy and 10 hard smacks on each tit. Blatant infringements may be punished other ways, at John’s discretion. Spankings and whippings may be delivered by hand, or by paddle, strap, whip, cane, or other implement, and will be designed to cause pain without breaking the skin. Shera may be tied down or forced to hold a position on her own. Punishment will be served for any disobedience or hesitation unless the safe word (RedRose) is used so both parties can discuss the situation.

       Agreed to:

____________________________       __________________________
       Shera                                          John

Finally I finish reading the rules, and the images have my pussy positively dripping.

“Do you understand all of rules Shera?”

I nod my head. You reach into your pocket and hand me a pen, “Sign and date it, Shera”,

I obey your command and with trembling hands I return the signed list back to you. You scribble your initials and put it in your pocket.

“All right then,” you say. “Let’s finish our drinks and get started on our adventure. We have lots to do today.”

I look into your hard eyes and signal my acceptance by briefly licking my lips. Your hand has returned to my leg under the table and is moving upward. We both know when you reach the top there will nothing between me and your fingers.

You are holding my eyes with yours as you give me my first command. “Open your legs and try not to move.”

My adventure has begun.

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