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By Literotica guidelines, all characters are 18 and over.

“Ready for a great day honey?” Roxanne’s sweet voice asked as her son opened his eyes.

Lucas groaned and rolled over, pulling the cover over his head.

“Come on Lucas,” she practically begged, “you know I worked hard to get you this internship. The least you do to show your appreciation is at least to come to work.”

Lucas nodded and swung myself out of bed. She giggled softly.

“I don’t see how you always have the most stubborn morning woods.” Roxanne said, “is there any troubles with girls son?”

“No!” Lucas immediately countered, making his mother jump back. He didn’t mean to snap at her but it was such a heavy subject he wasn’t ready to discuss.

“Oh,” his mother said, “well, I’ll go ahead and cook breakfast. And make sure you take a shower. You smell… ripe.”

Lucas waited until she was gone and got up. His cum soaked T-shirt under his bed gave the full impact of his frustration.

His mother was right. A few days before, his girlfriend had dumped him. His mother was the only woman in his life… and his primary jerk off source.

– –

Roxanne Mitchell had always been one of the few good things to happen to him. Any other mother probably would’ve given up on him. His father already had. Shortly after Roxanne had announced her pregnancy, he left home to ‘find himself’, leaving Roxanne and Lucas to depend on one another.

She had thankfully already achieved her Masters in Law, enabling her to get a job once Lucas was born. Despite her career, she had always made time for her son, taking yearly vacations and attending every school function, no matter how minute it seemed to her son. It was just the type of mother she was.

– –

It was amazing to Lucas following Mom into her office. As she walked past the desks of the paralegals and hustling secretaries, she attracted eyes from everyone she walked past.

All the male interns practically fought one another to get her a cup of coffee, their obvious bulges showing their desperation. Lucas was an intern too and he probably would’ve killed someone to get up close and personal with her humongous tits or “accidentally” grope her juicy ass.

His mother was indeed a sight. Her breasts weren’t just large, they probably even broke the barrier of gigantic. Firm and held up well without a bra. Her ass was firm as well in her professional business skirt down to her black stiletto heels.

Roxanne’s striking sky blue eyes made every man in the room practically melt with a glance along with a flip of her long red hair. Every man’s eye followed her free breasts, solely in her tight white buttoned shirt and with no bra.

Lucas assumed someone would speak ill of Mom’s blatant flaunting of her ample assets but as she always said, “If you got it, flaunt it until you lose it.”

Once they arrived at the room in the back, Lucas was amazed at the size. The room was bright and colorful, a series of leather chairs and couches basking in the light of the wide all around windows with her adjoining office facing his desk.

He sat at the desk she had been so gracious to get for him when he applied for the high school internship the firm offered. She planted a soft kiss on his cheek and said, “Just tell me if you anything sweetie.”

He nodded. “Okay mom.” She smiled at him and walked into her office. As the office had just opened for the day’s work, he fired up his laptop and began playing a game.

The door opened and in walked Suzanne Collins, Mom’s personal secretary. “Hello Lucas,” she greeted him, each step she took sent shockwaves through her 30D boobs, hardening his cock to the point of no return.

“I didn’t know you were working today.” she said, “If I had I wouldn’t have worn something so… revealing…”

He knew this was a lie. Suzanne always dressed ultra-sexy and was the biggest flirt in the office. Lucas had even overheard conversations that she had fucked the whole executive board. Twice.

This day in particular, she had a low cut sexy black top which seemed ready to release her huge boobs behind it any second. She also wore her black and white skirt stopping just short of her knees, leaving to view plenty of her hot smooth legs and black heels.

“After all,” she said, giving a flip to her long brown hair and coming to lean on his desk, “I’m not sure Mr. Sloan would approve of me turning on the help and making those ‘persistent morning woods’ linger.”

She removed one heel and began to rub it on the obvious bulge in his slacks. He realized his mother had been telling her of his problem.

“Would he Lucas?” Suzanne asked, staring at him with her beautiful brown eyes while he cast a nervous glance at his mother’s door.

She checked her watch and said, “Don’t worry, she never leaves her office until lunch. We’ve got all the time we want.”

She got on her knees and gently unfastened his pants. “Oh hello…” she said with a large smile as she exposed his fully hard dick. “That can’t be too comfortable. sex hikayeleri How about I make you feel all better…”

She pulled down her top and removed her green bra, letting her orbs spill out as he put his hands on them. “You like those baby?” she asked to which he nodded, “Good. Because I see something I like too.”

She rose up and little and placed him into her mouth as she slowly stroked him from the base. Her mouth was so hot and wet, he couldn’t help but moan out, “Oh fuck…”

“Now now,” Suzanne said as she released him, mocking the co-owner Ms. Charlotte Bennett, “there will be none of that. This is a respectable place of business.”

Lucas laughed a little and nodded before she took him back down. He was amazed at how quickly she reached his base, considering she had never blown him off, his cock at least 8 inches.

She slurped loudly as he moaned, gently moving her head faster as she sucked and licked each of his cock buried in her throat. He pinched her tits, making her moan around his cock as she picked up speed, her sounds getting louder.

“I’m cumming!!” he shouted, though trying to be a quiet as he could. She kept sucking, his cum blasting into her stomach, hot and thick. He grunted with each shot before his balls were drained. She pulled off and gave a satisfied lick to her lips.

“Delicious…” she said, “make sure you save some for my lunch.”

“Absolutely,” he replied, his head swimming as he pulled up his pants.

– –

After taking some phone calls and scheduling some court dates, Lucas got a call from the front desk to come pick up a package. Heading downstairs, he was greeted by a number of lawyers and clients who all knew him well by talking to Mom.

As he got to the downstairs lobby, a sweet voice called out to him.

“Good morning Lucas,” Patricia Johnson, the receptionist greeted him, “how are you today?”

“Just fine Patty,” he replied. She wore her hair in her usual ponytail along with her brown glasses. Her 36E bust jutted predominantly in her partially buttoned blue top and red sweater.

The 21-year-old college student never failed to turn him on. When he was 15, she had been his babysitter. She was hot then and nothing had changed.

She stood and leaned over her desk toward him. “What can I do for you today handsome?”

“I’m hear to pick up up a package for Mom,” Lucas replied and she handed him a box before having him sign off for it.

After he thanked her and turned to leave she asked, “Wait Lucas, don’t you have a package for me?”

He thought, “No, not that I recall…”

“Oh come on Lucas,” she begged, “my pussy has been wet for you since I heard you had came today. And my break starts… now.” She turned the sign to “Back In 30 Minutes.”

In the empty break room, she got out usual spot by the window after locking the door. She licked her lips as he exposed his cock to her while she further unbuttoned her shirt.

“That sure looks tasty…” she whispered as she took him into her mouth, bobbing up and down on Lucas’ cock.

“Oh yeah…” he moaned to yet another of her spectacular blowjob while pushing her head further. She continued to suck dutifully while continuing to strip.

So far, he thought, working in law isn’t too bad.

In seconds, she was in nothing but her blue floral bra and thong along with her brown heels. Her smooth white skin was so hot as she looked up him with her clear blue eyes and cute button nose.

She gave a gentle yet firm squeeze to his balls while sucking him professionally, making gulping sounds as she took him further in her mouth. Patty slipped his cock from her mouth and gave a sweet kiss to the head.

“Will you fuck me now Lucas?” Patty asked.

Though he was a virgin, he wasn’t about to turn down fucking his first crush. As he was taller than her, Lucas swiftly picked her up, making her giggle and set her on the table. She quickly snatched off her thong and removed her bra, kissing him tenderly as he moved his head into position.

“Don’t hold back baby,” she pleaded as she wrapped her slender arms around his neck, “fuck me with everything you have.”

Lucas slowly slid inside, struggling not to blow with the absolute tightness. She moaned and arched her back while her squeezed her left tit, the soft melons so warm in his hands.

Lucas spread her legs and began fucking with all his power.

“Fuck yes!!” Patty screamed as she hugged him tighter, “fuck me Lucas!!”

His balls made rapid slapping sounds against her cunt, combined with their grunts and moans.

Lucas fucked her as fast as her possibly could, kissing her tenderly while she threw her hips into his. He was doing it. He was really losing his virginity.

“You feel so good Patty!” Lucas groaned as he hammered into her.

“You do too baby!” Patty cried, “Keep fucking me! Oh god, just like that!!”

He picked up the pace, fucking her speedily, her wetness coating his pole. Their bodies seemed to pick up energy as they moved apart, letting porno hikayeleri it go in one violent explosion as they collided.

“Oh shit Lucas!” Patty screamed, “you’re really fucking me good!!” he grunted as she bit into his shoulder, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to make him feel like he was ready to unleash his seed into her.

He took his mind off of it it by staring at her gorgeous boobs, bouncing madly in pace with his thrusts. She was begging for him and screaming his name as she began to cum.

“Oh fuck, Lucas,” she moaned, “I’m going to cum!”

“Me too!” Lucas cried.

They came together as he went faster and faster, the sounds of their bodies’ united orgasm filling the room. She rose up to kiss him tenderly.

“That was incredible…” she said as she rubbed his chest, “It’s the best sex whenever you take someone’s v-card.”

“H-how did you…” Lucas began to ask.

“I can always tell,” Patty replied and she laughed as she proceeded to suck him off again, cleaning his cock of their juices.

– –

Lucas then headed through the ‘Bee Hive’, where all the secretaries and other interns took their lunch. After receiving Roxanne’s files for the rest of the day, he had to go clear them with Mr. Reeves, Mrs. Bennett’s chief-of-staff.

This is of course made him run into Reeves’ two gossiping ‘bigshot defense lawyers’.

“So Lucas,” Amanda Jennings said as she drank her coffee, “I heard Patty telling Suzanne you really cleaned house today.”

He simply stood there, waiting for Mr. Reeves to finish his phone call inside his office. Roxanne came home complaining about them day after day. They resented her being made partner and tried to turn everyone against her.

“Oh he doesn’t want to answer,” Lucille Andrews replied to her, “he knows he couldn’t handle a real woman anyway.”

The two laughed like birds. “Tell me Lucas,” Lucille said as she set her cup down, “could you handle these?”

She pulled open her blouse, revealing two wonderful 32G tits.

“Oh look,” Amanda taunted, “little Lover Boy has a little hardon.”

She removed her sweater and exposed her 31K boobs. “What do you think now?”

“Yeah,” Lucas taunted them back, “I’m just going to wait on Mom.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Lucille said, putting her hand firmly on his chest, “just because his mother has won the most cases due to those predominantly male juries and that rack on her, her son thinks he can walk over the rest of us. I say we see how much of a man he is.”

“Ladies,” he said cockily, already knowing where this was going, “I really don’t think you want to do that…”

Amanda scoffed and undid his belt. “He acts like he…”

As his pants hit the floor, their eyes remained glued on his gently bobbing prick.

“Any further questions?” Lucas asked.

“T-that thing is gigantic…” Lucille stammered.

“Much bigger than John’s…” Amanda replied, not taking her eyes of it.

“That’s right,” Lucas said, “not to mention I see your husband quite often as he’s over our debate team. So why don’t you get on your knees like a good and dirty little cock slut and clean it with your dirty tongue?”

“Well I never…” Amanda protested.

“Ooooh, Coach Jennings will love hearing this on Monday…” Lucas said, beginning to pull up his pants.

“Alright, alright,” Amanda surrendered, “I’ll do it.” She got on her knees and began to suck slowly but he grabbed her head roughly and rammed it down her throat.

Lucas loved hearing her moans and gags as he furiously fucked her face.

Lucille backed away but he grabbed her arm. “How do you think the PTA would feel if their president was found to have forced down a student’s pants?!”

Soon, he was zipping his pants, whistling as Amanda and Lucille remained on the floor the snack room, well satisfied and his sluts, having taken load after load down their tight pompous throats.

“And remember sluts,” Lucas warned, “if I get any further reports of you bothering my mother, I will report you both.”

“Yes Master…” they obediently replied.

– –

Arriving back to his desk later, Lucas stretched his sore muscles.

“Lucas?” Mom called from her office.

“Yeah Mom?”

“Come here please.”

He walked in and closed the door behind him. Roxanne’s desk sat just under her upper torso so her rack was sitting there, getting him hard all over again.

“So how was your day honey?” Roxanne asked him.

“It was awesome,” He replied.

“So I saw,” she said, turning her monitor to show him getting his blowjob from Suzanne to fucking Patricia in the break room to submitting Amanda and Lucille.

“I take it Lucille and Amanda won’t question my authority here anymore?” Mom asked with a smile.

“Not as long as I’m around Mom.” Lucas answered.

“Well,” Roxanne said as she stood, showing she was naked from the waist down, “let’s make sure you stay around then…”

She had him remove her blouse and he gasped as he finally saw seks hikayeleri her full 32K boobs. They were firm and perfectly round with a bright pink areola surrounding each hard red nipple.

“Wow…” was the only thing he could think to say.

“Thank you honey,” Roxanne said with a giggle, “would you like to touch them? Or suck them…?”

Lucas immediately began sucking on them, pressing his mouth to them and gently nibbling and licking them. Roxanne moaned softly as she began to fondle his hair in her soft hands.

“Mommy needs her baby and his special cock around forever,” she said softly as she had him sit on the couch at the back of the room, “and she needs all his thick tasty sperm inside her.”

“Always Mom,” he replied.

“Good,” Mom said, “because I always want to be close to my most important client.”

Lucas let out a moan as she lowered her mouth over his cock, taking him completely down in seconds. She rapidly bobbed her head up and down, covering it with saliva.

Once it was well lubricated, she pulled back.

“Want to see what Mommy ordered solely for her special baby?” she asked as sucked tenderly on his balls.

“Yes please…” he begged, anxious to fuck her.

She gave a slow lick to his cock and walked to her desk and opened a drawer.

“Mommy needs you to close your eyes,” she said, “no peeking.”

Despite his body’s demands for him to open his eyes just slightly, Lucas kept his word, listening to the sounds as Roxanne shuffled by her desk.

“Okay baby,” Mom said softly, “go ahead and open them.”

As he did, his cock nearly exploded. Roxanne wore some black floral panties along with a matching bra, way too small for her massive breasts. Combined with her black heels, she was indescribably hot.

“Does Daddy like that?” she asked seductively.

“I love it Mom.” he answered as she moved closer.

“Let’s see how much love we can drain from this massive cock then…” she said just she began to furiously suck her son off.

“Fuck!!” Lucas shouted as her slurps and sucks filled the room. His hand was on her head but she was moving with lightning speed independently.

He gritted his teeth, fighting not to cum to soon. Her beautiful eyes made contact everytime she sucked up to his head, her soft pink lips covering every inch Lucas had mustered for her.

Finally, she dropped him out, the smell of her wetness making her son even harder.

“Did my baby like Mommy sucking on his big beautiful cock?” Roxanne asked, slowly stroking him with her saliva and his precum.

“Oh yeah…” he groaned as she stood.

Lucas groped her soft ass as she lowered herself with a moan on his cock. She felt so tight but he it felt fantastic.

As she began to slowly bounce up and down, he started to squeeze and suck her tits. It turned her on and she began to ride Lucas even faster, her boobs bouncing wildly.

Her soft hands traced his chest as she straddled him, her creamy juices dropped down to his balls. Her sweet tits turned Lucas on even more as he snaked a finger up her ass and spanked her.

“Fuck yes!” Roxanne grunted as she picked up speed, her heels digging into the couch. They kissed passionately as her pussy tightened around his cock, her orgasm tearing her apart.

“Yes Lucas,” she pleaded, “fuck me good and deep!” Their eyes were firmly fixed on one another. He could see his mother wanted to please him as much as he wanted to please her. His balls were rapidly hammering against her cunt and she was moaning loudly.

“Oh god baby,” she moaned, “I’m gonna… gonna…”

As she screamed, her legs went limp but he held her onto him, pounding her pussy with untold speed. Mom moaned loudly, enjoying the feeling of her own son’s dick inside her. He was fucking her with everything he had, pounding her incessantly.

“Yes baby,” Roxanne encouraged him lovingly, “show Mommy how much you love her.”

She cried out as Lucas again picked up speed, digging her nails into his shoulders. He put his face in her warm cleavage, savoring the perfumed aroma and reveling in the softness.

He fucked his mother without mercy, her huge tits bouncing hard as she enjoyed his lovemaking. She grabbed them, tracing her big areolas and tweaking her firm tits for him.

“You like fucking Mommy’s tight wet cunt?” she asked seductively, “Does it feel good with your prick deep inside the pussy you came from?”

“S-so good Mom,” Lucas answered, holding fast onto her hips.

“My handsome hung baby,” Roxanne cooed, “always good and hard for me, like a good boy always should be. So strong and independent…”

Her words had his balls boiling and she sensed this.

“I love how he always has such a nice… steaming… hot… load ready to fill my employees up,” she whispered in her son’s ear, “yet he brings some big loaded balls for his Mommy.”

In answer to her taunts, he began driving his cock into her at full speed, making Roxanne cry out in lust driven gibberish. Her ass was red from bouncing on his thighs but he kept up his attack, mauling her tits, sucking on them deeply and biting them.

Roxanne screamed as she hammered her hips into his, begging for him him to fuck her harder. Lucas groaned as his seed began to flow up his shaft.

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